Best Pocket Flashlights as Defense Tool

Best Pocket Flashlights as Defense Tool

Top 9 Rated Best Pocket Flashlights
Best Pocket Flashlights for a Daily Use

There is at least once a day when we all need to use a pocket flashlight and the irony is, whenever it is required the most, it just magically vanishes. No matter where you are, a flashlight is a very handy tool and a must-have.

Flashlights come in far and wide variety now with state of the art LED technologies and many other distinctive features that make them more efficient.

Remember the days when flashlights used to be huge with limited battery time and carrying them was such a pain? Thank God that time is over. Now, a good EDC pocket flashlight has to be durable, handy and easily accessible.

Heres the list of 9 best pocket flashlights that you can choose from:

Buying Guide for Best Pocket Flashlights

With a wide range of flashlights available on the internet, selection of one thats specifically tailored to your needs can be a tad bit fussy job.

Ever since the dawn of LED technology in flashlights, their market keeps updating every single day with more and better options to choose from which may leave you confused.

Your requirements for a flashlight being a security guard would be totally different from a person who needs it for an indoor use.

Before you plan to buy a pocket flashlight, you need to make sure that your mind is clear on two things; your intended purpose and the requirements that you are seeking in that flashlight.

The following points will help you select the best LED pocket flashlight as per your usage needs.

  • Intended Purpose

First things first! You need to recognize the usage purpose, to get on the right track, to begin with.

Are you a policeman or a military man who needs a light to fulfill your professional needs? Or are you just a regular house mom who just wants to keep a more conventional flashlight just for routine needs? Need to light up a dark lightroom whilst filming your vlog or holding your camera super still?

There can be far too many purposes. Lets take a look at them.


You can use the ultra-modern tactical flashlights for self-defense. With their solid materials and high luminosity, many of them are specifically designed to come in handy in combat situations.

To Use in the Dark

Thats actually what a flashlight is designed for. You might need one to use in your dim alley or in your parking lot or at any place, where its dark.

In Case of Emergency

Emergencies can be of any kind like a natural disaster or a robbery or someone kidnapping you or someone dying even. You can use the SOS mode for sending out signals for rescue purposes.

For Home Use

An EDC pocket flashlight can be used for countless things at home. Whether you lost some stuff under the couch or you need to sneak a peek into your murky backyard, it can be an equally purposeful tool in all situations.

For Outdoor Use

Outdoor activities like hiking, hunting, and camping require you to keep a high-powered flashlight, especially if you keep staying out after sunset. And there are many flashlights out there specifically designed for these purposes.

Professional Usage

There are many professions that call for you to keep a good quality EDC pocket flashlight with you. Few of them include but arent limited to the security person, firefighter, construction worker or a police officer.

  • Budget

Now that you are aware of your main purpose, you have to plan out your price range. The EDC pocket flashlights are available from as low as $5, going all the way up to around $200. So, you need to set yourself a price range within which you have to make a decision.

  • Categories of the flashlight

Flashlights come in three major categories. Each category varies from the other in terms of purpose, structure and carrying. Those categories are:


This is the most commonly used type. As its name proposes, this is the ones you can carry in your hand.


Headlamp allows your hands to be free with the light attached in front of a head gear. This makes it an ideal choice for construction workers and hikers.

Weapon Light

Ever seen a flashlight mounted to any pistol or rifle? Yes, this is what a weapon light is intended for. A weapon light provides enough coverage to see clearly for marking aim in the dark.

  • Size of the Flashlight

One of the most important factors in EDC pocket flashlights is their size. The majority of us normally look for a heavy-duty flashlight that is smaller in size and easy to carry without much burden.

The absolute best EDC pocket flashlight should be of the size that you can easily carry in your purse, your backpack, your keychain ring or either on your belt or around your neck.

However, a flashlights size is greatly dependent on its performance and the type of batteries it uses.

The various major sizes in which the pocket flashlights come in are as follows:

  • Microis the EDC pocket flashlight that is less than 2 inches.
  • Mini – is the EDC pocket flashlight that is less than 3 inches.
  • Small is the EDC pocket flashlight that is less than 4 inches.
  • Medium is the EDC pocket flashlight that is between 4 and 6 inches.
  • Durability

A good flashlight has to survive at all odds and must be reliable. If you are intending to get one for everyday use, then it has to be robust. Now, the question is How will you know if the flashlight you are selecting is durable or not? – Well, the durability of an EDC pocket flashlight depends on several factors. Scroll down to have a peek at them.

Construction material

The tougher the material the sturdier the flashlight! The tactical flashlights are usually made up of anodized aluminum which makes those flashlights quite durable.

Apart from aluminum; plastic & composites, titanium and stainless steel are the other common materials used in their construction.

Shock Resistance

The durability of a flashlight is also highly dependent on its shock resisting ability. The shock resistance ability is one of the ANSI FL1 standards. If you are the kind of person who is very careless about handling stuff then you need a flashlight that can easily resist some impact.

Shock resistance doesnt just keep the flashlight from cracking; it also increases the lifespan of the flashlight.

Water Resistance

Water resistance ability is yet another standard of ANSI FL1. Some of the flashlights are just splash proof; some can resist water for half an hour and some can be dipped in meter deep water. To find out how water resistant a flashlight is, you will need to check its IPX marking. You can refer to IPX rating guide to get a clearer grip on all the IPX ratings and can choose one likewise, as per your requirements.

  • Lumens

The luminosity of the flashlight is obviously an essential part, as this is the very reason you want it for. If you want a flashlight for tactical usage then you will require one with high Lumens. And if you want one for an everyday use, you can go for lesser Lumens as well.

