Best Slot Car Sets Kids Love (2022): Top 10 List

As a kid and especially a young boy, there has always been that one gift that lasted for years and put a smile on our faces! One, in particular, is the moment we unwrapped the best slot car sets and assembled the whole thing together, before testing the limits of our model cars. Best Slot car sets are amazingly fun for the whole family.

Kids love to enjoy playing with slot car sets as it opens room for plenty of fun activities. It is a perfect alternative to the video games whose access isn’t good for them. They add a new level of action and excitement in life that worthy of experience in a kid’s life.

Best Slot Car Sets

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Best Rated Slot Car Sets have been gaining tons of popularity again with the end of the holiday season. The innovation in new slot car racing has brought adults and kids alike back into the sport!

It does not matter whether you’re a kid or an adult. Regardless of age, a slot car set is an excellent toy for those who like cars and racing. Basically, you will have a miniature car that is electrically driven and will have to travel in a slot on a track. This is a great alternative to video games and is a cool old-school way to play with cars!

Some toys just like the slot cars, have been around for decades but seem to be timeless. The great thing about timeless toys is that the parents often wish to join the kids because it reminds them of their own childhood. Father’s will especially remember their times with their best slot car sets as their childhood favorite. Slot cars are a lot of fun as a group or alone, riding them along the racing track, ensuring you’re the fastest.

These can go all the way up to professional-grade, with massive slot car tracks going a long distance! So because of the great bonding feature and the incredible joy of the toy, please find the top 10 best slot car sets below!

In this post, we will tell you about the top 10 best slot car sets for kids in 2022 that created after solid research and testing. We have diversified our best slot car set review in order to give you a broad overview of the different slot car tracks and different types of slot car racing rings, Let’s go through each of them and choose one that suits you perfectly.

Top 10 Best Slot Car Sets in 2022

Preview Product
Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Motorized Track Set, 4 High Speed Crash Zones,... Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Motorized Track Set, (Best Electric Slot Car Sets) .
Carrera First Disney/Pixar Cars 3 - Slot Car Race Track - Includes 2 cars:... Carrera First Disney/Pixar Cars 3 – Slot Car Race Track Best Carrera Slot Car Sets…
Anki Overdrive: Fast & Furious Edition Best Electric Slot Car Sets Anki Overdrive: Fast & Furious Edition 
Max Traxxx 098216 R/C High Speed Remote Control Twin Loop Track Set with Two... Max Traxxx 098216 R/C High Speed Remote Control  Best Rated Slot Car Sets…
Carrera 30008 Digital 132 DTM Furore Slot Car Racing Set Includes 2 Wireless... Carrera 30008 Digital 132 DTM Furore Best Slot Car Racing Set Includes 2 Wireless…
Tracer Racers R/C High Speed Remote Control Super Loop Speedway Glow Track Set... Tracer Racers R/C High Speed Remote Control Best Slot Car Sets For Adults…
Tracer Racers R/C High Speed Remote Control Super 8 Speedway Glow Track Set with... Tracer Racers R/C High Speed Remote Control Super 8 Speedway Glow Track Set with…
AFX 21018 Super International (MG+) AFX 21018 Super International (MG+) Best Slot Car Starter Sets
Scalextric ARC Pro App Race Control Sunset Speedway Slot Car Digital 1:32 Race... Scalextric ARC Pro App Race Control Sunset Speedway Slot Car Digital 1:32 Race…
Auto World/VRC Hobbies Muscle Car Mayhem HO Scale Slot Car Race Set CP7605 Auto World/VRC Hobbies Muscle Car Mayhem HO Scale Top Slot Car Race Set CP7605

10.  Scalextric C1368T 24 Hr Le Mans Sports Cars Slot Car

best slot car sets for adults

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Scalextric is a known brand for slot cars and slot car tracks. The buyers who don’t want to compromise with the connectivity issue should buy this model from Scalextric now. The timeless car slot is perfect for all racing levels, and this Scalextric analog car slot will fulfill that dream. There are 2 hand controllers with four-position selector switches that are easy to adjust for beginners. These features also allow adventure racers to adjust the speed settings to full speed for faster racing.

Your kids will freely explore different terraces of racing by changing 4 available layout options. There is also a lap counter for an extra dimension to bring more challenging competition between racers.

