Best Neck Traction Devices For Homes In 2019 – Relieve Your Cervical Pain

Easy lies the head that rests on strong shoulders, and it is the neck that stems it. The thoughts, posture, and comfort depend much on an easy neck. A problem in the neck can spoil your entire day and give you a sleepless night. It is only wise to relieve it of the pain as soon as you can.

Stiffness or neck pain is quite common these days. The prime reason for it is the posture, especially while working on the computer for long, improper settings before the television set. It also comes from an extensive or a continuous table work.

Other reasons for the neck trouble can be jerks while exercising. Some people are prone to morning neck spasms due to bad position of the neck while sleeping or a happily inflated pillow.

Injuries sometimes cause neck problems due to car accidents, horse riding or sudden falls. Whiplash can also be a factor, where the head is suddenly thrown backward and then forward, resulting into spasm in the muscles.

Neck pain shouldn’t be taken lightly as it can also one of the symptoms of a heart problem. People say that if you find water rising your ankle, that’s the time to do something about it, not when it’s around your neck. Here are the top cervical traction devices for homes that can help you find relief:

Top-Rated Cervical Relieving Neck Traction Devices for Homes in 2019!

1. Duro-Med Cervical Traction Device, Over The Door Neck Traction Device, Cervical Traction Unit For Physical Therapy


This product is effective for neck pains, arthritis, physical therapy, disk bulges, etc. Easy on top of the door installation makes it easy to do physical therapy exercise anywhere you like. No tools are required for assembling.

The product includes a weight bag with scale up to 20 lbs. (approximately 9 kg.) One size suits most foam padded headstall making it even more convenient for regular usage.

  • Size of the product: 15.3 x 7.3 x 3.6 inches
  • The weight of the product: 2.8 lbs (1.3 kg.)

What did we like?

  • You can use it anywhere you like as it provides mobility
  • It is quite easy to assemble, just follow the instructions carefully
  • It is very effortless to use

What Didn’t we like?

  • It can be cumbersome to use sometimes
  • A little carelessness can hurt your jaw

Our Verdict

This product is worth a try. You can ask for assistance from your physical therapist to understand how to use it. Take advice about the suitable amount of force for a specific condition. You must only use this product under directions of a physical therapist.


2. Alex Orthopedic Over Door Traction Unit with Water Bag


This product comes with a water bag. It has two Velcro based head gear, one strap behind the head and the other under the chin, making it easier to adjust. While sitting on a chair, it just lifts your head 5-8 inches off. You can increase pull-force up to 12 lbs. (approximately 5.5 kg.)

  • The weight of the product: 2 lbs (0.9 Kg.)

What did we like?

  • It is good to see that the water bag is strong and secure
  • We find it easy to assemble
  • It is effortless to use anywhere you have a door

What Didn’t we like?

  • Sometimes it can be difficult to use
  • Lack of a free turning pulley seems to be a major shortcoming of the device

Our Verdict

This product should be used under the guidance of a physical therapist. You can use it by sitting comfortably in a chair. It is advised that you should face towards the door for better results.

3. The Pettibon System Cervical Neck Traction Regular


This product relieves you from stiff and sore neck and reestablishes motion in it. It helps in hydrating discs by stretching your neck gently. It is designed to reinstate natural curve of your neck and has an adjustable height.

  • The weight of the product: 1.6 lbs (0.7 Kg.)

What did we like?

  • Setting it up is quite easy
  • It is mobile, unrestricted and regularity of use
  • It is lightweight, makes it easy to be carried

What Didn’t we like?

  • Its shape is quite bulky
  • It needs a strong door for support

Our Verdict

You can use this product anywhere you like at a strong door. You should understand the instructions before using it. Start easy and gently, i.e. don’t put too much pressure in the beginning. The guidance of a physical therapist is advised.

4. Posture Pump Relief for Neck and Upper Back Pain


This product relieves neck and upper back pains and stiffness, headaches, and fatigues. It corrects the posture of the head, neck and upper back and restores a proper neck curve. It reduces bulging of disks and hydrates compressed disks.

  • The weight of the product: 2.1 lbs (1 Kg.)

What did we like?

  • It is easy to set up
  • It is mobile
  • As it is lightweight, it can be carried comfortably
  • A door is not required to set it up

What Didn’t we like?

  • It is quite risky if the air gets over pumped
  • Feels stiff while using, emits an uncomfortable smell

Our Verdict

This product not only helps your neck but it also shapes your hump right. This is air based or inflatable neck traction device and is easier to carry anywhere you want. It doesn’t need a door, and so you can use it however and wherever you want. It carries some amount of risk. Hence, guidelines from a professional chiropractor are necessary.