There is a huge variety of flashlights available in the market with a wide range of Lumens. Starting from 1 Lumen they can go up to as much as 900+ Lumens, which is a lot.

So, keep in mind your intended use and remember – the higher the Lumens the brighter the flashlight. So, choose one wisely.

  • Battery Running Time and Types

How long do you want your flashlight to keep on running on its maximum luminosity? – Some flashlights run for just half an hour at their max and some will provide you hours of brightness. All of that depends on the batteries.

You can choose one of the below-mentioned battery types.


These are regular disposable batteries e.g. AAA and AA. They offer limited power but are inexpensive and can be found pretty easily.


These are pretty much alike Alkaline batteries but much more powerful than them. They can live up to 10 years so they are a good option for survivalists. CR123A and CR2 are quite popular in this group.

Rechargeable cells

The rechargeable batteries have a much longer lifespan and are often used in tactical flashlights, but they are quite expensive. 18500 and RCR123A are two examples of this type.

Integrated Rechargeable Battery

Some tactical flashlights have their own specifically designed battery packs which may or may not be able to come off.

  • Switch type

EDC pocket flashlights typically come with three main kinds of switches. You can choose one as per your liking and convenience.


Most of the compact sized flashlights come with this type of switch because it doesnt take any extra space on the body of the flashlight. You may, however, find this type a bit annoying because they may sometimes come without properly screwed head or tail.

Body Switch

This switch is quite popular by demand. Its the same classic style that weve been seeing on our flashlights for years. You can switch through numerous output settings very easily by just using your thumb.

Tail Cap

Tail cap switch is by far the most popular one among the users. A tail switch is located at the bottom of the flashlight which can be operated with your thumb quite easily. For changing settings, you just need to keep clicking it multiple times.

This type of switch allows for a better grip that can be ideal in self-defense situations.

  • Brightness Modes

Every manufacturer provides different modes of brightness in their flashlights as per their own viewpoints.

You can choose the brightness modes from one of the following.

Single mode This type offers just a single mode of brightness and is usually found in tactical flashlights.

Two modes Nothing fancy about this type, as it offers just two output levels; High and Low. So, you either get maximum brightness or switch to minimum brightness for battery preservation.

Multiple modes This type can have as much as 10 brightness levels to choose from, according to the situation and circumstances.

that I’d like to know if I were purchasing.

Can Lithium-ion Batteries be Overcharged?

Overcharging your battery can definitely become a reason for concern and you need to be extra vigilant about it. Overcharging may lead to the buildup of metallic lithium on a node, which can lead to a number of issues like accidental short circuiting and bursting of the battery.

Though it may seem like a very tough job, but you can prevent your battery from getting overcharged by keeping a close check on it, while its being plugged in.

You need to find out the right amount of hours for which you should charge your battery. That way, your battery will perform better and will have a longer lifespan.

But, the confusion is – how to find the right number of hours? For that, you can simply check the text on the battery, which normally mentions the complete details regarding correct way of charging, including the total required time and charging rate.

All you need to do after that is regulate the settings on your basic charger and you are good to go.

Are LED Flashlights Better than the Incandescent Flashlights?

Ever since LED bulbs have hit the market, they have been constantly ruling the world of flashlights. LED bulbs have clearly larger market share over the incandescent bulbs because of their front-line technology.

There are a number of competitive advantages to LED flashlights that cannot be found in incandescent flashlights.

LED lights bulbs have a significantly longer life as compared to incandescent bulbs. A LED bulb can run up to 50,000 hours continuously whereas incandescent bulb can last for only 6 hours if used continuously.

Power consumption is much lesser in LED lights with greater output. Incandescent lights, on the other hand, require quite high levels of power consumption with providing much lesser output.

And because of consuming less power, batteries of LED lights also enjoy a much-extended life in comparison to the batteries of incandescent lights.

LED bulbs solid construction doesnt allow them to get damaged so easily but incandescent bulbs are quite easily breakable with even the slightest shock impact.

And lastly, LED lights are way too economical and pocket-friendly because they do not need constant bulb changes or battery changes. So, they turn out to be a better investment in the long run.

How to Store Flashlight Batteries?

Oftentimes it happens that when you need a flashlight, you find it to be dead and not working anymore. That could be really frustrating and it usually happens when you dont put much consideration into the storage of batteries.

For avoiding such sort of challenges, you can take some precautionary measures beforehand to keep your batteries running for as long as they can.

First of all, never store the batteries in the flashlight itself because it may lead to corrosion. So, always keep the batteries removed if you are not going to use the flashlight anywhere in near future.

Keep your flashlight in a place where you can easily access it in the case of emergency. And store the flashlight and batteries at the same spot to avoid any wastage of time if you need them quickly.

For keeping your batteries fresh, you can store them in a Ziploc bag and put that bag and the flashlight itself next to each other. By putting them in a Ziploc bag, you will be assured that they would remain at the same place and won’t roll over to the corners.

Whenever you can, keep the batteries in the original packing they came in. And if you are keeping them loose then strictly do not store them with your other pile of batteries. If you do that, it will become really frustrating for you find them out when you are in a rush.

Following these simple steps, you can keep your batteries as fresh and efficient as you can.


At the end of the day, selection of the right EDC pocket flashlight solely depends upon your needs. If you have made it this far, it means that you are now well equipped with all the necessary information that is needed for selecting the right flashlight for you.

Here is a great article how to use these best pocket flashlights for self-defense.

With these cutting-edge best EDC Pocket flashlights, you can have all the brightness that you need at your fingertips in just a go.

So, be focused, look for all the top alternatives that are available in the market, make comparisons and then finally arrive at a decision that is ideal for you.

We wish you good luck in picking the right one!

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