Best Portable Blu-Ray and DVD Players in 2019 Reviews

Best Portable Blu-Ray and DVD Players in 2019 Reviews

Even when the world claims to be connected via the internet for entertainment, one device still finds a niche in today’s entertainment world. The portable Blu-Ray and DVD player continues to shine in its area as the only reliable on the go choice of entertainment. There is so much info about portable Blu-Ray and DVD players that we can all benefit from. Flights may get boring, and road trips may go on for longer than usual. You find that with the right show time flies.

If you are shopping for a portable Blu-Ray and DVD player, the market comes through with many options. We have taken the daunting task of scanning the market and come up with this list. These are ten of the most sought players and for a good reason.

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What Factors Should You Consider When Buying a Portable Blu-Ray and DVD Player?

Compatibility: How many formats of media can it support? This question is crucial for when you need to play a wide variety of media. You don’t want to invest in a machine that will limit your usage.

Screen Size & Resolution: When watching movies, music videos and even playing games on your device, it’s important that the display is wide enough to accommodate proper viewing. Also, note the quality of the images as you make a choice. Blurry images do not attract constant use as you’ll find it not entertaining enough.

Number of Ports: Does it have multiple outputs to support full usage? Remember you are looking for a versatile product. A device that will work both at home and on the go will never outlive its usefulness. For example, some players do not have HDMI ports. While this is not so important on the go, you’ll find it useful when syncing with at home gadgets.

Battery Life: How long you can use the player away from the power source dictates the reliability and flexibility. A longer battery life will keep you entertained for long, and it makes a better choice.

10. eXuby Portable DVD Player with Remote Control

eXuby Portable DVD Player with Remote Control, 9” Swivel Screen, Game Disc and Controller, for Plane, Bus, Car and more

Anyone who has travelled with kids for those long distances can attest that it’s never smooth as you will have to find various ways of keeping them entertained and kids get bored easily so whatever you thought will entertain them might only do so for a short distance. You will therefore need something that will keep them interested all the way and this could only be a portable DVD player. They can watch all their favorite movies and you won’t hear them asking for your attention or throwing tantrums throughout the journey.

This particular portable DVD player here is lightweight and features a compact design thus you can take it with you to any destinations with ease and your kid will remain entertained all the way. The compact design ensures that it remains in a perfect shape for the longest time no matter how many times you take it with you. And, it’s not only ideal for kids but also for adults alike thus you will find it helpful either for you or for your little ones.

The DVD player features two built in speakers thus you will have no issues with volume or anything. If you don’t want your little one to use headphones or if you want to watch a movie together you can all do it comfortably. You can also add the best Bluetooth Speakers if you like. This also ensures that you won’t have to buy some separate speakers to connect to your DVD player so as to enhance the quality of the sound.

Also, this DVD player comes with a car charger. This means that you won’t have to worry so much about how long the battery will last you because you can always recharge it from your car while on the go. This is very helpful as your kids can feel so frustrated if the battery died on them while they are not even halfway to their destination. You can always watch whatever you want to watch for the longest time possible as long as you are in your car.
eXuby Portable DVD Player with Remote Control, 9” Swivel Screen, Game Disc and Controller, for Plane, Bus, Car and more

What’s more, this DVD player comes with other free accessories such as a carry case to enable you carry it in style and also keep all the other included accessories together. This also enhances its durability as the case ensures that it is in a perfect condition all the time. It also comes with headphones to ensure that everyone can listed or watch whatever they want without disturbing other people in the same car. You will also get a free USB remote controller plus a wireless remote control to help you operate your DVD player conveniently.

The screen swivels up to 180 degrees in one direction and up to 90 degrees in the other direction. This ensures that your kid can watch from whichever direction they find comfortable. This also helps in maintaining the perfect condition of the DVD player as it is not forced to turn to whichever directions that it is not meant to all in search of a comfortable position to watch from. You will definitely love it and the kids will love it even more. They might actually be looking forward to those long distance travels as they know it’s going to be fun all the way. And, you can get the best luggage locks to ensure that your luggage is secure all the time.

