Best Motorcycle Riding Glasses In 2021 – Keep Your Eyes Safe In Speed

You will always have a great experience with a speedy ride on a bike. To enjoy your success, get a feel of awesome weather, going on a long drive will be the first idea that will come in your mind. But hold on – this enjoyment will be incomplete and dangerous as well without putting on motorcycle riding glasses.

Dust, UV rays, the wind may resist you getting the heavenly feeling of riding a bike. Always cover your eyes with the Best Motor Cycle Riding Glasses before going on a bike ride. Along with other accessories like helmet, boots, gloves, and jacket, glasses are equally important for your safety. “Safety is a lock, and you are the key.”

With the variety of models of Motor Cycle Riding Glasses, it can be a very difficult call to choose the perfect Motor Cycle Riding Glasses. Based on the model, prices of the glasses vary a lot. You should go on for frames which are the best fit and comforts you.

While some shades work best at night or in extreme weather conditions, others may be better in comfort zone as well as suits your budget. Every one of us has different preferences while choosing the goggles but here is a rundown of Top Rated Motor Cycle Riding Glasses which may prove to be a helping hand while selecting the same:

Top-Rated Motor Cycle Riding Glasses: Product Reviews!

1. 3 Pairs Kickback Foam Padded Motor Cycle Sunglasses


Stylish in looks, this pair of sunglasses is a perfect example of beauty with safety. This padded motor cycle sunglasses perform best at night as well as on bright days. It is the best fit and wraps around tightly. The thick foam of padding makes it unique and very comfortable.

Pale yellow, these pair of sunglasses does its job excellently in rainy season as well. For maximum UV rays protection, kick back foam padded motor cycle sunglasses has Matte black frame UV400 filter. Totally scratch resistant, these shades have coating frame, rubber ear pads.

What did we like?

  • Comfortable due to good amount of padding
  • Perfect for dark, sunny and rainy season
  • Protects from UV rays
  • Easily gets fitted with full face helmet

What Didn’t We Like?

  • Not adjustable for the length of ears
  • Some wind enters from sides while wearing these glasses
  • Thick foam sections get these shades a bit of fogging, so it has to be cleaned up
  • Does not fits over prescription glasses

Our Verdict

It has the quality to resist your eyes from sun, rain and dark; these goggles are worth to buy. Ideal weight and dimensions make this model a great choice. You will feel very comfortable while wearing it.

2. Night Driving Riding Padded Motor Cycle Glasses 011 Black Frames with Yellow Glasses


Night driving riding padded motor cycle glasses is designed by choppers, a brand that excels in this type of product. These are kind of sunglasses rather than goggles. Its yellow color is preferred a lot. You can wear it on cloudy days as well as on the days when the sun is going to be at a peak. With a black covered frame and yellow lens, these shades look ultra-stylish and classy.


These glasses are padded in nature which makes it very comfortable while wearing. If you want your eyes to be protected from UV rays, this pair of frames works best for you. These glasses are light weighted and consist of ideal dimensions which can easily fit on an average sized face.

What did we like?

  • Glasses are very comfortable and functional
  • Stylish
  • You can choose from 11 different colors combinations
  • Excellent clarity
  • Adjusts tightly on the side of your head
  • Plastic frame
  • High definition lens is inserted in these sunglasses

What Didn’t We Like?

  • Lenses are not interchangeable
  • Air does get in due to lack of glue on the padded portion
  • You will experience fogging when going between extreme temperatures
  • Does not works well at night
  • Non polarized
  • Does not gets fit over prescription glasses

Our Verdict

These glasses might be a good choice for all those who want their glasses to be stylish and day functional. These glasses are very operative in filtering light so as to allow vision is hindering glare to be reduced to manageable levels. You will be experiencing a high definition vision while wearing it.

3. Choppers Glasses Padded Frame Lens Block (3 Pairs) 100% UVB for Outdoor Activity Sport


With a classy design and tight fitting, these pairs of shades work excellent in reducing wind coming into your eyes. These glasses are super cheap, and you can have great experience wearing them in the day as well as night. If you are a rash driver, these glasses go perfectly for you.

Good sturdy frames and clear lenses have made these shades buyer’s first choice. These choppers glasses padded frame lens can be worn indoors as well as outdoors as these are less bulky than goggles. Stems of the choppers are fairly long to cover your full face helmet.

What did we like?

  • Plastic lens
  • You can wear these glasses at night
  • Imported
  • Padded foam
  • Inexpensive
  • Excellent performance in different temperatures
  • Shapes your face very well thereby blocking the wind to get into your eyes

What Didn’t We Like?

  • These glasses are not scratch resistant
  • Due to contact with your face with insulation, you can sweat a little bit
  • On normal city streets, these glasses work just fine
  • Does not work at all if you are a speedy driver
  • Not suited for fatty face

Our Verdict

If you are a night rider, these eye glasses can be a perfect choice. You will be feeling very comfortable after putting it. These glasses go very well for all those who have eye sensitive to light and air. If you are looking for cheap, stylish, well functional sunglasses, you can certainly go for this one.

