Best Gifts For Girlfriends That She Will Adore This Christmas

Best Gifts For Girlfriends That She Will Adore This Christmas

Best Gifts For Girlfriends
Best Gifts For Girlfriends
Surprise your girlfriendthis Christmas with the perfectgift!

Spoil her with one of these Best Gifts For Girlfriends this Christmas, and let her know how special she is with the perfect present! Choosing the right gift is essential when it comes to expressing your feelings, especially if you struggle to do so in words. A thoughtful, fun, orpractical gift can let her know how much you care for her without you even having to say a thing. Want some ideas and tips on getting a gift for your girlfriend? Keep reading and we’ll have you sorted in no time!

Best Gifts For Girlfriends

Picture Product Name Romantic / Practical Price Our Rating
Beats Solo2 Wireless Headphones Practical $$$ 5
Kate Spade Walk On Air Fragrance Romantic $$$ 4.95
Lundorf Flora Gloves Practical $$$ 4.5
Patterned Combo Yoga Mat Practical $$ 5
Beautify Makeup Organizer Practical $$ 4.75
WRISTOLOGY Scalloped Watch Romantic $ 4.77
Pink Swarovski Flower Pendant Necklace Romantic $ 5
The Great British Bake Off Big Book of Baking Practical $ 4
Moscow Mule Copper Mugs Practical $ 4.95

A Quick Guide To Picking The Best Gifts For Girlfriends

Relationships come in all shapes and sizes, from casual and carefree to serious and devoted (and everything in between), but one thing remains the same – buying a gift for your girlfriend can be stressful, especially if it’s for a big occasion like your first Christmas together, or an anniversary. The cultural practiceof gift-giving is an important way of showing your loved one how you feel about them, and the perfect gift is truly worth a thousand adoring words! When choosing a gift for your girlfriend, you’ll need to know what her interests are, how much you should spend on a gift, and what kind of gift will be appropriate for the state of your relationship. It may sound like a lot of extra effort for a simple Christmas gift, but if you put in the effort now, there will be less potential damage control! If you’re unsure where to start in the perilous world of shopping for women, take a look at these frequently asked questions, and our answers.

What arethe best romantic gifts for girlfriends?

If you want to surprise her with a romantic gift this Christmas, it’s best to go for something personal, sentimental, and unique, and to steer clear of stereotypical “romantic” gifts such as chocolates, tacky underwear, and gaudy costume jewellery. A romantic gift is one that truly reflects how you feel for her, and it should show that you understand her passions and that you treasure your shared memories as a couple. Romantic gifts needn’t be expensive, or DIY, but they do need to be thoughtful and relevant to your relationship. A gift that reminds her of a great moment you shared, or a gift that she can keep as a token of your relationship, are both great ideas. Here is a breakdown of the best kinds of romantic gifts, with some handy dos and don’ts to help you with your selection.

  • Personalized or Unique Jewellery

Firstly, be warned – you might want to avoid buying her a ring, unless it’s THE ring, to save yourself the embarrassment of explaining that you are not, in fact, proposing. Sure, she might adore those silver stacking rings you bought for her, but giving your girlfriend a small cube-shaped jewellery box as a surprise gift might give her the wrong message. This could have good or bad consequences, so proceed at your own risk.

Small, dainty jewellery such as thePink Swarovski Flower Pendant Necklace will put a smile on her face and she will think of you whenever she wears it. Earrings and bracelets are also good choices, and if she owns a charm bracelet, you can buy her a charm or two that have special meaning for the both of you. For example, you could get her a starfish charm as a souvenir of a beach holiday you enjoyed together, or seashell earrings to remind her of your happy memories. Jewellery that incorporates her birth stone is also a lovely personal touch.

  • Perfumes & Fragrances

If she likes perfume and trying out new fragrances, why not buy her an interesting and uplifting scent such asKate Spade New York Walk On Air? Fragrances are a very personal gift, as the unique blend of scents should suit her personality and enhance her mood. There are many romantic and beautiful fragrances available to choose from – all you need to do is find out what she prefers, and then choose a fragrance that is both well-suited to her preferences, and also within your budget! Bear in mind that not all women like floral fragrances. You shouldfind out if your girlfriend like musky, incense-influenced scents, breezy ocean scents, zesty citrus fragrances, or the more traditional delicate florals. If you’re worried about choosing the wrong fragrance, you can always buy her a cute set of sample-sized perfumes so she can try out several different fragrances and choose one that she likes!

  • Accessories

Yes, accessories CAN be romantic gifts! Christmas is the perfect time to get your girlfriend a beautiful cosy accessory as a gift – scarves, hats, gloves, and other winter woollies are all great choices. A pair ofLundorf Flora Leather Gloves will brighten up her festive season, and she will adore the feminine and elegant design. Choose interesting, fashionable accessories over boring practical accessories that she could pick up for herself. Look for interesting colours, details, and something extra special that will stand out. If your relationship is at that stage where buying lingerie is appropriate, you could get some something pretty and lacy for her at a boutique. Double check her sizes with some sneaky investigation to avoid insulting her with underwear that is too large, or too small! If in doubt about whether to get her lingerie, don’t do it. It may save you awkwardness if her expectations are mismatched and she is embarrassed by your gift.