  • It’s portable so you can take it anywhere
  • Features two built in speakers
  • Ideal for both adults and kids
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Car charger included
  • Comes with other free accessories such as a carry case, headphones, USB remote controller & wireless remote control
  • Does not swivel up to 360 degrees (90 degrees and 180 degrees from each side).

9. Impecca DVP1330 13.3 Inch

Impecca DVP1330 13.3 Inch, Black Portable DVD player with a Swivel Screen, USB/SD Card Reader, Rechargeable Battery, Deluxe Travel Bag

If you have someone stuck in hospital for a long period of time you might just save their sanity by helping them keep their mind of the illness if you just get them this portable DVD player as they will be able to watch anything that could keep them entertained. Also, if you will be traveling for long hours, this could be a great solution to kicking out any form of boredom whether you will be travelling in a car or plane. It is very portable thus you won’t have added weight to your luggage.

The screen swivels up to 180 degrees thus allowing you to watch from whichever angel that you deem comfortable. When in long travels, comfort is paramount and you need to know that you won’t have a stiff neck or back ache from straining so much as you try to watch whatever you are watching. Thus, a swivel screen comes in handy in terms of comfort and convenience. You will enjoy every part of your journey and if you will be traveling with your kids, they too will love it.

Also, this DVD player features built-in USB/SD card reader thus you are not limited on what to watch or listen to. You can always plug in any of your digital format entertainment and enjoy all the way. You will never have to leave your favorite forms of entertainment behind thanks to this DVD player. It is lightweight thus you can just take it with you to any destinations without any problems.

Again, this DVD player features an AV in/out ports that allows you to connect it to a TV. This adds to its convenience as you have an option to decide how you want to entertain yourself. This is especially helpful when you want to watch as a group or with one of your friends as once connected to the TV it becomes much comfortable to watch for both of you.
Impecca DVP1330 13.3 Inch, Black Portable DVD player with a Swivel Screen, USB/SD Card Reader, Rechargeable Battery, Deluxe Travel Bag

Most importantly, this particular DVD player features a built-in rechargeable battery giving you more than 5 hours of continuous entertainment. This is very helpful as you are guaranteed that you will have 5 straight hours of play time and it also comes with a car charger so you can always recharge it at your own convenience when need be. Again, the DVD player features dual-voltage for worldwide use (100V-240V, 50/60Hz) thus you are not restricted, region wise, on where or when to use your DVD player.

It also comes with everything you will need to operate it conveniently without tampering with its durability. First, you will be getting a deluxe travel bag that will enable you to carry it with ease any time you need to take it with you. Second, you will be getting an AC power adapter and a car power adapter to enable you recharge it any time the need arises. And most importantly, a remote control and user’s manual. Something else you might like most about this DVD player is its multi-language menus plus the on-screen displays in either English, Spanish or French. You will thus be able to operate it with ease right out of the box.

  • Swivel Screen (180 degrees)
  • USB/SD card reader
  • AV in/out ports allowing you to connect it to a TV
  • Built-in rechargeable battery giving more than 5 hours play time
  • Comes with a deluxe travel bag, AC power adapter and car power adapter
  • Features dual-voltage for worldwide use (100V-240V,50/60Hz)
  • Multi-language menus plus on screen displays (Spanish, English, French)
  • Might feel too lightweight for some people.

8. MthsTech External Blu-Ray Player USB 3.0 DVD Burner Combo Drive

MthsTech External Blu-Ray Player USB 3.0 DVD Burner Combo Drive

If you are looking to acquire a reliable Blu-Ray player, then the MthsTech model is what you are looking for. It is designed for easy portability, and connects seamlessly to your laptop or computer through the USB 3.0. With this connection, you’ll experience faster speeds better than you would ever achieve with the regular USB 2.0. This indicates that every type of media that needs playing displays fast on the screen and the user interface is easy to use.

It allows more than one functions to perform in the background since it does not drain the power needed to run multiple sections. With the MthsTech, you can access the control panel when music is still playing in the background. It is readily compatible with a variety of media from the standard DVD/CD to Blu-Ray discs. It features the exclusive 6x BD-ROM reader to offer you images free of lagging and stuttering mid-play.

