Best Portable Projectors In 2020

Projectors rank among the must-have tools for all productive people, with students and business persons being the most vulnerable to the use of projectors. Depending on your job or project, you might need, from time to time, to display some images, graphs, graphics, as well as other complex figures to a large group of people. In this occasion, among others, a projector will prove to be of utmost importance. Again, a great projector could boost your entertainment by letting you project videos and games. It’s our assumption that, despite having a great anticipation for success and entertainment, you hate experiencing fatigue as a result of carrying heavy and bulky tools. This is why we come in to provide you with an accurate guide to buying a portable, practically sized projector that will serve your needs appropriately. Though simple, portable projectors perform more than the regular, large projectors.

What distinguishes the various projector models available on the market today?

  • Projectors vary in different ways:
    • a. Size: As fore-mentioned, projectors come in different sizes. The prior models of projectors, which are still used today, are large and demand a lot of effort to transport from one place to the other. Fortunately, small-sized projectors have come up which are easily portable and convenient to store even in crowded places. With a portable projector, you can project your work, videos, or other items to a broad group of people at your preferred location and time. Again, some portable projectors are designed to fit in the palm while others won’t fit.
    • b. Brightness: The amount of projecting light varies from one projector to the other. It’s crucial to consider the brightness of a projector before deciding on the purchase. Some projectors perform exemplarily under high light conditions. On the other hand, some projector models will not perform in extremely lighted places due to their low brightness.
    • c. Functionality:
      • PICO projectors: The PICO projectors feature an advanced functionality. Apart from projecting charts, graphics, and other essential business and study items, they also help one bring some travel entertainment essentials like photos or videos. This way, most people refer to the PICO projectors as Multimedia display tools. The only drawback that comes with the PICO projectors is that they produce low brightness and feature high price tags.
      • Palmtop projectors: The palmtop projectors differ from the PICO projectors in some ways. They come with a better brightness function as compared to that of the PICO projectors. Again, their size is relatively larger and hardly fit in the hands.
      • Beyond that, both palmtop and PICO projectors come with added connection capabilities including SD card slots, USB thumb drives, wireless connectivity, Mobile HD Link HDMI port, as well as internal memory to ensure that you can access and project your work, videos, or photos in the absence of your laptop.
      • Some PICO and palmtop projectors feature inbuilt rechargeable batteries to support their excellent performance.

Selecting the Best Portable Projectors

With the thousands of different portable projectors flooding the market, choosing the best product in this category can prove to be a daunting task. For this reason, we have gone ahead to study and analyze the various portable projectors available on the market today in the quest to filter the best. We aim at easing your selection. We, thanks to our dedicated research team, have managed to pick and review the top ten best portable projectors in 2020.  We are confident that after going through these reviews, you will be better placed to select the best portable projector that suits your work and budget appropriately.

Let’s get to see what the top ten best portable projectors in 2020 have to offer:

10.  iCODIS G5 Mini Projector


This just another powerful portable projector by the iCodis Company, that’s making it big on the major online markets. Its making is entirely professional. With it, you can quickly take your profession to a whole new level. It features a portable design, weighing only 200g and measuring 13*8*2 cm. It, therefore, fits comfortably into a tiny handbag or pocket. It features a brightness of up to 100 lumens and projects up to a size of 120 inches. This projector comes with a built-in rechargeable 2500mAh battery which also allows it to act as a power bank for recharging other tech devices. It provides you with various connection options including HDMI, Micro SD, USB, mini USB, AV, and 3. 5 mm Audio/stereo output to let you project from any modern device.

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9.  Mira-Tech 2. 4Inch Portable Mini Projector


Among your options for a portable projector is this product by the Mira-Tech manufacturing. It features all the necessary components of an ultra-powerful and portable projector. It measures 2. 76 x 6. 61 x 4. 33 in and weighs only 1. 1 lbs. It brings you a native resolution of about 480* 320, a brightness of up to 60 lumens and support for 1080p videos. With its projecting performance, you can be sure to take your productivity, gaming, and entertainment to a whole new level. It provides you with various connection options including HDMI, VGA, SD, AV and USB to allow you use it with any digital device including a laptop, TV set-top box, computer, gaming console, among others. With this projector, external output speakers will not be necessary as it comes with its built-in speakers.

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8.  BC US 100 Inch LCD Portable Video Projector


Improve your entertainment with this fantastic portable projector by the BC US Company. Just from its appearance, you can accurately gauge the performance of this projector. It’s expertly built to ensure that you can use it from any place and time to project videos and photos for excellent entertainment. However, this projector is not ideal for work, Excel, PPT, or word presentations. Its lightweight and compact nature makes it perfect for travel. It supports a resolution of 1920*1080, an aspect ratio of 16:9, a contrast ratio f 1000:1, and features a brightness of about 60 lumens. It brings you multiple connection options including HDMI, USB, VGA and UV to let you connect it to your laptop, PC, DVD Player, USB Disk among other devices. It can be powered by a simple 12V power bank.

