Best Fountain Pens Reviewed in 2021

‘Don’t you think handwriting is slowly becoming obsolete?’ That was a question a friend posed to me. And for a moment, I thought about SMSes, emails, typing, audio recording and electronic signatures. Even worse, swiping credits cards to pay for goods is the norm as opposed to writing checks. But I believe there will be no such a time when pens will stop being used. Pens are still widely employed in offices to append signatures and take quick notes.

Fountain Pens

Fountain pens may be old but certainly not out of date. They are widely preferred over their ball-point counterparts for their unique advantages. They allow smoother handwriting without exerting too much pressure on the paper and sport a very elegant and classy look, a status symbol of sorts. And if you are planning to buy one, doesn’t matter if it is as simple thing as a pen, you deserve the best fountain pens that are available.

Keeping this in mind, we have reviewed here the ten best fountain pens in 2021. Read ahead to choose you pick.

10. Scribe Sword Fountain Pen

Scribe Sword Fountain Pen

The Scribe Sword Fountain Pen features a well-balanced weight, and a medium nib to deliver the right writing thickness. This unique brand is easy to handle and use. Its ink flows from the nib smoothly and consistently to glide across your writing surface. This brand will deliver unmatched calligraphy writing effortlessly. It comes in a stylish and polished stainless steel casing to make it appear elegant. It also affords your pen the protection necessary to withstand breakage from falls.

The Scribe Sword Fountain Pen packaging is professional and in a pressed and stitched leather case. Additionally, you can have it engraved for a personal touch and as a gift. The cap works with an airtight snap seal to secure the nib when not in use and to prevent loss of ink or to mess yourself. It has a capillary system that spreads ink on paper in an economical but sufficient manner.

What We Like
  • Economic capillary system
  • Light and comfortable design
  • Polished stainless steel case
  • Snap-seal cap (airtight)
Our Verdict

The polished stainless steel used to make this fountain pen’s case is not only stylish but also durable. It also fits comfortably in hand, which enables people to write for long without getting tired. Filled with quality ink, you will write on most paper issue-free.

9. Faber-Castell E-motion Fountain Pen

Faber-Castell E-motion Fountain Pen

The Faber-Castell E-motion Fountain Pen has a comfortable and ease-of-use design that glides smoothly on paper. The cap and clip have a deep-black polish with a stylish and classic finish. Moreover, although heavy, its perfectly balanced design does not irritate the hand or wrists while in use for long. The shape is unique so that you can comfortably write for a prolonged period.

The elegant Faber-Castell E-motion Fountain Pen features a decorative diamond engraved barrel that also makes its use more comfortable. The quality of its medium nib allows you ultimate control of your writing style over different types of paper. The flow control system for its ink also ensures uniform thickness and calligraphy irrespective of your writing angle. The cap is easy to fit by clicking to protect the nib while the clip allows you to carry this pen in your pocket comfortably.

What We Like
  • Deep black barrel
  • Medium tip pen
  • Uniform thickness
  • Secure pen cap
Our Verdict

With Faber-Castell E-motion, you get a deep black fountain pen with a medium tip that writes smoothly on all paper. This comfortable pen writes uniformly and evenly, which makes it good for students. Its textured case prevents slipping while in use.

8. Pilot MR Retro Pop Collection Fountain Pen

Pilot MR Retro Pop Collection Fountain Pen

The Pilot MR Retro Pop Collection Fountain Pen has many notable attributes. First, it has a classical and elegant look that does not scratch nor fades over time. It also has a thick brass barrel, stainless steel accents combined with a middle ring, and premium matte finish. The pen will blend well with an official or casual outfit. Its high-quality design is durable and fitted with a smooth medium-sized nib that writes seamlessly on most types of paper. The tip is excellent and does not scratch writing surfaces. Additionally, you can use it from any angle, and it will produce even handwriting. This pen is compatible with both ink cartridges and bottled inks. The package includes a squeeze ink converter to allow you flexibility and convenience of refilling.

What We Like
  • Smooth, mid-tip pen
  • Stylish retro-theme
  • Durable brass barrel
  • Scratch/fade-proof
  • Refillable barrel
Our Verdict

Pilot MR Retro is a refillable retro-themed fountain pen, with a smooth medium-sized tip. It is scratch-proof, comfortable, and has a cool-looking retro-theme that students and executives like.

7. Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen

Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen

If you want to start writing or signing your checks with an ink pen, the Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen is a perfect choice. It is also an affordable luxury item to own for your daily use. It comes with an ink control system to regulate the flow to the nib. Hence, most adults and children can use it on a day-t0-day basis without straining their wrists/fingers. The nib is fine and slides on any paper without breaks or pricking the surface.

