Best Pedal Cars for Kids in 2019 – Unique Gift Ideas

Best Pedal Cars for Kids in 2019 – Unique Gift Ideas

Children are known to be highly attracted to cars since they always want to be driving like their parents or TV stars. This is why different manufacturers have tried to come up with pedal cars in an attempt to satisfy the little kids. In this article we shall, therefore, give you a well – detailed review of several pedal cars that is going to help and guide you when purchasing a pedal car for your kid.

10. Power Wheels Disney Princess Pedal Car

Power Wheels Disney Princess Pedal Car

The power wheels Disney pedal car is beautifully manufactured to capture the interests of any child. With its cute light blue and pink colors, your kid will be able to enjoy lots of his or her playtime either riding or just playing around with it. The pedal car has a simple driving system that kids of all ages can understand. It has a push button with which the kid can set the car off or make it stop.

It has spacious footrests where children will be able to place their feet as they enjoy a ride inside the pedal car. The car is lowly placed making it easy for kids to get off and on it. It comes with a durable rechargeable system of 6 volts packed with a battery and its charger.

9. Power Wheels Quad Pedal Car

Power Wheels Quad Pedal Car

This pedal car has a sporty styling that makes a lot of kids especially kids always to want to be on top of the car. At the back, it has a small cargo rack where your child can keep his little other toys as he takes a ride around the yard. It has a single button on its dashboard which is used to move or make the car stop. This button, therefore, makes the pedal car very easy to operate. For safety and easy usage, the car rides low. The car also comes with its inbuilt 6 volts battery and a charger.

8. Pink Whisper Ride Pedal Car

Pink Whisper Ride Pedal Car

The pink whisper ride pedal car is carefully manufactured to ensure that the car can ride smoothly and quietly to keep the child comfortable while also not inconveniencing the people around. This car also has a sleek designing giving it a very cute and unique appearance. The inside dashboard of the car has two cup compartments where the child can insert a bottle of refreshments.

It has a small storage area in the hood while its sitting area has been integrated with an adjustable seat belt for safety purposes. The car has a long foldable handle that you can use to push the car while carrying your child. For increased fun the car a button that the child can use to honk. This car has a maximum weight capacity of 22.7 kgs (50 lbs.)

7. Peg Perego Force Tractor with a Trailer

Peg Perego Force Tractor with a Trailer

Some kids are enthusiasts of big cars and tractors and if yours is one of them then this particular car is exactly what you are looking for. The tractor is quite big with an attached trailer. Its big size will always make your kid have some fun when negotiating around the corners. With the trailer, the car can carry a few light luggage. The wheels of this tractor are keenly manufactured to ensure that they remain durable while helping it to move in hard terrains.

It has an accelerator pedal which allows it to move a little faster, and its automatic break will force the tractor into a stop in case the tractor starts moving at a very high speed. The car has a convenient reverse system that will help the kid during parking or dropping off of the luggage. Its adjustable seat belt increases safety, and a radio FM will offer entertainment.

6. Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep Car

Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep Car

The car has an adorable Disney designing with amazing colors and graphics that your kids will love. Its design also gave it a realistic jeep wrangler style that your kids will enjoy driving around on. Its doors are working correctly allowing for simple opening and closing to keep the kids locked safely inside the car.

The rear has a storage area where other toys and dolls can be stored. This car’s forward speed ranges from 2.5 mph to 5 mph while its reverse speed is between 2.5 to 4 mph. The power wheels Disney frozen jeep is driven by a strong 12 volts battery that comes together with its charger.

5. Power Wheels Little Kawasaki Pedal Car

Power Wheels Little Kawasaki Pedal Car

The little Kawasaki pedal car is well built to ensure that even the smallest or shortest of kids can enjoy a little riding. The car is hence lowly placed for them to be able to climb easily and come down the car. Since the car is largely targeting the little kids it has a maximum speed of 2 mph and its hard wheels will help it drive through different kinds of terrains. The seat is ergonomically designed and very comfortable with spacious footrests at the bottom. This car is powered by a 6 volts battery and is bought together with its charger.

4. Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler Pedal Car

Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler Pedal Car

The car has a realistic Jeep designing that every child will find classic and attractive. This car can comfortably accommodate two kids. At the back, there is a spacious storage area where they will be able to carry their light luggage. For safety purposes, the car has a set maximum speed of 5 mph but can also go as slow as 2.5 mph when moving forward. The reversing speed meanwhile ranges from 2.5 mph to 4 mph. its wheels have been made with some strong materials that will assist the car to move on hard surfaces and wet grass without slipping. The car uses a 12 volts battery and comes with its charger.

3. Fisher Price Kawasaki Pedal Car

Fisher Price Kawasaki Pedal Car

This particular pedal car was specifically designed to give kids a real experience of an ATV ride. The powerful car will ruthlessly go through mud, gravel, wet grass, ruts and other similar hard terrains without any struggle. As other kid’s cars get stuck in such terrains, its 12 volts battery will be able to ensure that the car goes through. This battery powers the car in two different speeds. When going forward, it can, therefore, be at 3 mph or 6 mph. The car comes together with its charger. The only has space for a single child, and its seat has a seat belt to make sure your kid remains safe on the car.

2. Jeep Wrangler Pedal Car

2019 Jeep Wrangler Pedal Car

This incredible Jeep car can serve as both a driving car and as a toy. This means that through the use of a remote control, your kid will be able to drive the jeep remotely around. This is thanks to the reliable Bluetooth connectivity system that has been installed in the car. In case your kid is tired of driving remotely, he/she can go ahead and drive the car himself at a speed of between 2 to 6 mph. Inside the jeep there you will find a seat belt for added safety, and its leather seats will keep the kids very comfortable.

The car is powered by a rechargeable 12 volts battery and supports a maximum weight of 80 lbs. The dashboard has an Aux plug where the kids will be able to enjoy some music. The front and back lights are both real and very functional and therefore with this jeep your child can extend his/her playtime and enjoy an evening ride.

1. Fisher Price Power Wheels Pedal Car

Fisher Price Power Wheels Pedal Car

The fisher price power wheels car is a monster car that can drive through different types of terrains with so much ease. The perfectly manufactured wheels will be able to hug the road even when the surface is slippery making sure that the car never topples over. The forward driving speed ranges from 2.5 to 5 mph and can’t go any quicker than that for safety purposes. The reverse speed, on the other hand, is set at 2.5 mph.

The car is spacious enough to accommodate two kids. To offer extra support for both its driver and the other passenger, the car is built with a metal sidebar where one can hold on as the car moves. The power lock braking system is another great feature that helps in bringing the car into a smooth even when on high speed. The car has a durable 12 volts battery packed together with its charger.


The above list makes up the top 10 best pedal cars that will offer safety and maximum enjoyment to your kids. You should hence look no further and choose from any of those cars, and their performance will impress both you and your child.


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