Best Magnifying Lights for Multipurpose Use

Best Magnifying Lights for Multipurpose Use

Best Magnifying Lights for Enhanced View

A magnifying light or lamp isnt exactly one of the most commonly used household tools and that is why it is considered a bit odd by many. But those, who are accustomed to its usage, know exactly how important and handy this amazing tool is.

You can use a magnifying light for multiple purposes like reading, sewing, opening up small objects and machines and plenty more. Well now you are kind of realizing its importance, arent you?

The thing is, there are so many options in the market to select from with multiple eye-catching attributes, but its really difficult to arrive to a final decision.

We completely understand how painstaking of a job it is for you to find the one that is best tailored to your needs. But we have got it covered for you. So fret not, because we are presenting you the list of best magnifying lamps which you can choose from.

So just sit back, relax and enlighten yourself by scrolling down.

Buying Guide for Best Magnifying Lights

Magnifying lamps can come in handy for a multitude of activities and tasks. With their main purpose being the source quality light and making the objects appear bigger and more evident, they are ideal for carrying out various everyday tasks like reading, writing or doing some intricate work.

Not just that, but these lamps can also serve you a great purpose if you are suffering from eyesight issues or if your work requires you to look into the tiniest details of things.

Since these lamps provide both brightness and magnifying simultaneously, they are a prime need of a number of professions like dentistry and jewelry making.

The virtual and real markets are both well equipped with a number of various and best quality magnifying lamps for both home and work use. But it can be a baffling task to choose one of them.

So before selecting one, there are a number of features that you ought to take into consideration. Lets have a look at them.

Light Bulb

First and foremost, being a magnifying lamp, one of its most important features is its bulb or whatever the source of light the lamp is using.

Generally, these lamps use either fluorescent bulbs or LED light bulbs which are positioned around the glass frame of viewing area.

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However, it appears that newer models are more inclined towards using LED bulbs as compared to the older models which mostly use fluorescent bulbs. But again, not all new models use LED bulbs and there is still a fair share of such new models that use fluorescent lights.

LED bulbs are usually preferred over other bulbs because of their durability. They last much longer than other types of bulbs and use significantly less amount of power. And since they do not produce as much heat as the fluorescent bulbs, they are quite a safe option to work with.

On the other hand, you will find the newer versions of fluorescent bulbs more natural and less harsh than their predecessors with a good quality of light. However, you have to be careful while turning these bulbs on and off rapidly and concurrently, as it may lead to bulbs life reduction.

Fluorescent bulbs take some time to reach their maximum luminosity whereas LED bulbs give off quicker results. Nevertheless, both forms are widely used and serve their purpose equally well with LED being on top with just a small fraction.


Magnifier or the diopter of the lens holds the same importance as the light source of these lamps does. You have to pay close attention to the magnification power of the lens on the basis of your intended purpose.

Now youll be wondering what diopter is? – Dont worry! We are here to help you out with it. The curvature of the lens is termed as diopter and the higher the diopter number the higher the magnification.

Selection of the diopter number solely depends on the purpose of your use and has a little bit to do with your own eyesight as well.

These lamps usually come with 3 or 5 diopter lenses which provide a magnification of 1.75X and 2.25X respectively. Similarly, if you go for further high numbered diopters, they will provide more magnification than these two.

You have to keep in mind though, that the higher the diopter number the lesser the focal length; which is why 5 diopter lenses are used for more intricate and detail-oriented work and 3 diopter lenses are used for keeping a larger viewing area.

Importance of Lighted Magnifier

As much as magnification is important to see smallest details, proper lighting also holds equal significance which should be well understood. Its important for the magnifier to be lighted because it will be of no use in the dark or dim places.

Therefore, increase in light will allow for better view. Moreover, a good quality light consumes much less power with comparatively higher output. Which is why, it can work well enough with less magnifying lenses as well.

The quality of light should be closely monitored when choosing a lamp because these lamps come with various levels of brightness, ranging from normal bulbs to daylight class lights.

Larger Viewing Area

If you are a reading fanatic and are planning to get the lamp for your reading purposes, then youll need to look for the one which provides larger viewing area along with magnification.

Larger viewing area allows for better and faster reading as you can see more words at a time which makes it more legible.

Neck Flexibility

Flexibility of the arm and neck are of major importance as it doesnt let the light fall on a specific point and lets you switch or turn it to any spot of your choice.

You must make sure that the lamp you are getting allows for easy adjustment and positioning as per your suitability. Lamps with flexible arm and neck are also ideal for multiple and professional uses.

Base Stability

Another important feature is the stable and sturdy base of the lamp which allows for stability. Metal built bottoms provide a heavy base to let the lamp stay stable and not easily topple over when accidentally touched.


While keeping all of your requirements in mind, you have to set up a budget or price range within which you are going to get the lamp.

The prices of the lamps vary according to their quality and performance. But the ones we have mentioned are more on the reasonably priced side with all the necessary features in them and good quality material.

You can check for the prices on Amazon but they can range from as low as $15 and can go up to $200+. So you see! You have got quite a wide range to select from.


Magnifying lamps typically come in four styles with their own pros and cons,which majorly depend on their deemed usage.

Desktop These are the most compact sized and least pricey models. If you want to use a lamp for table or desk activities, or anywhere where youll use it being seated, then this is a great choice for you.

And its prudent to go for an ESD-Safe model, if you are going to use it on a computer table.