With each original pen you order, you get a starter cartridge for refilling the pen. You also get a stylish pen with a robust brass casing that comes in different colors. These include champagne gold, and matte burnished silver, to name a few. Each pen also has a blend of stainless-steel decors and an ergonomic shape that fits comfortably in hand. Expect value for your money.

What We Like
  • Robust brass casing
  • Stainless steel décor
  • Ergonomic design
  • Free starter cartridge
  • Luxurious design
Our Verdict

Pilot Metropolitan is a durable and good-looking fountain pen that writes smoothly on paper. It does not bleed while in use. It also fits comfortable in hand and has long-lasting components.

6. Pilot Varsity Pack Fountain Pen

Pilot Varsity Pack Fountain Pen

Unlike many others, the Pilot Varsity Pack Fountain Pen offers you the choice of a variety of vibrant colors to use on different papers with different shades. This multipack is convenient to use as you do not refill but dispose of them after the ink supply has depleted. The medium nib is stainless steel. It also has a liquid ink control system, which feeds ink to the pen’s nib efficiently to prevent wastage. The pen is thus ideal for taking notes in class.

The different colors allow you to format your notes in style and to highlight important points for ease of reference. The nib will write smoothly and tirelessly without scratching the paper even when to write fast. More so, the cartridge is clear to view the amount of ink remaining to avoid unnecessary disappointments.

What We Like
  • Liquid ink control
  • Robust nib (stainless steel)
  • Many vibrant colors
  • Works on most papers
Our Verdict

Pilot Varsity is a pack of fountain pens in vibrant colors. Its fine tip and liquid ink control enhance its efficiency. Moreover, because it is light and fits comfortably in hand, students like this pen. It is one of the best brands in the market for note-taking.

5. Wordsworth Fountain Pen

Wordsworth Fountain Pen

The Wordsworth Fountain Pen has a superior and carefully thought design. It has six ink cartridges and converters for refiling it when empty. The pen also has a medium nib with a nicely curved tip nicely curved and a distinctive writing edge. The ink flow design of this makes smooth and consistent delivery of ink. Therefore, when writing slowly or fast, the lines are continuous and of the same thickness. Even on a poor-quality writing paper, it will still deliver legible freestyle letters.

The superior design of this fountain pen lasts for long. Its chrome nib, for instance, does not bend when you exert adequate pressure. The barrel is metal with a balanced weight that you can handle easily. Its cap, on the other hand, has a tight-fitting ring that secures the nib and clips on to your pocket. Finally, the black polish used to finish the pen is very elegant.

What We Like
  • Stylish black finish
  • Curved medium nib
  • Smooth on all paper
  • Tight-fitting cap
  • Six ink cartridges
Our Verdict

The comfortable design of Pilot Varsity fountain pen is perfect for taking notes. It also has a curved tip that does not dig into paper and a secure cap that prevents leaks. Each pen has six cartridges and a converter for refilling its barrel when ink runs out.

4. LUXUN Fountain Pen

LUXUN Fountain Pen

The LUXUN Fountain Pen has a modern classic design made of solid brass and bamboo wood. It also has stainless steel accents that that boost its charm further. LUXUN has a perfectly balanced weight for comfortable handling and ease of writing. The nib comes in genuine iridium, which is sturdy and able to withstand pressure. Finally, its capillary technology releases ink efficiently to prevent leaks and bloating. Thus, while taking notes or signing documents, you will get quality results always.

The pen is compatible with universal ink cartridges. You can also refill with your desired ink using the ink converter. It also allows you to switch colors easily by flushing the current ink with water. The sophisticated design of the nib and its barrel withstands the test of time. The eco-friendly bamboo wood box presents this brand as a special gift to a business partner, professional, or anyone who loves to write notes by hand.

What We Like
  • Durable iridium nib
  • Eco-friendly bamboo
  • Smooth capillary action
  • Refillable fountain pen
Our Verdict

Most fountain pens have a reputation for bloating on thin newsprint papers. Others have heavy and poorly balanced designs that strain the wrist and hands while in use for long. The LUXUN Fountain Pen is different. Its effective capillary action prevents leaks and bloating while in use. You also get a refillable pen with a fine tip, metal case, and bamboo box for storage.

3. BEILUNER Luxury Fountain Pen

BEILUNER Luxury Fountain Pen

The BEILUNER Luxury Fountain Pen is a superior quality brand with a classic finishing. It has a golden iridium nib that is both stylish and durable. The medium nib also has a fine tip that glides on the surface of papers to write clearly. You will have a positive experience with one whether you are left or right-handed. Finally, this pen writes on all types of paper without bloating.

