Best Multi-Tools In 2019 – Popular Handyman Tools

Best Multi-Tools In 2019 - Popular Handyman Tools

When it comes to heavy duty tasks, having the best tools is not optional. Any professional, regardless of his/her level of expertise, requires having the toughest, most versatile and flexible tools to perform exemplary in the fields. The quest to have high-performance tools without neglecting usability and ease of handling job accessories have led to the development of multi-tools.

Among electricians and other professionals in various fields, multi-tools have become very popular. Today, there are different brands, models, and styles of multi-tools on the market.

So, what exactly is a multi-tool?

A multi-tool is a work gear designed with the top priority being the consumer’s convenience. It is a product that brings you many different tools all combined in one solid ECD tool.

Apart from convenience, a multi-tool saves you money that you would have spent buying all the included tools and also time wasted researching on the various devices before buying.

If you don’t rank among the handymen, doesn’t be fooled into thinking that a multi-tool will not be of help to you. If you like maintaining your compound and the interior of your home, then, you might find a multi-tool to be of great importance.

If you want to buy the best multi-tool, then read on below to find our reviews on the top ten best multi-tools in 2019. Our selection criterion involves analyzing the construction material, number of quality tools in a given multi-tool, weight, as well as its size before selection. We are, therefore, sure that you will get the ideal multi-tool that will serve you in the best way for many years.

10. Gerber Multi-Plier 600 Multi-tool

Gerber Multi-Plier 600 Multi-tool
Best Multi-Tools In 2019 – Popular Handyman Tools 1 This multi-tool is a great source of motivation for the Gerber Company. It’s a tool that has earned a place in the top rank list of the best tactical tools tested and approved by EOD unit of the main US army. It’s a definite choice for professionals in various fields as it offers a limitless performance thanks to its excellent construction. DET is a product that brings Gerber enthusiasts a universal, sturdy coupler, C4 punch, as well as a blasting cap crimper. Its black oxide finish and ingenious construction design allow this product to withstand even the toughest abuse.

Again the RemGrit that comes with a DET is a further confirmation of Gerber’s mastery in multi-tool craftsmanship. The blade on the DET finds no trouble in tearing apart any material. If its core description above is making you think that this tool is only meant to serve the military, you are mistaken. It will perform exceedingly in your garden or at your home. The can opener, flat-blade screwdriver and wire cutter that come with the finest quality make the Gerber 600 a miniature toolbox.

  • Brand: Gerber
  • Size: 3.3 x 5.8 x 1.8 inches
  • Weight: 10.9 Ounces

9. Victorinox SwissTool And Ratchet

Victorinox SwissTool And Ratchet
Best Multi-Tools In 2019 – Popular Handyman Tools 1 If you appreciate the Victorinox’s legacy of making classic, state of the art multi-tools, then you will fall for their new model- SwissTool Spirit XC Multi-tool. Its excellent tools, non-comparable aerodynamics, and functionality are among the factors that distinguish the SwissTool Sprit XC multi-tool from the common multi-tool brands on the market. If you are a multi-tool diehard and are willing to spend quite a fortune on a high-performance multi-tool, then this model is for you.

It brings you 26 foldable work implements that feature the finest quality. While its negligible weight heightens its portability, the locking blade mechanism ensures maximum safety of the user. The featured multi-function hook could be your only help during hiking or camping. Also, within this tool is a Philips screwdriver, needle nose pliers, wire cutter, scissors and many other instruments necessary in an emergency or heavy duty task.