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7.  iDea LED Pico Projector


With this PICO projector, you can be sure of excellent projecting solutions from any place. It’s compact and lightweight design allows it to fit in the palm or pocket without causing fatigue. It weighs only 0.4 pounds and measures 1. 47 inches in height for optimum portability. It features an imaging capability of about 120 inches and suits both outdoor and indoor utilization for business, entertainment, or study projecting purposes. It comes with the ability to transform almost any surface into a futuristic High Definition theater thanks to its support for USB, HDMI, WI-FI and SD card connectivity. Its ability to produce a brightness of up to 80 lumens is impressive. Also featured in its making are inbuilt speakers that provide excellent sound output. Its lamp has an operational life of up to 25,000 hours which allows it to serve you for more than 15 years without demanding any maintenance. It’s compatible with almost all devices including the Apple and Android line of smartphones. However, it’s not compatible with Windows OS.

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6. iCODIS CB-200 Pico Mobile Projector


This ultra-portable projector by the iCODIS Company is all you need to get your business, study projects; and entertainment running smoothly. It’s a PICO projector that only weighs 230 grams and measures 8*7*4. 5 cm. It fits comfortably in the hands or pocket thus you will not need an extra bag to carry it from place to place. Through its Android OS as well as its Octacore Cortex A7 this projector assures you of an excellent projecting experience with no disappointment. It supports various forms of connection including Bluetooth 4. 0, USB on-the-go, 2. 5 Ghz WI-FI, Miracast, Mini-HDMI, and Airplay in the quest to provide you with as many connection options. It also features a multi-purpose interface that includes an added multi-point touchpad to provide you with ultimate power over the Android OS. This is a portable projector whose performance is rare to find in other projectors.

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5. ELEGIANT HD Movie Portable Projector


Elegiant is a hard-to-beat company when it comes to the manufacture of projectors. This portable projector by them ranks among the top ten products in this category for some reasons. It supports a broad range of connections including HDMI, VGA, SD, USB, SD, TV and AV for input and comes with built-in speakers for output. Its built-in TV tuner is there to facilitate excellent TV viewing through this projector without necessitating the use of an external TV tuner. It will allow you play your favorite multimedia files like videos, music or pictures stored on your smartphone by connecting to Mac, iPad, iPhone, laptop or smartphones through specific cables. Its portability can only be attributed to its lightweight and compact nature. It’s also compatible with the USB drive and SD cards.

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4. BlitzWolf Portable WiFi Projector


BlitzWolf is the manufacturer behind the making of this high-performance portable projector. It features wireless connection capability through WIFI. Therefore, with this projector, you will be free to take your entertainment anywhere as you can link it to your phone or laptop to project photos, videos or games wherever you go. It can provide a display of up to 130” in HD format, so you can gauge the quality of its display. Its 20,000hrs display lamp projects up to 16. 7 million colors for the best display. What makes this projector more interesting is that it supports up to five input capabilities including USB, SD, VGA, AV as well as WIFI. You can, therefore, watch videos, play games or view photos loaded in the play station, TV box, cell phone, USB disk, PC, Xbox, a laptop among other tech devices.

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3. BC US 2020 Updated Full Color 130″ Projector


Could you be looking for a high-performance, and affordable projector? Then, this model by the BC US could be for you. It features a portable development angle to let you carry it with you wherever you go. It brings you excellent performance with a brightness of up to 800 lumens, a native resolution of 800*480, an aspect ratio of 16:9, a contrast ratio of 800:1, and supports images of between 36-130 inches. Its brightness is rare to find in other competitive projectors within and above its price range. It supports various connection options including HDMI, USB, VGA, SD card, and AV to connect to your device for excellent projecting. Also featured in its making are two inbuilt speakers for excellent sound output. It’s crucial to note that this projector is not ideal for business or PPT presentations. It’s only perfect for entertainment at home or gaming.

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2. Magnasonic LED Pocket Pico Video Projector


When it comes to purchasing a modern portable projector, then this model by the Magnasonic Company should rank among your top choices. It’s the world’s tiniest DLP projector measuring only 3. 9*3*0.5 inches. It allows for HDMI connection to let you project big, bright and vivid photos and videos up to 80 inches. Its excellent performance is facilitated by its bright, 25 lumen LED lamp, 1100:1 contrast ratio and crystal clear 640*360 resolution. It features a rechargeable 2100mAh battery which lasts long to let you stay entertained and present your project at school or work with no disappointment. With its HDMI, MHL, Micro HDMI and Samsung Galaxy adapters, you can easily project items stored on your smartphone, laptop, tablet or HDMI video player. Its internal speakers facilitate excellent audio output.

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1. Epson VS240 SVGA 3LCD Projector

epson-vs240 - Best Portable Projectors in 2020

The EPSON Company is the proud manufacturer of this fantastic portable projector. It’s a projector that’s designed for all your needs in mind to ensure that it performs beyond your expectations. It features the 3-chip technology with the aim of providing you with optimum, 3* brightness as compared to other competitive DLP projectors. It comes with a brightness of about 3000 lumens which allows it to project vividly and beautifully. It supports an SVGA resolution of 800*600, to let you project your graphics and presentations with no compromise. Getting it ready for the work is easy and takes not more than 5 minutes. It supports HDMI connectivity and is compatible with the latest media players and laptops. Its lightweight and compact nature makes it portable and easy to store.

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The reviewed portable projectors in this post are of the best quality. Whether you are looking for a projector that suits your profession or entertainment needs, or both, you can always find one in this list. We have done our part by presenting you with reviews of the top ten best portable projectors in 2020.  You should now be in the appropriate position to choose the best product that will serve you for many years with no disappointment whatsoever.

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