Two matched cars have a striking appearance with red or white colors. Although they are lightweight, their tires are well-made and provide a smooth drive. When racing with maximized speed, you don’t have to deal with the car falling off on the track due to its high-quality magnatraction magnets. In short, the braids underneath efficiency keeps the connection between the vehicle and track.

You can transform the standard layout of its track into nine different ways that are pretty amazing. Additionally, this unit lets you select between 6 races modes using the app race control.

That’s not all; the buyers are allowed to control a variety of things like a pit stop, tire wear, fuel usage, lap counter, speed limiter controller, and many more. Overall, we want to say that it is a tremendous unit that you can buy without any second thought considering its features.

  • Versatile with 4 different layouts and extension tracks
  • Innovative lap counter
  • Sturdy and lightweight cars
  • Smart hand controller
  • Long racing track
  • Equip with app race control feature
  • Give liberty to manage six race modes
  • Deliver with a great set of accessories

9.   Tracer Racers R/C High Speed Remote Control Super 8 Speedway Glow Track Set

Every dollar spent will surely be worth it with this set! The track has a total length of 46 feet, which will make every race more exciting.

On top of that, it also offers versatility as there are multiple different power settings that are available.

Users can choose from beginner, intermediate, and expert, which means that it will take quite a while before someone can outgrow this toy. Cars are controller at a to-scale speed of 500 mph!

Plus, there are unlimited laps in every race. It is also quick and easy to assemble! It comes with detailed instructions from the manufacturer.

8.  Anki Fast & Furious Edition Slot Car Set

Fast & Furious Edition Slot Car Set

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By: Anki

If you are looking for an inexpensive alternative of slot car set, Anki Fast & Furious Edition Slot Car Set is the one for you. The set includes high tech robotic super cars that you can pair with your smart devices for interactive racing action.

The amazing part is that it offers endless expansion possibilities with its expansion tracks, super cars, and super trucks. Not every car is the same in this set so that you can the different looks from your opponents with style.

Anki Fast & Furious Edition Slot Car Set is an exceptional example of how technology can be utilized excellently. It can transform the racing set into a modern battlefield quite quickly. It is the best slot car set for kids that let you set the track in 8 different ways.

Furthermore, mobile devices can be used for controlling the cars on the track. That’s not all; the tracks can be expanded by adding an extra set to play interesting.

The set includes 3 straight track pieces, 3 straight track pieces, 6 curved track pieces, and 12 guardrails. Together, you can easily create your own racing tracks for a spontaneous race at your own preference with style.

The setup process is simple and easy, and everyone in the house can enjoy the fun altogether. From style to quality this slot car set has them all for you, so let’s see if you like this option.

  • Easy and fast to assemble
  • Multiple track building pieces
  • Digital features with physical items
  • Advance technology for fast and fun race
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices

7.  Joysway Super 251 Slot Car Racing Set

best slot car sets to buy

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Joysway is a trustworthy brand when mentioning sturdy and sustainable design. As expected, its Joysway Super 251 model does not disappoint.

This slot car track is a remarkable gift for your kiddo in any special event. Light up the dream of any car obsession by giving it a try!

The track material of this slot car racing is durable and spacious, with cooling curves and loops requiring speed planning. The mechanical lap counter is my most enjoyable part, which features the lock system for smooth driving.

Another plus of this slot car set is a digital proportional speed controller that enables full speed control while other brands commonly offer 2 or 3 fixed speeds.

This set comes with 2 large scale cars featuring breathtaking LED headlights outlook and strong magnetic base. You will be surprised how smooth and fast the cars drive with desirable speed.

The installation process is a pleasure for parents with clear instructions and only takes about 15 minutes thanks to the precision and high detail gear design. There is a USB cap that you only need to plug in your power bank to activate the power system, but you will need USB wall outlets.Moreover, this is perhaps the quietest electric slot car race track I have ever experienced.

  • An affordable toy set
  • Easy assembling process
  • Unique LED headlights car
  • Precision gear design for fast, smooth, and quiet racing
  • Inventive digital speed controller

6. OTBBA Dinosaur Slot Car Set for Kids | Best Budget

best slot car starter sets

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Our Best Budget slot car set is the OTBBA Dinosaur World aimed at kids 3 years and older. It’s an excellent game to get youngsters interacting and competing on the track. For a budget-friendly slot car set, this is one option that should be on your radar.

