Best LED Rope Lights

Led rope lights have become one of the best trends of decorating both indoors and outdoors areas. These lights can add a unique taste of beauty that is very attractive. To be able to get the best from this type of decoration, however, you have to ensure that you get yourself the best LED rope light. A rope light that will not just provide the kind of lighting that you need, but one which will also be easy to install and meet your particular decoration shapes. This is why we are going to take you through some of the best LED rope lights in 2019 that will guarantee you optimal performance:

10. LedMo SMD White LED Strip

LedMo SMD White LED Strip

LedMo SMD White LED Strip Lights have been manufactured using some of the best available equipment making this strip one of the best for outdoor uses. The strip is for example made of waterproof materials that make it very convenient for use around the garden and even in regions that experience lots of rain. The LED lights, on the other hand, are of high quality producing super bright lights that are at least three times brighter than standard SMD led lights. The strip measure approximately 16.5ft that can be extended to cover a larger area. The strip can also be cut after every 3 LEDs, and this helps to make installation easy especially when you are trying to make up different shapes with the light. This strip has a very reliable life span of over 50000 hours.

9. Copper Wire LED String Lights

Copper Wire LED String Lights

The copper wire led string lights is made up of an easily foldable copper strip. With this particular string light, you will be able to curve the lights to take up any shape that you would like. This means that the lights cannot just be used for lighting a hallway, but can also be used to create a beautifully lit shape at your front or backyard. The string light is made up of bright LED lights producing high-quality rays for the most desirable display. This string light has been manufactured with power resistance feature which helps to save as much power as possible. The lights can, therefore, stay on for as long as 64 straight hours.

8. Celebration Rope Lights 216 Clear Lights

Celebration Rope Lights 216 Clear Lights

This rope light is made up of a PVC tube that is at least 18ft in length and 10mm in diameter. This length is long enough to light up and decorate your outdoor. The PVC material making this rope light is lightweight making it easy and convenient to install and store the lights for decoration and celebration purposes. This rope light constitutes of 216 clear and premium light that is designed to add an extra taste of beauty in your outdoor. The rope has been fitted with coaxial connectors that can be used to extend its length up to 200ft in to cover as much area as you would wish.

7. Blue Wind LED Strip Lights

Blue Wind LED Strip Lights

The Blue Wind LED Strip Lights come in 16 multi – colored options from which you can choose from. Some of these colors include red, green purple, blue, orange, etc. the wide variety of these available colors make the blue wind led strip lights the best for decoration purposes. The strip is made up of a double layer of copper. This has not only assisted in increasing the quality and appearance of the strip but has also significantly contributed in making the strip one of the most durable. The blue wind led strip lights are very simple to install and maintain. The strip can be disjointed after every 3 LEDs for easier installation.

6. Luminoodle Portable LED Light Rope and Lantern

Luminoodle Portable LED Light Rope and Lantern

The Luminoodle portable LED light rope and lantern is a very versatile strip light that any person should have. This light rope is highly portable thanks to its super light materials and designing. The rope is, therefore, multipurpose allowing you to use it for e.g. hiking, camping and other emergencies both indoor and outdoor. The rope is made up of ultra-bright LEDs producing as much as 180 lumens of light. This brightness is sufficient even to use the rope as a torch for minor duties. This strip is around 1.5m long. The Luminoodle LED light rope has a lantern mode with a nylon bag that is manufactured to help in the diffusing of light. The rope is constructed with waterproof materials for efficient outdoor uses.

5. Rxment LED Strip Lighting

Rxment LED Strip Lighting

Rxment LED Strip Lighting is arguably the best decorating strip light in the market. This is so because of the rich variety of colors that this strip comes with. Furthermore, the strip has been installed with a color changing feature that allows the same led lights to change into different colors for increased beauty. With this strip, you will have over 16 multiple color options to choose from. Its LEDs produce ultra-bright beams of light unmatched by most other strip lights. The Rxment led strip is 10 meters long and highly flexible for easy and creative installation. It can be extended and also reduced in size to fit your desired design. This LED strip light is made of premium copper that has made it durable and also very attractive.

4. Hallomall LED Solar Powered String Lights

Hallomall LED Solar Powered String Lights

The Hallomall LED Solar Powered String Lights manufacturers were able to solve one of the biggest problems associated with strip lights which were their energy power. With these lights, you will no longer have to incur additional costs on batteries or electricity. The lights can be fully powered with solar energy helping to keep them running all night long. This, therefore, makes the Hallomall string lights energy efficient and very cost effective. The lights can be fully charged within 6 to 8 hours, and this will give them sufficient energy to stay on for 10 hours. The string lights have been manufactured with two lighting modes. They can either be flashing or steady on. It also has an automatic on and off feature that helps to bring the lights on at evening automatically, and they will remain so until in the morning when they’ll go off automatic. This has further boosted their economic energy consumption. Its flexible copper wire makes it very easy to install and design.

3. Sylvania LED Strip Lights

Sylvania LED Strip Lights

Sylvania LED Strip Light has been carefully designed with several modes to ensure that a customer can enjoy any form of decoration that he/she would want around their house. Some of these modes include the smooth, fade, flash and strobe lightings that produce beautiful beams of light for unique decoration. The strip is equipped with more than ten different colors that can be changed using the remote controller. The strip is made up of a highly flexible led tape that will efficiently take up the shape of any object or contour of the walls where it is mounted to fit perfectly. The strip can even be used on a desk, TV, PC kitchen cabinets, etc. the strip can be extended to reach 20ft.

2. Solar Powered String Light

Solar Powered String Light

These Solar Powered String Light have LED lights mounted on the 33ft long copper wire. The 100 LEDs produce bright lights at all angles helping to provide sufficient lighting in all directions. This string light is powered by solar, and this has significantly reduced the running and maintenance cost of these lights. Its auto on and off feature has also helped in the saving of energy. It is installed with two lighting mode which is the flash and steady mode. The string light is made using a flexible copper wire that can be twisted and turned to take on different shapes and contours.

1. Outdoor String Lights


These String Lights are perfect for anyone looking to add an extra taste of unique beauty to their backyard. The lights are also very convenient for commercial uses like decorating a whiskey bar, café patios, etc. these lights will help to increase beauty whenever they are used and will also provide enough lighting for pathways in e.g. a garden. They have also been manufactured in a weatherproof designing making them ideal for all sorts of outdoor uses. Cold, wet, snow, hot environments will never prevent these lights for decorating your outdoor. The string can be customized with other accessories such as switches, timers, dimmers, etc. to meet your personal interests. These string lights measure 48ft long.

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