Best Halloween Costumes for Men for this Year

Best Halloween Costumes for Men for this Year

Top 9 Rated Best Halloween costumes for men

Best Halloween Costumes for Men for this Year

With Halloween around the corner, its the perfect time to pick out your Halloween costume. Since buying a costume just like buying other apparel involves critical details like choosing the right size, the right fit, and overall look, its better to start the search right away before the best ones run out of stocks.

Everyone wants to own the scariest, most frightening look in the entire neighbourhood. To achieve this, the right fit is a major consideration. After all, you dont want to look like a lanky old clown and get laughs from every other kid around the block.

In this article, we have listed 9 top costumes for Halloween, which just nail the look you desire. If you are looking for the best sexy Halloween costumes for women, click here.

Best Halloween Costumes for Men

Picture Halloween Costumes for Men Brand Price Our Rating
Men’s Alice Mad Hatter Deluxe Costume Disguise $$ 5
Men’s Count Blood Thirst Costume California’s Costumes $$ 4.9
Clown Monster Costume Morphsuit $$ 4.8
Zombie Monster Costume Morphsuit $$ 4.7
Vampire Bat Morphsuit Fancy Dress Costume Morphsuit $$ 4.6
Glow Skeleton Fancy Dress Costume Morphsuit $$ 4.5
Mummy Fancy Dress Costume Morphsuit $$ 4.5
Jaw Dropper Monster Fancy Dress Costume Morphsuit $$ 4.4
Men’s Jack O Lanten Costume Pumpkin Morphsuit $$ 4.3

Buying Guide Best Halloween Costumes for Men

Its that time of the year when you go looking for the scariest decoration for your home and garden, carving out huge pumpkins and search for the perfect costume for yourself, your girlfriend, your wife or kids.

Yes, its Halloween!

Now is the best time to pick out your costumes and give yourself the look you may have been wanting to try on just for fun. The options available today range from ghosts, vampires, skeletons, zombies, mummy, ghouls, aliens and other deadly creatures rising from the deepest, darkest caverns in hell.

Its a fun way of expressing your own unique personalities. While there are classic options, like the ones discussed above, there are always fashion trends which open up further choices for dressing up as your heart desires. For instance, the series Twilight, gave a renewed and newer outlook to the traditional vampire attire. The Mad-Hatter for one gained momentous popularity since the movie Alice in Wonderland was put up in cinemas across the globe.

So, whether you choose to go by a certain theme this year, or the traditional monsters and evil creatures, with the multiple options available to cater to your varying likes and dislikes, there are certain factors to take into consideration before finalize the perfect Halloween look for this year.

  1. Decide your budget

First and foremost you need to have a certain idea about your affordability or the amount of money you are willing to spend on your Halloween costume. Most of these costumes are worn once or maybe twice, and then kept away. You most likely wouldnt want to repeat the same costume over the next Halloween, right?

So spending too much on this one-time purchase is definitely not a wise decision.

However, since buyers understand this, most of the costumes are put up on pre-Halloween sales, to assist the customers in making their choice.

Just set a borderline for your budget and do a little market research to get a fair idea about the prices. However always keep in mind that a higher price does not necessarily guarantee a better quality.

  1. Market research

It is always better to start the search sooner than when Halloween is just days away. It gives you a wider margin and more options to look through before deciding on the one you want.

Doing a thorough search will also help you analyze different aspects of each option; in terms of price, quality, material, accessories, and sizes, etc.

  1. Visualize the final image

When you look at your options, think of yourself wearing that costume.

  • Will you be able to you carry it off?
  • What else can go with it?
  • How will it make you feel dressed up like that?

These questions will help you in deciding on the costume you can comfortably wear. You can also think about adding other fun and creative elements to get the complete look. For instance, you can use makeup to get a totally different look, blending it with the overall costume colours and theme to get a great realistic appearance. Or use some red paint to get some blood marks splattered on your zombie attire.

Having the final image in your mind is a very helpful technique in evaluating the right item for purchase. You know what you are looking for, and you can easily shortlist fewer items for ease of deciding upon one.

  1. Check the shortlisted item

You must thoroughly check and recheck the costume for any defects. At times the buyer may mention several details about the quality of the costume and other sensitive information pertaining to the care and other maintenance instructions.

So, go through all the key details before finalizing the purchase this will keep any last minute unpleasant surprises from occurring at the last minute.

  1. Check for your measurements and costume size

It is always the best to start the search for the right costume in time. This gives a wider choice in terms of designs and sizes.

When making a purchase online, the most deterrent factor is the right size. Customers everywhere are concerned about finding the right size and fit for any outfit, no matter what the occasion. For a wrong size can lead to an utter waste of money and a bitter buying experience.

The downside with costumes is that they are much more limited in sizes as compared to other apparel or outfits. Similarly, the sizes available are not as wide-ranging as the other pieces of clothing we buy. In order to cater to the various sizes, most of the manufacturers make these costumes in flexible materials, to fit each individual as per their body structure.

However, if you are not quite certain about your exact size, it is better to get the next size up in the range.

Again, if you start out with the search sooner, the sellers will have more sizes in stock and may exchange it for the right size for you in time. However, you must ensure you know your precise measurements and have them coincide with the size charts in order to find the exact size.

  1. Go through all the instructions

Often overlooked, yet very important consideration when making a purchase. You must go through all the details provided by the seller, including the washing instructions, material quality etc.

It will help you base your decision on more practical terms. An outfit may look great, and maybe you plan on wearing it to another event soon too; but what if it comes with clear instructions to dry clean only?