What are some ideas for great creative gifts for my girlfriend?

Creative, sentimental, and unique DIY gifts are a fantastic choice if you have a strict budget, or if you are tired of conventional gifts. The world of DIY gifts is vast and interesting – personalized key rings and jewellery, personalized wine labels, scrapbooks, letters, sharpie-decorated mugs, and much more. If you’re keen to create a beautiful, sentimentalDIY gift for your girlfriend, then take a look at these tips and ideas!

  • Keep it simple and personal

It is essential to be realistic about your DIY crafting abilities! If you have basic sewing / paper crafting skills, thenstick to what you know instead of attempting something overly complicated that could turn out badly. If you’re arty, handy with electronics, or even a great cook or baker, put these skills to good use when you make your girlfriend a creative gift. If you make something with your own hands, you’ll already be going the extra mile with effort and consideration, so make the most of it by using skills you already have.Time-management is also an essential part of the DIY gift-making process. Make sure that you allow enough time to plan your gift, gather / buy the materials, and then make it. Bear in mind that some steps of the assembly / creation process might take more time than you initially planned for, so allow a little room for unexpected setbacks or extra finishing touches.

  • Think outside the box

Once you have an idea, find a way to give it an extra special twist to make it unique. For example, if you want to frame a map of a place you’ve been on vacation, find a way to add something extra to set your gift apart from the trendy Pinterest ideas she may have seen over and over again online. You could also write her a letter, or make her a photo collage, to let her know how much she means to you – little details and a “storyof us” kind of theme are bound to make a winning DIY gift.

  • Don’t hesitate to add some sentimental touches

You don’t need to go all-out sweet and soppy if it’s not in your nature, but in general, some sentimental additions to a DIY gift are a good idea. You could find a novel way to proclaim your love, if words are not your style – research tokens of love in different cultures, and give her a symbolic gift and tell her the story of what it means. She will love your creativity and the amount of effort and thought you’ve gone to! It may be tempting to go over-the-top with romantic poetry and recycled ideas, but remember to be genuine, above all – false claims or clichd lines will fall flat and she will be able to see right through your less than authentic claims. If you don’t feel earth-shattering love, then don’t proclaim it, simply speak from the heart about what you feel.

How much should I spend on a Christmas gift for my girlfriend?

This is a great question, as the amount of money you spend on a gift can be symbolic of your intentions within the relationship, or how much you are investing in the relationship with your girlfriend. Even if these things are not on your mind when you buy a gift, they do play a part in the tricky gift-exchanging ritual that intensifies around Christmas! She may say “it’s the thought that counts”, but often, other things count too, like price and sentimentality. So, how do you navigate the “how much should I spend” minefield?

  • What is the status of your relationship, on a scale of “casual” to “getting ready to pop the question”?

The longer you have been together, and the more serious / committed your relationship is, the more you should spend. That is the general guidelinefor birthdays, Christmas, and anniversaries. For example, if you’ve been dating a new girl for 2 weeks and you need to buy her a birthday gift, you should spend around $15 – $30, depending on your budget. If you’ve been with your lady for several years, you should get her a more expensive, high quality gift such as theBeats Solo2 Wireless Headphones, or another fabulous gift around $175. Of course, if you’re saving for an engagement ring, you should spend less on Christmas gifts and perhaps choose to make a romantic DIY gift instead!

Giving a very expensive gift to a brand-new girlfriend may seem like a great idea to gain her affections quickly, but it is always a better idea to resist “buying” commitment and sticking to a genuine and appropriately priced gift. Made simple: get your new girl a pretty, affordable bracelet instead of expensive diamond earrings. Unless you are truly wealthy, in which case, go for it!

  • Respect your budget

The above being said, sometimes you just won’t be able to afford expensive gifts, and that’s okay. Going into debt to afford “the perfect present” is really not necessary, and can even be reckless, at worst. If you have an expensive gift in mind and are dead set on getting it, don’t eat into your savings or spend a whole month’s paycheck at once – rather budget carefully over a few months so you can spread out the cost and cut back accordingly. The larger your budget, the more you can spend in a responsible way. If she knows that you are struggling financially, she will likely understand that you cannot afford an expensive gift, and that you are not simply a stingy guy! It can also be easy to get carried away when shopping online, so decide your budget before you click “add to cart”.

In summary, what you can take away from this gift guide is: be observant, sensible, and genuine when getting your girlfriend a Christmas gift. That’s all it takes – a bit of thinking about your relationship and your girlfriend, some budgeting, and then actually following though on getting or making the gift. A handwritten card is a great addition to any gift, as well as attractive wrapping paper and a gift bag. Don’t forget those little finishing touches – they can make a whole lot of difference.

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