Best Heat Press Machines In 2017 Reviews

If you’re sign business and you what to expand into garment decoration and wish to buy your first heat press machine and you don’t know where to get them, we want to equip you with our best heat press machines that are easy to use and are user-friendly. We don’t want you to make a wrong decision which can end up to too much or buying too little heat press machine and this mistake can stunt the growth of your business. If you want to make the right decision, start pouring yourself a cup of coffee and select from our best heat press machines that have been tested to be durable, easy to use and affordable. Order them right now and you’ll expand the growth of your business.

1. Industrial-Quality Digital T-Shirt Heat Press

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Belief it or not, you’ll be so impressed when you use this heat press machine. It will be so easy to make professional looking shirts and the prints will come out looking great. Even when you have white or colored shirts, these machines will do you wonders. If you want to start t-shirt businesses, this is what to begin with and even when you don’t have enough starting capital, this machine is affordable. It is shipped with non-stick pad and you’ll get great press. This machine will worth your money and it will pay for itself within a week if you wish to start a business with it. It will offer you perfect htv applications on sweatpants, shirts, canvas bags, leggings, mouse pads, swimsuits and more. Test it today and you’ll be using it daily.

2. Digital Clamshell Sublimation Machine

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The top panel features a Teflon sheet that has been installed around it and it is very simple to set the temperature. It heats up uniformly and quickly and it will not take a lot of time before you get the desired temperature. The silicon pad can endure a maximum of 350-degree without any distortion and pressure that be adjust easily. The grip is cushy and the thick silicone pad is movable and this is perfect if you wish to get everything set up off to side and so you won’t risk burning yourself. It will go above and beyond your expectation and this sturdy machine is what you need to try. It features easy parameter setting and seventy open of heat plate is very convenient for operation. The integrated electric control system will make simply adjusting and maintenance while the dual electric system protection will give you safety operation.

3. GK100 Heat Transfer Press Machine

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It features a built-in non-stick heat platen with full-range of heating coil to enable you have consistency throughout its surface. This machine is capable of applying all types of heat transfer materials. It has digital temperature and timer control gauge which is unique and it has been designed to achieve simplicity and accuracy. You can adjust the temperature up to 435-degree F with timer which is adjustable and ranges between zero to 999 seconds and the manual lift hand is operable with its spring assist and pressure knob which is adjustable. It only need less effort when opening and closing the machine and this will enable you have smooth transition and even accuracy in pressure alignment. You can use it with all traditional transfer materials like sublimation, laser, inkjet, color copier, plastisol or standard.

4. Away Rigid Steel Heat Press Machine

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The swing-away design will enable you to rotate the upper heat platen up to 360-degree around and heating element can be moved safely aside. It has upgraded elevated lower platen that will allow room for your t-short to be easily placed into and even removed from the machine while the full-range pressure-adjustment knob will enable the pressure to be adjusted based to the thickness of your material you have. This machine can transfer onto several flat surfaced items like fabric, metal, ceramic, wood and glass. You will create your own mouse pads, license plates, tote-bags, t-shirts and many other unique and fun items. The machine will come fully-assembled with doubled boxed, operating instruction and pre-installed Teflon coated element.

5. Heat Presses Press Heat Press Machine

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You can now start your own t-shirt business and start making money. This machine is very easy to use and it takes few minutes to get to the right temperature. It will worth your money without any doubt and it will help you work faster. This handy device is simple, compact and highly durable and perfect for hobby use, individual or occasional production. It will be your lifesaver for your garment decorations and if you think starting a business, this machine will pay for itself in only one to two weeks. It features large transfer element and adjustable multi-spring balancer. You will like the full 360-degree rotation of swing-away design and the Fahrenheit and Celsius scale is selectable. This all in one five in one heat press will be used for mugs, t-shirts, mouse pads, coasters, ceramic tiles, materials and fabrics, caps, lettering and other misc and you can also use in fabrics and materials alongside with jigsaw puzzles.

Don’t ever waste your time searching the best heat press machines that are affordable when these ones exist here. Their control panel will provide you quick access to a programmable menu which allow calibration of display and allow you to get actual platen temperature and their level o precision will prevent lots of failed transfer application because of insufficient heat at the platen. They will offer you even pressure across platen and they’re robust enough for most demanding laser transfer applications and they’re able to maintain consistent temperature throughout. You’ll be using them for t-shirts, mouse pads, materials and fabric, just name them.

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