Best Surge Protector Reviews

The Best Surge Protectors in 2019 for Protecting Electronics

Every year electronics worth millions of dollars are damaged due to power malfunctioning. However, to avert or protect your electronic investment, power surge protectors are the cheapest way to guard your properties. While they might look simple, these gadgets are ideal and affordable to everyone. Therefore, there is no need to expose your home appliances to outside world uncertainties.

There is always confusion between surge protectors and power strips. This leads to people buying the wrong product hence ending incurring losses. A power strip is a basic extension of power from the wall socket, and they do not offer protection against surges. On the other hand, surge protectors are designed to absorb the impacts if there are power spikes from lightning, shorts circuiting or damaged circuit breakers.

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Factors to Look When Buying the Best Surge Protector

As you embark on a process of purchasing surge protectors following are the aspects to check.

Capacity: The capacity of a protector is a great factor worth considering. This is because, if you have many appliances which need plugging, it means you need a protector with many outlets. Also, apart from power outlets check whether it is equipped with other ports such as coaxial lines, phone lines and DNS connections. They are also prone to spikes and surges thereby requiring protection.

Protector Rating: Surge protector rating is expressed in joules. Thereby, when looking for an ideal device, it’s essential to look for the rating figure. For devices with higher joule rating, it means they are capable of absorbing more energy hence more protection.

Type of Protector: We have several types of surge protectors. Some of these include whole house, battery backup, wall mount and power strip surge protector. Depending on your requirements, it’s necessary to choose one which will serve intended purpose whiles keeping you within your budget line.

Warranty: A surge protector is meant to protect your appliances from harmful power surges. Therefore, they should protect a per manufacturers recommendation. To ascertain this, company should offer a comprehensive warranty of the device fails to provide required protection.

Now, let’s look at the top 10 best surge protector in 2019 and give your electronics an exceptional treatment.

10. Belkin 6-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector, 200 joules

Belkin 6-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector, 200 joules

Belkin is a consumer electronics manufacturer which was established in 1983. The company is known for the production of high-quality products such as surge protectors, routers, cables, USB among others. Among many products produced by this corporation, this 6-outlets power surge protector is one well known. Although it looks like standard power extension strip, this device offers ultimate power surge protection to your home electronics thus preventing damage. Moreover, the compact size construction helps in saving space.

One of the features regarding this strip surge protector is the ability to accommodate up to devices. Belkin strip power surge strip is designed featuring 6-outlets. This ensures that whenever there is need to connect the device, no need to disconnect others. These outlets are more than enough since the device comes in a pack of thereby you can attach up to 12 devices. Unlike just a power strips, this surge protector can protect home electronics effectively since it can hold up to 200 joules. All is needed is plugging this strip into an AC outlet and is ready for use.

Another quality is the ability to keep devices safe though protection against spikes and fluctuations. Power surges are unpredictable and can cause massive loss and even fires. They are common in some places which experience storms. Therefore, being well equipped is ideal as it eliminates uncertainties. With surge protector, all worries are taken care of as it’s highly designed from premium protection materials. Featuring oversized metal oxide varistors (MOVs), they ensure that there is absorption of excessive voltage in case of surges or spikes. Integrated intelligent with sensors allows the protector to sense even slightest power surge and act appropriately. MOVs are damage resistant and rust proof to guarantee an extended durability

Another one is space saving design which requires less space than other strip surge protectors. If you live in an area which is constrained by space, you understand how essential even an inch is. Now, with this protector, no more hassles you struggle where to keep it. It has a compact design which allows ease of placement, hence coordinating well with your office or home requirements. On the other hand, comparing its size and number of outlets it possesses, the gadget is ideal. With only one strip, you can connect a multiple of devices hence, eliminating need to plug another protector.
Belkin 6-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector, 200 joules

Well, with other power strips on the market, some comes with weak wires which can’t support many attached devices. However, with this protector, no more worry since it comes equipped with 2-foot heavy duty cord which can support a range of devices connected to the strip. Additionally, when you aren’t using the protector, you can switch it off independently due to the equipped on and off switch. It’s an ideal surge protector which guarantees a cheap way of offering protection to your home appliances.

