Best Golf Shoes for Comfortable Sporting Experience

Best Golf Shoes for Comfortable Sporting Experience

Best Golf Shoes for an Utmost Comfort

When out on the greens aiming for the perfect swing, the most important factor for comfort is shoes. Golfers take considerable time and energy to find the right pair of the best golf shoes for ease and comfort while going about the course on a stroll or their mini carts.

The stability, balance, and even the final swing are all affected by the golfers own comfort and balance, which primarily comes from the shoes he/she wears in the field.

We bring to you the best nine golf shoes with varying features, to pick out the right one as per your preference. Go through our complete article for further guidelines on buying the most comfortable and stylish shoe, which outshines all others on the field.

Best Golf Shoes for Comfortable Sporting Experience

Picture Best Golf Shoes Brand Price Our Rating
Freestyle Golf Shoes Navy/Orange FootJoy $$ 5
Adicross V Golf Spikeless Adidas $$ 4.9
Men’s Go Golf Tour Elite Golf Shoe Skechers $$ 4.8
Golf Men’s Nike Lunar Control II Golf Shoe Nike $$ 4.7
Men’s NBG2003 Spiked Golf Shoe New Balance $$ 4.6
Men’s Titantour Ignite Golf Shoe PUMA $$ 4.5
ADC Golf Shoes Ashworth $$ 4.5
Men’s X Nitro Golf Shoe Callaway Footwear $$ 4.4
Men’s Biom G2 Golf Shoe ecco $$$ 4.3

Buying Guide for Best Golf Shoes

Being a golfer is not just a one-time thing. As with any other sport, you need to take the time out and keep practicing till you get the perfect swing every time. To achieve further performance efficiency, the player has to be under minimal stress and have all the surrounding conditions in favor. These also include the comfort level of the golfer out on the greens.

Amongst other factors, the shoes play a major role in delivering the utmost comfort which makes you take the perfect shot, every single time.

Consider one person wearing a great golf shoe; he has zero sweat issues, maximum comfort and heel protection and the shock resistance which enables his feet to stay active and for him to play much more efficiently. While on the contrary, a person wearing a normal shoe type, he or she would not have the privilege of such amazing benefits and so, his performance would not be as well defined as the other.

Go through the following guidelines to look for the best golf shoe for your feet and watch as your performance exceeds all expectations.

First, let’s go through the basic types of shoes currently provided by the market:

Spiked Golf Shoes

The spiked golf shoes not only look great and get you the pro look you may be dreaming of but also provide the greatest slip proof features and a better balance on the grounds.

They also include other features such as those discussed above like comfort, sweat and water resistance qualities along with the latest, trendiest designs you could wish for.

These are made to be light on the feet for ease of mobility and provide a very stable hold while taking a swing.

Spikeless Golf Shoes

The best spike-less golf shoes are sleek, provide the highest comfort and padded linings but are not that noticeable across the field. So if you are looking to remain subtle, these types are the best for you.

These are getting to be more demanded these days as golfers prefer to find the best comfort for all the sprains and pains that occur due to the longer hours spent wearing and going about the 18 holes in them.

Lets have a look at the types of spikes available in the market:


Traditional metallic spikes are now becoming extinct but still preferred by some pros. These do have sharper spikes which provide a better grip and hold the shoe in place as the wearer gears for the swing.

However, the downside of these has always been their effects on the greens; they are known to tear up the grounds and leave their marks. Plus, if you try to walk on the concrete with these even for a few minutes, they are very uncomfortable and cause a lot of discomforts.

Many courses these days do not allow these spikes at all.

  • Plastic

Softer, lightweight and friendly for grass, these are very popular these days. They provide the same grip and stability as the other metal spikes. On the field, they are very comfortable and flexible and you can walk around in them with ease. Very easy to be changed too and safer than the metal ones.

  • New Spikes

Finding the right types of spikes for your shoes is another essential consideration to keep in view before making your purchase. Always look for those shoes the spikes of which are easily available.

