Best Hoodies for Men Reviewed – Our Top 10 Picks

Introduced in the market in 1990, hoodies for men have grown in popularity for numerous reasons. First, they are warm and comfortable. The fabrics used to make hoodies and their fitting are also diverse and appeal men of all ages. Are you shopping for the best brand in 2021? Do not fall for the marketing gimmicks that some companies use to push their items in stores. Apart from looks, you should buy a functional men’s hoodie that you will enjoy using indoors or outdoors.

List of the Best Hoodies for Men in 2021

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10. PUMA Essential Hoodie

PUMA Essential Hoodie

Puma shoes and other sports merchandise are sought-after by casuals and professionals because of their unique style. They are also functional products, which play a positive role in the well-being of people, especially during winter. The Essentials hoodie, for instance, is a great pullover cum sweatshirt made from cotton (66%) and polyester (34%). The fleece fabric is not only warm but also cradles the body comfortably while in use. It is also resistant to stretching and does fade as quickly as some do, which is a plus. Recommended for teens and young adults, this is an eye-catching hoodie. The large puma logo on the front (white) pops over the dark background. Its hood has a drawcord for adjusting its fit, while its cuffed sleeves lock in body heat.

The PUMA Essential Hoodie has a machine-washable design that is easy to clean after use. It does not stretch nor pills and has two kangaroo pockets for carrying portable chargers or phones. You can also stick your hands in the pockets to keep them warm while walking to work or school. PUMA comes in several sizes online.

What We Like
  • Comfortable fleece fabric
  • Stylish (black and white)
  • Warm Kangaroo pockets
  • Machine washable design
Our Verdict

The machine-washable fleece fabric used to make this hoodie is warm, comfortable, and durable. You get an adjustable hood that will keep your head warm and kangaroo pockets for valuables.

9. Nike Therma Fit Training Hoodie

Nike Therma Fit Training Hoodie

Do you enjoy working out to stay fit and healthy? For the best results, use the best appetite suppressant to lower your calorie intake. You also need a comfortable training hoodie that can keep your warm and induce fat burning naturally. The Therma Fit hoodie from Nike offers these benefits. The 100% polyester fabric used to make it will trap heat around the body to induce thermal regulation naturally. As you work out, therefore, you will burn fat faster and reach your goal faster than you would have naturally. The fabric is also durable and comes in numerous exciting colors that do not fade after several wash sessions.

The Nike Therma Fit is popular among students because of its natural fit and comfort. During winter or chilly weather, you will stay warm and comfortable in this hoodie. Its cuffed and long-sleeved arms are non-irritant, while the front kangaroo pocket on offer is functional. You can carry keys or phones in it. The pouch is also suitable for warming hands indoors or outdoors.

What We Like
  • Durable polyester (100%)
  • Cuffed and slim-fit arms
  • Many interesting colors
  • Does not stretch over time
  • Warm and comfortable
Our Verdict

The Therma Fit Nike hoodie is suitable for training and day-to-day use because of its warm and comfortable design. It is long-lasting, lightweight, and attainable in many exciting colors.

8. Under Armour Rival Graphic Hoodie

Under Armour Rival Graphic Hoodie

The Under Armour Rival Graphic Hoodie is an eye-catching item that works well. To create a style statement at school or work or stay warm during winter, this is the best product to use. The 280g cotton-blend fabric (fleece) used to make it has a soft and comfortable design. Its brushed interior does not irritate the skin of users as some cheap synthetic ones often do. Moreover, even though heavier than polyester, you will love the warmth of this slim-fit hoodie as well. In one, your daily morning runs will be fun.

The Under Armour Rival hoodie comes in many sizes for youths and adults of all ages. However, to be safe, you should order a size larger. Complaints of this Rival Under Armour hoodies running small are prevalent online. Finally, the hoodie has an adjustable hood and a kangaroo pocket that cushion the head and hands from the cold. Both components are durable and designed to improve the experience of the users of this hoodie.

