Best Nootropics for Gaming & eSports

Best Nootropics for Gaming & eSports

Best Nootropics for Gamers

Earlier considered as just a fun activity or a part time hobby, gaming has now emerged as a full-time profession. Grand level competitions are being organized where professional gamers compete against each other for hefty prize money and other prizes!

In 2013, U.S government officially announced eSport Players as Professional Athletes. As gaming is growing vastly every passing day, the professional gamers have also stated adapting to the typical habits of an athlete of any other classic sport. Eventually, one of these habits comes out to be doping.

A documentary titled as eSports mentioned, Energy drinks go with gaming just like weed goes with reggae. Most of the video games require heavy brain activity, a person with lower Dopamine levels cant strive through much. Games like Counter Strike demand high concentration levels, while some other games require you to be a multitasking person for e.g. StarCraft.

Some players usually take casual energy drinks like Red bull or just high caffeine intake. But once anyone gets their sight on the heft prize amounts, they are bound to cross a few limits to win the prize money. Not to mention the fame that follows after winning the competition. ESport demands heightened reflexes of the players. There comes the power play of Nootropics, which make gamers strive in the game for longer in order to win the game.

Amongst the wide range of nootropics, lets have a look on the best of them.

Best Nootropics for Gaming & eSports in 2019


Nootrobox eSports Nootropics

One of the most popular nootropic companies, Nootropbox it’s offers products that are quite widely used by the gamers. Some of the products are:

  • RISE – A combination of Bacopa monnieri, Rhodiola Rosea and -GPC, the RISE can be a great nootropic if youre a serious gaming lover. This product works on increasing the working memory capacity leading to peak cognitive performance. The product also has anti-fatigue properties that ensure you can play for long hours and give your best gameplay performance.
  • Go-Cubes Performing well as a gamer requires high levels of concentration for long hours. The Go-Cubes are chewable coffee cubes that you can keep right by your side and pop one cube. Combining the kick of coffee with the soothing green tea and nootropics, the Go-Cubes ensure enhanced focus and clarity while you play your favourite game for hours.
  • YAWN Staying up for long hours not only affects your sleep but in term affects your cognitive ability that affects your gameplay performance. Therefore, sufficient high-quality sleep becomes very crucial for you as a gamer especially when sat in a gaming chair all day, like the ones we reviewed here. YAWN works on all three aspects of your sleep falling asleep, getting high-quality sleep and ensuring that you feel fresh when you wake up.

Amongst the wide range of nootropics, lets have a look at the best of them.

1. Rhodiola Rosea

Coming first on the list, this nootropic isnt prohibited in the WADA. It has been used since ages for various benefits namely, to decrease anxiety, increase focus, reduce stress levels, increase energy bar and maintain the mood. Its usually observed as an energetic herb that targets serotine and dopamine of your brain and surges their levels.

In intense situations when you get under pressure, it becomes important to maintain calm, Rhodiola helps you to focus better without getting skittish. Even if you lose a match, the COMT enzyme subdued from Rhodiola shall help you not to get upset easily.

2. Noopet & Alpha GPC

The boldest and sturdy nootropic one can take. Therefore, it comes along with Alpha GPC which aids headaches. The combo services your learning abilities and lets you to be more attentive and focused. Unlike Rhodiola, Noopet stimulates NGF and BDNF levels.

Another way to battle fatigue whist gaming is to purchase the proper gaming set up of a chair and desk. You can look at our recommended desks for PC’s right here.

In all, these two target your subconscious mind where most of the growth lies. You shall get much healthier brain cells after Noopet & Alpha GPC, in no time you shall start memorizing your past game mistakes and you shall be faster than most of the other gamers.

3. Cordyceps

Another herb comes in line which escalates dopamine and norepinephrine in you. It is the most popularly known parasitic fungus which turns ants to zombie ants but doesnt infect humans. It mainly acts over the dopaminergic and noradrenergic coordination of the brain. It incorporates anti-fatigue effect during a workout in humans which assists in longer play sessions.

It gushes out libido, energy, and focus while maintaining a calmer mood so that you dont fall prey to anxiety, fatigue or any sort of impulsiveness. Although, it reduces your reaction time as well, so its not entirely a win-win situation for you. Users have suggested it as a laser-like focusing nootropic.


With not widely known mechanism, MACA is worldly famous for surging libido levels. In advantage to all others listed this one shall keep a check on your hormonal zone as well. It doesnt directly affect your hormones but enhances erectile job, libido and sperm count also. But be sure that MACA doesnt alter any sort of sex hormone in humans.

It helps greatly in enhancing your chances to conquer eSports by up surging dopaminergic neurotransmission in the brain, which eventually aids better learning and memory. Undoubtedly, it makes a lesser anxious you.

6. Selegiline / Rasagiline

These are two drugs that produce almost the same effects. Parkinson diseases patients use both of them to enhance their brain cells by inhibiting MAO-B. Although, Selegiline is prohibited by the World anti-doping agency, but due to its irreversible nature its hardly detectable, but the effect lasts long enough.

It enhances one’s immune system very well while adding more benefits of surged libido, memory, focus and abridged anxiety levels.

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