Best HID Kits of 2019 | Buyer’s Guide

Best HID Kits

Would you really risk driving in a foggy day through a rough terrain with dim headlights?  No, I’m sure. In the 21st century, from car seats to headlights, everything has been upgraded to deal with gruesome driving conditions. In this article, I will talk about HID kits which are a more efficient and powerful alternative to halogen bulbs as car headlights. HID Kits (High-Intensity Discharge kits) not only produce a brighter light but also offer color and brightness level customization options. Here are my in-depth reviews on the best HID conversion kits circulating in the market right now which replaces Halogen bulbs with HID Xenon bulbs.

Top 4 Best HID Kits

Best HID Kits of 2019 | Buyer's Guide51QM2BiFbhL This HID conversion kit belongs to BLITZ’s Slim series HID kits which are known for their durability and unbeatable performance. What I really love about this kit is that it uses insulated wiring that dissipates the heat quickly, thus, preventing burnouts. The sleek and contemporary design allows it to support a variety of vehicles.

Great Light Output

These HID bulbs can only be used for low beams. However, there’s a dual beam version as well. The bulbs are available in multiple colors. I didn’t face any color change or flickering so far. I have also got a fog light kit and the light output I get from it is tremendous, to say the least.

Easy Installation

I used a double-sided tape to mount the ballast behind the headlamp assembly of my 2011 Toyota Prius. The small size of the mount-less ballasts adds to the merit of the kit by simplifying the installation further. If the connectors don’t work properly during the setup, you can use a duct tape to keep them joined.


The HID bulbs have a lifespan of 4000 hours which is almost 4 times more that the life expectancy of standard halogen bulbs. The bulbs are placed inside a sturdy, waterproof T6 aluminum casing that protects it from dust and other weather elements.

In conclusion, OPT7 is one of the best HID kits in the market right now with its share of great advantages to offer. The fog light kit works incredibly well. The bulbs fit snugly into the housing without much struggle which is another big plus. The bulbs are capable of standing the test of grueling driving conditions which makes it worth every penny.

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Best HID Kits of 2019 | Buyer's Guide51mk2sh22JL Apex HID bulbs have a loyal fan base in a market hugely dominated by Kensun. This affordable HID conversion kit contains waterproof and shockproof HID bulbs. It is a plug and play type kit so, you won’t have to do any wire cutting to install it. The bulbs come in a wide range of color outputs and wattage to choose from.

Great Light Output

These dustproof, shock resistant and waterproof HID bulbs do not scatter the light even if fitted in a reflector casing. The bulbs are available in 8 color variants, ranging from 8000k ice blue to green.  I have had the opportunity to drive a car that had the 8k ice blue bulbs installed. The color temperature was exactly how it should have been. The 6k version would be suitable for off-roading. You can install it for both low beam and high beam.

Nice Fitting

I have seen this HID kit being used in 4 car models, the oldest one is a 1994 and the latest one is a 2011 model. The bulbs are available in various sizes, therefore, you can easily pick a size that would go with your vehicle the best.

Easy Installation

The digital ballasts are just as good as advertised. Its installation kit comprises of basics such as double-sided tapes, connectors, and zip ties. The ballast can effectively dissipate most of the heat emitted from the car’s engine.

In conclusion, Apex HID kit could be a value for money replacement for your car’s OEM halogen lights. It is most certainly 3X brighter than halogens and more durable than standard LED lights. The installation is a cakewalk. I haven’t observed any flickering or change in the color tone while testing the kit.

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Best HID Kits of 2019 | Buyer's Guide51ks7t26KVL Innovited AC 55W is a perfect HID conversion kit for those on a budget. It comes with a thin ballast which adds to the ease of installation. One of the most amazing features of this kit is that it doesn’t overheat even after prolonged use. For this reason, these bulbs can last for more than a year. By the looks of it, it is engineered to withstand constant abuse while you drive in a bad weather and through challenging roads. I have tested the 6000K bulb. The light is supposed to be pure white but I noticed a slight tinge of yellow.

Great Light Output

The 55w bulbs have had zero flickering issues, so far. The wiring harness is made from quality materials that help to prevent the bulbs from getting overheated. The brightness in both high and low beam are higher than I was expecting at this price range. You could observe the real brightness of these bulbs during nighttime. I have also driven my car through dense fog three weeks ago without knocking the car or any passerby down, thanks to the great visibility it offers.

Design of the Ballast

The slim and durable ballast provided in this kit is 100% waterproof and shockproof as well, to a great extent. You will get screws and mounting plates to secure the ballast to the vehicle without much hassle.

Excellent Customer Service

Though I haven’t personally ever contacted their customer care service as I never needed it, I have seen many going all praises for it. One of my close friends had an issue with the beam of one bulb. He e-mailed the problem to them and they came back with a viable solution within 24 hours.