In summary, Belkin 6 Strip Surge Protector is an ideal device which is dedicated to offering high-quality protection. Its construction and design are perfect since; its compact yet can accommodate up to 6 devices at a go. This enables space saving while enjoying maximum protection. On the other hand, equipment is durable due to damage resistant construction and won’t rust as with other substandard surge protectors.

  • Durable construction; non-damage and corrosion resistant
  • Compact design to save space
  • Ample outlets
  • Heavy duty 14-gauge power cord
  • 2-feet cord is very short

9. APC 11-Outlet Surge Protector, 3020 Joules, Safety Shutters

APC 11-Outlet Surge Protector, 3020 Joules, Safety Shutters

APC is a great company which is involved in the production of IT and other reliable power infrastructure. Tracing its roots in 1981, this company has produced many global awards winning products. Among many products it manufactures, power regulation surge protection is one of the major areas of concentration. This 11-outlet surge protector is one of the outstanding product from APC due to heavy-duty construction. Additionally, due to its design and construction, devices offer high usability as well as safety for appliances and small kids.

If you want to enjoy high-quality protection, this device is the way to go. Designed to take up to 3020 joules, it means there are little chances of appliances suffering from any form of power fluctuation or spikes. Thereby, instead of risking your devices, by connecting them direct to the wall socket, APC surge protector is a great deal. The strip is ideal even for daily use as even small surges can cause significant damage to electronics. The state of art circuitry ensures protection of appliances even from the slightest surge.

Connecting electronic devices into this protector is simple compared to other strips available on the market. This is because the designing and construction of APC surge protector take care of all type of adapters. For smaller ones, it has 11-surge protected outlets, hence allowing plugging of several devices without causing inconveniences. On the other hand, to facilitate usage of larger adapters, it has 6-blocked outlets. Therefore, regardless of the type of adapters you are suing, this surge protector w-gives you a peace of mind. For the safety of young kids, outlets are enhanced with sliding safety shutters.

Now, people might think that only power that can destroy their electrical equipment. But, for telephones and computers, data transmission cables can lead to serious damage resulting in data loss. This has led APC to incorporate surge protected data ports which keep your computers and telephones safe. Thereby, if there are spikes along Telephone and Coaxial cables mostly due to lightning they will be effectively neutralized.
APC 11-Outlet Surge Protector, 3020 Joules, Safety Shutters

After purchasing this surge protector, no more hassle ass with others which are fitted with very short cords. This boasts a 8 feet heavy duty power cords enabling it to be used effectively with a wall socket. This is advantageous since it allows for the use of strip anywhere in the room. No need to move working benches close to the wall. Additionally, the device can be plugged at any direction without causing damage to power cord. The wire is 180 degrees rotatable hence cannot break as a result of twisting. Once plugged into wall socket, you can maneuver it to your preferred direction.

As we conclude, we can see clearly that this power surge protector from APC is a high-quality product. The ability to rotate allows the product to last long since there is no twisting or folding which significantly compromise equality. Additionally, when using this, protector offers a peace of mind due to $100,000 guarantee worth of equipment. The ability to provide protection to device and data gives this device thumb up over.

  • Heavy-duty rotating power cord
  • Data and co-Axial cable surge protector
  • Ideal for large and smaller adapters
  • 11-surge protected outlets
  • Have some loose parts

8. Tripp Lite Isobar 2 Outlet Surge Protector/Suppressor, Wall Mounted

Tripp Lite Isobar 2 Outlet Surge Protector/Suppressor, Wall Mounted

Tripp Lite is a well know company which produces electrical protection devices as well as offering connectivity solution. Having in products for over 95 years, products from this company are reliable. Due to a long time in the production of these products, it has maintained popularity among many customers around the globe. Among over their 3000 products, Tripp Lite Isobar 2 outlet surge protector is a known gadget to provide protection in homes and offices. Its heavy duty construction allows it to have exceptional durability.

