Top 10 Best Scooter Boards for Kids – Must-Have for Parents In 2022

Best Scooter Boards for Kids Review

Scooter boards are fun things that your children will love instantaneously as it will give them the chance to be a wild soul. In the list below, you get the scooter boards for kids in the market that understands the safety of your children along with being durable and fun. Give it a read and choose the one that satisfies you and your child’s need in the right way.

Scooters are some of the best recreational tools for our loved young ones.  Apart from being recommended for the proper physical development of children, scooter boards are a special source of fun and joy for kids.

More impressive is the fact that these boards help kids feel refreshed, reduce stress, fight depression, and forget their pain among other frustrations. On the other hand, if you happen to have a kid with Sensory Processing Disorders, I am pretty sure you must have been instructed to acquire a scooter board.

Currently, everyone has a very busy schedule meaning that there will be no time to research the best scooter boards. The worst part is that there different brands of scooter boards being offered today that make it even harder to do the selection. With our busy schedules and many tasks to tackle at home, most parents hardly have time to research, analyze, and study the multiple scooter boards on the markets.

In this article, we have rounded up a list of scooter boards that will let your kid have fun while scooting, rolling, and grinding. Going through the listed products will help you choose a model that suits your kid’s needs.

Table of the Best Scooter Boards for Kids

10. Heavy-Duty Safety Guard Scooter – Gamecraft

Scooter Boards

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Make every day special for your kids as the safety guard scooter board from Gamercraft is ideally designed to reward your kid with superb gliding, moving and even racing experience every single time. Also, the reliability of the one-inch latex-free plastic ensures heavy-duty application and the sturdy plastic construction of the wheels assures the floor of your house maintains its glamour. With the scooter board, your kids can involve in their favourite playtime always.

The great fun starts with the Gamecraft Safety Guard Scooter. This is the best way your kids can say goodbye to dull moments by rolling on this incredible board. It is not only durable but perfect for your little ones. Want to see your kids light up their eyes in joy and happiness? Well, just walk into your house with this latex-free heavy-duty scooter and experience the magic. Whether your floor is made of tiles, gymnasium or hardwood, this scooter won’t scratch your floor, thanks to its sturdy wheels.  Protective handguards keep the hands secure and safe. It is with no doubt that the double-ball bearing swivel casters of Gamecraft proves that this unit is designed for optimal rolling action. Optimal action and durability sum up Gamecraft. Help your loved young ones perfect their motor skills, coordination and balance as they have the best exercise and fun. Do not forget to adhere to the weight limit rule.

Key features

  • Double ball bearing swivel casters that don’t mar the floor.
  • Safety handguards for the right balance.
  • Helps in the building of core muscles.

9.  Cosom 16″ Premium Scooter Boards for Children

Cosom 16 Inch Premium Plastic Scooter Board

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This high quality and heavy-duty scooter board from Cramer. The scooter board comes with strong handles for accurate and easy control. This 16-inch scooter board is made from high-density polypropylene material so they will serve you for long. Additionally, the scooter board features safety handle which protects your child’s fingers and prevents wound or injury.

Top features

  • 4-inch caster wheels diameter
  • Sturdy handles for safety
  • Lightweight and portable design

8.     Get Out! Plastic Scooter Board w/Handles

Get Out! Plastic Scooter Board w/Handles

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Next on the list is this scooter board which arrives as a pack of 6. This is a plastic scooter board which allows the kids to roll around not only for fun but also for muscle strengthening. One unique feature with this scooter for kids is that it will bring fun to kids of all ages. Again, all the boards come with a distinct color which makes them fun among the kids.

When it comes to the construction of these boards, you will like that they are made with strong plastic which is safe and protective as well. The manufacturer has equipped this board with handles to make sure that the little fingers are safe all the time. Apart from that, the board features patented strong wheels for easy maneuverability.

Features of Product
  • This is a very easy way to exercise
  • Comes in a protective and safe design
  • It has a weight capacity of 175 pounds
  • Patented strong wheels

7.  ETA hand2mind Plastic Scooter Board

ETA hand2mind Plastic Scooter Board with Handles

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With the ETA Habd2mind scooter, your children can glide, scoot, and roll around your living room or garage without damaging the floors. This exercise will not only help kick the boredom of playing same games but also help them build core strength and coordination. The board comes with two handles with protectors that ensure that their hands are safe. Additionally, this model comes in various colors allowing you to pick the color that your kid likes.

