Best Solar Water Heaters (2021 Reviews)

Do you pay high electricity bills to heat water in your home? You can change that by switching to a cheaper and renewable source of energy – solar. Solar power is the cheapest available energy source for heating water at home, in offices, schools, and many other places. The best solar heaters also reduce energy costs and come in a wide range of design that you can set up quickly. Below is our list of some of the best solar water heaters in the market in 2021.

List of the Best Solar Water Heaters in 2021

10. Flagman Shop Solar Mat Swimming Pool Water Heater

Flagman Shop Solar Mat Swimming Pool Water Heater

Aboveground pools are popular in homes because of their cost-effectiveness. You do not have to dig into the ground to set up one. Furthermore, they are relatively easier to maintain on a budget. If you hate swimming in a cold pool, for instance, the Flagman Shop Solar Mat is an effective remedy. It fits and works well in most aboveground pools. Moreover, because it is a 100% solar-powered item, it is relatively cheaper, easier, and safer to use at home.

Many people interpret this heater’s simple design as a weakness. However, this is never the case. It can heat up to 8000 gallons of water to 5-9F directly from the sun. You can also connect it to a 2500GPH pump or 1/2hp filter pump and use the in synergy without issues. Flagman weighs pounds and has a 60-day limited warranty.

What We Like
  • Heats up to 8000 gallons
  • 100% solar-powered system
  • Simple hook-up and use
  • Lightweight design (6 pounds)
Our Verdict

If you have an 8000 gallon (or less) aboveground pool at home, pair it with this Flagman Shop Solar heater. Its 100% solar-powered design will save you cash while keeping your pool warm and habitable.

9. SmartPool Sunheater Solar Pool Heater

SmartPool Sunheater Solar Pool Heater

Make all your swimming sessions fun with heat from the sun warming your pool by using an energy-efficient solar water heater. The Sunheater Solar Pool Heater from SmartPool is one of the best pool water heaters in the market. It is ideal for above the ground pools. The heater keeps the pool warm by using a propylene heat collector. The 2×20 foot solar heater features eighty square feet of solar panels that provide perfect and efficient heating to the pool.

The system also comes with PVC caps for the panels, and it is affordable compared to many other solar systems in the market. The solar heater does not come with a mounting system, but it is easy to install. However, the only downside to the system is that it mainly works well when there is enough sunlight. It might not offer you the same services during the winter and other cold seasons when there is no sunlight. Other than that, it is a great product.

What We Like
  • Large panel array
  • Heats most above ground pools
  • Large panel (80 square foot)
  • Energy-efficient system
Our Verdict

With the SmartPool Sunheater, your aboveground pool will be warm and comfortable all day long. It has a large panel (80 square feet) and polypropylene heater collector that heat all pools fast and safely.

8. Duda Solar Stainless Steel Solar Hot Water Heater

Duda Solar Stainless Steel Solar Hot Water Heater

The small electric heaters that most people have at home fail to satisfy their needs. They are also expensive to use in homes with kids who have a shower twice or three times per day. To overcome such issues on a budget, supplement your heater with a new Duda Solar today. It is a cost-effective product with a long-lasting galvanized steel shell (0.5-inches). Moreover, the long copper tubing it uses is not only durable but also heats water fast while in use.

Duda Solar supports most 3/4-inch and 1/2-inch water ports found in homes. Thus, whether you are upgrading an existing system or setting up a new one, you can do so on a budget. Unlike some brands, you do not have to upgrade plumbing for it to work well. Moreover, you do not have to invest in storage for hot water. Its insulated interior keeps water warm long after the sun has set.

What We Like
  • Insulated interior
  • Fits most water ports
  • Long copper tubing (66feet)
  • Durable shell (0.5-inch steel)
Our Verdict

Duda Solar is a long-lasting solar heater (galvanized steel) with an insulated interior that keeps water hot for long. It supports most water ports and has a long copper tube (66 feet) that heats up fast.

7. Clean Republic 10 Solar Hot Water Tubes

Clean Republic 10 Solar Hot Water Tubes

This box of ten solar evacuated tubes has triple insulation that boosts its ability to heat water. The tubes boil water by using only power from the sun. They are ideal for use at home, for hobby projects and all other solar air and heating systems. The tubes work by soaking up sunlight energy and absorbing the same into the insulated heater’s inner tube, which traps the heat.

