Best Moana Toys in 2021

Disney Moana toys are inspired by the famous adventure movie Moana. In this story, our protagonist Moana is shown to be the daughter of the Polynesian island Motunui’s chief, who is destined to be chosen by the Ocean mother to do a seemingly dangerous task. The task involves reuniting a mystical relic with an angry goddess. She sets on the mission to help out her people and to experience the joy of adventure. She finds Maui, a demigod, whose super strength and super intelligence comes to the rescue in many situations. He has magical powers as well. Hei Hei and Pua are other members who accompany Moana in this mission. The movie ends with Moana successfully completing her quest and returning to her own people.

The aftermath of this movie gave rise to popular Moana merchandise. Kids were fascinated by her and the adults praised the animation and vocals used in the movie. Children wanted to be like Moana and there was an increase in merchandise and goods being sold under the tag of Moana. Moana fish hook, Moana oar, shark head Moana; the list is endless.  Some of the best-voted items from the Moana merchandise are listed below.


Adventures of Moana collection
  • Contains all the main characters
  • Comes along with accessories
  • Multiple scenarios can be played out

single player

Moana boat drawing book
  • Productive
  • Crayons and stampers included
  • Increases creativity


 Singing Moana doll
  • Batteries can be replaced
  • The item can be used for a long time
  • Sings song

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1. Adventures of Moana Collection

Adventures of Moana Collection

From the fantasy world of Oceania, comes a sweet little princess, Moana, along with her friends to play with you. In case you want to go through the moments that Moana went through in the movie, you can use this wonderful adventure collection by Disney princess. You can even create your own storyline just as you wish and make alternate endings. The set consists of four figures namely, Moana, Maui, Hei Hei and Pua. Maui is a demigod who has got a lot of tattoos on his body.

Confident with everything he does, Hei Hei the rooster is a great addition to the set while Pua the puppy looking pig is a cheerful one who can lift anyone’s spirit within seconds. The doll outfits are removable and they can be replaced. The additional accessories that come along with the set include a necklace, a fishhook and an oar. The set is intended for children of the age 3 and above. Kids under the range of 3 can also play with the set as long there is adult supervision.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • Four figures to do roleplay
  • Additional accessories are also there
  • Roleplays can be done as a single player as well as a multiplayer

Our Verdict

The joy of having this collection would be special as the set not only includes Moana, but also the other characters. Not to forget that the accessories are also there.

single player

2. Moana Boat Drawing Book

Moana Boat Drawing Book

For all the little Picassos out there, here is the perfect opportunity for you to prove your talent. More bonus points if you happen to be a Moana fan. There are three drawing books with which you will be covering the journey with Moana, stage by stage. The first book or the first stage is titled “Follow your heart”, which is a compilation of 48 pages and over 30 stickers. The book comes with a set of 4 crayons with which you can colour or draw as you wish. The second book is also an activity book, but it mainly focuses on stickers. It is titled “Choose your destiny” and has 24 pages and over 70 stickers.

The third and the last stage is titled as ” Born to the voyage” and it contains 32 pages, 40 or more stickers and some press out pencil toppers. All these stages or the colouring books belong to a single set. Along with this set comes a pack of 6 hibiscus stampers as well. After all, you may want to now have a stamp of your own to pass your decrees and rules. This activity set keeps the kids busy and also brings out their creative side.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • The activity book has a variety of pages to colour or draw
  • Hibiscus stampers
  • Free crayons with the set

Our Verdict

The activity colouring book boosts a kid’s creativity and also helps them to practice drawing. Additionally, the activity keeps them focussed and they end up being busy, which gives the parents some time off. The activity book is a good choice for increasing productivity.


3. Singing Moana Doll

Singing Moana doll

Treat yourself to a musical by a Disney Moana singing doll which plays the song ” How far I’ll go”, once the button is pressed. She is an exact replica of the real Moana and she is designed just like how she was dressed in the movie, from head to toe. This poseable figure is available with different songs which she plays. The Moana songs list comes alive through the voice of these singing dolls. Whether you are stressed or want to just chill, you can ask Moana to sing and her voice will guarantee instant calmness and joy upon hearing it.

The doll works on 3 A76 batteries and they can be replaced. With constant use, these dolls can last up to 3 months and you can replace the batteries and get the magic to play again. The doll may have small parts which when found by children under 3, can also end up choking them if they try to put it in their mouth. For extra safety, they can play with them under very strict parental supervision. The doll was created keeping in mind the playing habits of children aged 3 and above. This is a great doll to buy, as you can thus get to hear Moana’s song at tea parties and play dates.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • You can always listen to Moana’s song
  • The batteries are replaceable
  • Made exactly like Moana

Our Verdict

The Moana doll is a perfect gift for anyone as we are sending some of the sweetness in the form of Moana’s voice. Kids will have a Moana doll that also makes a voice.