5. Wellspring 4100 Deluxe FULL SPINE Posture Pump


This product reinforces the cervical lordotic curve and stretches muscles and ligaments back in shape. Relieves discomfort and stress of the head, neck and the back and lubricates discs. Elliptic inflation stretches lower spine reinforcing the natural shape. It’s rocking mechanism helps in the exercise of abdominal and pelvic muscles.

  • Size of the product: 29 x 13 x 5 inches
  • The weight of the product: 12 lbs (5.5 Kg.)
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What did we like?

  • Easy to set up
  • Is mobile
  • Decent weight
  • No door required
  • Treats whole upper body

What Didn’t we like?

  • Complicated to use
  • Works on hard surface
  • Not so effective for lower back

Our Verdict

This product supports your whole upper body relieving not only cervical problems but initiates spine and muscles as well. It fits everyone, even if you have 38 inches torso length. It is easy to carry around as it can be deflated, although as it only works on the hard surfaces. You cannot use it everywhere. Do take advice from a professional physical therapist or chiropractor as this product can harm your spine in certain conditions. As you have to strap on it, this might cause a problem if you are claustrophobic.

What is Neck Traction?

Neck Traction or Cervical Traction refers to light stretching of the neck. It helps in creating space between disks or joints to keep them healthy. It helps to relieve spasms and sprains in the muscles of the neck. Traction frees nerves that are pinched by compressed vertebrae.

It can be achieved through Yoga, assisted stretching or with the consultation of a physical therapist or a chiropractor. But if you want to have visible and effective results in short period, you might want to go for the best cervical pain device available in the market.

How to Use Neck Traction Device at Home?

As is evident that you are using it on your own, it is better that you select one from the best neck traction device for home use.

1. Using a pneumatic cervical traction device

These are the devices that help in keeping the alignment and natural curve of the neck. They are very much easier and comfortable to use as compared to other DIY (Do It Yourself) or home methods.

It cradles patients head and neck (mainly), and when the air is pumped in, the pillows expand, lifting the head upwards. This supports cervical curve and maintains even distraction in the discs. Here, the patient can control the traction force applied.

2. Using the door unit, a fairly good way to manage neck condition at home

This technique helps to improve the functioning and mobility of the neck. The traction unit is to hang from the door. It works by stretching the soft tissues and muscles of the neck. It separates the disk or joint spaces and so that the pressure is reduced and there is a relief in pain.

It comes in three parts-a hook, a pulley and a cord (mostly nylon). The cord connects the pulley to a water bag (or something that has adjustable weight). The pulley is connected to a headgear on the patient’s head, with the water bag hanging on the other side. The weight of the water bag applies a force on the pulley to pull up the headgear; hence, a traction force is applied.


3. Using a neck traction towel, home technique

This is said to be a good DIY traction technique. All you need here is a rope and a small towel.

All you have to do is, tie an end of the rope to a corner of the towel and loop the rope to a doorknob or a hook. Then tie the other end to the opposite corner of the towel. Now gently rest your head in the sling of the towel.

What are the Different Types of Neck Traction Devices available in the Market?

1. Air Neck Traction Devices

These traction devices are mainly inflatable. To utilize them, you have to wear them circling your neck. Use a pump to inflate, and as their braces slowly get full, they start to push down your shoulders as they straighten, relieving the weight carried by your neck.

In this way, this helps in easing of the cervical muscles and aligns disks in the natural position. These devices are effortless to use, and they are portable. There is no assembly required. You just have to brace them around your neck. Although you must be careful about the air pressure applied, otherwise it might result in extra pain.

2. Over-the-Door Neck Traction Devices

These devices feature straps which are fitted below the chin along the behind head. It requires a door, as the name suggests. Also, some assembly is needed. A water bag is used as an adjustable weight for pulling the head gear or strap by a cord applying a traction force.

If the device is assembled properly and used as instructed, then it gives impressive results in very less time. You can also make yourself comfortable in a chair and read your favorite novel or listen to music while it works. Although, it is not as portable as air neck traction devices, it does not work if you don’t have a door positioned favorably.

3. Posture Pumps

They are pre-assembled, heavy-duty and strongly built tools that offer powerful traction. To utilize them, you lie down and adjust the knobs that support your skull, strap your forehead and start pumping air.

These pumps are strong and durable, and they don’t need a door. They are portable although not as handy as an air neck traction device. The stress is solely experienced in the cervical region. Apart from being expensive than other devices, they give results in a short time and so if you need relief quickly, they are worth buying.

Final Verdict

If, unfortunately, you are going through a neck problem, do not overlook it. Get the problem checked at the earliest. Based on the level of the trouble, choose a device that can solve it the best way.

Remember, a bad choice can be a real pain the neck!

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