When you equip your house with this Tripp Lite surge suppressor, there is no trials and errors. It’s constructed to perfection hence delivering real protection from electrical fluctuations. It is enhanced with ultrablok’s 1410-joule surge suppression rating and isobar protection tech to guard appliances against the strongest power surge. To offer an extreme form of protection, the Protector features suppression circuit with swine wave tracking hence delivering excellent shielding. Additionally, this device exceeds IEEE 587 category A and B specifications thereby it can withstand 6000 volts and neutralize then to below 35 volts.

The majority of surge protectors available on the market are mostly constructed from a plastic material. But with this durability is a guarantee due to its constructions from rugged metallic casing. This prevents the device from breaking thus improving lifespan. Additionally, apart from exterior sturdiness, internal components are heavy-duty. It features VHF capacitors which reduce operation noise and metal oxides varistors which absorb surges. Also, the outer casing is effective in shielding the internal components from radio transmissions and appliances thereby facilitating quiet operation and extended durability.

To add effectiveness of this surge suppressor, it is equipped with diagnostic LED lights (check our top 10 LED ropes lights). They indicate when Tripp Lite surge suppressor is working properly. This is important as it enables to show when there is a power problem. With three lights; green shows the protector is working appropriately and correctly grounded, red indicates a problem with grounding while green protection shows you are fully protected. These lights are essential in ensuring that when you connect appliances on a socket, there is certainty about protection.
Tripp Lite Isobar 2 Outlet Surge Protector/Suppressor, Wall Mounted

Well, if you are used to corded surge suppressor, this one is cordless. Additionally, it’s compact to ease usage in rooms with limited space. It has a direct plug mechanism which enables it to retain support from the wall AC socket. Moreover, this surge protector is connectable to any 5-15R wall outlet making is ideal for limited space places. Mounting tab is enhanced with a steel spring which gives suppressor firm attachment preventing accidental disconnection.

Our verdicts concerning this surge suppressor is a quality product worth investing. First is because of its sturdy construction that prevents it damage. The rugged metal gives extended lifespan while EMI/RFI line noise filtering lining reduces performances problems. Moreover, compact design is dedicated to ensuring available space in your room is not compromised, thereby it has no cords and has only 2 outlets. Tripp Lite surge suppressor is backed by $10,000-lifetime insurance, in case of damage to connected appliances.

  • Diagnostic LED lights
  • Rugged metal construction for durability
  • Secure mounting to prevent disconnections
  • Reduced operating noise
  • 2 outlets limiting devices plugging

7. Belkin 6-Outlet SurgeMaster Surge Protector, Wall-Mount, 1045 Joules

Belkin 6-Outlet SurgeMaster Surge Protector, Wall-Mount, 1045 Joules

As we have said, products from Belkin are of high-quality and trustable to offer protection to your home appliances. This 6-outlets surge protector from the company is constructed to ensure no more damage to your home electrical devices while eliminating costly expenses of installing whole house surges suppressors. Additionally, it has an easy to use design which features wall mounting thereby enabling usage in small spaced rooms. It’s an ideal device for use in variety of rooms due to its versatile design.

One of the features in this surge suppressor which makes it ideal for variety of uses is its ample outlets. The manufacturer has ensured that it enjoys 6–outlets which are surge protected. With these outlets, it’s possible to attach multiple devices without s compromising its functionality. Additionally, the designed featuring high-technology to avert any surge or spikes, it guarantees safety whether in office home or kitchen. The device has a surge rating of 1045 Joules and 45,000 spikes Amperage. Further, the material used for surge protecting can detect even slightest surge hence ensuring safety to the most sensitive house appliances.

When it comes to mounting, wired surge protectors differ slightly in terms of space with wall mounts. For wall mount, they are convenient and ideal in places with less space. In connection to that, this Belkin surge protector makes a perfect choice for areas with space constraints. Also by being wall mounted, it means that plugging it into a wall socket, no risk of accidental disconnection. Unlike corded protectors, this helps to keep your floor neat and without cluttering as well as elimination of inconveniences caused by wires lying on the floor.