If I compare its light output to that of Kensun, the competition is neck to neck. It is easy to install and the waterproof ballast is worth its salt. It is ideal for driving through the worst climatic conditions. I can’t vouch for the durability as I haven’t used it for more than 2 months so far. The bulbs are encased in rubber gasket for a tight and secure fit in the headlight housing of the vehicle.

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Best HID Kits of 2019 | Buyer's Guide51wqlE23y1L-1 Kensun is by far the most popular HID conversion kit right now and for all the valid reasons. If you want a HID conversion kit that is compatible with almost all the standard car models, HID Xenon could be your safest bet. It comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes. It took me roughly 25 minutes to attach it to my car’s battery. Direct battery connection helps the kit provide a steady output for a long time.

Great Light Output

Kensun Xenon is the brightest HID kit I have come across so far. Note the higher the number of “K” you choose, the bluer the color of the light gets. For example, bulbs less than 6000K output will appear yellowish. As you go higher than that, the light goes on to become deep blue. The pure white light emitted from 6000K Xenon HID bulb mimics the natural daylight.

Great Fittings

Most HID bulbs are larger in size than the traditional LED or halogen bulbs and therefore, don’t fit in the headlight housing of every vehicle. Fortunately, Kensun is an exception. I tested in on a number of both old and latest car models, it never had a fitting problem.

Easy Installation

Moreover, I could install it without any complicated wirework. However, securing the ballast in place was a bit tricky. Once you get past that step, you just have to place the bulb and twist it. Done! Moreover, the kit can be connected directly to the vehicle’s battery.

It has been over a year since I have upgraded my old OEM headlights with Kensun HID kit. The brightness is way brighter than halogens, it doesn’t flicker, the beam range allows for a safe nighttime driving condition. To top it off, the installation process is super easy which makes this HID an overall great investment.

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Buying Guide for Best HID Kits

It is important to consider a number of factors before purchasing a HID kit for your car, truck or RV. High-Intensity Discharge or HID kits are relatively new in the market. The manufacturers are bringing constant innovation to make their products competitive. There are many automobile manufacturers who will upgrade their cars’ built-in halogen or LED headlights to HID on demand for an additional cost.  In this segment, I will narrow down the basic features you should look for while making a choice.


Bulb Type

The color temperature, tone, and brightness- all are determined by the type of HID bulbs used in the kit. Instead of filaments, these bulbs use noble gases like Xenon, Argon, Neon etc to produce light. These bulbs provide 3x brighter light than halogen bulbs. A 4300K HID bulb can produce an illumination of around 3000 lumens. H1, H3, H4, H7 are the common HID bulb types.  If you’re going for H4 bulbs, do make sure they are equipped with an anti-glare shield. Otherwise, the intensity of beam will fry the pupils of people in front of your car.

Bulb Size

You have to figure out the correct bulb size for your vehicle otherwise, your entire money will go to waste. This is probably the trickiest part of the whole process. Online bulb size finders like Osram Sylvania do a great job by estimating the appropriate bulb size of various parts of the car like high beam, low beam, fog light and roof light. All you have to do is to provide your car details like model number, year of launch and their software will do the rest.
If you want to be absolutely sure about it, pull out the stock bulb and check the size labeled on it. Online bulb size finders are not 100% accurate all the time. Once you find out the right sized bulbs, you can fit the bulbs in the headlight casing with minimal effort.

Color Spectrum

HID lights come in a wide number of colors, much unlike halogen lights which provide a yellowish light. From diamond white to deep blue and green, these colored HID bulbs provide an excellent optical clarity, especially during the nighttime by improving the driver’s field of vision. No wonder HID conversion kits are high on demand these days as people are realizing the grave importance of enhancing road safety.


A HID conversion kit is a serious investment and therefore, you should only stick to an established brand while buying a model for your vehicle. Most premium kits offer a warranty period of 2 years. However, most standard models come with a one-year warranty. No reputed brand would risk their reputation by using cheap material to construct their products. That way, when you invest in a branded product, it gives you a strong sense of reliability.

Advantages of HID Kits

  • HID lights are 3-4 times brighter than halogen bulbs. The color spectrum they offer enhances the optical clarity during the night, creating a safe driving condition. Even through adverse weather conditions such as heavy snowfall, rain or fog, you get a wide field of vision.
  • Despite being brighter than halogen bulbs, HID bulbs consume around 35% less power than halogens. While high-power bulbs require 55-100 Wattage, there are 35 Watts HID bulbs as well, capable of producing a decent illumination.
  • Most premium HID bulbs have a runtime of 4000-5000 hours. The initial cost of a kit might seem a bit overwhelming but it will last long enough to make up for that expense on several occasions.


Finding out the perfect HID kit for your car is not an easy task, especially for the uninitiated. After a lot of pondering over the features and functionality of best HID Kits, I settled down for these 4 products. Apart from a reputed brand name to back them up, they have proved their mettle again and again on the field. That’ll be all for today. I hope this article will guide you throughout the selection process.

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