4. Global Vision Outfitter Motor Cycle Glasses (Black Frame/Smoke Lens)


Global vision glasses have been a durable and stylish model of sunglasses which gets easily fit over most glasses. Highly durable, these shades are designed out of poly carbonate which keeps it away from being damaged easily. It’s fitting, and padding has been a unique quality which makes it distinctive.


You can carry these glasses in moisture, and foggy areas as these are resistant to it. Very few particles of dust, dirt, and wind can enter your vision area by putting on these glasses. It gets easily fit over your prescription glasses. The presence of double sided anti-fog coating makes it a leading model for all others.

What did we like?

  • Fits over prescription glasses
  • Scratch resistant coating
  • High level of durability
  • Comfortable
  • You can choose over favorite one from 5 different colors
  • Works perfectly for sensitive eyes
  • Works great in day as well as in night

What Didn’t We Like?

  • Does not proves to be fog resistant
  • Comes only in a single size
  • Non polarized

Our Verdict

This global vision, outfitter motor cycle glasses work perfectly if you are a mower rider. Speedy riders always find these goggles working perfectly for them. For UV protection, these glasses are designed with shatter-proof, poly carbonate lenses.

5. Freehawk UV Protective Outdoor Glasses (Adjustable and Protective Combat) to Prevent Particulates in Grey Lens


Due to its adjustable none slip and high elastic strap, these UV protectors outdoor glasses are highly preferable and thereby being one of the leading glasses of all times. Its inner and outer lens is scratch resistant as well as anti UV. No dirt or dust particles can get into your eyes even if you are speedy.

For comfortable wearing, these glasses are designed with a high consistency of cotton and also fit perfectly on your face to protect your eyes from water, dust, wind, and dirt.

What did we like?

  • You can adjust these goggles to any head size
  • Scratch resistant
  • You can prefer them on top of prescription glasses
  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Works as a sheet for both UVA and UVB rays

What Didn’t We Like?

  • Non polarized

Our Verdict

For all those winters and snowy weather riders, these glasses will work perfectly. These motor cycle glasses are great for outdoor activities including climbing, adventure trips, and cycling.

What are the Benefits of Using Glasses when Riding Motor Cycles?

Here is a lineup of all the benefits of using glasses when riding motor cycles:

1. Vision

To avoid mishaps on the road, a better vision is always required by a motor cyclist. Putting glasses will invariably allow you to get a clear view of your surroundings so that you can take preventive measures as an when required.

2. Dirt Free

Not only from the safety point of view but also for hygiene purpose, glasses are very beneficial. Glasses act as a shield thereby keeping dirt and dust away from your eyes.

3. Watering

A fast blow of wind may cause your eyes to be watery and may blur the areas around you instantly which can cause a serious casualty. Glasses stop the forceful winds to enter your eyes so that you can ride smoothly and safely.


4. Sense of Fashion

The bikers wear shades not only from the safety point of view but also for style purpose. Picking up the branded and stylish frames will help you in looking classy and highly fashionable.

5. Complete Sun Protection

During sunny days, glasses protect our eyes from harmful UV rays that come out directly from the sun with a motive of damaging your eyes and skin. Regardless of light conditions, vision will be clear using sun protecting glasses.

How to Find the Right Motor Cycle Glasses for Yourself?

There are different criteria through which you can easily find out top motor cycle riding glasses for yourself. Some of the basic features that your glasses should provide are:

  • Wallet friendly: First thing first, every individual wants to spend less as much as possible. With proper comparison, go for the one which suits your pocket but beware – Don’t get fooled up with the cheap quality product.
  • Protection: Basic need to the glasses arises when you want your eyes to be protected from wind, dust, dirt, sun and UV rays. You should prefer the shades that are a tight fit and resist these external things to cause harm to your skin as well as your eyes.
  • Anti-Fog: For all the snowy weather drivers, this is the first feature that your goggles must fulfill. Semi-permanent layer present in goggles makes your blinkers durable and fog free.
  • Polarized and poly carbonate lenses: To minimize excess light and glares the lenses your goggles need to be polarized which does not mean that your shade should have an extra coating. Poly carbonate lenses are beneficial as they are scratch resistant and also have in-built UV protection capability.
  • Scratch Resistance: Originally no lenses are scratch proof, but to make it the same a coating is applied to make it durable. You should always clean your lenses with the help of microfiber cloth after every use.
  • Approved: ANSI approves glasses only when it passes extreme condition test and are fully assured that the glasses are capable of providing full safety to the eyes of the users. While choosing the best motor cycle glasses, make sure that it should be ANSI approved.

You should be very alert and have your eyes wide open while selecting superior quality frames for yourself. Remember, there are 100’s of glasses available in the market but the only handful of these are worth purchasing. You should always prefer to pick up the shades which are light weighted, affordable, resistant to debris.

You should never go for a long drive without carrying your goggles to avoid accidents due to unclear vision. One thing you should be very choosy about your goggles is that lenses color. You should check it out in advance only which color provides you the clear view. “Safety comes first, then Healthy, then Happy, and then Wealthy!”