Moreover, many of these brands come with indicators to give you an idea of when the shoe needs a new spike. It is always advised to replace them as soon as required, for better grip, stability, and performance.

  • Golf Boots

The golf boots are totally business-like and sturdy looking; these are very strong, heavier than the others, and highly water resistant. A bit heavier on the pockets, but their functionality in terms of keeping the dust and water from entering the shoe and making it uncomfortable exceeds all expectations. Ultimate robust material is used in manufacturing them so that they provide total comfort and durability.

  • Sandals

Basically designed for the warmer regions. The sandals are best suited for a warm climate, where wearing completely covered shoes could lead to a lot of discomfort and unease while walking through the greens.

Now lets have a look at what makes these shoes so comfortable, stylish and durable?

The golf shoes are made from the following as a basic part of their manufacturing:

  • Leather

Most of the best golf shoes are made from leather to provide you with the best fit, stretch free features and water resistance.

  • Synthetic Material

A cheaper and widely available alternative to the normal leather. It shields the shoe from any damage and protects its outer layer from any impact.

The markets today are filled with options for different types of golf shoes. Some may offer the most comfort, the most style, design options, and other features. They are a major consideration as you have to walk through the field for good 4-5 hours and cover vast distances.

You have to consider the main factors you are looking for to decide upon the best shoe for yourself.

The following are a few essential points to keep in view when looking for one.

  1. Stability

There are two types in this category; one keeps the foot in a proper position and offers support to the ankle, heel, etc. whereas the second type, lets your foot especially the front part of the foot to move about freely.

The former one provides good support to the feet and is especially suited for the most active lot and those who move about faster. The latter one is more suited for people who may have issues with ankles or feet. Both serve a different type of customer, so you need to decide the one that suits your needs.

  1. Spikes or Sans Spike?

There are also two categories of footwear being manufactured by designers; you can choose between spikes and spikeless.

The best spike-less golf shoes provide an added advantage of decreased weight, more comfort, and style. They can be worn on the golf course all through the day for all your daily activities.

  1. Weight

Weight plays a very significant role in comfort. A lighter shoe will provide ease of movement and more freedom than the one which weighs the foot down. But stability may go down a few points with this type; if you do not want to compromise on balance and stability, then there are slightly heavier options available in the market too.

  1. The Right Fit

To get the best fit, you need to know the exact size of your feet. Often, one foot may be very slightly bigger than the other, in that case, you need the size that fits the larger shoe.

Also, wear socks while considering your size, as you will ultimately wear these shoes along with the socks.

When trying out new shoes, try to walk around, move your toes to feel the comfort and the ease of movement it will provide. All these factors will help you select the right fitting shoe which will support your overall performance.

  1. Water Resistance

Many of these shoes come with special waterproof features. Though more expensive than the normal shoe types but provide much more comfort and protect the inner surface and the feet from moisture and yet, provide the right ventilation.

  1. Style

The style comes from your inner needs; with various options available, you have to look for one in terms of design and colors, which you can easily carry off and look your best in.

  1. Maintenance of Spikes

It is advised that the spikes should be changed every three months, considering you play weekly and on a frequent basis. This will yield the best results in terms of grip and stability.

  1. Price

The price band for the different types and styles of golf shoes is pretty wide. You may find one extremely affordable, while others may be on the extreme end of the price spectrum.

The price of a shoe is determined by the material, quality, added features like water resistance, cushioning support, etc. As discussed above these shoes may be made from leather which yields a higher quality but also an increase in price.

The other material used widely is the polyester. This leads to a significant reduction in price, but the quality and other features may not be present. Such types are the best if you have a lower budget or a relatively new player.

  1. Play Times

Another consideration is the frequency of playing golf. If you are an avid player and like to go at least once a week, then you may look for the professional footwear and the better feature equipped designs.

However, if you just play a few times, spending so much may not be a wise option. Furthermore, if you like to play for hours or walk miles on the field, then comfort, ventilation and added grip are essential points to consider, whereas if you spend lesser time, you may look for other options too.

