Best Fifth Wheel Hitches of 2019 | Buying Guide

Best Fifth Wheel Hitches

Inventions like the fifth wheel hitches were designed to increase the capacity of automobiles without compromising the original design of the vehicle itself. With the best, you would have your fifth wheel box hooked and ready to hit the road without having you worry about falling off, or damaging your vehicle when you get into bad roads.

Top Five Best Fifth Wheel Hitches

In consideration of the terms explained above, these products have been carefully selected and reviewed to ensure that you get the best fifth wheel hitch for your vehicle.

5Pro Series 30056 Fifth Wheel Hitch 15K

Best Fifth Wheel Hitches of 2019 | Buying Guide41yDVM5j2BUL This Reese Draw-Tite model with the inclusion of slide and rails as well as the universal mount is one of the best fifth wheel hitches on the market today. It features a two-piece handle, which is an improved body part version as compared to the pre-existing models. This handle has an increased strength and durability enough to withstand damage from the modified legs.

Other features include a rounded slide bar jaw mechanism, a mounting kit with four bolt rails, a 4-way pivoting head, which eases the hookup even in bad driving conditions like uneven terrains, bumps, etc. The slide bars have a rounded slide bar jaw mechanism and a tilt of 5 degrees thereby providing easier hookup, are very durable and unfailing compared to the dual jaw method which seems to be the conventional trend on the market today.


  • They are designed for automatic self-latching
  • They are amazingly durable for their price
  • Installation and uninstallation is very easy
  • Every purchase pack includes a mounting kit and 4 bolt rails
  • It has a three-year limited warranty

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4CURT 16245 Q24 Fifth Wheel Hitch

Best Fifth Wheel Hitches of 2019 | Buying Guide316EzUGZ4WL This CURT model of fifth hitch wheels is made of sturdy steel with a durable carbide powder finish. Even though the installation might require more than one pair of hands to put in place, it’s totally worth the stress. In every pack are four clips and pins used to secure the rails and the hitch together, so, you don’t need to worry about extra accessory purchases.

Its height adjustment feature ranges from 12 inches to 17 inches and has a gross towing weight capacity of about 24,000lbs. With this, it can support a vertical load capacity of 6,000 lbs.

The CURT 16245 Q24 features a dual jaw locking system, which provides a 360-degree contact with between the kingpin and the jaw. Its 3-point indicator system, which is visible from inside the cab of the truck, is color coded providing you with alerts when the hitch is uncoupled, coupled or ready to tow.


  • It is covered by a 10-year warranty plan
  • It’s easy to install and uninstall
  • Its jaw locking system does not allow any noises
  • So far no user has had any complaints about it

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3B&W Trailer Hitches RVK3600 Fifth Wheel Hitch

Best Fifth Wheel Hitches of 2019 | Buying Guide41IPLN8LQzL

The B&W RVK3600 Fifth Wheel Hitch has a design, which fits the four pre-existing drills in various truck beds including that of the RAM 2500 and 3500 truck beds, it has a universal railing system. Even with that, its conversion to a level bed is quite easy, mildly requiring the release of the latching handles.

It also features a fully head hitches but with the exclusion of the mounting rails. However, it mostly fits the four pre-existing pucks mounted on your truck beds. The polyurethane bushings prevent the jaw system from making noises.

Hook-ups and releases are very easy with the 1-inch thick cast metal jaws, which provide seamless connections to the hitch every time and guaranteeing you a smooth towing/hitching experience. That being said, installing and uninstalling the B&W model is very easy as it features custom railings.


  • It is covered by the B&W lifetime warranty
  • Installation can be done within 10 minutes

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2CURT 16130 Q20 Fifth Wheel Hitch

Best Fifth Wheel Hitches of 2019 | Buying Guide31IQTSzAcKL

The CURT Q20 model has been known to have a very impressive amount of towing power with a capacity of 20,000 lbs. with a vertical load limit of about 5000lbs. Its design features dual locking jaws with a three-position coupling system and a self-aligning head that eases the coupling process.

Its durability is complemented by a carbide powder finish with protects it from corrosion, scratching or ultraviolet damage due to the sun’s heat index. In every pack is a standard set of wheel legs that you can mount the truck on for stops and vacations. Installation is easy and can be done by oneself.

