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Originally reserved for the military and law enforcement, tactical vests have become must-have accessories for people of all cadres mainly because of their versatility. The myriad of pockets offered, for instance, are diverse and designed to accommodate many accessories safely. The durable fabrics used to make it are also flexible and designed to distribute weight equally on the body, while their low maintenance and breathable designs are perfect for outdoor exploration when camping or hiking. To enjoy their numerous benefits, this article reviews the benefits and features of the 10 best tactical vests that you will enjoy using.

10. Yakeda Army Fans Tactical Vest


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A perfect outdoor Swat vest for field use, gaming, and exploration in general, Yakeda Army Fans is a premium tactical vest made of a breathable yet tough nylon fabric that supports colossal weight. The front mounted zipper used eases wearing and removal. The adjustable shoulder straps offered (via Velcro) fit individuals of all cadres, while the plethora of pockets (two zip up interior ones for storing maps and documents, a see through pistol holster, three ammo pouches, and large shell carrying pouch, for instance) offered improves its functionality significantly. You also get D-rings or attachment of equipment and carabiners and a stylish camouflage outlook.

9. Rothco Tactical Cross Draw Vest


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With this cross draw vest from Rothco, you get a well-designed MultiCam tactical vest, quality tested to offer users value over the years. The heavyweight polyester mesh used to make it, for instance, not only supports colossal weight well but also withstands physical abuse excellently without ripping. Comfort is admirable, while the myriad of pockets and accessories offered improves its performance significantly no matter the type of activities that you engage. The three ammo pockets and three pistol magazine pouches offered, for instance, benefit hunters. The two zip up documents pockets offered are perfect for transporting maps and other delicate documents while its D-rings are stable and perfect for securing carabiners. Rothco Tactical Cross Draw Vest has adjustable shoulder straps and a drawstring waist closure that you can customize to optimize fit.

8. Lancer Tactical Cross Draw Magazine and Pistol Vest


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Available in black, this cross draw magazine and pistol vest from Lancer Tactical is a stylish and functional outdoor accessory that benefits individuals of all cadres. Fully adjustable, the comfortable waist and shoulder straps offered guarantee a custom fit devoid of body shape or size. Velcro closure systems are tight and long lasting, while the removable magazine pouch and pistol holster it comes with are versatile and designed to accommodate several types of magazines and pistols. Buyers also get six true-to-size pistol ammunition holders (two on the belt, three on the chest, and one on holster), four magazine holders for rifles, and a Velcro-sealed hydration pouch (back mounted) that fits 2.5-liter bladders.

7. Condor Cross Draw Vest/Tactical Belt


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When shopping for a tactical vest, comfort, durability, and functionality are among many essential attributes that you must keep in mind. Condor cross draw vest/tactical belt offers the foregoing benefits and more. Manufactured using a durable and breathable nylon mesh fabric, it is perfect for outdoor exploration. Its olive drive theme is stylish and designed to blend well in outdoor environments, while its convenient zip-up design is not only long lasting but also easy to wear and remove when planning for an outdoor escapade. Pouches (three ammo, three pistols (medium frame), and carrying) are large and functional, while the premium shooting pad and sturdy D-rings offered boost its functionality further. This tactical vest is affordable, breathable, and offers sufficient storage for a hydration bladder.

6. Modern Warrior Tactical Vest (including Holster and Pouches)


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Are you an ardent hunter, camper, or outdoor enthusiast in general? Are you tired of carrying your accessories in bags and backpacks during such adventures? To better your experience, consider purchasing this Modern Warrior tactical vest for the following reasons. Available in black, camouflage, desert, and ACU, the diversity that you can choose is admirable. The plethora of pockets it comes with offer sufficient storage space for magazines, guns, and other essential accessories while its comfortable and adjustable torso (medium to extra-large) fit individuals of all cadres. Its padded right shoulder, on the other hand, absorbs recoil well when shooting while the zippers and Velcro closure systems offered maximize safety.

5. Condor Outdoor Modular Chest Rig


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With this Condor outdoor modular chest rig, you will be able to travel comfortably and in style with your guns, magazines, and other personal accessories during your adventures. Its multicam design is stylish and blends well in outdoor environments. Mag pouches (nine) are true-to-size, built-in, and designed to support several types of magazines. The breathable internal mesh pockets offered are perfect for storing delicate accessories such as maps and phones, while its built-in hydration carrier eliminates the need for small water bottles during travel. This chest rig has an adjustable (medium to extra-large) and removable chest platform that fits most men and women.

4. NcStar VISM Molle Pals Vest


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Manufactured using a heavy duty and lined double mesh fabric, NcStar VISM Molle is a breathable pals vest with a spacious design that secures all personals well. Attainable from medium to XXL sizes, both adults and youths can benefit from this one of a kind tactical vest. Its black body is stylish while its adjustable shoulders, six side adjustment straps, and three front buckles it comes with guarantee a solid custom fit devoid of body shape. Water transportation is easy (courtesy of the padded hydration compartment offered) while its breathable mesh webbing (PVC) and customizable pouches better its performance further.

3. Nerf N-Strike Elite Tactical Vest Kit


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Specially designed for kids of all ages, Nerf N-Strike Elite is a high-quality tactical vest that features several functional storage pockets and an extra quick reload clip that users appreciate. Made of kid-safe material, it is an excellent day-to-day toy. The dart storage loops offered (12) are functional, while its lightweight and comfortable design does not weigh down users when playing outdoors. Tested for durability and quality, this vest lasts long. The adjustable Velcro straps offered, on the other hand, fit various body shapes and sizes.

2. UTG Leapers PVC-V548 Law Enforcement Tactical SWAT Vest


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Popular in top 10 best tactical vests in 2019 reviews, UTG Leapers PVC-V548 is a professional-grade tactical SWAT vest for law enforcement (in black) with spacious magazine pouches, holders, and D-rings for securing and transporting tactical gear outdoors. The quilted nylon fabric used to make it is rugged, comfortable and designed to hold up well after years of abuse. Its shoulders and waist adjust for a custom and comfortable fit, and the large zippered pouch on its back recommended for transporting food and a water bladder.

1. UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest


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Designed to maximize comfort, storage space, and therefore, the productivity of users, this UTG 547 law enforcement tactical vest tops our list. With an original one, you get a durable accessory with a comfortable one size design, fully adjustable length and girth, and deluxe rifle mag pouches (four) that enable you to travel fully loaded during your outdoor trips. Its holsters are also functional while the Velcro closure systems used are durable and very easy to use.

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