Best LED Light Bar of 2019 | Buying Guide

Best LED Light Bar

Driving in the evening or at night without proper lighting back-up can lead to nightmare scenarios. The latest LED technology has brought a wide range of LED bars for ATVs, normal driving as well as off-road transports. LED bars beam up using an array of high-luminosity LED bulbs. They are integrated in addition to the headlamps in vehicles. It will deliver a greater visibility by creating a broader beam in front and sides of the cars, motorcycles, and boats. This article will help you choose the best LED light bar by comparing some of highest selling products side by side.

Top 5 Best LED Light Bars

5Auxbeam 12 Inch LED Light Bar 

Best LED Light Bar of 2019 | Buying Guide51ovPh2QMjL

This premium LED light bar model from Auxbeam has achieved almost a cult status in the automobile industry. It comes with 24 pieces of 3W Cree lumens. Cree is a North Carolina-based LED lights manufacturer. They are famous for making high-efficiency, rigid LED bulbs that last for 50000 hours. The bar provides a 30-degree spot beam and a 60-degree floor beam. This means that the beam achieves a broad width and a great distance at the same time for an enhanced visibility. You can choose from either of the beam pattern or both, based on the road condition. The aluminum diecast frame is designed to withstand brutal road challenges. Suitable for off-road trucks, SUVs, boats and illuminating construction sites as well.

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4Nilight 20″ 126w LED Flood Spot Combo Driving Fog Light Led Light Bar 

Best LED Light Bar of 2019 | Buying Guide519jSmjRZ3L

This spot/flood combo LED light bar is small in size. But despite its limited size, it’s very well built, as opposed to some cheap plastic models. The best feature of this model is its ease of mounting. With wiring and other additional jobs, it roughly takes 30 minutes. The inside bulbs produce a concentrated round beam to lit up the backside of the car. I was quite amazed at the brightness level of the side bulbs as well. The beams are most focused than any other light bar at this price range for sure. If you’re going to visit campsites at the night-time, this LED bar is highly recommended for you.  If I have to pick the best cheap LED light bar in the market right now, this would be my first choice.

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3Auxbeam V Series 32″ 180W 5D LED Light Bar 

Best LED Light Bar of 2019 | Buying Guide51CGXGiGQ7L

For the ultimate tech-nerd car lovers, Auxbeam V Series LED Light Bars is a treat. It houses a combination of 60 pcs. Super bright CREE LEDs along with 60 pcs of RGB LEDs. If you’re up for a road trip or maybe love adventurous drives into the wild, this is going to spice up your journey. That’s not all. You can fully optimize the RGB light colors, brightness level, use DIT lighting effects with the help of a Bluetooth app on your smartphone.

There’s more, you can sync the lighting effect with music rhythm using music mode. The LED lights are bright as sunlight. Furthermore, you don’t even have to purchase a separate wiring harness as the package includes all the necessary wiring required for the installation. To sum up, I can say Auxbeam V Series can give its competitors a tough run for the money. Not every LED light bar set lets you customize the beam patterns, change the color spectrum and pair it with your favorite music as well.

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2Autofeel 22″ Led Light Bar

Best LED Light Bar of 2019 | Buying Guide61yL8vwyBQL

This one is another spot/floor combo beam light bar on my list. If you have mounted an LED light bar on your car before, you might have noticed some hidden dark spots in the lumens while driving down the road. Autofeel 22” Led Light Bar, fortunately, is free of this menace. The lights are fitted with diecast aluminum brackets that are supremely resistant to harsh weather conditions. Coming to the performance, the brightness level of the light bar is crazily high. Although, a yellowish tint around the beam was a bit bothersome to me. However, it is far from being a trade-off.  Moreover, it does save you the money of purchasing an addition wiring harness. I also noticed a slight condensation in the light bar, but that’s common in almost every model, no biggie.

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1Rigid Industries 110312 E-Series 10″ Combo Spot/LED Flood Light Bar

Best LED Light Bar of 2019 | Buying Guide41ZLciNNGXL

110312 E-Series light bars from Rigid Industries takes the 5th spot in my list of the best LED light bars of the present times. What I liked the most about this series is the wide variety of light bars it offers. No matter which type of vehicle you want to mount on, you won’t run out of options. For a 10” bar, its brightness is just unbelievable. Its Hybrid Flood optic is responsible covering twice the area compared to other similar budget models. Many users complain about heat issues in their LED bars. 110312 E-Series 10″ has come up with a great solution for this by including extra large heat sinks. They ensure the temperature remains under control after prolonged usage. The only thing that might raise some eyebrows is its hefty price tag. Otherwise, it’s just flawless.

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Things to Look for in an LED Light Bar


This is the primary factor to take into consideration while shopping for an LED bar. Some manufacturers tend to mention only the raw lumens which merely a theoretical maximum. To know the actual brightness level of an LED light bar, pay attention to the count of the effective lumens.

Bar Shape

LED light bars come in various shapes, e.g., round, square and rectangle. Since round model can accommodate a large number of bulbs in a small area, they are more cost-effective than the other varieties.

Energy Efficiency

One of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of LED light bars is its low power consumption. The higher the lumens per watt, the higher energy efficient an LED light bar is.

Cree LEDs

Cree makes the most durable, energy-saving and brightest LED bulbs. The best Cree LED light bars provide an efficiency of 120 raw lm/watt. They do not fade quickly and have a huge lifespan as well.

IP or Ingress Progression

IP is the universally recognized rating system for an LED bulb’s dust and water resistance. Look for an LED light bar carrying a rating of IP67. It may cost a little high, but it will be totally worth it in the long run.

LED Current Type

Many premium LED light bars use PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) LED current for preventing overheating issues and short circuit due to the sudden voltage spike.

The Bottom Line

In a market saturated with options, finding the best LED light bar could be a daunting task for the uninitiated. I do hope my in-depth analysis of the products mentioned above will help you make an informed decision. See you then.

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