With 142 pieces, this is the perfect way to make playtime more educational. With a Jurassic World theme, the track also includes vehicles, trees, and dinosaurs. Children can enjoy endless possibilities when it comes to how they will build their track.

The toy parts are made of ABS plastic, which is eco-friendly and non-toxic, making it safe for kids. To provide buyers with peace of mind, it is a good thing that the manufacturer offers a 90-day warranty.

  • Best feature 1: Many structural possibilities
  • Best feature 2: Luminous military trucks
  • Plus points: Safe, durable materials, flexible tracks, rolling rock, dinosaurs, family fun
  • Minus points: Too many pieces

Reasons to Consider this Slot Car Race Set

This is not a set people typically conjure up in their minds when they think about slot cars. That’s because it’s primarily aimed at toddlers.

There’s so much in the box to stir the imagination of youngsters. The structural possibilities seem endless. The makers have used safe, durable materials for all the parts. They include flexible tracks, luminous military trucks, and many other pieces.

The game is centered around the Jurassic World phenomenon. It’s a 165 piece set with more to play with than just the battery-operated trucks.

The box includes a rolling rock, 4 trees, 6 soldiers, 2 dinosaurs, a couple of slopes, a wooden bridge, and more besides. It’s the sort of game that can keep kids occupied for hours. It’s also an interactive toy that families can enjoy together.

Best Rated Slot Car Sets

5. DMXslots Racer G2

DMXslots Racer G2

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By: DMXslots

In this DMXslots Racer G2, there are 5-speed levels and a booster control button to arouse a uniquely thrilling experience. The best part about this set is the included cars can alter lanes at any time and anywhere on the track.

Available with four racing cars, this exclusive package will be a brilliant choice to make. It means that four different players can play the racing game simultaneously to boost the level of joy.

Not only is the DMXSLOTS a great starter kit, but you can actually purchase a lot of add ons and train harder, become better and faster at slot cars if you want to take it further than just an occasional game! The slot car fun can quickly turn into an exciting hobby and this set is perfect for it if it does!

This is the perfect option for those who are looking for a more innovative option as it is able to overcome the limitations that are present in the traditional slot car sets. Among others, one of its revolutionary features is the lane-changing technology.

With the rotating pin technology, which has been exclusively developed by the manufacturer of this toy, cars will be able to change lanes regardless of where they are in the track. In most models, you can do so only at a predetermined point. This set comes with a 12-foot track, including 12 curves and 12 straights.

Another quite interesting feature which is bound to increase the fun, is that you can switch lanes at any point, adding to the realism of the game! This will constantly keep you engaged in building more slot car racing tracks!

You will get super fast cars in this package despite this product being priced quite affordable. The total length of the track is 18 feet that are quite long to play.

This set incorporates 1:32 scale cars with headlights for use in night mode. There is the unique implementation of the rotating-pin technology to allow the race car to change lanes at any time on the track. Basically, this thrilling new racing platform lets you feel like real auto-racing experience. Inside its configuration, there is a speed pattern chip installed for supporting the 5-speed levels with booster.

In the pack, there are all essential accessories included to let you play with fun. This pack contains 2 infrared wireless control cars, 2 wireless instant speed controllers, a white car, an orange car, 22 feet of track length and instruction manual. The included controllers allow you to use the turning wheel either in clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. In this way, it is easy to control the car to alter lanes either left or right.


  • Cars are allowed to change lanes at any time and at any place on the track
  • It comes with 5-speed levels and a special booster control button
  • It is easy to activate the required speed levels
  • Comes with an instruction manual to simplify your hassles

4.  AGM Slot Car Set

best slot car track sets

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After that, we have got the AGM Slot car Set. It would be more convenient if you could control the cars with your smart devices right. Well, you are in the future.

Because this particular car set will allow you to do that. Yeah, you heard it right. This car set can be controlled through the provided app by its manufacturer company. Just simply install the app and connect it to control. The slot car system transfers racing data to your smart devices. Thus you will be able to monitor real-time racing data and results during the whole competition.