What We Like
  • Warm cotton blend fabric
  • Has an adjustable hood
  • Warm Kangaroo pocket
  • Many stylish colors
  • Non-irritant (brushed)
Our Verdict

Even though the Under Armour Rival Graphic Hoodie tends to run small, its quality is fantastic. An original model will keep you warm and comfortable all day long. Its unique color schemes are eye-catching, while its knitted pocket and hood are valuable.

7. Adidas Originals Trefoil Warm-up Hoodie

Adidas Originals Trefoil Warm-up Hoodie

If you like wearing hoodies to the gym, you can never go wrong with the black and white theme of Adidas. It blends with most types of clothing. The quality of the materials that Adidas uses to make its hoodies is also good, which is a plus. The Originals Trefoil model meets this threshold. Suitable for warming up, its lightweight design does not weigh down users. Moreover, the 100% polyester fabric used to make it is durable and retains heat better than fleece or natural fabrics such as cotton. While at the gym, thus, you will warm up faster without sacrificing comfort.

Although this core black theme is one of the bestsellers online, Adidas Originals Trefoil comes in many exciting colors. The orange, bluebird, and trace scarlet themes, for instance, are ideal for people who like to stand out from the crowd. When dirty, you can machine-wash this 100% polyester hoodie without it shrinking or stretching. It is fade-proof and has a pull-on closure that guarantees a snug and comfortable fit (not tight nor loose).

What We Like
  • Polyester fabric (100%)
  • Machine washable design
  • Eye-catching colors/themes
  • Natural and comfortable fit
  • Light and warm hoodies
Our Verdict

Your warm-up sessions will be enjoyable in an Adidas Originals Trefoil hoodies. The polyester fabric (100%) used to produce it traps heat around the body better than cotton or fleece. It is also lighter and has a fade-proof design that does not stretch nor shrinks over time.

6. Nike Club Swoosh Full-Zip Fleece Hoodie

Nike Club Swoosh Full-Zip Fleece Hoodie

The full zipper Nike Club Swoosh hoodie is easy to wear. It also has a versatile mid-weight design that stands out in many ways. Whether you like bold-looking or dark hoodies, for instance, it has you covered. The grey heather, charcoal, and black themes available online are famous. They are also true to size and made from a plush cotton material with many pros. Its breathable and warm design, for instance, is comfortable all day. Moreover, even staining is an issue with natural materials such as cotton; this is a low-maintenance hoodie for men. When dirty, you can wash it by hand or a washing machine without it stretching or shrinking.

Nike’s classic club swoosh design has an adjustable hood that keeps the head warm. It is also protective in high winds or when it is snowing or raining outdoors. The design is also durable. Its low profile seams, for instance, rarely rip under stress. Thus, over the life of this hoodie, you can wash it many times without issues.

What We Like
  • Machine washable design
  • Warm and comfortable
  • Functional Kangaroo pockets
  • Large and adjustable hood
  • Stylish swoosh design
Our Verdict

The Nike Club Swoosh is a stylish full zip hoodie with kangaroo pockets and an adjustable hood. It comes in light and bold colors and has a comfortable cotton shell that does not shrink over time.

5. The North Face Half Dome Pullover Hoodie

The North Face Half Dome Pullover Hoodie

The North Face pullover hoodie is a reputable men’s apparel with many desirable attributes. If you are looking to replace a faded or scratchy hoody in your possession, this is a good choice. The cotton blend fabric used to make it has a smooth interior that does not irritate people over time. It retains warmth well and has a fade-proof design with hand pockets for staying warm. If you travel with a phone or power bank, its large kangaroo pocket will benefit you as well. It is deep and, therefore, able to secure such products while going to work, school, and or the park.

The screen-printed North Face logo on this hoodie does not fade over time. Moreover, if you iron it in reverse, the risk of it cracking or melting is relatively low. Finally, when dirty, you do not have to ship this hoodie to a dry cleaner to get it washed. The heavy-duty cotton used to make it is comfortable and hand washable without stretching or shrinking. Thus, it is a good day-to-day hoodie.