Forget about noises which are associated with electrical appliances. With this one, it operates quietly without noises caused by fluorescent lighting and other devices. To eliminate this, EMI/RFI filters are installed covering internal components. In fact, this filtering has a capacity to reduce noise up to 43 dB. On the other hand, it’s possible to know when this equipment is working properly and if it has an operational problem. It’s equipped with LED diagnostic lights hence easy to troubleshoot if there is a fault.
Belkin 6-Outlet SurgeMaster Surge Protector, Wall-Mount, 1045 Joules

Now, apart from protecting your electronic appliances, it’s possible to guard your data against damaged by power spikes. Belkin 6-Outlet SurgeMaster is designed featuring surge protected modem, fax and computer data cable ports which arrest surges traveling along data cables. Besides protection, the device is equipped with inbuilt phone line splitter. This means that with this device, it allows you to experience clear phone calls without noise due to other peripherals such as fax machines. Additionally, the outer casing features a durable material, which is ideal and hard to break.

To conclude, Belkin 6-Outlet SurgeMaster is a product to include in the list of your protectors. Designed featuring a hard casing and superior quality surge arrestors, it provides ultimate protection. By being cordless, it can serve well in offices and kitchens as it reduces wires related problems. Additionally, with 6-outlet slots, the device is capable of supporting variety of appliances without causing fire risk or overheating. Therefore, with this surge arrestor, you can be sure of your safety as well of attached gadgets. Enjoying $50,000 insurances for the connected appliance there is no reason why you should not own one.

  • There is no cord problem, its wall mounted
  • Equipped with phone line splitter
  • Noise reduction technology
  • Diagnostic LED lights
  • High surge arresting ability; 1045 Joule
  • Rather expensive than rivals

6. Tripp Lite – TLP74RB 7 Outlet Surge Protector, 4 Feet Cord

Tripp Lite - TLP74RB 7 Outlet Surge Protector, 4 Feet Cord

Power surge can happen just for a second and cause tremendous damage to homes appliances worth thousands of dollars. The ideal step toward preventing this scenario is to invest in a reliable surge suppressor. Tripp Lite is dedicated to ensuring you have a peace of mind by introducing this 7-outlet surges suppressor. Amazingly, it’s affordable and very reliable. You will invest a little money buy be able to protect every appliance in your house. The protector is valuable as besides protecting vital components from damage; it also helps to keep safe from spikes and even the most severe power surge or fluctuation.

If you want to keep your laptops, home theater and other office and home electrical appliances, this is the surge protector to go for. It designed from high engineering which guarantees unmatchable protection. Combining a variety of security technologies; there is no loophole for damage even when there is worst storm. With metal oxides varistors it has a surge rating of 1080 Joules meaning it can protect appliances even under severe power fluctuations. Further, when plugged, this device works quietly without noise due to EMI/RFI line noise filters.

Plugging power extension strips into a wall socket can be dangerous if they are equipped with a weak fuse or circuit breakers. But with this Tripp Lite surge protector, it comes while boasting 15 Amperes resettable circuit breaker. This ensures when there is an overload; it disconnects instantly hence preventing damage to connected devices. Also, this suppressor has a 4-feet long cord which is of heavy-duty quality allowing the device to support multiple connected appliances. This means no risk fire hazard as with cheap manufactured wires.

At times, some surge protectors or power strips comes with constricted plugging outlets. This can be difficult to plug recommended number of plugs. If you have this one in your home, no worry since it has carefully designed 6-outlets which are 90 degrees and a 7th one each with the ability to be compatible with NEMA 5-15 plugs. With this kind of outlets arrangement, it enables one to manage cords while the last one is ideal for heavy transformers. Extension cord is 4-feet s long hence allowing connection to distant wall sockets.
Tripp Lite - TLP74RB 7 Outlet Surge Protector, 4 Feet Cord

Performance of a surge protector can be affected by electromagnetic as well as radio waves. Further, the can significantly reduce lifespan as well as creating disturbing noise when the protector is working. To ensure that this problem is eliminated, TLP74RB incorporates technology which reduces disruptive noise maximizing device performance. On the other hand, LED diagnostic lights show the status of the suppressor. Once you are not using the suppressor, it has an illuminated button which enables switching on and off without using a wall socket.