Setting up the whole thing is relatively easier than other slot car sets in the market. The unique design of this car set will make your kids busy for a long time.

Even an elderly person can easily get addicted to it. This car set comes with eight meters long tracks. As a result, the cars will get enough space to catch up, and you will be able to get fair results of the race.


  • Can be controlled through smart devices
  • Provides real-time racing data with the app
  • 8-meter long track
  • It has three challenging layouts
  • Includes ASR control box with built-in Bluetooth
  • Able to run two cars

3.    Max Traxxx R/C Award Winning Tracer Racers

best slot car track to buy

If you are ready to take the racing experience to a completely different level, then the product manufactured from Max Traxx is the perfect choice to make. The racing track is one of the designs which glow in the dark for a more dramatic visual effect.

Based on 45 feet of racing track, the Max Traxxx is the impressive choice kids can rely on when they want to become serious about racing. With two included remote control cars, they can challenge their friends or parents to a quick race to determine the ultimate driver.

There is a superb glow offered by the high-speed remote control to ensure play get a boost in the dark. The undercarriage lights on this unit are quite glamorous to see while racing game. The top-scale speed of these cars is 500 miles per hours that are quite superbly.

As the race car track is quite long, it is recommended to place it on the floor. It is here that the kids can make the most of its glowing design. But it also adds other cool visual effects such as undercarriage lights which add new dramatism to every race. Most importantly, the actual race can benefit from variable car speeds which means kids can have their own strategies going into every corner and straight line.


  • Glows in the dark
  • Features undercarriage lights
  • Includes two remote control race cars
  • Race cars have adjustable speeds

2.  Carrera GO!!! GT Contest Slot Car Race Track Set

In number two for our best slot car sets is the Carrera GO!!! GT Contest Slot Car Race Track Set. Ideal for those who are aged eight and up, this is one of the most popular choices for a slot car set.  It has a 1:43 scale, which adds up to the excitement of every race.

The track has a total length of approximately 12 feet and the cars can reach a scale speed of up to 370 mph. It can be used by more than two players, which makes it a fun toy to play with. The long track featuring a hotspot junction can make you feel like a professional racer.

The hotspot junction makes the entire racing experience even more intense. One wrong move can to your car colliding against each other, especially if you’re neck to neck with the other player’s slot car.

If you want your child to develop a passion and skill for racing slot car or if slot racing interests them, this slot car race set is perfect for them. Its controller has governors, which help young children learn and develop their slot car racing skills by driving the slot car at slower speeds around the race track. There are also expansion sets that are available for an endless way to race with this toy!

1.  Carrera 30008 Digital 132 DTM Furore Slot Car Racing Set: (Best Carrera Slot Car Sets)

best vintage slot car sets

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By: Carrera

With this best Carrera Slot Car Sets premium digital racetrack system, racing can never be better and exciting. On top of that, it even features the lane changing and tactical passing capability track as well.

The whole design of the track allows for thrilling head-to-head race action that you will love. That is not all, the track even features a crossover, straight-aways, curves, and tactical lane changes as well. With all of them, there are always actions and excitement in every race you take.

The part that we like the most is the authentic styling and details of the cars. Each racing car looks like the real thing, and that makes them even better to play with.

You can expand your race up to hours with a wide selection of challenges. It is a complete slot car racing system that has everything you need in one box. Plus with the quick setup and high quality, this is one of the best slot car sets to have.

  • Fast and easy setup
  • Stylish and durable cars
  • Wireless speed controllers
  • Challenging and fun tracks
  • Supports up to 6 drivers at once

What Type of Slot Car Sets Are There?

As for the sets there are some better-known brands and some which are lesser-known. The car itself is either magnetic or not, depending on how serious you pay attention to the details. The sets can vary in price from about $100-$800. Of course, a lot of these sets are very customizable and additional pieces and sets can be purchased to make it a larger race track or to further decorate it.

Moreover, they can be part of a larger set, like the Scalextric series or different brand of slot cars. Usually, you’ll find them bundled with everything you need, such as the slot cars, the slot car tracks, the remotes, and everything else necessary. The way it functions is by providing the car with an electric current which powers the wheels and makes them go fast!

