Best Ray Bans In 2022

Founded in 1937, Ray Bans has manufactured numerous sunglasses with is Aviator and Wayfarer models attracting global acclaim. They are comfortable. They are also durable and attainable in numerous stylish designs for men and women. If you are fashion conscious, for instance, you can easily find a suitable model for personal and professional use. If you have sensitive eyes, on the other hand, the plethora of polarized and darkened models in stores will benefit you. Simply research and buy a fitting model that complements your face. These 10 models, for instance, are reputable best sellers that rank among the most sought-after in 2022:

10. Ray-Ban RB4125

Do you wear sunglasses as fashion accessories or for eye protection? Has your existing pair taken a beating and or lost its charm over to time? Ray-Ban RB4125 is a suitable replacement. Oversized (59mm), the high level of coverage that it offers protects your eyes from direct sunlight well outdoors. Its light Havana frame is stylish and made of high-quality acetate, a light and non-irritant plant-based plastic.

Unlike some sunglasses that dig into the skin, you will have a memorable experience with this model every day. Ray-Ban RB4125 has non-polarized crystal lenses with a protective coating that filters up to 100% of UV rays. It also has a comfortable 13-millimetre bridge and long 140-millimeter hands that cradle the face well to maximize its stability.

9. Ray-Ban RB3136

Ray-Ban RB3136 Caravan Sunglasses

Made of metal, Ray-Ban RB3136 is a pair of caravan glasses with a stylish gold-toned design that users appreciate. For fashion-conscious individuals, for instance, it complements various looks. Its lightweight and well-finished frame is comfortable to use, while the prescription ready glasses offered benefit individuals of all cadres.

Unlike some models that blind individuals with eye problems, you will be able to see well while streamlining your outlook at the same time. You also get soft nose pads (clear) for added comfort, a slim yet sturdy top bar, and a wide 58mm design that fits and complements round and square faces.

8. Ray-Ban 0RB4175

Ray-Ban 0RB4175 Square Sunglasses

Do you like wearing square sunglasses? To get a well-constructed model for everyday use, consider Ray-Ban 0RB4175. Lightweight, well balanced, and made of a non-irritant resin plastic, it is an ideal day-to-day accessory. The non-polarized glass lenses used has UV-blocking properties (100%). They are also wide (57 millimeters) and classically styled to improve the peripheral vision of users.

As you cycle or drive your vehicle, therefore, you will see better and drive safely, as a result. Ray-Ban 0RB4175 is USA-made and has a continuous wayfarer style with comfortable nose pads and nice matte black arms.

7. Ray-Ban Erika

Ray Ban Erika Women's Wayfarer Sunglasses

Featuring a durable oversized design that complements most looks, Ray Ban Erika is a must-have pair of sunglasses for most women. Featuring a classic wayfarer design, it has a charming outlook with numerous premium features that boost its value. The quality resin plastic used to manufacture it, for instance, is light, comfortable, and features bright rubber fronts that users appreciate.

Temple tips have a charming tone-on-tone design, while its rounded synthetic lens (non-polarized) filter up to 100% of UV rays. If you have sensitive eyes, therefore, you will be able to explore the outdoors without compromising personal looks. Ray-Ban Erika is 54 millimeters wide and has a soft bridge that maximizes comfort levels.

6. Ray Ban RB4115

Ray Ban RB4115 Fast & Furious Sunglasses

Retailing brand new in Amazon, Ray Ban RB4115 is a reputable pair of sunglasses with a charming Fast and Furious design. Made of composite plastic, it is light, durable, and comfortable to wear. The plastic lenses used are durable, while its comfortable 57mm design complements most head shapes.

Whether you have a round, oval, or square shape, you will be able to make a style statement outdoors. Arms are approximately 135mm long. The wide 16mm bridge offered betters comfort further, while its one-year warranty covers all defects.

5. Ray-Ban RB2132

Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer Polarized Sunglasses

With Ray-Ban RB2132, you get high-quality polarized sunglasses with a comfortable 55-millimetre design. Even though cheap, the value individuals get is desirable. Unlike metal, for instance, the plant-based acetate used to manufacture it frame is light and non-irritant. It is also fade-proof, durable, and has well-finished smooth edges that boost its overall charm further.

The polarized crystal lenses used are durable. They also have a charming outlook and have clear UV coating (UV400) that filters 100% of harsh UV rays. Buy yours to look good outdoors while protecting your sensitive eyes from irritation and or injuries.

4. Ray-Ban RB3025

Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Sunglasses

Sophisticated, clean, and with a modern outlook that fashion enthusiasts appreciate, Ray-Ban RB3025 is in a class of its own. Ranked among the bestselling Aviator sunglasses from Ray-Ban, it has a fun-looking feature-rich design for outdoor use. If you are shopping for a light pair of sunglasses, for instance, its classic plastic frame is comfortable.

It fits well. It also has excellent visibility that some bland plastic and metallic sunglasses that individuals wear around. Ray-Ban RB3025 has large (55m x 51mm) plastic lenses. Both glasses are clear and have scratch-resistant UV coatings that filter 100% of harmful rays.

3. Ray-Ban RB3016

Ray-Ban RB3016 Classic Clubmaster Sunglasses

Popular among individuals and celebrities alike, Ray-Ban RB3016 is a valued pair of clubmaster sunglasses for men and women. Fitted with compact 47mm wide lenses, its low-profile design is desirable. The composite material (metal and acetate) used to make its rectangular frame is durable, while its non-polarized glasses soothe glare well.

When driving or exploring the outdoors, therefore, expect a better line of vision. The adjustable temples and nose pads on its frame maximize comfort. Safety is also optimal, with its coated lenses designed to filter 100% of UV rays.

2. Ray-Ban RB2132

Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer Unisex Non-Polarized Sunglasses

Popular in top 10 best ray bans reviewed in 2022, Ray-Ban RB2132 is a pair of quality sunglasses with a unisex Wayfarer design. Non-polarized, its 55mm lenses shade the eyes better than comparable models. Sizing is adequate, while its softer eye shape and iconic smaller frame designed to improve the looks of users.

If you hate the bulky oversized sunglasses that celebrities flaunt around, this easy fit model will benefit you. Its light plastic frame is comfortable. The plant-based acetate used to make it is also good-looking and recommended for individuals with metal allergies.

1. Ray-Ban Aviator RB3025

Ray-Ban Aviator RB3025 Large Metal Aviator Sunglasses

A fan favorite, Ray-Ban Aviator RB3025 features quality gradient lenses and a fade-proof metallic frame that lasts long. It does not bend nor lose its shape easily. Eye shading and UV protection (100%) is optimal, while its broad 58mm design complements most fashion trends. Each package comes with a free lint-free cleaning cloth and a case for safe storage.

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