You’ll also love the high definition resolution which makes viewing of movies and music videos more than just the traditional scenes you experience with your smartphone. If you need a long disruption when you are traveling in your car or during flights, time will fly, and before long, you are at your destination. This device offers a large viewing screen to improve how you experience motion pictures. Get to keep up with the social lives of your friends by viewing high-quality photos that are both sharp and crisp clear.

For you who enjoy loud music, The MthsTech also has a realistic sound system. You’ll have the chance to feel the theater right there in your car. The adjustments are also easy to maneuver such that you can customize the audio output. You’ll enjoy unlimited music and videos especially when you get in traffic for hours. As you’ll find it does not need an AC adapter, it comes with the hard disc drive (HDD) to optical disc drive (ODD) interchange case. You just need to plug in and navigate the interface when you want to switch from one format to the other.
MthsTech External Blu-Ray Player USB 3.0 DVD Burner Combo Drive

Perhaps the most unique feature of this model is the fact that it can burn discs in the least time possible. It bears an 8xDVD-Max writing speed. This means it reads data at high speeds, it performs better and is efficient on power. The best thing is that you don’t have to depend on battery life since with the DC-port; you can have continuous power supply by just plugging in. This player folds flat for better carriage and weighs little not to fatigue you when transporting it from place to place.

The versatility of this device makes it one of the best choices for your next portable Blu-Ray and DVD player. It exhibits high-quality, faster speeds and does not require an adapter. Go on and enjoy life on the go even through countries that have different power requirements with that of your home country. The price represents a high-end product with endless possibilities.

  • Comes with both USB2.0 and USB 3.0 for flexibility in usage
  • Enclosure ensures fast HDD to ODD switching
  • Free media support to accommodate different media formats
  • Has disc burning function
  • It has strict software requirements

7. Sony BDP-SX1000 Black DVD Player

Sony BDP-SX1000 Black DVD Player

This DVD player by Sony is all about convenience and great quality. It is designed to keep you or your kids entertained in a comfortable way throughout the journey while giving you the longest durability thanks to its compact design despite it being lightweight. Most kids don’t like being in the car for long hours especially when there is no great form of entertainment so you would rather invest in something that will make them enjoy those long distances and this DVD player is all you need.

The DVD player swivels up to 180 degrees to ensure that you are not restricted to sitting in a certain position as you watch which could be uncomfortable at times. You can always swivel it to suit your sitting position because you don’t want to compromise your comfort for entertainment. It has a flip screen so you can always watch from the most comfortable angle for you. This is helpful as long distances are tiring and you don’t want to make it worse by assuming an uncomfortable sitting position.

Again, this DVD player features a rechargeable battery that gives you up to 5 hours of continuous play time. 5 hours is a long time thus you are sure that your kids will be entertained for a maximum of 5 hours before there is a need to recharge the battery. This is great news especially when the journey is less than 5 hours but they can always switch to something else or take a break if it is longer. All you need is to charge your battery fully before embarking on your journey and you will be good to go.

Its high-resolution plus a widescreen LCD ensures that whatever you are watching will be displayed in clear and bright pictures. This ensures that you or your kids will not be straining to see what is being displayed. Thus, you can assume any sitting position and even watch together with someone sited in another sit without any of you having any issues. This also means that you will not get bored of whatever you are watching easily thus as long as the battery has some charge, you will keep yourself entertained.
Sony BDP-SX1000 Black DVD Player

With this DVD player you will have an easy time controlling it as it features touch key controls thus convenient and facile operation. You don’t want to struggle with operating your DVD player or having to move to where your kid is watching from to control it for them. The easier and convenient it is to operate the better it is for everyone. This DVD player is also very lightweight (3lbs) thus your kid will have an easy time carrying it around. However, despite it being so lightweight, the construction is compact thus very durable.

It also gives great volume and sound quality as it features built-in speakers. This ensures that whoever is using it will not have issues with the quality of sound it produces as this could lead to easy boredom even before you have reached your destination. With this portable DVD player, your long travels will never be boring as when you are tired of looking outside through the window you can always go back to where you left your movie. It is also ideal for any types of traveling from cars, planes, trains etc.

