Best Himalayan Salt Lamps Reviewed In 2021


what are himalayan salt lamps

Are you looking for ways to decorate your home, but also reap some health benefits in the process?

If you are looking for something really beautiful to adorn your room, you should definitely consider.Himalayan salt lamps. When in full glow, they make for an awesome sight while at the same time they purify the air by removing radioactive substances from it thus bringing to the room an air of tranquillity and creating a soothing atmosphere. They are affordable and come in some really great designs.

We have reviewed here the six best Himalayan Salt Lamps in 2021. Read further to choose your pick and give your room stunning look.

Our Recommended list of Top 6 Himalayan Salt Lamp

6. Indus Classic Himalayan Salt Lamp

IndusClassic LN-09 Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamp Natural Air Purifying, 20-25 Pounds

The natural Himalayan salt of this lamb are lovingly hand carved to accentuate a multitude of colors. With the unique healing effects of Himalayan salt, this salt lamp effectively air ionizes your room to help you breathe and rest easy. It is great as a bed light, night light, meditation light, or prayer light.It looks beautiful and glows orange as it ionizes the room. Using it makes breathing easy and serves as a warm night light or player light.The salt effectively neutralizes the positively charged asthma triggers and allergens naturally to make it easy to breathe.


  • Naturally neutralizes positive allergens
  • Is a therapeutic addition to rooms
  • Soothes the mind for good night sleep
  • Does not require a filter change
  • Uses a low watt bulb


  • The packaging is not that presentable

5. Levoit Salt Lamp, Himalayan / Hymilain Sea Salt Lamps

Levoit Salt Lamp, Himalayan

Our moods are also affected by the environment we are in, which includes the quality of air. Himalayan salt lamps achieve this effectively as salt is known to be a natural ionizer. However, it is only possible through a great quality salt lamp. The Levoit has introduced the Hymilain Sea Salt lamps, made with professionally hand-carved Himalayan rock salt procured from Pakistan.

The seller also has a mining certificate, apart from the safety standards and compliance certifications it follows such as ETL, FCC, CE and RoHS. The brightness can be adjusted with the 6.6ft cord which has a top quality dimmer. The base is made from rubberwood, which is non-toxic and termite resistant, with extra durability. The package comes with an exquisite salt lamp and two extra 15 watts bulbs. The warranty period is of one year, which comes with 90 day money back guarantee and an extended year of warranty after the first year.


  • Soothing amber glow from pure Himalayan rock salt.
  • Safety standards and compliance
  • Quality assurance
  • Mining’s certificate


  • The touch sensor might be unresponsive at times
  • The product is shorter than the expected dimensions of  6”*6”*10” at times, with a difference of two or three inches in height

4. Crystal Allies Gallery Himalayan Salt Fire Bowl Lamp

Crystal Allies Gallery CA SLSFB-S Natural Himalayan Salt Fire Bowl Lamp with Rough Salt Chunks & Dimmable Switch, 6%22

This is a Himalayan salt lamp that purifies the air, and refreshes your room by removing allergens like pollens, smoke, pet dander, and other pollutants. The salt lamp includes a fire bowl, natural handmade natural Himalayan crystals, a 15 watt bulb and a cable. It provides a natural touch wherever you want to place it be it near the television, or computer, in a child’s room, or in your office.


  • Each piece is handcrafted for a unique appeal
  • Its dimmer switch functions perfectly
  • The salt is effective at neutralizing positive ions in the room
  • Perfect for an asthmatic as it facilitates easy breathing


  • The bowl comes with some blemish

3. Crystal Decor Natural Himalayan Basket Salt Lamp

Crystal Decor Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp in Star Design Metal Basket with Dimmable Cord

This Himalayan salt lamp purifies the air, and refreshes your room by removing natural allergens like pollens, smoke, pet dander, and other pollutants. The salt lamp includes a star metal design basket, natural hand made Himalayan crystals, a 25 watt bulb and a cable. This Crystal Decor’s basket salt lamp has natural earthy aesthetic that will complement any room, home, or office. With the unique healing effects of Himalayan salt, this salt lamp effectively air ionizes your room to help you breathe and rest easy. It is great as a bed light, night light, meditation light, or prayer light. The lamp has a natural aesthetic that fits into any room or office. It helps you breathe easy and serves as an excellent bedside lamp or meditation lamp.


  • A pure source of natural light
  • Each salt is hand-mined and has a unique shape
  • Provides a unique ambiance in any room due to the gentle amber glow
  • Comes with a brand and 90-day money back guarantee


  • When you first turn it on there is an unpleasant smell

2. Hemingweigh Himalayan Salt Lamp

HemingWeigh Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp 6-7 lbs with Wood Base, Electric Wire & Bulb

This Himalayan salt Lamp weighs 6 – 7 pounds and consists of a polished high quality wooden base, electric wire and 25 watt bulb. The salts are handmade natural Himalayan crystals. When lit, it produces a soft amber light, and the heat generated by the 25 watt causes the salt to naturally ionize the air bringing freshness to your room. The salt lamp includes a cable.


