Best Gaming Laptops Under $1000 In 2017 Reviews

Having fun does not have to be too expensive, when you get the best gaming laptops under 1000$, you can enjoy all the gaming action as well as carry out the normal stuff that you would do on a laptop like typing documents, storing music, and browsing the internet among others. The are a number of laptops for under one thousand dollars but not all of them can perform to the level these ones below can perform.

We are taking into consideration a number of the top priorities you should consider when buying a gaming laptop but wanting to save a few valuable backs while doing so. These laptops have fast processors, impressive graphics, easy to carry around and are made by trusted companies in the computer business so you will be assured to enjoy your gaming experience along with other things you may do on the computer.

#1.Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series

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This is a laptop that was definitely designed with gamers in mind. The battery of the Dell 15 7000 series is what lets you know it is for gaming. It lasts much longer than so many other laptops in its category but that is not all that gives it the claim to a place in the list of best gaming laptops under 1000$. The Audio on this bad boy will also register as quite impressive especially for a laptop this size. The speakers are really powerful and do not irritate.

The design of this laptop too is worth turning to have a second look, many people will be wanting to take a closer look at this laptop. You should also know that it runs with windows 10 and when you couple that with its fast processor, you will enjoy record time loading with no buffering. Other pluses are its light weight and good graphics.

#2.ASUS K501UW-AB78

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This is a highly functional laptop, if you are looking for a laptop that just does exactly what you are in need of, then this is the one for that. It has 8GB of RAM which is enough to ensure that it will run most of the latest games at high to medium settings and you are even able to increase the storage to ensure better performance. Asus must have been looking to provide great value for money and they succeeded when they came up with this laptop and they did not set the price over 1000 dollars.

The graphics may not be mind blowing but they are certainly impressive and god enough to provide the kind of thrill you would want when gaming. It helps that it runs the latest intel i7 processor and NVIDIA graphics which makes it able to stream high definition videos with no problems.


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This Asus is designed uniquely to give an attractive gaming attractiveness. From the first time you see it, you can tell that it is a gaming laptop. It has ample RAM of 16 GB which will support a number of functions being performed at the same time. Even if with time you need to upgrade, it has the capacity to handle that so that you can play games that will be released years to come.

This is a really great laptop to play games live online as it is made to support smooth flow of data with fast WiFi for better enjoyment without instances of freezing or buffering. It comes at a good price and has great functionality which makes it one of the best gaming laptops under $1000.

#4.Dell Inspiron i7559-2512BLK

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This laptop offers ten times faster transfer speeds for data between the laptop and an external hard drive or any other external storage device. You will certainly be impressed also by the long life battery which can go for over 10 hours which is probably more than enough gaming time for a day. It is the right companion for you on a long flight or a road trip when you would want to keep entertained either playing your favorite game or streaming movies or listening to music.

Whatever the task, you will be able to perform it on this Dell Inspiron. The laptop is impressively durable and the hinges, in particular, are quite impressive – they remain tight even after a number of opens and closings. The touch screen produces really nice graphics to enhance the gaming experience.

#5.MSI GP62 Leopard Pro-002

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When you put the MSI side by side with a number of its competitors, this one will come out the victor as the best gaming laptop under $1000. It presents pretty decent features like its processing speed and portability which are some of the important things you would look for in a gaming laptop.

It comes with the opportunity to upgrade storage which makes it convenient when you are trying to play other games with higher resolutions and that may demand more processing power. Most people who have it say it is just right.


Making the choice between these best gaming laptops under $1000 should not be much of a problem. Whichever you may choose is already among the best so you should not be disappointed with the choice you make.

There may be a few minor differences in things like price and processing speeds as well as graphics but the bottom line is you would be able to play just about any game and perform several other functions with any of these laptops.

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