4. Dress Up Like Moana

Dress up like Moana

Bring more fun into your narrative by dressing up as the protagonist. Be the fearless and free-spirited like Moana and bring on more island adventures. Disney has yet introduced another costume in the wardrobe collection for the fans who are big fans Moana, especially little girls who adore the island princess. The costume set has two pieces of dressing, with the same prints as those on Moana’s pair. The skirt is made of two layers, with the outer layer having the detailed fringes and cuttings.

The top is a long orange tube top with the same patterns as those on Moana’s top. There is even a sash to go with the whole outfit and to keep it in place. The dress was tailored keeping in mind about an average 3-year-old child’s measurements. The dress is available in 4-6 X size range. The whole outfit comes hung on a customised Moana hanger. The lightweight outfit is completely made of polyester with lace-like fittings on the skirt. The flexible skirt can be also worn separately with other matching tops as well. Grab your own set of Moana costume and put them in your shopping cart before the stocks run dry.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • A good theme for costume parties
  • The dress pieces can be worn separately with different pieces
  • The exact replica of Moana’s dress

Our Verdict

It would be fun when you get to see your little one all dressed up as Moana, conquering one of the cardboard boxes as her boat and taking the puppy as her companion and row (read push) her “boat” to the island, which would be probably your bed or the couch.

5. Moana Plush Toy

Moana plush toy

Now you can keep Moana near your bedpost and she will keep all your bad dreams away by being your all-time cuddle buddy. Marketed by Disney, this Moana plush is your next best gift for your kids or any other children. The plush toy looks alive with its detailed sculpting and designing. The features have been embroidered and they stand out quite well. The fabric costume has been printed well and the necklace has glitter accents on it as well. The toy is soft to touch and feel, making it comfortable for anyone to use it.

No skin irritation would be there as well as the fabric is of very high quality. There’s even a felt flower put up in the hair to complete the look and to give it a more authentic look. It needs to be delicately handled when it comes to washing the plush toy. The plush toy has the dress stitched onto it, therefore you cannot change the dress. But then, the whole toy is inspired by the authentic Moana herself and this is her most iconic look.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • The plush toy is made of soft material
  • Glittery necklace
  • The felt flower adds to the beauty

Our Verdict

The soft toy is guaranteed to be the next best friend when it comes to the roleplay. Soft also means that it would make a good cuddle buddy.

6. Moana Adventure Doll

Moana Adventure Doll

Move over the Barbie and Ken dolls, we have Moana here with us. The doll has been constructed exactly to the likes of the actual Moana. The doll has a necklace and a matching outfit as well. The joints on the hands and the legs can be moved and rotated. There are ten articulation points present on the doll. Moana has her heart set on a quest to help the Motonui people and will be going on an adventure to fulfill her mission.

She is a vibrant 16-year-old teen with the courage of a lion. She is outgoing and has a very kind heart. Kids would enjoy playing with her and they can try out as many scenarios as possible with the doll. The hair of the doll looks so realistic and it can be braided or styled by you, in any way you wish. The way you wish to portray the character, it is totally up to you. Get your own Moana doll before the others in the neighbourhood gets them and be a trendsetter.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • Moana stands for courage and kindness
  • A necklace and a matching outfit are there
  • The hair can be braided as you like

Our Verdict

Move over the barbies, now Moana is the current trend. It would be enjoyable to play with her.

7. Adventure Canoe

Adventure Canoe

Go on an adventurous journey on a canoe and help the people of Motonui by making sure Moana reaches there safely. Apart from you, Hei Hei and Pua would be accompanying Moana to the adventure as well. The boat is well built and it can pass through any storm. The swiftness of the canoe is also one reason Moana would be able to reach the island quickly. The Moana doll that comes with the set looks exactly like the Moana in the movie.

The Moana doll’s legs are flexible and she can be made to sit on the canoe as well. The toy canoe floats over the surface of the water and moves along the path created by the artificial waves and pushing of the canoe. Get your own canoe and set on an adventurous tour with your friends on the same. Canoe yourself to the depths of the ocean and find the key which will help you to think of a plan to help the people. Let the canoe test your powers against the forces of water and challenge you till you prove yourself to be a worthy champion.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • The canoe floats over water in reality
  • Moana is flexible with movement
  • A quest for water adventure is right here

Our Verdict

This seems to be a good option as the storyline is there and all you have to do is play along. Also, you would be officially owning a canoe of your own.