So, make your feet happy and enjoy all the time you get on the field playing golf to your hearts delight.

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Are There Any Specific Golf Shoes Designed for Women?

Technically speaking, there were never really any golf shoes designed for women traditionally. But as times are changing, women are actively becoming part of the workforce in more or less all fields across the board; similarly, women are also participating actively in all sorts of sports.

Hence, now women are also expert golfers and the shoe manufacturers have another segment to cater to. There are various golf shoes designed for women, the focus of which is on the looks, design, comfort and stability.

They are available in a variety of designs and features like spikes for added stability, better fit, and comfort.

The best women golf shoes can be divided into the following main categories:

Standard Golf shoe

These classy, stable and spiky shoes allow a great grip while performing on the greens.

Made with polyester/leather, these shoes provide a vast variety of options in terms of design, colors, weight, stability, and comfort.

Golf sandals

The sandals have gained immense popularity in the womens golf shoe market. Used during the summers, they provide just the right comfort and stability a normal shoe provides.

They are also very pocket-friendly and suited for the summers, and also best if you do not wish to walk around the field for longer hours.

Athletic golf shoes

These are indeed the best women golf shoes and include all the elements one could ask for in a golf shoe. They have a very strong grip, spikes, great heel for support, and the looks that could kill!

Golf boot

These have high heels and lightweight to give the maximum stability. Best for all kinds of weather, even the hot and humid summers.

Are There Special Golf Shoes for People With Flat Feet?

The only thing different felt by people with flat feet while playing golf is the pain and exhaustion which settles in faster than it does for normal feet. Since this type of foot doesnt have an arch, the ability to absorb shocks while aiming for a swing is not that good.

There are however various inserts available all over the market which enable the user to place them inside the foot for increased support.

Moreover, theres a good news for all such players, there are now shoes available to support the exact foot type, enabling the wearer to enjoy golf for as long as he or she desires.

These shoes too are available in a variety of color options, sizes, and designs to help all golfers perform to their topmost potential.

Comfort is a prime concern for all golfers as the game takes considerable time and stamina standing and walking hole to hole on the greens for hours. The best golf shoes for flat feet have an increased arch to support the foot without causing any discomfort or fatigue to the heel. They increase the grip and provide a solid structural support to enable the wearer to take longer walks and enjoy great swings.

These shoes are the designed to keep you safe from sprains and other injuries and provide additional cushioning through their padded linings and shock absorption features. Plus the light weight also helps in letting the muscles stay relaxed and more active as exhaustion kicks in really slowly in these, than it does in the normal footwear.

Do You Really Need Golf Shoes to Play Golf?

The most common question across the world is, do you really need golf shoes? Wont the normal sneakers or sports shoes do just as well for golf?

True, its not that you cannot play golf at all if you do not have a golf shoe; you can wear any other sports shoes, hikers shoes, normal running shoes, sneakers, hiking boots etc. however, due to several advantages these golf shoes have an edge over the other types of footwear.

The thing is, the golf shoes are specially designed keeping the game and the players in focus. Everything the players need in terms of support, traction, balance, quality, maneuverability, style and even performance is there in all the best golf shoes.

If you compare your performance while wearing a normal shoe versus while wearing a golf shoe, you will see a marked difference. You can easily move about, take the shots and walk around the course without feeling any fatigue or discomfort even if you wear most of these for several hours.

So, the golf shoes may not be a compulsion for golf, but their benefits and importance cannot be denied under any circumstances. The major factor behind recommending these shoes is the level of safety and comfort provided by them.

Go and get your hands on the right golf shoe and get your game on!


The buying process for golf shoes can never be an easy one. You may find yourself caught in the midst of deciding whether to buy a simple shoe or one with added features, amongst the countless options available in the open market.

But once you get your dream shoe, your performance will increase drastically and you will be amazed to find yourself resisting all slips, and falls, and at a greater comfort level.

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