To conclude, this surge protector is an ideal pick for use in an office or home due to long cord which enables use with distant wall sockets. Additionally, it’s mountable on the wall due to the keyholes on the back. To add on that, ideally configured outlooks ensures proper cords management hence eliminating inconveniences. If this device fails to perform, it’s backed by replacement warranty and also $25,000 insurance on your plugged appliances.

  • Long extension cord, 4 feet
  • Features a resettable circuit breaker
  • Noise filtering technology
  • Versatile design with easy cable management
  • Not suited top very sensitive components

5. Belkin Mini Surge Protector, USB Charger Wall Mount

Belkin Mini Surge Protector, USB Charger Wall Mount

Protecting home appliances is better than replacing them. However, it’s not all protectors can give ample protection unless they are thoroughly tested and certified. Now, finding a heavy-duty surge suppressor comes hand in hand with high cost. But it’s not necessarily the case as Belkin is here to your rescue. Produced by a known company for quality protectors, it won’t let you down. This mini-surge protector is compact; wall mounted and enhanced with USB chargers (check our top 10 iPhone USB chargers) hence easing your life. Above all is ability to be employed in all area and also easy to travel due to compact design.

One of the features with this protector is the compact design. In many times, surge protectors are constructed featuring large designs. This prevents them from being portable hence restricting their usage in offices or at home. Nowadays, Belkin mini surge suppressor is ideally designed to increase portability hence usability. Whether you are traveling, no need to risk your laptops or mobile phones since the suppressor can fit in your laptop bag.

Another feature is the versatility of this surge protector. Although it is compact equipment, Belkin mini suppressors possess great versatility. It is equipped with 3- surge protected AC outlets. Additionally, charging your phone or tablet is easy through guarded USB charging ports. Possession of USB charging ports is important since it allows usage in variety of places without damaging your device. On the other hand, all the outlets are enhanced with 360 rotatable plugs which ensure easy and convenient wire management.

If you have been worrying about buying surge protectors which have shorter life spans, you can now get a peace of mind. This one is a heavy s duty constructed device to offer an extended durability. Its outer cover is constructed from durable indestructible material, which prevents scratches. This ensures it remains smooth and sleek. Additionally, it resists dents due to impacts while at the same time it’s rust proof thereby increasing its durability. Although this mini surge protector enjoys all these features, overall design is lightweight to travel thus friendly.
Belkin Mini Surge Protector, USB Charger Wall Mount

Belkin mini surge protector performance is unmatchable with other surge suppressors. This due to its ability to perform excellently without arising issues. Mounting it is simple since its wall mounted hence eliminating the need for use power cords. Additionally, arrangement of power outlets is spaciously fixed to enable utilization of all outlets simultaneously without plugs congestion problems. It boasts a surge protection rating of 918 Joules thus ideal for preventing spikes and surges which can lead to loss of valuable data.

Well, as we come into conclusion, Belkin mini surge protector is a great equipment to own your appliances and data. No need to risk connecting them directly without a protector as anything can happen anytime without notice. Also, this device allows you to carry it when you are traveling thereby eliminating any excuse of not guarding your appliances. Moreover, it’s ideal for use in your home as well as office. Guaranteeing quality is $75,000 of connected devices. On the other hand, the equipped USB charging ports allows it to be more preferred than rivals.

  • Compact and lightweight construction
  • Efficient and versatile design with rotating plug
  • Durable and rust resistant components
  • Walls mounted, no problematic power cords
  • Few outlets meaning fewer appliances at ago

4. Belkin 6-Outlet Commercial Power Surge Protector, 720 Joules

Belkin 6-Outlet Commercial Power Surge Protector, 720 Joules

Are you wondering how to keep devices safe? Relax, Belkin commercial surge protector is real surge and spike arrestor. Just like other products from Belkin, this surge strip is another knows on the market. Boasting slim design with a sleek and rotating plug, it complements your surrounding while preventing blocking other outlets. On the other hand, the commercial protector is ideal to offers heavy-duty protection without compromising security level.