What We Like
  • Hand washable hoodie
  • Screen-printed logo
  • Many stylish colours
  • Warm Kangaroo pocket
Our Verdict

The North Face is a classic half dome hoodie (pullover) made of a polyester and cotton blended fabric. It is a durable product. It also has a smooth and non-irritant design that you can wash by hand.

4. Nike Sportswear Club Full Zip-Up Hoodie

Nike Sportswear Club Full Zip-Up Hoodie

During cold winter months, you will need two things to live a comfortable life. First, you need a pair of snow boots to protect your feet from freezing. Furthermore, if you spend most of your time outdoors, this comfortable full-zip hoodie from Nike will benefit you as well. The cotton-blended fabric (82/12%) used to make it is convenient. It keeps people warm outdoors in sub-zero temperatures. It also has a lined interior that does not irritate sensitive skin, as some synthetic materials often do. Finally, the risk of this fabric fading or stretching/shrinking while in use is low. Washed as directed (machine), it retains its shape/charm for long.

The slim cuffs and hem of the Nike Sportswear Club hoodie have a clean and non-intrusive design. Thus, if you work behind a desk, they will not rub onto and irritate your wrist. They also have double-knit stitches that are durable and non-irritant too. As most brands on our list, Nike Sportswear Club has a lined hood (adjustable) and a warm Kangaroo pocket for your stuff.

What We Like
  • Non-irritant cuff and hem
  • Durable double-knit stitches
  • Machine washable cotton
  • Clean and fade-proof look
Our Verdict

The Nike Sportswear Club is a charming full-zip hoodie with a lined hood and kangaroo pocket. It is fade-resistant. It also has a machine-washable design with non-irritant cuffs and hems.

3. Champion Powerblend Pullover Hoodie

Champion Powerblend Pullover Hoodie

Like Adidas and Nike, Champion is a trustworthy brand that has made high-quality workout clothing and athletic apparel since 1919. Its hoodies, for instance, are simple yet functional. Colors are diverse, while the quality fabrics it uses in their production withstand the test of time. The Powerblend pullover hoodie, for instance, is a two-in-one accessory that will make your days and nights special. It looks good. It also has a warm pull-on design that you can wash as few times without it stretching or shrinking. Thus, if you want a comfortable hoodie for work, school, and or the gym, this is a good choice. Its cuffs are flat and non-irritant.

Do you have a pullover hoodie that rides up your torso while in use? The Champion Powerblend lacks such flaws. The wide and stay-flat waistband on offer is comfortable and steady. It does not roll nor rides up while in use, which people like. Finally, unlike The North Face hoodie with a printed logo, Champion has a long-lasting sewn in one. You can iron it without issues. The logo also has a subtle look (not very prominent), which most adults like.

What We Like
  • Sewn-in Champion logo
  • Has stay-flat waistband
  • Durable stitches (triple)
  • Two-ply hood (adjustable)
  • Hand-warming pouch
Our Verdict

The classy and subtle design of the Champion Powerblend hoodies stands out from the rest. It complements most clothes. It is also comfortable and has a stay flat waistband that secures it on the body.

2. Gildan G18500 Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt

Gildan G18500 Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt

Gildan G18500 is not as popular as Nike and Adidas. However, its logo-free design stands out in many ways. First, the hoodie is 50% polyester and 50% cotton. The material is durable, warm, comfortable, and easy to clean when dirty. Moreover, whether you like neutral colors such as grey and black or bright ones such as green and orange, the company has you covered. The hoodie comes in a plethora of exciting colors in Web and online stores.

Gildan G18500 hoodie comes pre-shrunk. Thus, unlike models that shrink after washing, this one retains its shape for long. Its air jet yarn is also resistant to stretching and has a soft structure that does not pill over time. Thus, worn as a day-to-day hoodie, you will look good in Gildan G18500 and stay warm/comfortable too.