Things To Consider When Buying a Slot Car Racing Sets

Slot cars have been part of the family entertainment for several generations and while technologies have brought about many different changes over the years, there is one thing that has never changed, the familiar two grooves (slots) that wind around the full length of the track layout.

There has been a number of changes in the track materials, track layouts and even the construction of the cars. All of the changes that have been over the years have created a large number of options available for slot car enthusiasts to choose from. If you are new to the slot car racing set world, we hope that the information that we have provided makes it easier for you to decide which slot car set would be the best for your family.

We came up a number of very important things for you to consider when you are looking for your next slot car set. We put together a short list of important things that you should take into consideration when you are looking for the best slot car set.

Track Systems

Everything starts with the track and currently there are four major track systems that most of all the slot car sets are based on. Each one of the four has its own positives and negatives that you will need to look at when you are deciding which one of the many sets that there are available on the market. The four major track systems are Carrera, Ninco, Scalextric Sport and SCX.

Carrera – The Carrera style track is near track quality while still being snap-together plastic. The fit of the track very tight and does require a bit of strength to get them together. There are also plastic clips that are designed to hold the track together.

Ninco – The Ninco style track features flexible materials and is 1/2 – inch wider than those of the Scalextric Sport. The extra flexibility in the track means that it will hold up better when it is being assembled and disassembled frequently.

Scalextric Sport – The Scalextric Sport is one of the most versatile of all 1:32 scale slot car track and it can be found in many of today’s slot car set. There is a wide range of track configuration options available using Scalextric Sports track.

SCX – The SCX style track is basically a resurfaced Scalextric Sports system and it comes in two different types; digital and nondigital. The two types of tracks are absolutely not compatible with each other and cannot be connected together.

Selecting Cars

The cars are an important part of today’s slot car sets and there have been major advancements in the design and operation of the cars found in the slot car racing set. The cars you choose should be extremely fast, handle well on the track and can be controlled easily. You also want to look into cars that do not require a whole lot of maintenance in order to keep them running well.

When you buying your first slot car set for your kids it is really important that you take into consideration that in order to keep your kids interested you want to be sure that the cars are easy to operate and that they are extremely fun to use. If they are not having fun they are not likely to want to continue.

Power systems

The power being supplied to track is one of the keys to the ability of your cars to go fast on the track together. Having the right amount of power to accomplish this is very important and unfortunately, for safety reasons the government requires the manufacturers of slot car racing sets to limit the power supply amperage. This limitation causes there to be not enough power to run two slot cars at the optimum speed at the same time.

Must have extra

While all of the above are extremely important, in the world of slot car racing, it is important to realize that in order to make it much more fun you need to go beyond the basic slot car set. With that in mind, we are adding some recommended extra that you should consider when purchasing your next set.

Track Borders and Accessories

The typical track layouts do not have enough surface in the corners (turns) to allow the car to drift to the side too far without running out of the surface and causing the car to pop out of the slot and stop. To help with this situation, you can easily buy specially designed borders that will give your track layout the needed extra running surface in the corners so that you will not have to worry about it happening.

Aftermarket Controllers

The basic controllers that come with the slot car set are set from the factory at a preset resistance. By design, this creates too much resistance for the cars and tends to cause them to run much slower. Today’s aftermarket controllers dramatically reduce the amount of resistance and will allow the cars to run much faster. These controllers are also repairable, while the typical basic controllers in the racing sets are disposable.

Now that you have reached the end of the road, we hope that we provided you with enough information that will allow you to make an informed decision regarding the best slot car set for your money.

Benefits of Best Slot Car Sets

When you look at the best slot car sets, you’ll instantly notice the price being slightly higher. This however means that every piece of the set is very durable and timeless. You can find endless things to customize these tracks and add cars from all corners. Obviously, this helps to make a single toy last forever and make it look different and more fun.

You’ll mostly find that with newer models of cars the replica slot car can be purchased to add to your set. Ultimately, it’s all about having fun with the slot cars and the best slot car set will provide you with hours of endless fun individually or with your families, such as your son or daughter!


These slot car sets are one of the most energetic things that you can buy for your child. Our team has finalized the top ones by creating a list of top 10 best slot car sets for kids. We believe that you have already chosen the one that fits the budget and needs. Feel free to ask any question that comes in your mind through the comment box below.

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