Among many features is ability to house many appliances at a go. This s protector enjoys 6-outlets which allow it to hold 6 devices. Each of these outlets is surge protected meaning each of your devices is protected from spikes and surge. As a result, you can entrust it to offer protection to your most sensitive devices like computers thereby preventing loss of data. The main plug is pace friendly and easy to use considering it is 360 degrees rotatable thus will not prevent plugging or other adapters (check our top 10 travel power adapters) into the wall socket.

Another one sleek and slender design tasked with ensuring it fits in smaller spaces. Unlike other protectors which are broad, this can fit in minimum available space in your office, home and other places requiring high-quality surge protection. This design is ideal since it complements your surrounding due to shape and color. Additionally, general construction of this protector is designed top lasts for an extended period without breaking. The casing is sturdy to resist destruction while internal components are resistant to rust and also corrosion.

When using this surge protector, it experiences maximum operation due to superior construction. To achieve a quiet operation mode, Belkin has installed proper shielding to eliminate interference by electromagnetic and radio waves. It boasts power filtrate of up to 43 qB thus efficient in filtering out unwanted noise as a result, when these interferences are eliminated, increases protector life shelf and better performance. Further, this device prevents equipment lock-up. On the other hand, Belkin commercial surge protector can protect appliances to a surge spikes up to 48,000 amp and has a 720 joules surge protection rating.
Belkin 6-Outlet Commercial Power Surge Protector, 720 Joules

Another superior quality with this surge protector is ability to provide long cord for easier use with distant wall sockets. Unlike rivals¸ this one I equipped with 8-feet heavy duty power cord. It has capability to supports all attached devices without risking fire risks. This is because the company has used 14 gauges thus facilitating smooth power flow. Additionally, unlike protector with shorter cords which brings cluttering in your home or office, this suppressor is ideal as it can rest on table while cord extends to wall socket. It’s perfect equipment to protect small home appliances, office equipment, and DSL modems you may also be interested with our top 10 wi-fi routers too.

With all these above features it’s satisfactory to conclude this surge protector is equipment to have. With sturdy construction and sleek design, it complements electric appliances hence increasing attractiveness of your working area. Compared with other same class devices, Belkin commercial surge protector is cheaper yet high-performing. Long power cord, gives it a thumb up as it eliminates cluttering in office or at homes. Above all is a $15,000-lifetime warranty which ensures that if there are damage dues to spikes and surges, company can compensate connected appliances.

  • Heavy-duty long extension cord
  • Sleek, durable construction design
  • 90 degrees arrangement for easy plug attachment
  • Reduced noise for quiet working environment
  • Weak plug causing fire risk

3. Belkin 12-Outlet Pivot-Plug Power Surge Protector, 4320 Joules

Belkin 12-Outlet Pivot-Plug Power Surge Protector, 4320 Joules

Belkin continues to present vigorous and heavy-duty surge protectors which leave you home appliances completely protected. Due to their longtime expertise, you can be sure that your home equipment are safe hence enabling the user to have a peace of mind. Now, one of their loved products is this 12-outlet pivot-plug power surge protector. Enhanced with superior qualities, such as longer power cord, pivoting outlets among others all you can expect is maximum protection.

Among many qualities accompanying this surge protector, high surge arresting capacity is one of most loved by its users. When a protector is rated high, regarding the ability to hold surge and spikes, it increases capacity to offer more protection to the attached devices. Having this one from Belkin is an assured investment since it has an excellent rating regarding the ability to arrest surge. It can withstand 4020 joules translating to very high capability. On the other hand, this device is equipped with metal oxides varistors which ate tasked with eliminating any power fluctuation whether due to lightning or other factors hence reducing chances of fires.

