Best Nutritious Dog Foods For Healthy Puppies & Dogs

Best Nutritious Dog Foods For Healthy Puppies & Dogs

Best Dog Food
Keep their tails wagging with premium quality dog food!

Keeping furry family members happy and healthy is the primary concern of good dog owners, and choosing the right food is essential forthe overall well-being of your canine best friends. Good health starts from within, and a balanced, nutritious, and appropriate diet will go a long way to increasing the happiness, energy, and longevity of your dog. But how do you choosethe best dog food from the multitude of types and brands available? We’ve done some research and found the Top 9 Dog Food Brands for enhanced health and superior nutrition! Keep reading to find out why we liked these fantastic dog food brands, and how you can meet your dog’s unique dietary needs by choosing the right kind of dog food.

Best Dog Food

Picture Dog Food Brand Unit Quantity Price Our Rating
Nature’s Variety Instinct Grain Free Dry Dog Food 25.3 lbs $$$ 5
Solid Gold Barking at the Moon 24.5 lbs $$$ 5
Pinnacle Grain-Free Formula 24 lbs $$ 4.95
Merrick Healthy Weight Recipe 25 lbs $$ 4.65
Wellness CORE Original Formula 26 lbs $$ 4.70
Eagle Pack Original 30 lbs $$ 5
Orijen Regional Red 5lbs $$ 5
Acana Pork & Butternut Squash 4.4 lbs $$ 4.95
Stella & Chewy’s Dinner Patties 15 oz $$ 5

Our Guide to Choosing the Best Dog Food For Your Pet

With so many different dog food brands available, each offering various benefits, how on earth do you choose the top dog food for your furry friend? Should you go for a grain-free diet, a weight-control formula, or a raw eating plan? Does it really matter? Well, it absolutely does matter, as your choice will dictate the overall health and happiness of your dog, as well as his or her daily well-being. Our top choices of the top pet food brands includes mainly grain-free kibble, as the most popular philosophy regarding modern canine nutrition is that of a biologically appropriate diet – or, a diet closest to what dogs would eat in nature. This natural eating plan consists mostly of animal derived proteins (in other words, raw meat!), small amounts of organic, grain-free carbohydrates, and added vitamins and minerals. A raw, grain-free diet should suit all dogs over the age of 1, of all sizes and breeds, as it is formulated for optimum canine health and nutrition. Still a but unsure about your options, and keen todo some research first before making a purchase?

Keep reading to learn more about how to choose the right dog food for your canine companion.

What is the bestkind of dog foodfor dogs with food allergies and food sensitivities?

A bag of grain-free dog food

You may not know this unless you’ve actually owned a dog that has hadallergies, but dogs can most definitely suffer from both food allergies and seasonal allergies, just like some humans do! Food allergies account for about 10% of all allergies in dogs, and the most common food allergies in canines are allergies to specific types of protein, such as beef, dairy, chicken, turkey, or duck. Dogs can also be allergic to gluten, which is found in grains like wheat and oats. It is important to use the correct training to help your particular breed of dog get accustom to the new food plan. Different breeds of puppies will need different training to help them eat the canned or pellets you will be giving them at home. Larger adult pets normally will eat anything you put in front of them while they are at home, however, when they are away from the home environment you may have to train your adult pet to eat the right amount of pet food you provide.

How do you know if your dog has food allergies at home? Food allergy symptoms can be very unpleasant and even dangerous for your dog’s health – the signs include anything from chronic ear inflammation and ear pain, gastrointestinal problems like chronic diarrhoea, vomiting, and excessive gas, and persistent skin itching that may lead to hair loss. In the long term, food allergies can lead to malnutrition and more serious diseases caused by a lack of nutrients and chronic inflammation. Early detection and intervention is essential for treating the negative effects of food allergies in dogs.