  • Swivels up to 180 degrees and has a flip screen
  • Features a rechargeable battery giving up to 5 hours of play time
  • High-resolution widescreen LCD
  • Touch key controls thus convenient and facile operation
  • Its very lightweight (3lbs)
  • Great volume and sound quality as it features built-in speakers
  • No HDMI cable

6. NaviSkauto 9” Portable DVD/CD Player

NaviSkauto 9” Portable DVD/CD player, Built-In Rechargeable Battery (5hours), USB/SD Card Reader, 270 degrees Swivel Screen

This is the perfect portable DVD/CD player for both when traveling or just for use when at home. It features every possible feature to enable you enjoy your watching time even when on the go. You can ensure that both you and your little one will have a smooth and quiet journey when traveling together by keeping them entertained and you having your time to do what you would like to when in the car or plane. It is much better than phones or tablets as you won’t have to keep searching for entertainment content. You will also find it very helpful even when traveling alone as you can entertain yourself throughout the journey.

It swivels up to 270 degrees plus 180 degrees flipping design. This ensures that you have a great time watching or listening to your music from your CDs. You can thus sit comfortably and be able to watch from whichever angle you find comfortable. It also becomes super comfortable for your kid as you don’t have to dictate for them the best position to take while siting rather you just help them set the DVD/CD player at an angle that’s comfortable for their siting position.

If you are wondering about the battery life, this should not be something to worry about as the machine features a rechargeable lithium battery that will give you more than 5 hours play time. When traveling in your car, you can always recharge your battery to ensure that your entertainment is not interrupted at all and the quality of the battery is the best for safety purposes. The DVD/CD player is suitable for both elders and kids so you can either purchase one for you or for your kids.

Again, you will love this machine even more as it features built-in dual speakers plus USB/SD/MMC card reader port. This means that you will not need any external speakers to enhance the sound quality, which is advantageous on your side as there is no need of buying any speakers, and you can always have clear volume even when the traffic is too much. But you can also get the best noise cancelling headphones for such times or the best Bluetooth headphones for convenience. Again, thanks to the USB/SD/MMC card reader port, you will the option to decide on the kind of digital entertainment you want to listen to. It is a great machine to invest in.
NaviSkauto 9” Portable DVD/CD player, Built-In Rechargeable Battery (5hours), USB/SD Card Reader, 270 degrees Swivel Screen

What makes it even a better choice is the last memory setting. No one likes to start all over again or try to forward their movie or music trying to figure out where they were before. With this DVD/CD player, you can always go to the last memory setup and pickup from where you left. This makes it very convenient as you can always take breaks where need be without worrying that you might have problems tracing your last memory.

Also, for more comfort, this player comes with a headrest mount case thus you will not have a stiff neck or any sort of pains due to watching too much from your car. You will also get a long wall charger plus a cigarette charger enabling you recharge your DVD/CD player at your convenience. This is very helpful as you don’t want your battery to die on your when you still have more distance to cover. Also, it is designed to have a built-in Anti-shock function thus you can be sure that you will be totally safe using it and so is your kid.

  • 270 degrees swivel and 180 degree flipping design
  • Suitable for both elders and kids
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Built-in dual speakers and USB/SD/MMC card reader port
  • Last memory setup
  • Headrest mount case
  • Wall charger and cigarette charger
  • AV cable
  • Built-in Anti-shock function
  • No carrying bag

5. iVid Multi Region BD780 Blu Ray Free 3D DVD Player

iVid Multi Region BD780 Blu Ray Free 3D DVD Player


Do you spend most of your waking hours on the go? Then you need a high-standard portable Blu-Ray and DVD player. The iVid Multi Region model comes in handy for such times when it gets so boring in your car, and you can’t use your phone. You’ll want to keep your eyes on the road, but still, keep yourself entertained when you go through slow moving traffic. This player will offer you the most pleasant moments. Starting with the multiple ports where you can connect more than one USB to control different media.

Your best time will be spent with this player as it can connect to the internet via an Ethernet jack. Poke your friends on Facebook with the simple interface that lets you navigate with one hand on the control panel. You’ll get to appreciate that it has free support for all standard DVD, and is significantly useful when you have A-C Blu-ray discs. Make a playlist from your own music and videos selection since you can input a flash drive with your favorite media. What’s more, if your friend in the back seat wants to customize their view, use the HDMI port to sync their device with the player.