  • Brand: Victorinox
  • Size: 1.7 x 2 x 4.2 inches
  • Weight: 0.85 Pounds
  • Number of devices: 26

8. Leatherman TTI Charge Multi-Tool

Leatherman TTI Charge Multi-Tool
Best Multi-Tools In 2019 – Popular Handyman Tools 1 The Charge TTI multi-tool by Leatherman brings you 19 sharp tools. They include a steel S30V knife, serrated 420HC knife, saw, medium screwdriver to mention but a few. The 19 tools come fitted on one solid frame to allow you accomplish any task in your line of work or at home. All the featured tools are compacted in an expertly developed lock engagement together with a well-contoured handle. The overall stain-proof, solid titanium construction weighs less than 8.2 ounces. You will not experience any problem discharging any of the implements. To improve the ease of use, this tool allows the access of all the tools from the exterior side through a thumb press. You will love using this multi-tool in any job

  • Brand: Leatherman
  • Size: 10.5 x 6.8 x 2.8 inches
  • Weight: 1.3 Pounds
  • Number of tools: 19

7. Leatherman Crunch Multi-tool

Leatherman Crunch Multi-tool
Best Multi-Tools In 2019 – Popular Handyman Tools 1 Within its price fraternity, the Leatherman Crunch Multi-tool stands out thanks to its lockable pliers and most importantly, the variable vice grip that is a rare to find additive in a full EDC equipment. Are you an electrician looking for a reliable and safe multi-tool to accompany you to the fields? Then the Leatherman Crunch is for you. Its vice grip boasts the ability to transition into a wire stripper at any time when your job demands so.

Apart from the lockable pliers, you will also find the 14 premium specialty tools on this product impressive. You can utilize either or all the implements on this product by opening it fully. Its tools include a pin vice, bottle opener, wire cutters, serrated 420HC knife, hex driver, and screwdriver will find great use in your indoor or outdoor works. Despite all these features, Crunch fits perfectly in a jean’s pocket thanks to its convenient size and minimal weight.

  • Brand: Leatherman
  • Size: 4 x 0.8 x 1.2 inches
  • Weight: 9.4 Ounces

6. Leatherman – Rebar® Multi-Tool

Leatherman - Rebar
Best Multi-Tools In 2019 – Popular Handyman Tools 1 If you have interacted with the Leatherman Super tool 300, then you will find the Rebar model similar in design. It’s a robust, well-structured multi-tool. With a weight of only 6.7 ounces, the Rebar Multitool is distinguished from the Super Tool 300. You can place it in your pocket or by hooking it on your belt. Within this multi-tool is a replaceable premium quality wire cutters of 154 cm in length. Among the other included tools in this multi-tool is a serrated 420 HC knife, wire stripper, electrical crimpers, saw, Phillips screwdriver, large and medium screwdrivers, metal /wood file among other.

  • Brand: Leatherman
  • Size: 4 x 1.5 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 6.7 Ounces
  • Number of tools: 17

5. Leatherman – MUT Multi-Tool

Leatherman – MUT Multi-Tool
Best Multi-Tools In 2019 – Popular Handyman Tools 1 A single glance at the Leatherman MUT will be enough to give you a clear insight on what this tough, sturdy, stylish and indisputably classic multi-tool has to offer. The elegant Black oxide finish on its entire body will make you desire to use this tool. Its nicely contoured superior ergonomic handle plus a locking blade system play a significant role in its ability to perform exceedingly in tight situations.

Regardless of your profession, this multi-tool will serve you with no limitation. Removing the carbon piled up on a firearm carrier is no big deal as the bronze scraper on this product is there to get the job done. The textured hammer, a rare component in the small tactical tools, sets this multi-tool apart. You can use the textured hammer to pound the stakes, split firewood or even in the flattening of any material. Also, the hand wire cutter and crimper will be very useful in electrical works.

  • Brand: Leatherman
  • Size: 5.9 x 4.1 x 1.8 inches
  • Weight: 1 Pound
  • Number of tools: 16

4. Leatherman 300 Multi-Tool

Leatherman 300 Multi-Tool
Best Multi-Tools In 2019 – Popular Handyman Tools 1 An unbeatable beast is an understatement to the Leatherman Super Tool 300. It brings you 19 different tools including a detachable regular and hand wire cutters, saw, stranded wire cutters, metal/wood file, ruler (9-inch) among others. The Leatherman Super Tool carries the Leatherman’s hard-earned heritage flag of excellent performance in the multi-tool arena. If you are fed up with carrying a heavy toolbox only to fix slight electrical mishaps in town or factories, then you should get great relief from this product. Its reliable electrical crimper will work to your expectations. Each piece of equipment in this tool comes with utmost perfection to allow you fix any situation like a pro. Its convenient size of only 4.5 inches places it high above in the league of lightweight and practical mini multi-tools.