So, how can you treat your dog’s food allergy symptoms, andalleviate discomfort quickly and effectively? Many vets agree that the top way to treat food allergiesis with a holistic approach – a method that focuses on superior nutrition andeliminating common allergens. This means that you should choose dog food brands that use fewer, high-quality ingredients, and brands that are 100% grain free to reduce the risk of allergic reactions. With the exception of the Eagle Pack Original formula, which includes brown rice, all of our recommended dog food choices are grain free! You should consult your veterinarian before changing your dog’s eating plan, as he/she might be able to give you tips and help with identifying your dog’s particular food allergies. With the right allergen-free eating, your dog should be happier and healthier in no time!

Want to know more about the benefits of feeding your dog a grain-free diet? Check out the video below!

What are the safest dog foods available on the market?

Premium ingredients for raw dog food

Recently there have been worrying and devastating cases of dogs dying after consuming various brands of dog food that have been tainted with toxic mould. Whilst most of the dog food brands affected by food-associated poisoning assert that their products are perfectly safe, it is understandable that dog owners are alarmed and desperate to protect their pets in any way that they can. So, what do you need to know about toxic mould and dog food safety?

The toxins that have been found in tainted dog foods are most commonly mycotoxins, which are are poisonous chemical compounds produced by certain fungi that may grown in grain when it is in storage. Grain added to dog food may have been obtained from multiple sources, and some of it may have been improperly stored, resulting in the growth of toxic fungi. Unfortunately it is impossible to know if your particular bag of dog food has been tainted by mould growth in grain products, and so poisoning often happens completely unexpectedly, as contaminated batches of food may be isolated and are very hard to prevent.

Most pet food companies go to great lengths to provide safe dog food, but there are a few things you can do to minimise the risk of accidental poisoning. If you want to take all the precautions you can, then it would be best to choose raw, grain-free dog food – no grain means no risk of mould growing, and potentially no toxins! Also, look out for the following signs of mycotoxicosis in dogs – muscle tremors, seizures, panting, hyperactivity, vomiting, uncoordinated movements, weakness, increased heart rate –if you notice these symptoms, see a vet immediately!

What are the best kinds of dog food to facilitate weight loss?

Best dog food for weight loss

An overweight dog is an unhealthy dog, so it is one of the duties of a good dog owner to ensure that their dogs are slim, trim, and healthy. If your dog has somehow managed to get a bit rotund, don’t fret – a comprehensive weight-loss plan with the right eating habit and frequent, gentle, moderate exercise will have him or her in shape in no time. We highly recommend Merrick’s Grain Free Healthy Weight Recipe as contains 32% low fat protein obtained from USA sourced de-boned beef, which will facilitate weight loss whilst providing complete nutrition. Lean protein is also great for building lean muscle, which will help enhance your dog’s health as he/she gets fitter and loses a few pounds of fat.

Grain-free dog foods are also good for weight loss and the maintenance of a healthy weight, as they contain more lean protein and healthy carbohydrates than most dog foods that contain large amounts of grains (like wheat, soy, etc). Merrick’s Healthy Weight Recipe is also incredibly tasty, which will appeal to even the most finicky of eaters. It is recommended not to restrict meals or to start feeding smaller portions all of a sudden – stick to portions that suit your dog’s unique daily needs (you can ask your vet for guidelines), and if you change the kind of dog food you feed your dog, do it gradually so as not to upset your dog’s digestive system.

It is essential when you decide to help your dog to lose weight, that you pair ahealthy new eating habit with a reasonably moderate exercise regime for the highest results. Frequent walks are a lovely form of gentle exercise for pudgy pets, as it won’t put too much strain on their hearts or joints, and you can start with short walks and gradually build up to longer, more challenging outings. Keep an eye on your dog for any difficulty breathing whilst exercising, and reduce the intensity of your walks if this happens often. Short breaks are also good for extremely unfit pets. Finally, limit treats to healthy titbits given infrequently, and stick to a policy of absolutely no left-overs or human foods!

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