The stainless-steel barrel of this fountain pen has a smooth finish that is non-slip as well. You can grip it comfortably while writing, sign documents, or take notes in class issue-free. It also has an evenly distributed weight, which easies its control and comfort further. Therefore, BEILUNER will not strain your wrist while taking notes for long. Finally, you get a protective cap with a silver clip for securing the fountain pen on your shirt’s pocket.

What We Like
  • Comfortable to use
  • Has a protective cap
  • Golden iridium nib
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Non-slip barrel
Our Verdict

The iridium nib of the BEILUNER is not only durable but also designed to write seamlessly on all paper types. The pen also has a lightweight, ambidextrous design that benefits right and left-handed individuals and a protective cap with a secure silver clip.

2. Parker Jotter Fountain Pen

Parker Jotter Fountain Pen

It is prudent to use a tool that puts your words on paper wisely and portrays your professionalism. The Parker Jotter Fountain Pen is one tool for either official or leisure use. It is comfortable to use and thus suitable for note-taking during lectures. It also has a long-lasting and balanced design with a non-slip metal case. The pen comes can in several colors, each with a gift box. Thus, you can use it to surprise a loved one during his birthday.

When it comes to style and elegance, this brand has put a lot of effort into the production of this well accented, shiny pen. The arrowhead clip on its cap is secure. While traveling, you can secure it on the top pocket of your shirt to prevent loss. Moreover, the nib has a featherlike shape that ensures every word you write is smooth and clear on paper. Each pen comes with quality ink that you can use to refill the fountain pen when ink runs out.

What We Like
  • Many unique colors
  • Refillable fountain pen
  • Clear on most paper
  • Secure arrowhead cap
  • Ideal for traveling
Our Verdict

Parker Jotter is a comfortable metal pen with an ergonomic and leak-proof tip. You can refill it when empty. Moreover, it has a secure cap and a luxurious design that does not fade over time. Parker Jotter comes in many colors that you can refill when empty.

1. Cross Townsend Fountain Pen

Cross Townsend Fountain Pen

The Cross Townsend Fountain Pen is an all-time favorite brand of students and office workers for many reasons. Its robust design is not only durable but stylish as well. The 23k gold plated and ultra-fine nib on offer, for instance, is one of a kind. It is smooth, durable, and has a sophisticated look that its users love. Its solid chrome case is equally stylish and durable, as well.

The fine nib is from 18k gold material, and hand-finished to add a regal feel to each document you sign off. Its ink flow (capillary system) matches the speed of your writing. Whether you are writing slowly, for instance, it releases slowly to prevent leaks. Therefore, the system ensures consistency in ink supply to the nib for a smooth writing experience. Finally, this pen comes with fine or medium nibs. Both are smooth and designed to write smoothly on all paper, which is good. You also get two ink cartridges for refilling and a deluxe gift box for safe storage.

What We Like
  • Gold-coated pen nib
  • Refillable ink barrel
  • Works on all paper
  • Efficient capillary action
  • Medium or fine nibbed
Our Verdict

Whether you choose the fine or medium nibbed Cross Townsend fountain pen, you will enjoy using one. Both nibs write smoothly on all types of paper. Moreover, via capillary action, it dispenses ink efficiently without leaks and or bloating. Order yours today.

Shopping Guides for Fountain Pens


The design and structure of your pen’s nib depict the type of writing experience you will have. Low-grade ones dig into paper and are therefore frustrating to use. They also leak and or bloat often and are thus challenging to use on newsprint paper. For the best results, buy a pen with a premium nib made of copper or a gold-coated metal. Models with rounded tips are also ideal, especially for signing documents or note-taking on newsprint.


Whether you are a student or business executive, it is a good idea to buy a fountain pen that you will enjoy using. Light and well-balanced models, for instance, are ideal. They fit comfortably in hand and are less strenuous on the fingers and joints, which is perfect.


Is the fountain pen you are planning to buy a refillable on one-off one? Refillable pens are cheaper in the long term. You can also use many colors in a single pen, which is ideal. However, pre-filled one-off pens are convenient. Most work off the shelf.

Conclusion: Fountain pens are in demand in homes and schools for two board reasons. First, even though costlier than ballpoint pens, most models are clearer and comfortable to use. They fit snug in hand and have refillable designs that save people a lot of money in the long-term. For the best results, order one of the premium models reviewed herein. Their robust and non-slip designs fit comfortably in hand. They write smoothly on most types of paper and have stylish and long-lasting designs that people like.