8. Moana’s Light up Necklace

Moana’s Light up Necklace

The mysteries of the ocean is said to be held within seashells because it is a fact that when you keep a seashell against your ear, you can hear the sea. Moana’s seashell necklace is a magical necklace with the powers of Moana herself. By wearing this necklace, you get to be Moana with her adventurous spirit and charisma. You will be able to discover the heart of Te Fiti by yourself, on your own and you will be thus embarking on an adventure which will be testing your powers.

The blue shell necklace will lit up with a greenish hue and will increase your charm by a manifold. Let the glow bring out the intensity in you and let it bring out the spirit in you. With just a push of a button, watch the necklace glow with that bright greenish hue and let the excitement appear on your face. May the glow worms envy your charming glow and may you be the light for the others. Wear this and guide your friends through the realm of the island. Find out why the island is being hostile and help solve the mystery. The necklace works on 3 button cell batteries.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • The necklace gives out a bright glow
  • The batteries can be replaced

Our Verdict

Wear this magical necklace and find yourself sharing Moana’s charisma. Also, make the glow worms in your vicinity jealous of your own light.

9. Moana Pig Plush Toy

Moana Pig Plush Toy

When you look at this adorable creature from afar, you might wonder if it says “Oink Oink”. But the reality is that, when you come closer, it actually says “Bow-wow”. It is not exactly the same, but it is more of a cute “Oink bow”. Meet Pua, one of Moana’s closest buddy and a co-traveller of the adventure. Pua plush is the cute huggable doll that you might want to carry to bed. Feel free to say poke at his nose and watch him say “Oink, bow”” in your dreams. Pua is a little hyperactive piglet, with a puppy’s brain.

You can also try to feed him yourself, but make sure you do it as a roleplay. With such an adorable creature as Pua by your side, you can embark on a mission to the ocean islands and help Moana. Dress him, groom him, do any pet-related stuff with him as he is as bouncy as a puppy and playful as a kitten. Pua’s loyalty is so much talked about in the film. Don’t you also want to have a pet like Pua? Grab your own Pua plush toy and enjoy the benefits of a cute and loyal pet.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • Pua is very cute and you cannot simply say no to his cuteness
  • Made of quality soft material

Our Verdict

How exciting is it to have a cuddle buddy and a pet doll at the same time. Pua is there to keep you cheerful throughout the day.

10. Tamatoa Funky Pop

Tamatoa Funky Pop

Voted as the best toy of the year 2021, there is some question why it is at the coveted top position. Once you see for yourself, you will get to know why. One of the best movie toys from the Moana merch, the Tamatoa Pop vinyl is something which fans of any age would agree with. The highly stylized collectable has a height of almost 3 ¼ inches and it is perfect for any fan. The giant crab was known for his villainous role in Moana and his speciality was that he would collect anything that is too shiny and valuable.

He has a monstrous height, but he is goofy and comical at times. For the fans, he is one of the most loved antagonists and people really like this funny gargantuan crab. His attitude and greed for power are also shown to crumble down at the hands of Moana when she defeats him. He had underestimated her and thought she was not intelligent. Fans can buy this authentic vinyl and use him as a poster and roleplay with him in the script. The Funko Moana crab toy comes packed in a window display box.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • The vinyl quality is good
  • The characters are in HD

Our Verdict

Vinyl posters are a cool addition to the chart board. You can also stick it on the door or hang it in the common area.

Things to look for in a Moana Toy – BUYERS’ GUIDE

Moana merchandise has been selling like hot cakes ever since the success of the movie Moana happened. Kids of every age wanted to play with Moana. Now when it comes to buying the perfect Moana toy for your little one, you can consider some of the points.

Firstly and foremostly, keep the age of your child in the mind. Or of the person whom you are gifting this to. Kids under the age of 3 can be given the plush toy. Kids over the age of 4 can be given the activity colouring books. The costume can be for any age, but for kids under the age of 3, it can be done under strict parental guidance.

Next, you will have to consider the budget. If you are looking for something under the budget, you can buy one or two dolls. If you are looking for something premium, you can buy the whole set. But it all depends on your choice.

Lastly, you will need to consider the reason you are buying. If you want your child to increase their creativity levels, go for the colouring book. If it just play and games, you can go for the doll.