  • Brand: Leatherman
  • Size: 10 x 7 x 3 inches
  • Weight: 11.2 ounces
  • Number of tools: 19

3. Leatherman 830040 Wave Multi-Tool

Leatherman 830040 Wave Multi-Tool
Best Multi-Tools In 2019 – Popular Handyman Tools 1 Almost everyone falls in love with a Leatherman tool. For more than a decade now, The Leatherman brand has been at the top of the market as they produce high-performance devices. This Leatherman Wave multi-tool model came into the market around 2004 as a replacement for their first wave multi-tool.

It comes in its class bringing you 17 premium quality utility tools all under one well structured, solid body. It offers 2- razor sharp knives(420HC), two pliers, a diamond coated premium file, wire cutters, two screwdrivers, 2 bits(double ended), bottle opener(rectangular) to mention but a few. It doesn’t bring you just tools but high-quality tools as they all come from stainless 320HC steel. The sheath pouch provided spices up the safety and portability of this tool.

  • Brand: Leatherman
  • Size: 4 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 10.4 Ounces
  • Number of tools: 17

2. Gerber [22-01545] Diesel Multi-Plier

Gerber [22-01545] Diesel Multi-Plier
Best Multi-Tools In 2019 – Popular Handyman Tools 1 Gerber Diesel is a multiplier tool that comes from highly durable and toughest stainless steel. Its unbeatable industrial strength which allows it to perform under heavy duty abuse and high pressure is among the reasons why Gerber remains the undisputed leader in the production of multi-tools. No weather will ever affect this multiplier tool as it comes with a nylon protective sheath to always safeguard it.

All the instruments in this product come with the convenient size and are well-patented to hold any specimen accordingly. Deploying the needle nose pliers that come with this product requires minimal effort. You no longer have to worry about tearing anything as the serrated knife on this multiplier is there to get the job done. You can count on the medium, large and medium screwdrivers in handling small jobs at home. Its contoured handle eliminates any skidding as you use this tool.

  • Brand: Gerber
  • Size: 6.6 x 4.9 x 1.3 inches
  • Weight:8.5 Ounces
  • Number of tools:12

1. Leatherman – Skeletool Stainless Steel Multi-tool

Leatherman - Skeletool Stainless Steel Multi-tool
Best Multi-Tools In 2019 – Popular Handyman Tools 1 Is your budget the only hindrance to owning a fancy Leatherman multi-tool? Then, stress no more as the Leatherman Skeletol multi-tool is here for you. With this multi-tool package, odd jobs in and around your home should be no problem. Despite bringing you seven sharp tools, it weighs only 5 ounces. The fact that it comes with fewer implements as compared to the competitive models makes it only ideal for the basic everyday jobs. The entire body of the Leatherman Skeletool comes from stainless steel, a material that guarantees its durability.

Also, the 6061-T6 handle scales on this multi-tool are perfectly angled to meet your hand’s contour. Within this tools are a partially serrated steel knife, bottle opener, regular cutters, pliers, large bit driver, needle-nosed pliers, and a hand wire cutter. Its lightweight nature and tightly packed implements are the primary sources of attraction for this multi-tool.

  • Brand: Leatherman
  • Size: 4 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 5 Ounces
  • Number of tools: 7


All the featured multi-tools come with the best quality implements. The choice you make will depend on the area of application, your preferred manufacture material as well as your budget. Go for a product that suits your needs best. Avoid going for inferior quality multi-tools. The consequences of your choice will be evident in the fields. A quality tool is a guarantee of high productivity.


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