For movies and video watching, the iVid has an excellent resolution that reaches up to 1080p. Since the need to view videos and pictures with better clarity grows every day, this player will not disappoint. We like to call it the Blu-ray DVD player from the future. As much as imagery is revolutionizing, this player retains the power to support the image system of the media you play. This is particularly the case for the Blu-ray discs that feature 24p resolution system. Entertainment now sees deep natural color with high definition imagery.

On audio, you’ll appreciate the high-quality output that supports many home audio standards. Most notably the DTS-HD Master and the Dolby TrueHD are in line to benefit from this player. It comes with essential cable jacks, and the versatility extends to where it supports both coaxial and optical output. It is equally at home in your car with a power 110-240 volts. You can successfully use it with outlets from other countries as it deploys a flexible power preference. It also comes with the car adapter, which converts energy efficiently.
iVid Multi Region BD780 Blu Ray Free 3D DVD Player

When you look at the construction, you can tell it will retain its proper working condition for many years. It features a solid body where the parts easily conceal when you hold it in your hands. The black finish is texturized for better handling. You’ll also like the remote control it comes with. However, all the functions do not relay on the control panel, so if you lose your remote, you’ll encounter difficulties in operating the system to the fullest.

Overall, you’ll come to grow fond of the iVid Multi Region BD780. It portrays easy usage, better control, and free media compatibility. It is portable because of the weight and most important the flexibility of working with an easy to navigate device. You’ll never count down to the time you leave your vehicle since the comfort it affords makes journeys bearable and deeply entertaining.

  • Moderately priced
  • Durable, solid design
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Smooth operations
  • It does not include a travel bag

4. Azend Group Corp Maxmade Portable BDP-M1061 Blu-Ray DVD/DISC Player

Azend Group Corp Maxmade Portable BDP-M1061 Blu-Ray DVD/DISC Player

The company of a good portable Blu-Ray DVD player makes the hours you spend whining in traffic glued to a screen. You’ll find your head in sync with the music when you make the Azend Group Corp Maxmade your best portable option. It presents a unique product which carries all the necessary features to afford you an enjoyable time. It is quite compact in nature and lightweight on the hands. Since it is built specifically for on the go, it comes with a car adaptor for seamless connection.

The first impression about this product is the extended length which showcases a 10-inch viewing screen. It will be as if you are in the cinemas when you get to watch various media on it. It supports nearly all formats and better still the resolution is on point. Photos display with optimum brightness and high clarity even in shadowy images. If you want to enjoy music straight from your phone, connect with a USB and customize the way you utilize this player.

Don’t get used to one viewing position when you can easily swivel the screen over an 1800 plane to get the angle you want. These adjustments come in handy for even the folks at the back seat will want to dig in the content. You’ll love the HDMI port which is useful when you want to share the videos on other platforms like your flats screen TV or another convertible device. And, for that time when you are in public places, use your headphones to listen exclusively without disturbing others around you.

This is a truly convenient device. It carries DC port to directly supply power, an AV input, and output so you can connect directly to other media devices like amplified sound systems. With the LAN port, connect to your home network to connect to the internet. You’ll always see what’s happening at home when you travel across the globe. Even better this product comes with a remote control to make operations simpler. Toggle from one function to the other with the speedy interface experienced.
Azend Group Corp Maxmade Portable BDP-M1061 Blu-Ray DVD/DISC Player

You don’t need to connect directly to a power outlet to enjoy videos and movies. When you are out in the woods camping, you’ll definitely adore the 4 ½ hours of battery life. It equals to two full movies or better still get to invite your friends for a mini-party because the sound system is very reliable. It goes to high levels for those who love pumping up the volume for some dance action. And, if you just want to sit by the fire to review memories, the screen display never dims when the battery gets low.

Azend Group Corp brings us one of those legendary products that would otherwise be overpriced. For the value it offers, this is a total steal. You’ll have hours of entertainment even without direct power system. It is lightweight to make carriage manageable outdoors. And, it folds like a tablet, so storage is also simple in the carrying bag. What’s more, it is compatible with most video formats to provide the ultimate product for on the go endeavors.