It features provides you with extra security with its dual locking jaws and spherical axial bearings that have smooth 360-degree head movement and kingpin contact and serve you with a silent and even towing.


  • Installation and uninstallation is easy and quick
  • It has self-aligning heads
  • It requires single and simple hand operation
  • You can choose different towing capacities and wheel leg types
  • It’s worth more than it costs

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1B&W Companion 5th Wheel Hitch RVK3500

Best Fifth Wheel Hitches of 2019 | Buying Guide419Up3MAnbL

According to existing users, the B&W Companion 5th Wheel Hitch works like it was basically designed to rectify sloppiness in hitches, therefore, providing you with a quiet and jerk free model. It has a gross towing weight of 20,000 lbs. and a vertical load limit of 5000 lbs. This detachable fifth wheel hitch features a fully articulating head, which allows a 360-degree pivoting/ jaw to kingpin contact. It has a Cam action latching handle which aids easy release even on uneven roads.

It is made of corrosion-resistant gray powder coated steel which complements its durability. It has a lockable setting, which secures the trailer to the hitch, although the padlock is sold separately. It doesn’t have mounting rails but is engineered for an impressive stability and strength.

The Polyurethane bushings provide a quiet and rattle free experience even that the slide bar jaw types. It also has a two-piece design for simple set-up and removal to ease installation.


It has a limited lifetime warranty
It has easy installation
It has corrosion resistant features
Its price complements its quality
It doesn’t make any noise due to the polyurethane bushings

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Buying Guide for the Best Fifth Wheel Hitches

To get the best, there are lots of considerations you need to go through to avoid any form of accidents including the damage to the contents of the truck or your truck itself. Some of these considerations include;

Jaw Types

Single Jaw

The single jaw design uses a one-piece locking jaw, which acts like a wedge and provides the best jaw – kingpin contact. Technically, it takes away the slack so that the hitch is an integral part of the vehicle. In this case, the hitch is firmly hooked to the vehicle and there is no play between the vehicle and the hitch. They are mostly found on tow hitches with 25000 lbs. rating or more.

Double Jaw

These types offer just as much quality connection as it surrounds the kingpin while it slides into the fifth wheel. While the kingpin slides in, it hits the rear jaw, which in turn snaps and locks.

Sliding Bar Jaw

These types are mostly found on low capacity fifth wheel hitches, basically under 20,000 lbs. rating capacity. In these types, when the trailer is hitched on, the bar handle creates a physical barrier when it slides in and this way prevents the kingpin from sliding out. With this, the sliding bar jaw creates more play between the kingpin and the hitch, which produces noises while you accelerate and brake on the highway.

However, this is much more convenient at it allows space between the kingpin and the hitch during turns to prevent them from colliding with each other.

Conclusively, reviews have shown that the single jaw is the best type to use under this category. If you’re not convinced, you should probably ask a professional.

Rails and Rail Kits

These are very crucial to the installation of the hitch and majorly include brackets, bolts, etc. However, to settle the debate for the best rail type for you, There are two basic types, namely;

Universal Rails

They seem very difficult to install, but afterward, they are totally worth it. Universal rails as the name imply works on most trucks on the highway. They are more efficient and stronger, but the major disadvantage is that they require you to drill into the frame of your truck. That being said, they are not so easy to install.

Custom Rails

These, on the other hand, have to be bought based on the pre-existing factory drilling modifications on the truck. They are quicker and easier to install, but harder to find matches.

Other key hitch accessories include the

Quick install bracket – which saves you the trouble of drilling the frame of your truck,
Truck bed liners – which serve as a shield to your truck’s frame irrespective of the material its made of. You drill on them instead, and when you unhitch your wagon, your track remains undamaged.

Wiring Harnesses – which help with operational lights as the fifth wheel would be covering your rear lights while hooked. This moves the bumper socket closer while acting like a partially permanent extension cord.

You also need to consider your vehicle’s rated towing capacity; your gross trailer weight and the hitched rated towing capacity.


With a good knowledge of the use of fifth wheel hitches and the most important features as explained above, you should be able to choose the best fifth wheel hitch from the carefully selected and reviewed list with any stress.

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