Versatility in usage is another quality which comes accompanying this equipment. Unlike other protectors which come with fixed power outlets, this boasts pivoting ones which reduces rigidity while improving connectivity. Now, it comes enjoying 12 surge protected of which 8 are rotatable while other 4 are fixed. This feature is important as it allows the use of different sized adapters without headaches. Additionally, the by having these power outlets it’s easy to fix various appliances at a go without needing an extra powers strip or protector.

Now, if you have used a power surge protector or strip with a weak extension cord you know how risky it can be. Such power cables can result in fires which in turns lead to massive losses. Due to this experience, Belkin takes your safety serious and have equipped the protector with a heavy–duty (14 gauges) power cord to support all attached. The cord provides ample power flow eliminating any incidence of fire arising. Besides, it is 8 feet long thereby won’t clutter your area with wires which can cause troubles.
Belkin 12-Outlet Pivot-Plug Power Surge Protector, 4320 Joules

No more guessing whether your appliances are protected, all you have to check is whether protection LED light working. When you are properly grounded, the indicator will show hence allowing your connected devices to enjoy full protection. Besides protecting appliances from power related surges, it also comes equipped with s coaxial and telephone line protection which can cause damage to your date especially due to lightning spikes. Further, noise filtering reduces operating noise, while extending protector lifespan. When using a telephone and other peripheral noise is filtered out enabling you to have clear calls.

To conclude, we can say that this is a real surge and spikes buster. It’s a no-nonsense surge protector worth investing your money. From construction to functionality the equipment it’s all you need to guard your expensive appliances while using less money. The fitted flexible power outlets are ideal when plugging varying sized plugs. On top of performance, the protector is backed by a hefty insurance of $300,000 connected appliances.

  • Rotating surge protected power outlets
  • High surge protecting rating, 4320 joules
  • Damage resistant m outer casing
  • Space saving design and construction
  • Complicated warranty claim process

2. Belkin 6-Outlet Pivot-Plug Power Surge Protector, Wall Mount, 1080 Joules

Belkin 6-Outlet Pivot-Plug Power Surge Protector, Wall Mount, 1080 Joules

Having a heavy duty surge protector is the first step in ensuring you are always protected. This is because it’s hard to predict when a power surge or lightening spike can strike and cause substantial damage. But with a reliable protector like this Belkin 6-outlets pivoting plugs protector no more worry since it perfectly eliminates any threat. Designed to last this equipment offers heavy duty protection and durability as well as space saving.

When you have multiple appliances you want to top plug into power, a wall socket might not be enough as it possesses a few connecting outlets. On the other hand, a standard power strip doesn’t offer protection to appliances. One of the best ways to ensures you are guarded against surges and spikes is through this Belkin, surge protector. With capable of taking up to 1080 joules, no need to panic even during storms. Thereby it is applicable for professional use and also very sensitive electrical.

Belkin 6-outlet pivot-plug power surge protector is a durable product. This enables it to withstand heavy applications w even areas prone to banging due to ABS plastic construction. The material is ideal as it protects internal components as well as resisting denting and damage. On the other hand, when subjected to high impact, this protector is resistant hence preventing shock as well as fires. Further, no more worries concerning rusting for the metallic parts since they are protected against atmospheric moisture.

If you are aspiring to get a reliable surge suppressor with high versatility and flexibility, this 6-outlet pivot plug from Belkin an ideal choice. It is dedicated for use in homes, offices among other places to protect surge and spikes damage. Equipped with 6-surge protected outlets which are pivoting, this means that when you want to plug various appliances, it’s possible without unplugging others. On the other hand, it allows for mixing of large and small plugs comfortably. Further, to ensure there is efficient cord management, it has a locking mechanism which ensures your working area is neat.
Belkin 6-Outlet Pivot-Plug Power Surge Protector, Wall Mount, 1080 Joules

As you connect appliances, no chances of compromising the cable power flow leading to fires. Its heavy duty while each outlet is surge protected. It has a surge rating of 1080 Joules and can detect even slightest spike and surge hence ideal for computers, printer, and faxes among other appliances. On the other hand, noise filtering ability enables this protector is working silently. This surge suppressor is equipped with filters to reduce electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference, hence increasing durability as well as reducing lockups.