  • High resolution
  • Large swivel screen
  • It has the convenience of many functions
  • 3-in-1 media card reader
  • The manual is not well-written

3. NAVISKAUTO LCD Screen DVD Player 10.1-Inch Headrest

NAVISKAUTO LCD Screen DVD Player 10.1-Inch Headrest

Are you looking for that versatile DVD player to either take on the go or use at home? Well, NAVISKAUTO offers that ultimate solution. You will have an easy time wherever you want to use it. It comes with a wall adapter that lets you mount in the living room, or on the dash of your vehicle. Coming from one of the renowned manufacturers in this industry, you can be sure of the quality and reliability.

It has a user-friendly design that fits use with the whole family. With the rounded edges, you can hand it to your kids to have their time since it won’t injure their soft hands when they rub against it in the middle of usage. Especially when you brake and the car jerks forward, the player does not displace dangerously on them. With style, you’ll love touch controls to go over different functions with consistency quickly. You can toggle between controls without pausing music playing in the background. This way, you can extend your control usage.

The NAVISKAUTO player expresses versatility on the free DVD region which can play all forms of media including DVD/MP4/VCD/CD-RW/ and many others. With a USB 2.0, you can stream directly from your phone or other gadgets. It also comes with MMC and SD slots together with the speaker and HDMI ports. Another unique feature is that it comes with a game disc to utilize with the wireless game function. It also comes with a headphone pin and a DC input port.

You won’t get enough of the 10.1-inch screen with LCD. It maintains its brightness throughout viewing, and as you shall see, you can swivel it through 180-degress to utilize it in many angled positions. The AV ports can either work separately or as one unit when connected. It explores an HDMI output which puts it at another level of connectivity to sync your smartphone or laptop for full viewing. You’ll grow fond of this machine because above all else, it has a multi-language OSD, making it a universal product.
NAVISKAUTO LCD Screen DVD Player 10.1-Inch Headrest

If you are in the backseat and need to change the view, a remote control is available for that purpose. It does not come with the batteries, but it’s easy to figure out the corresponding functions. The buttons do not have a learning path and are identifiable by feeling. It also carries an Engi7lish manual which above all else is importance in helping you understand various functions when you receive the device.

NAVISKAUTO ensures you have the easiest time with their device. It proves dependable even around children with its simple commands. The media format extends by many formats, making it the ultimate entertainment accessory. You can easily conceal this product with a gift wrap to surprise your loved one with this awesome product.

  • Free 32-bit games function
  • Soft round edges to protect soft hands
  • Comes with an easy-to-use remote control
  • It has two mounting brackets
  • It’s not possible to fold this unit; hence the screen is vulnerable to damage.

2. Sony Blu-Ray Player BDPSX910 Old Model

Sony Blu-Ray Player BDPSX910 Old Model

The perfect portable player can mean a lot of things, but the most significant one is eliminating the boredom that comes with long hours seated in a vehicle. Sony is a name we have come to associate with the highest ranking digital products, and this particular model does not perform any less of what is expected from Sony. It comes bearing encouraging features that will keep you held up on a screen with infinite possibilities. If you just want to grab it on the way out, it folds into a compressed unit for active transportation.

This unit comes with all the necessary requirements for portability. It is adorned with the car adaptor that is crucial if you want to use this product in your vehicle. It can work with virtually or models, and it’s more impressive because of the car charger. Your phone will always be viable for connections when you want to stream your favorites right from the mobile phone. It also utilizes AV input choice to further diverse the way you use this player. You will be required, however, to buy the AV cables independently.

The screen design for the Sony player is uniquely made to perform better than most models. It measures 9-inches to make viewing satisfactory with proper display of images. You’ll not strain your head to gain better sighting because with the swivel screen you get to have the most enjoyable time. A broad outlook is what you deserve when going through past outstanding photos. The machine does not alter the quality. Instead, it displays images with high clarity under the 1080p resolution.

