Best Pool Vacuum Heads for Clean Swimming Pools

Best Pool Vacuum Heads for Clean Swimming Pools

Top 9 Rated Best Pool vacuum head
Pool Vacuum Heads for the Best Cleaning Experience

Being a pool owner, you would be well aware of the significance of keeping your pool clean to prevent it from getting contaminated and to avoid the build-up of debris in it. But since, stagnant water is a home to all these issues, including the growth of molds; you cant completely eliminate their likelihood.

But what you can do is, get a good quality and powerful pool vacuum head for cleaning up all this mess from your pool. The best pool vacuum head will not only take care of the debris and dirt on the pools floor and walls but will also provide cleaning on the surface of the water.

So, this week at Top9Rated, we are reviewing the best above & in ground, manual and automatic cleaner heads for your pool to help you choose one from, and we are sure to surprise you with our top pick. Take a look!

Buyers Guide Pool Vacuum Heads

Before you take your pick, you need to keep certain things in your mind. Lets have a look at them!

Adjustable Hose

Make sure your vacuum head has an adjustable hose as it will make it useful for pools of different shapes and sizes while keeping the same performance.

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Hose Length

Make sure that the hose is long enough to at least reach from one corner of the pool to the other.

Ability of Navigating Steps

Some cleaners come with this ability to navigate and climb the steps if needed. So, it will be better to go for those.

Pool covers

Check if your cleaner can be used when your pool has a cover on it.

How Long Do Pool Vacuums Last?

The lifespan of these pool vacuums majorly depends upon their usage and maintenance regardless of their type. Proper maintenance can significantly increase their lifespan and vice versa.

Since these cleaners come with a few integral parts, these parts need to be replaced whenever they go bad. So, regularly checking and replacing old parts with new is mandatory for making your vacuum last longer.

Other than that, hoses must also be examined every season as they are prone to get cracked or broken quite easily. Furthermore, running your cleaner too fast also results in decreasing its lifespan.

The reason is that the faster it moves, the quickly its parts wear out, so if you want your vacuum to live up to a couple of years then be gentle and dont rush it.

If you take care of all of the above-mentioned things than your pool vacuum can easily live up for at least 2-3 years without any major damage

How Do I Connect Pool Vacuum Head?

No matter how tricky it might seem in the beginning, it actually is quite an easy task. First off, you need to connect the long pole to your vacuum head. And then, you are required to attach one of the ends of the hose to the vacuum head.

To find out which side of the hose is to be connected with the vacuum head should not be an issue as that side will most probably be having a swivel head. So, you can identify it from that.

How Does A Pool Vacuum Head Work?

Once attached to the hose, the vacuum head is lowered and placed at the bottom of the pool while the other end of the hose is kept in the users hand. And then the other end of the hose is placed before the water entrance of the pool to be completely filled up with water.

The initial sign that water is entering the hose is the formation of bubbles. After that, as soon as air bubbles vanish while the water keeps entering the hose, it descends down the surface and results in the creation of suction.

After that, the hose is connected to the skimmer that is mounted adjacent to the pool through vacuum adapter plate and is ready to use. All it needs then is the running of it on the floor to clean up all the mess.

How Can I Use A Pool Vacuum Head?

Using these pool vacuum heads is easy. Once you have set up your vacuum head as directed above and have created suction, then all you need to do is to slide it on your pool floor and walls to collect all the dirt and debris from it.

However, you need to be careful while dealing with huge heaps of leaves or debris, as it may clog the vacuum and then youll have to start all over again with the setting up. The best way is to use it only on your pool floor and walls to clean them and then you should collect all the larger rubbish through a net.

And as soon as you are done with the cleaning, you can simply dismount the hose from the vacuum head.


Selection of the best and most suited pool vacuum head might have been an issue before but it shouldnt be now onward with all the information given above. With the wide variety of vacuum heads available at amazon, you can easily check and compare prices and order the one most appropriate for you.

We hope that you have made up your mind about your pick after reading this article. And if you think you need any further guidance regarding the maintenance of your pool and cleaner, you can just go to this amazing blog.

May you find what you seek! For more awesome reviews, check our homepage right here.

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