Key features

  • Handles keep hands safe from rolling wheels
  • Plastic wheels won’t damage floors
  • Easy control of acceleration and maneuverability
  • comes in a variety of vivid colors

6.  Contoured Plastic Blue Scooter Board From Champion Sports

Champion Sports Contoured Plastic Scooter Board

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If you want your kids to have fun in an inexpensive yet recreational way, then look no further than the Champion Sports Contoured Scooter Board. Measuring 12″ x 16″, this scooter board works great with any kid while he or she is scooting or laying on his tummy. Contoured handles are included for a more comfortable and easier grip while the non-marking plastic swivel casters keep your floor neat and unmarred. To sum it up, this is a great option when you want your kids to learn motor skills.

Special Features

  • Durable and non-marring wheels
  • Measures 12″ x 16″ which is suitable for most kids
  • Great at balancing, creativity and strength building
  • Comes in royal blue color

5. Champion sports Standard Scooter Board with Handles

Champion Sports Standard Scooter Board with Handles

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Coming in the colors of blue or yellow, the Champion Sports Scooter Board is another high-quality pick to buy this year. It is a pretty durable and versatile scooter board with non-marring swivel rubber wheels to avoid damage to floors. It also features large handles that keep your fingers safe from the wheels as you roll or scoot.  The handles also aid in the control of the scooter giving you a fun time.


  • Non-marring swivel caster wheels
  • Wide handles for easy control
  • Durable plastic board

4.  Kids Gym Scooter Boards with Safety Guard Handles

Kids Gym Class Plastic Scooter Board

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This scooter is one of its kinds. It is made from resist transformation and a plastic material the scooter comes with safety handles on its both sides to protect the children fingers from the rolling wheels. It’s also fitted with a double bearing to improve its rolling. Besides, the unit comes with plastic wheels, which certainly cannot damage the floor.

Top features

  • It’s very safe to use
  • It’s made from resist transformation abrasion
  • Rolls smoothly on various   types of floors

3.  FlagHouse Scooter Boards for 2 Person

FlagHouse Two Person Scooter

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The good thing about this scooter is that it can accommodate two kids, taking fun to a whole new level. Plus, its indestructible polypropylene construction makes this set very durable, your special gift will leave incredible long-lasting memories. And, most importantly, this scooter is highly suitable for teamwork lessons. Look no further when you have a class of physical education learners, this scooter works best for team concepts. Besides, the 6 swivel wheels are durable and roll smoothly.

Special Features

  • Great size
  • Smooth gliding swivel wheels
  • Indestructible polypropylene construction
  • Great for teamwork and cooperation

2. Cramer Cosom 12-Inch Scooter Board for Children

Cosom Scooter Board

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When you are looking to offer total fun for all the kids in the house, this scooter board will do the trick. Featuring sturdy handles, smooth rubber casters, this scooter ensures your kid’s safe while protecting the delicate floors. Owing to its smooth rolling casters and ergonomic design, this scooter is also easy to control and steer. This makes it a perfect choice for kids who love taking part in various outdoor activities including caterpillar and scooter hockey.

Key features

  • Two-Inch Non-marring nylon casters
  • Wide handles for easy control
  • Durable plastic board
  • Patented connect-a-scooter feature

1.  Individual Scooter Board – Abilitations Mega Scoot II

Abilitations Mega Scoot II Individual Scooter

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Known for its fitness benefits, the MegaScoot II Scooter Boards does wonders. Made of hard plastic, this board was designed with special needs in mind. It is highly suitable for fitness and physical education activities. With a weight capacity of 250 pounds, this unit features a heavy-duty construction but rolls so smoothly. To enhance safety and versatility, hand grips and 7 expansion strips are included. Unlike other models, the handles of Megascoot II are large and easily accessible. Overall, this is a great scooter board that will benefit your kids.

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Special Features

  • Designed with educational experts
  • Weight capacity of 250 pounds
  • Includes 7 expansion straps
  • Safer and versatile product


Let your kids have fun moments rolling, scooting and gliding using these amazing scooter boards. Scooter boards are ideal for the development of motor skills. We’ve reviewed for you the best scooter boards on the market this year so that you can buy with confidence. Choose one that best suits your kid’s needs and order right away.

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