The system has a vacuum between the inner and outer walls that retains its heat for long, even when there is no sunlight. Moreover, it can heat up to a liter of water per hour, depending on your location. Its energy conversion is excellent, and the tubes help to save your annual electricity bills.

What We Like
  • Versatile solar hot tubes (10)
  • Ideal for boiling water
  • Relatively easy to use
Our Verdict

Even though the Clean Republic tubes are not as powerful as solar panel heaters are, their versatility is their strength. You can use them anywhere in your home. Energy conversion is also good.

6. Heliatos EZ-37 Solar Water Heater Panel

Heliatos EZ-37 Solar Water Heater Panel

Installing a solar water heater does not have to be a difficult task. Heliatos Solar Water Heater is a lightweight heater made with sturdy EPZ panel. The system push-fit fittings and panels on offer plug into each easily during set up. It has an unbreakable polycarbonate glazing, a thick aluminum frame, and an aluminum backing. Compared to other solar heaters in the market, the panels of the Heliatos solar water heater cost less. All items are USA made.

It is also sturdy and durable and delivers enough heated water for all household, office, or commercial needs. The water heating system is an efficient energy saver that allows you to pay less electricity bills annually. Heliatos customer service is also excellent, and they will always come to your aid if you have any questions concerning the water heater. The system comes with a 40-gallon HW tank, and the panel works well during the summer and winter.

What We Like
  • Aluminum frame and backing
  • High capacity (40 gallons)
  • Long-lasting EPZ panel
  • Light and portable design
Our Verdict

Heliatos EZ-37 is a 40-gallon water heater made from aluminum. It comes pre-fitted with an EPZ panel that works during cloudy days.

5. SmartPool S240U Universal Sun Heater

SmartPool S240U Universal Sun Heater

If you are looking for the best solar heater to heat your pool for a luxurious warm dip, try the universal sun heater from SmartPool. The cost-effective water heater warms your pool by capturing the heat from the rays of the sun. The system warms the pool to temperatures of 6 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit. The system is ideal for both above the ground and in-ground pools.

The features that make the solar water system heater stand out are its polypropylene heat collector, threaded elbow adapters, four end caps, stainless hose clamps, solar pill, a rubber connector hose, and a roll of Teflon tape. It comes with an easy to read installation and operation manual. The instructions manual language is in French, English, and Spanish. The water heater has a direct flow system, and it comes with one header hole for every heating tube. Installation of the system is easy and fast.

What We Like
  • Multilingual instructions
  • Warms pools to 6-10 F
  • Fits most above-ground pools
  • Universal sun heater
Our Verdict

Do you have an aboveground pool whose water stays cold during the day? Instead of wasting money on a new indoor one, buy SmartPool S240U. It harnesses the power of the sun and uses it to warm pools.

4. SunBank Solar – 40 Gallon Solar Water Heater

SunBank Solar - 40 Gallon Solar Water Heater

If you are looking for energy independence, you should start it off by buying SunBank solar; the 40-gallon system is one of the most affordable quality solar systems in the market. It caters for a household of one to three people, and it heats 15 to 30% water consumed by the whole the home. The solar system replaces gas and electricity and only uses energy from the sun. It is a simple system with no pumps, no glycol, and no moving parts.

You do not need a professional to install the solar system as it comes ready to use. Besides its ease of installation, the solar system is reliable, and it pays off its initial purchase and installation costs within a short time and as energy prices continue to rise. The system has high heat retention made possible by its high-density polyurethane. Currently, the solar system ships only to continental U.S.A but you can always contact the manufacturer if you are in another country and need the heater.

What We Like
  • Easy to install and use
  • High heat retention
  • Large capacity (40 gallons)
  • Efficient that gas and electricity
Our Verdict

Even though slow, gas heaters are efficient and therefore beneficial in large families. However, you can lower your expenditure even further with the SunBank Solar water heater. Its food-grade design is safe to use in homes. It also has a dependable 40-gallon system that retains heat longer than comparable solar heaters often do.