Desktop with Clamp This style is the most adaptable and handy for most people. The clamps let you attach the lamp to any type of bench or table you want.

It is easy to use and can be set up very quickly. All you need is to check the measurement of the clamp to figure out if it can be attached to your required table.

Floor Standing Solid Base If you need magnifying light for reading or needlework or any other sort of crafting job then you can select one from this type.

But before selecting one, make sure that its floor light is bright enough for your work and the base is heavy enough to carry its weight without tipping over so easily.

Floor Standing Rolling Base This type is perfect for you if you are looking for a huge floor style lamp which can be easily moved from one place to another with its rolling base.

However, the base of this style is quite huge so it ends up taking too much room which can be a little irksome for you.


Like any other object, the pricier the magnifying lamp the better the performance. Although you dont have to go for the one with sky rocketing price to consider it fit for your intended use.

The performance of the lamp depends on several factors, which are all stated above. Considering all that, there are many lamps that you can find within the range of $40-$80 that can cater to almost everybodys needs.

But, if they are not good enough for you, then you can check within the price range of $100-$200. You will find these lamps better in quality and perfect for commercial usage.

And if you are looking for a bigger lens then you can get a 7 lens, which is by far, the largest one available with 3 diopter magnification. It provides premium quality full spectrum vision.

General Problems and Their Solutions

  • Lens of the lamp should be kept covered as soon as you are done using it, so always make sure to do so. Being careless in this regard may lead to fire threat if left uncovered in sunlight for a little longer.
  • Majority of the floor lamps come with non-heavy base, which makes it very easy for them to get flipped over; therefore do keep this in mind while buying one.
  • Desk lamps have the capability to get extremely hot. So, before making a final selection, make sure the model you have chosen doesnt have this issue.
  • Usually, these magnifying lamps do not allow you to alter the brightness as per your needs. If you want this feature then youll have to pay hefty amount for more expensive and high-end brands.
  • If the bulb stops working, then majority of these lamps do not provide you the option to change the bulb. So, if you are going to use it more often than usual, then its better to go for the one with changeable light bulbs.
  • The lights of many lamps are prone to becoming wilted over time. But, if you take proper care and keep a check on regular maintenance then you will not have to face this issue.

For more tips and guidelines regarding magnifying lamps, check MagnifyingLamp.Blogspot.

Places to buy from

You can easily find all of the models we mentioned here at Amazon and you can compare and get the best prices as well.

What are “Focal Length” and “Viewing Area”?

The distance between the lens and the point of focus (where the object is placed) is the focal length. And as the lens gets thicker the focal length gets lesser.

On the other hand, the viewing area is the total magnified area that you can see through the lens, which also gets lesser as the curvature gets bigger.

This whole thing works in a very scientific way so if you are into science then you are going to find it pretty amusing and easy.

Focal length is of quite importance if you require some working space between the lens and the object, but more focal length means less magnification and vice versa.

However if your work doesnt require too much working space, then you can easily get higher magnification for a more meticulous and in-depth analysis of the object.

Focal lengths provided by 3-diopter, 5-diopter and 7-diopter lenses are 13, 8 and 5.5 respectively.

How to Figure Out Percentage of Magnification through Diopter Number?

As we discussed with you above, diopter represents the curvature of the lens and as the curvature gets bigger the lens gets thicker and the diopter number also gets higher.

What happens at the back end is that your retinas larger portion gets filled by light rays that are redirected to you when there is an increase in the curvature or diopter number. This, in turn, results in object magnification.

You might find yourself befuddled when it comes to figuring out the exact magnifying level. Dont worry; its quite an easy task. For finding it out, just simply divide the diopter number with 4 and add 1.

The result will show you the number of times the object is magnified. For example, with a 3 diopter lens youll get 1.75X magnification or in other words the objects will appear 175% bigger than their normal size.

Or lets say you ordered a 16 diopter magnifying lamp but arent sure how much magnification it will provide. You can use same formula to find it out, and as per that, it will be 5X or 500%.

What Does it Mean to be ESD-Safe?

Remember how sometimes when you are walking on the carpet, you suddenly feel a spark of electric current? Or when you touch something metallic or even when you touch some other person you may have felt it? – Yes, we have all been there and it happens quite often.

That flow of electric charge is known as ESD or Electrostatic discharge. This discharge, being completely harmless to humans, can have damaging effects on circuit boards and other delicate components.

The deadly effects on circuit boards, in turn, can cause severe injuries to the people working in that area or with that equipment.

So what ESD-Safe magnifying lamps do is, they cover their metal parts in dissipative paints and their lenses with special polymers and they construct the whole design in a way to minimize the ESD prospects.

So, it is always advisable to go for an ESD-Safe lamp to avoid any mishaps or misfortunes, especially if you are living with kids.


Now you understand very well that a magnifying lamp isnt just a vital tool if you are involved in precision work, but can also come in handy if you are suffering from vision troubles.

Magnifying lamps come in an extensive variety as well as wide price ranges. And like any other product, higher prices offer better quality.

Yet, there are a number of many reasonably priced lamps, as discussed above, which provide you premium quality service without being too heavy on your wallet.

The models we picked are the ones with best features and have attractive price ranges for all budgets. All you need to do initially is to understand the purpose for which you want a magnifying lamp and the rest will be a cakewalk.

With above information, you can easily make up your mind on the type of lamp that you are looking for and make the correct choice.

We really hope that you find what you are looking for.

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