  • Excellent for meditation and relaxation
  • Environmentally conscious light source
  • An ornamental addition to any room
  • Healthy for those with breathing problems


  • It has no dimmer

1. WBM Himalayan -Natural Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp

WBM Himalayan Glow Hand Carved Natural Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp With Genuine Neem Wood Base, Bulb And Dimmer Control.8 to 9 Inch, 8 to 11 lbs.

The salt lamp has pure salt crystals from the Himalayan Mountains. It has a 25 watt bulb, and when lit it gives warm amber glow. You can use this salt lamp as a gentle nightlight, or to create a romantic mood. It provides a natural touch wherever you want to place it be it near the television, or computer, in a child’s room, or in your office. The lamp’s base is made of Neem wood.


  • The salt is sourced from the natural sources in the Himalayan mountains
  • Each unit is hand-crafted for uniqueness
  • It features an ETL approved dimmer
  • A perfect gift
  • It is excellent for spas, bedrooms, restaurants, and yoga studios


  • The dimmer switch heats up

What are Himalayan salt Lamps?

These are large crystals of pure Himalayan Salt with a small bulb inside. These are extracted from the pink  himalayan salt originated from Pakistan.These can be solid pieces of salt or decorative baskets filled with large crystals of the salt. It is essential to make sure that the salt lamp is from a pure Himalayan crystal source. Avoid cheap imitation made from rock salt.

How are Himalayan salt lamps made?

A lamp made out of Himalayan salt is made by simply putting a light bulb in large pieces of the salt. What is unique about the salt is that even though it resembles normal table salt, it has a pink hue to it. The distinctive pink color is intensified when the bulb is lit. To make Himalayan salt lamps, salt is curved from a salt mine in Pakistan known as Khewra Salt Mine.

How do salt lamps work?

Some people have speculated that the reason why salt lamps have potential health benefits is because they have the ability to change the electrical charges in the air. They are able to do this because salt is a natural ionizer. Whether Himalayan salt lamps are able to produce ions in significant amounts is still a theory that has not yet been proven.


Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

For some people, Himalayan salt lamps are decorative pieces which add color and ambience to their homes. For some, however, the salt lamps have a deeper meaning. There are many people who believe in the health benefits of the salt lamps. Here are some of the known claimed benefits of using the lamps.

Improvement of sleep cycle

Those who use Himalayan salt lamps swear by their ability to enhance sleep. The reasoning behind this claim is that because of its air ionization abilities, one would have more relaxed sleep. However, these claims have not been substantiated through science. Salt lamps would generally enhance sleep if they are viewed from the angle of helping in dimming light at night. Dim light is preferred because it regulates the level of melatonin produced by the body.

Mood enhancer

Some people also claim that Himalayan salt lamps are good for lifting up one’s mood. However, this would only happen if the person were to be exposed to high levels of negative ions. Studies have shown that this has worked for people suffering from mental health issues such as depression. However, studies have not yet established whether Himalayan salt lamps are able to release high amounts of ions into the air in the first place.

Improvement of air quality

Himalayan salt lamps have also been said to contain properties that remove pathogens in the air, hence improving air quality. Those who support this claim also believe that due to this ability, these salt lamps are ideal for people suffering from respiratory conditions such as asthma. However, just like the other two claims, studies have not found the correlation between ionization and air quality. However, some believe that the claim might be based on halotherapy, an ancient practice that involved people spending some time in a salt cave. It was believed that if the person suffered from chronic respiratory illnesses, exposure to salt would benefit them. In recent times, questions as to the effectiveness of the practice have been raised, as well as doubt as to whether it is healthy.

Are There Any Real Benefits?

While studies have not proven claims regarding the health benefits of Himalayan salt lamps, some characteristics of the salt lamps make them beneficial to different people. For instance, it is a fact that they are attractive to look at, and they would be great additions to your space. Himalayan salt lamps are also known to create a generally nice ambiance that is conducive to your relaxation. If you have trouble sleeping, you might also use it to induce sleep.

Using Himalayan salt lamps within your space does not seem to have any negative effects. In fact, it has more aesthetic value that you would imagine. While the potential benefits of salt lamps should not be overlooked, more studies need to be conducted to find out whether these claims are true or not. All in all, they are attractive to look at, and they could complement your overall home décor.

Go for Himalayan salt lamps that are made from pure, food grade,salt crystals. They have an added benefit because these can even be powdered to use as salt in your recipes if needed. Caution: confirm that the crystals are safe for human consumption before using them.

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