What We Like
  • Pre-shrunk air jet yarn
  • Neutral and bright colors
  • Pill and stretch-resistant
  • Double-lined hoodie
  • Machine washable design
  • Durable (double stitched)
Our Verdict

Gildan G18500 is a durable hoodie with a fleece knit shell (pre-shrunk) that does not shrink nor pills over time. It has a warm hood and pocket (kangaroo). Moreover, its double-stitched shell is not only durable but also washable many times without fading.

1. Hanes Pullover EcoSmart Hooded Sweatshirt

Hanes Pullover EcoSmart Hooded Sweatshirt

Did you know that 5% of the polyester used to make this pullover sweatshirt from Hanes is from recycled plastic bottles? Thus, if you are conscious of environment conservation, buy one to support the course. It is comfortable (50% cotton and 50% polyester), warm, and has a pull-on closure that you can adjust to customize its fit. It also has a warm two-ply hood and a pocket (kangaroo) that plays two roles. First, during chilly weather, you can use it to warm hands. It can also secure phones from the elements.

Hanes Pullover EcoSmart has a pill-resistant design that is also less prone to fading or ripping. Moreover, because it lacks a neck tag, it does not irritate the neck, as some do. You can wear it at work, school, or the gym and have an enjoyable experience all day.

What We Like
  • Two-ply hood (adjustable)
  • Warm kangaroo pocket
  • Machine-washable hoodie
  • High-density stitches
  • Tag-free neck label
  • Pill and fade-resistant
Our Verdict

Hanes Pullover EcoSmart is a hand-washable hoodie sweatshirt made of pill proof cotton (blended). It is also resistant to fading and has a warm kangaroo pocket that you can use to carry keys.

Shopping Guides for Hoodies for Men

Hoodies are among the most sought-after clothing for men due to their warmth and style. Follow this guide to find the best online:


There are two broad types of hoodies for men in the market. Zip-up hoodies have a split two-piece design that is easy to wear and remove. You can wear one over a t-shirt and unzip it when it gets too warm or to look “cool.” Reputable models such as the Nike Club Swoosh also stretch to fit most people and come in an array of colors and sizes for men of all cadres. Pullover hoodies, on the other hand, lack zippers. Thus, if you do not like the zipped up look of the Nike Sportswear hoodie or the Born Tough Alfresco, check out the Nike Therma Fit. While wearing and removing it might be a chore for some people, it is warm and comfortable. It also has a cleaner look that blends with most types of clothes.

Hoodie for Men


The type and quality of the material used to make your preferred hoodie dictates the experience you will have. Cotton, for instance, is soft and breathable. However, used by itself, it can be heavy and therefore frustrating to wear the whole day. For the best results, look for a hoodie made from a cotton-blended fabric such as fleece. The fabric is comfortable, breathable, light, and thus, ideal. Polyester (100%) is also a good option if you are looking for a hoodie for working out. It is lighter than blended cotton. It is also durable, fade-proof, and excellent for warming before a workout.


An overly buggy hoodie for men might frustrate you outdoors. Small and or ill-fitting ones also tend to ride up the torso and compromise the outlook of wearers. To avoid such issues, check the fit of your preferred brand before buying. Is it true-to-size? Does it come in your size? The Under Armour Rival Graphic Hoodie is a true-to-size hoodie. If you wear medium size, do not buy a size up or down.


Always check the design of accessories such as the hood and pocket before ordering a hoodie. Are they functional? Double-layer hoods, for instance, are ideal because of their comfort. You will also need a pocket that can warm your hands or secure items such as phones.


Is the hoodie you are planning to order and hand washable or a machine washable model? Both are ideal. However, shop for a product that will not fade and or shrink after several washes. Models that pill easily are also inconvenient and uncomfortable.


Always buy a product that you will enjoy using for long. If you are into neutral colors, for instance, buy a hoodie that comes in such colors. The design and length of arms should be ideal too.

Conclusion: Hoodies are unique apparel, which are suitable for working out and staying warm indoors and outdoors. Our ten picks are also stylish and made from quality fabrics that do not rip under stress, pill or fade over time. They are the best for youths and adult men.