Best Fax Machines Reviews 2019

The Internet has rendered several communication technologies obsolete because of its speed and ease of use. However, those that treasure safety or work in business environments where paper-based evidence is vital, fax machines remain vital, even in today’s technological era. They are space-efficient, cost effective (to buy and operate), and do not require training and or a lot of skill to use, as most modern technologies. If you send and or receive several faxes every day and want a good replacement machine for your damaged one, here are the top 10 best to purchase in 2019:

10. Panasonic KX-FP205 PANKXFP205


Panasonic KX-FP205 PANKXFP205

Manufactured using 100% recycled materials, Panasonic KX-FP205 PANKXFP205 is an environmentally friendly home and commercial-grade fax machine that had helped millions of people stain in touch and run successful businesses without breaking the bank. Its space-efficient, easy to setup and use, and has an advanced plain paper-based faxing technology that prints business-grade documents fast. Compared to the expensive high-end models in the market, this faxes simplicity is its strength. Whether you have a home office of a brick and mortar business, it gets the job done every time.

9. Panasonic Ultra-compact

Panasonic Ultra-compact

Do you have a small office? Are you shopping for a compact yet powerful fax machines that you can use hassle free on an everyday basis? This ultra-compact plain paper fax and copier combo by Panasonic will work best for you. Even though simple and smaller than most contemporary models in the market, it is durable and has all the bells and whistles needed to run a successful office. Its fast printing technology (up to 20 multiple copies), for instance, is impressive for its price. The dual-line phone that it comes with works well, while its large dual-line screen enables you to review the numbers and names of all incoming callers (16 characters) before answering. You also get convenient navigator keys and an on-phone line management system that you can use to connect an external answering machine.

8. Brother PPF4750E IntelliFax 4750e

Brother PPF4750E IntelliFax 4750e

The IntelliFax 4750e PPF4750E by Brother is a business-class fax machine with a high-performance laser technology that produces clear business-grade documents in all environments. Construction is durable using high-density plastic. Its speed (33.6kbps) is impressive; while its superior print speed (up to 15 pages per minute (ppm) handle heavy duty abuse well without compromising quality. For better document management, Brother PPF4750E IntelliFax 4750e has a large 250-sheet paper tray and a 50-page auto document feeder that offers a hands-free printing experience. The built-in storage (8MB) accommodates up to 600 pages while its plethora of connectivity ports (10/100 baseTX Ethernet, USB interface, and parallel interface) boost its functionality. Buy an original to receive a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

7. Panasonic KX-FL421

Panasonic KX-FL421

Featuring high-speed laser printing and super GX fax communication (up to 33.6Kbps) technologies, Panasonic KX-FL421 is an innovative 10-CPM fax machine and copier with a caller ID-compatible design that works well in both homes and offices. It is durable, attainable cheap in stores, and has a feature-rich design with a convenient top-loading paper tray (250 pages) that supports high volume fax reception. Setup is easy. The junk fax prohibition feature that it comes with filters spam fax automatically while its built-in LCD screen has a clear dual line design that displays both the name and number of incoming callers. Panasonic KX-FL421 has a built-in memory that stores up to 150 pages.

6. Canon FAXPHONE L190


Ranked among the leading brands in the technological niche, Canon has manufactured several industry-leading products since its inception decades ago. In the fax niche, for instance, several of its products have earned global acclaim with this multi-functional FAXPHONE L190 machine ranking among the best. Compact, affordable, and with a low maintenance design that offers users years of service, it is perfect for use in homes and small and large business enterprises. Speed is impressive (33.6Kbps), while its one-touch (40) and coded (200) speed dials that it comes with ease operation. Storage is impressive (512 sheets). Its ability to print and copy at speeds of up to 26ppm benefits people with busy offices while its large cassette (250 sheets) and large (5 line) LCD screen eases navigation.

5. Brother FAX275

Brother FAX275

Recommended for personal use, Brother FAX275 is an affordable fax machine and personal telephone with an advanced technology that works well in all environments. Manufactured using heavy-duty plastic, it is durable, resist scratches and dents, and has an aesthetic design that blends well in homes and offices. The 10-page auto document feeder offered is super convenient. Its automated 25 station dialing system boosts its functionality while its automated paper cutter produces accurately sized business documents. Brother FAX275 is affordable, has a single phone line for both voice calls and fax (with a switch), and has a space-efficient design that works well in homes and commercial offices.

4. HP CM721A#B1H 2140


To get professional quality faxes at home or in your office without spending a hefty amount of money, HP CM721A#B1H 2140 is of the best machines to purchase. Even though the 14.4kbps faxing speed that it offers is not as powerful as some contemporary machines in this niche, its durability and the business quality plain paper faxes that it produces has made it a sought after machine worldwide. Operation is simpler while its modest memory (100 pages) and built-in automatic document feeder (15 pages) streamline its performance in both homes and busy commercial settings.

3. Brother IntelliFax-4100E

Brother IntelliFax-4100E

Designed to produce business class faxes (60 x 60 dpi in both color and black and white) at blistering speeds (three seconds per page), Brother IntelliFax-4100E has featured in many top 10 best fax machines in 2019 reviews because of the value of the product that individuals get. The 132 auto-dial numbers that it accommodates eases faxing favorite numbers. The 30-sheet feeder and 250 sheet paper tray that it comes with offers a memorable hands-free experience while its parallel and USB interfaces improve its functionality further. You get a one-year limited warranty for each original you buy.

2. Brother FAX-2840

Brother FAX-2840

Purchase a new Brother FAX-2840 to get a professional-grade Mono Laser fax machine that transmits pages fast (2.5 seconds per page), prints incoming ones faster, and stores up to 400 pages of documents in its built-in 18MB memory. The auto document feeder offered is large (250 sheets) and convenient. The 20-page feeder offered is also convenient while the 222 auto dialing stations and 272 broadcast locations that it supports is perfect for business use.

1. Brother FAX-575 Personal Fax

Brother FAX-575 Personal Fax

For the best experience in your home or office, Brother FAX-575 Personal Fax tops our list of the best fax machine. It is durable; faxes and copies fast (400 x 400 in both black and color), and has a phone that works well. Setup is simple. Its memory saves up to 25 pages while its advanced 9,600 BPS modem transmits fax pages faster (up to 15 seconds) without hanging as most traditional models often do.

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