It’s easy to operate this device since it comes with touch keys. The user interface is quick to adopt when you want to control the different functions provided. It can even be of use like you would a tablet by placing it flat on your lap. Every function is in the correct display on the screen, and it enables you to make several toggles like watch a movie, but music is still playing. Most devices are unable to produce such provisions. A unique thing about the Sony player is on the USB input port which expresses faster speeds for media conversion.
Sony Blu-Ray Player BDPSX910 Old Model

Since the main attraction of this player is in the quality of Blu-Ray discs it plays. It is delightful when you can explore the Blu-Ray disc technology brought to life with the Sony player. The imagery is on point with more life and better quality. You can bet your Facebook and Instagram photos on display to tell their quality before getting them out to the world. The player carries a rechargeable battery that ensures you’ll always be entertained for over four hours.

With Sony, you can always place your money on them because they never disappoint. The quality seen in this particular model is incomparable to others. It is in an attractive design which sees you can operate it in many positions. It offers the flexibility of watching movies and listening to music at the same time. This model showcases exceptional dependability, and every dimension screams high standard.

  • Compact design
  • Easy to operate
  • Supports many functions
  • Wide swivel screen
  • It is not compatible with some formats of DVD and Blu-Ray discs

1. DBPOWER Portable DVD Player 9.5 Inch

DBPOWER Portable DVD Player 9.5 Inch

DBPOWER impresses us with their 9.5-inch player. The device has gone through numerous evaluations and emerged top of the list with many users praising its usefulness. Its design is distinctively compact in a slim style, weighing the least on this list. It makes portability possible by all means since you can take it to road trips, flights and even camping. If you are an avid music listener, you’ll love the sound system which produces a surround effect when used in enclosed spaces.

Watching movies doesn’t have to wait for the next time you are at home because with this device, you can stream DVD media straight from the disc. It also supports other formats including VCD/CD/MPEG/JPEG etc. With so many possibilities to go, there’s no right excuse to go through travel in a boring state. You can even look at those family photos you’ve been waiting to see from an SD card; flash disk and even better use a USB cable it connects your smartphone to the player.

Travel always presents us with a unique opportunity to explore our media storage. You’ll love the comfortable viewing this player provides. First, it can swivel and rotate 360-degrees. This means if you have your friends in the car you can all share in the memorable experiences created by this machine. You no longer have to disagree about the location of the player as this one ensures everyone has the screen angled to how they desire. This feature is important when you have kids who can’t hit a balance on what they want.

With five hours of battery life, it is more than you can get with a good laptop. It makes it ideal for when you are visiting places where the power supply is a bit of a challenge. With a fully charged battery, you get to stay entertained wherever you are. There are no restrictions in what you can watch with the battery power since it treats every media independently; hence it does not use that much power. If you don’t feel like watching and listening to movies and music, there’s a great option of playing games with the availed game joystick. It does not include the game disc, but after you acquire one, the delight is unquenchable.
DBPOWER Portable DVD Player 9.5 Inch

This machine does not cease with the accessories. It also brings along the car adapter and car charger, AV cable, and a remote control. Many users have sighted the many buttons showcased on the control, but with the manual, you can navigate through them easily. Within no time you are deemed to use it without confirming the functions because they will be at your fingertips. Together with the AV adapter, it is flexible for use with other devices, especially at home.

The DBPOWER portable DVD player is one of a kind. You can tell just by the features it is made for the exact purpose for use on the go. It connects to various car models, has a long battery life and is compatible with many forms of media. It comes bearing all the necessary accessories to diversify the product into an all-around entity. What’s even more impressive is that it has the most attractive price. It is worth considering as your best shot at acquiring the best portable DVD player.

  • Swivels and rotates 360-degrees
  • Slim design for better portability
  • Very affordable
  • Long hours of use with the battery
  • It does not sit well in noisy environments


With a complete selection of the best portable Blu-Ray and DVD players, making a choice should now be effortless. The models above represent only the perfectly performing ones with a real claim on value for money. Remember that to some degree quality is expressed through the pricing in this world. People have so many questions about Blu-Ray players and you might get some useful tips on how to go about your portable Blu-ray player. However, you should be careful not to go for the overpriced models when you can take home an affordable make with equal reliability.


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