3. Duda Solar 15 Tube Water Heater Collector

Duda Solar 15 Tube Water Heater Collector

Duda Solar has some of the best solar heaters in the market. The heater is in the form of evacuated tubes that are better heat retainers as compared to flat panel solar heaters. Tube solar heaters work efficiently, even in places that experience extreme cold seasons. When the sun is at an angle in the east or west, the tube obtains even higher heat efficiencies through passive tracking. The solar heaters come with a 30% federal tax rebate and they are SRCC certified.

The solar heaters are resistance to hailstorms and other extreme weather conditions. The inner coating of the pipes is food-grade stainless steel. The stainless steel helps to prevent the build-up of harmful microorganisms that would be a danger to anyone using the water that passes through the pipes. The solar system comes with a storage tank and a functional controller. The solar system unit is bulky and heavy, and you need a professional to help you with the installation and mounting process.

What We Like
  • Food-grade stainless steel
  • Easy-to-use controller
  • SRCC certified design
  • Qualifies for rebates (30%)
Our Verdict

Due to its efficacy, the Duda Solar heater qualifies for a 30% federal tax rebate in the USA. It is also one of the safest and therefore most recommended models for heating water for homes. Its stainless steel pipes, for instance, are not only durable but also food-grade.

2. Game 4721 SolarPro Curve Solar Pool Heater

Game 4721 SolarPro Curve Solar Pool Heater

If you want to enjoy a dip in the pool, especially during the cold season, you should do it in a pool of hot or warm water. Conventional electric pool water heaters are pricy, but you can opt to use a solar heater for all your pool-heating needs. Game 4721 SolarPro curve solar pool heater is one of the best when it comes to pool water heating. It has an attractive and unique style that makes it stand out among many other heaters.

Just as it stands out in design, it also stands out because of its ability to heat water efficiently. The heater has high-quality commercial grade heat collectors that ensure that the water stays heated for long. The design of its solar system is also sturdy and durable. Finally, this complete unit comes with intake hoses fully equipped with stainless and corrosion-resistant steel cramps.

What We Like
  • Commercial-grade design
  • Stainless steel cramps
  • Heats most pools
  • Long-lasting design
Our Verdict

Lounging in a warm pool is enjoyable during cold months. To lower the cost of heating yours without sacrificing safety, buy the Game 4721 SolarPro solar heater. It durable and fast heating design is compatible with most types of pool that people have at home.

1. SunGrabber Solar Pool Heater

SunGrabber Solar Pool Heater

You can always count on the heat from the sun to heat your pool efficiently with this fantastic solar water heater. The solar system provides heat to your pool, eliminating hefty electricity bills spent on conventional heaters. The system works by circulating the pool water through the solar panels and then warms the same using solar energy before it goes back to the pool. The heater panels feature headers that allow excellent circulation to pass through the panels that in turn maximizes the efficiency of solar energy.

You can also add more energy to the system by adding more panels. The solar system can supply 100% of all your pools heating needs without any fuss. The system is easy to install, and it comes with an instructions manual that is also easy to read and understand. You also do not have to buy other accessories, as the system is compatible with all kinds of pool pumps. As a bonus, the system comes with a 310 ml bottle of liquid Heat Solar Blanket.

What We Like
  • Works on most pools
  • Durable solar panel
  • Cost-saving design
  • Easy to set up and use
Our Verdict

SunGrabber enables people to warm their pool without spending a lot of money on electricity. It is a durable product, which supports most brands of electric pool pumps available in the market.

Buying Guide for The Best Solar Water Heaters


How much power can your solar water heater of choice generate from the sun? Before spending your money on one, make sure that it can satisfy your demand. If you use 1000 gallons of hot water every day, look for a product that can meet or surpass your needs.


Solar water heaters endure a lot of abuse because they work outdoors. Thus, to get value for your money, shop for a quality brand that you will enjoy using for long. Look for a model with a solar panel that can withstand the rain, high winds, and heat. Parts such as coils and or heating tubes should also be durable and most importantly, safe.

Ease of Use

Do not buy a product that you will have a hard time setting up and or using at home. Whether you are looking for a heater for your pool or bathroom, opt for a model that you can set up quickly. It should also have a low-maintenance design, which will not trouble you in the end.

Conclusion: Are you considering buying a water heater for your outdoor pool or a new bathroom? Are you considering buying a solar-powered one to cut costs? Our top 10 picks are the best in 2021. They are durable, relatively easy to set up and work as advertised in most settings.