As we conclude this Belkin surge protector is heavy duty products which is dedicated to improving the safety of home and office appliances. With wall mounting mechanism, this surge protector is ideal for use since it reduces cluttering by eliminating the use of extension cord. The other superior quality found in this suppressor is ability to accommodate varying sized plugs and adapters. The product is a bit cheaper compared to rivals compared to housed features.

  • Pivoting surges protected outlets
  • Sleek and compact design to save space
  • Power filtration for silent operation
  • Durable and damage resistant
  • The protector is a bit bulky

1. Belkin 8-Outlet Home/ Office Power Surge Protector, 3390 Joules

Belkin 8-Outlet Home/ Office Power Surge Protector, 3390 Joules

This Belkin 8-outlet home an office power surge protector is a greatly constructed product. Designed to effect maximum protection, it leaves your appliances fully shielded from spikes and surges. Enjoying a combination of superior features, this device is ultimate protector that’s every home and offices must own. It boasts silent operation, space saving plug and durable casing to give maximum protection and performance. If you own any office or home appliance, there is no need to risk by connecting directly to a wall socket. This is because surges and spikes are unpredictable.

One feature which makes this protector an ideal item for home and office is the space saving design. To make this possible, it is equipped with wall plug which is pluggable to any of wall sockets. Additionally, the available outlets enable it to be useful in a room with multiple electric devices without any constraints. The slender design is suited to enabling the protector to fit in tight spaces especially behind desks. Further, the attached cable management clip allows for easy cord clipping. As a result, this protector is ideal for a variety of places.

When it comes to protection against surge and spikes protection, there is no guesswork. It is constructed incorporating some of the best technology to arrest any form of power mishap. During storms, many appliances are prone to damage due to spikes from lightning. It might happen from the main electric cable or coaxial and telephones lines. But s with this surge protector, it guarantees as safe operation of machines without worrying about power mischiefs. Incorporated metal oxides varistors are responsible for neutralizing high surge rated 3390 joules. It protects AC outlets, telephones line, coaxial lines and box/satellite connections.

Connecting your protector can be s stress if it is fitted with a short cable. It can cause cluttering of cables in the desk or floor exposing your house to fire accidents. But, with this surge arrestor, it is friendly to your workplace or home application. Equipped with 12s feet long cord, the device allows usage even with distant wall sockets eliminating the need to take your devices near wall. It is 14 gauge, hence facilitating efficient current flow thereby averting any incidence of overheating or fires damage.
Belkin 8-Outlet Home/ Office Power Surge Protector, 3390 Joules

Well getting a durable power protector is a step ahead. But with hundreds of player on the market, the construction materials differs a lot leaving room for weak and substandard products. If you are looking for one which you can bet on quality, this Belkin 8 outlets surge protector is designed featuring ABS plastic hence damage resistant. On the other hand, surge protecting components are certified and tested to the highest quality standards. Indicator lights help to know when your appliances are protected and grounded.

In summary, we have seen this tool is dedicated to multiple uses and ideal for various places. This versatility is essential as it makes protection possible while paying less amount of money. With a durable construction, long power cord and space saving plug makes it an ultimate surge protector. Unlike majority rivals, it has cable management clip for keeping working area clean. Moreover it boasts a $200,000 insurance of connected appliances.

  • Extra high surge arresting capacity, 3020 joules
  • Long extension cord, 12 feet
  • Indestructible ABS plastic construction
  • Clip enhanced for easy cables management
  • Has no Ethernet protection port


As we conclude, we can say that the market boasts many surge protectors from various companies. Among features ones, they are designed to ensure that they offer complete protection to appliances. They differ a lot in price, quality, size and functionality. However, the most important aspect we have seen is how strong surge suppressor can be able to resist surges and spikes.

Now, if you are planning to equip your house with a surge protector, the reviewed above are great products. They are reliable products which come while boasting extended warranty. On the other hand, these suppressors are cheap compared to their performance.


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