Best Mini Trampolines and Rebounders of 2019

Best Mini Trampolines and Rebounders of 2019

top 9 best mini trampolines

Rebounders or mini trampolines are seen by personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts everywhere as essential for any low-impact exercise program. One of their biggest pros is the fact that they are small, compact and easy to store. Also despite being small, they are quite resilient and dependable when it comes to intense usage.

After searching far and wide for the best mini trampolines on the market today, we came up with a list of the nine best rebounders and mini trampolines money can buy that you need to check out if youre interested in acquiring one anytime soon.

What is a Rebounder?
A rebounder looks a lot like a tiny trampoline.
1. You usually see six legs to support the frame.
2. The frame is typically made of metal.
3. There is a multitude of springs along the outside of the frame.
4. Finally, theres a small jumping surface in the middle its usually just large enough to fit two adult feet.

Lets now move onto how to choose a rebounder, because if you do a search on Amazon, youll see that quite a few models are available. Heres what to look for:
1. Comfort: Some rebounders will let you jump barefoot, whereas, on others, youll be forced to wear shoes or else your feet will get torn up. If you want to wear shoes, you can get away with a cheaper one, but if this is something you want to do whenever you feel like it (and not as a dedicated workout), go for a comfier one.
2. Type of bounce: Some rebounders will give you a lot of bounce, and others will give you barely any at all. Dont be tricked into thinking that the more bounce, the better the rebounder is. It depends on what youre using the rebounder for if its mainly for cardio, then get a lot of bounce; if its primarily for lymphatic system cleanup, get one with not a lot of bounce. The latter will be easier to do, and you wont get as tired.
3. The quality of frame: If you get a rebounder with a crappy frame, it will warp over time, and each bounce you do will be slightly off-course. If youre going to be using it heavily, make sure to get one that can withstand consistent bouncing.
4. Does it fold?: Some rebounders will fold up for storage, whereas others wont. If youre tight on space, get one that folds. Make sure to check if its easy to unfold and lock into place some arent.

Why would you want to use a rebounder?

Although jumping on a trampoline might seem similar to an exercise like jogging, it provides more health benefits than a simple cardio exercise does. Below, well list five advantages of using a rebounder.

Cardiovascular Health
This one is fairly obvious. The point of bouncing on a rebounder is to work up a sweat. When you do this, you help your blood circulate your body, and from that, you get improved cardiovascular health.
Somewhat Entertaining Weight Loss. Not everyone likes to exercise, and thats perfectly okay. Luckily, with rebounders, youll get some enjoyment from shedding the pounds. Exercising with fun!

Your Balance gets Better
Obviously, when you jump on a rebounder, youre not going to be flying off course like you would on a regular trampoline. You cant. Theres just no room to move around. On each and every jump, youre forced to center yourself by correcting for any off-course jumps. Over time, this improves your balance in all areas of life. If youre a gymnast or athlete, this improved balance can make you substantially better at your sport.

Bones and Joints get Stronger
NASA had a problem with its astronauts when they went into space, they experienced a loss in bone density because of zero gravity.

So, they conducted a series of studies, and one of these studies was a rebounder. They found it helped astronauts strengthen their bones and joints simple as that. Dont worry you dont have to launch into space to get stronger bones and joints from rebounding.

Lymphatic System Cleansing.
Heres a quick science lesson: the lymphatic system in your body is basically where toxins go to rest. Its up to you to flush them out. You do this by physically moving your body around right now, if you jiggle your leg up and down, youll clean out your lymphatic system in that area to some extent.

All exercise running, cycling, etc. will cleanse your lymphatic system. But rebounding is by far the most efficient way to do it, because when you come up off of your rebounder, every single part of your body shifts from a downwards motion to an upwards motion.

This can also help with cellulite removal. Cellulite isnt formed by having too much fat its caused by excess toxins in your lymphatic system. So by rebounding, not only will you feel healthier day in and day out, but youll also look healthier if you currently have cellulite. (Ladies, this is especially true if you have it on your butts and thighs.)
How to Actually Do Rebounding

On a traditional trampoline, youre always trying to get the highest jumps, because thats the most fun. But if you do that on a rebounder, youll get tired out quickly, and you wont get the cardiovascular benefits to the fullest degree. Its kind of like when youre running, you want to go at a slow, consistent pace and not an all-out sprint.

Wrapping Everything up in Three Bullets

1. Rebounders are small trampolines used for exercise rather than fun.
2. Rebounders provide a slew of health benefits including cardiovascular health, weight loss, improved balance, and lymphatic system cleansing.
3. In general, it is not true that the more expensive the rebounder is, the better it is, but to choose the best rebounder for you, you need to look at rebounder reviews. That’s why we’ve got this top nine rated reloaders just for you.

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