You may want to have it washed after wearing it for long hours, particularly on a warm summer eve. But dry cleaning could be an expensive option, and you may prefer hand washing it at home only.

You may also want to make certain alterations to a costume, but once you see the quality you realize that the stretchy material would not allow you to make cuts or poke holes in it, without any risks of ruining it.

Going through the complete product description gives you a fair idea of what you are getting your hands on. The maintenance and upkeep of the item go hand in hand with the utility of the costume.

  1. Check the return policy

If you are still undecided about what you are going to wear this night, you can always look up sellers who offer a return policy with their product.

This way you can get the best product and also stay abreast of the market for the latest trends and other options which may be available later on after youve bought the costume. It gets you a good possibility of returning the bought item and getting a more appealing one in its place.

However, always ensure you understand the complete terms and conditions of the return policy given by the sellers. For sometimes, it could include a certain fee or cost to ship it back.

  1. Accessories

Look out for accessories, those which come as part of the package, as well as those which you can purchase separately to compliment your look.

If you find someone looking exactly like you, an accessory or two can make all the difference between you two!

  1. Weather

Another point to consider is the weather youll be wearing the costume in. Halloween eve is mostly slightly breezy, its the start of winter but not quite as cold yet. But if you are indoors, having a party, you wouldnt want to sweat or get flushed under heavy layers.

For this autumn eve, a thin, more exposing material will not suit you in a majority of the locations. You should try covered costumes or something you can easily wear on top of sweaters or warmer inners.

The breathable fabrics work best, you can always wear certain clothing underneath to stay warm if necessary. But its better to check the material it is made of before getting stuck with a too warm or too cold costume.

  1. The early bird gets the worm

As emphasized over and over in this article, you need to decide upon and buy the costume timely. The earlier you buy the more benefits you can have in terms of availability of sizes, color options, and variety.

  1. Get you makeup in place

In order to get the ultimate scary look, you may need some makeup expertise. It is great if you can find the time to practice the look beforehand. It will refine your touch and you can check and see through all the items you may require for the final get up, well in advance.

  1. Wear your costume

Once you buy the costume or even before purchase, try to put it on at least once before the final day.

It will help you analyze any discomforting features of the dress. For instance, if its too tight, you can make necessary adjustments well in time or if the sight is obstructed you can try to make tiny holes to get a clarity of vision while wearing it and so on.

  1. Avoid political or religion-oriented costumes

Try to keep a distance from such costumes which could invoke a religious or political strike. Such characters may look different or cool, but there are many out there who just wouldnt appreciate the idea.

Halloween is a fun event, try to keep it fun for all.

  1. Will you actually wear it?

You may like a certain costume, it may look SO cool and above the norm. But, a very important question remains, will you wear it?

If the idea of walking around as a zombie is a big turn-off, or you love it but you just dont see yourself as a zombie, its only better to drop the idea.

Dressing up on Halloween is fun, not just for kids but men and women alike. The trend is gaining popularity over the years as the options and varieties for carrying the unique, fun and scary looks continue to flood the markets.

Evil clowns, mummies or bloody zombies will continue to haunt the roads and public parks, this year too. You can dress up by yourself or as a family of ghouls, with the multiple options available for men, women and even kids these days.

Picking out a costume can be a fun exercise if you do the required homework before setting out to buy it, you can team up with friends too and make your own clan of vampires, or do a zombie march across the street with your other zombie friends.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when picking out your Halloween costume.

Will It Fit Me Right?

The topmost concern of all individuals making the online purchase. One costume may have just the right look, the precise details you want this Halloween, but all of this could go wrong if it doesnt fit right.

We have varying physiques and heights. However, the best manufacturers make these costumes in 3 or 4 sizes to get more customers to buy from them. Moreover, there are also size charts available for the complete measurements of the whole body in order to get a perfect size.

A good thing nowadays is that many of these sellers also have return or exchange policies, in case someone wants to exchange a costume that doesnt fit right, they get it done if it is done so within a few days of buying it. So, its always better to make the purchase sooner; that way you can get it exchanged timely till the stock lasts.

Another factor to consider is that many of these costumes especially the morph suits discussed above are made from a stretchy polyester material. So it can even stretch out a bit for you to fit you like a glove.

Will It be Easy to Move Around in?

Another major consideration to keep in mind before getting your dream costume is the comfort factor. Halloween is not about staying at home or just standing or sitting still all decked up.

Your outfit may be looking great, perhaps the best at the Halloween party, but what if you cannot walk around in it without wincing?

Always check the size charts for the complete size details and if ever you are unsure about the right fit, do check out their return and exchange policy.

Keep in mind that dresses with capes, too tight-fitting or made with hard materials, may look great but might be highly uncomfortable to move around in and it wouldnt do the costume or your wallet any good if you do not wear the whole thing.

Does It Include the Accessories?

Often when making a purchase online, we overlook and miss out on certain details. Keep in mind that nothing is understood unless stated by the seller.

A hat, sword, hook or a set of vintage boots, may be just the thing that kills the look in the product image. However, once you receive your parcel, you are in for a big, nasty surprise; there are no boots!

So, always read the complete product description and all the key details given by the seller, including the fine text at the bottom. This will help you in getting a clear idea about what the whole costume includes.

It may be that the picture could have an additional broom or wand, for aesthetic purposes. However, the actual product comes without it. In order to avoid such misunderstandings, it is always advised to go through the complete details.


With Halloween just days away, the internet is flooded with thousands of options to get you the most impressive costume this year.

Each design is available in various styles, adding a distinct detail to your looks. The main thing that matters, however, is how well the costume makes you feel. As long as you are comfortable and can be yourself or as you want to act, thats all that really matters.

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