Best Electric Shavers for Black Men 2019 Reviews

Are you looking for the best electric shavers for black men? Well, we have a collection of shavers that works best for men with dark skin. If you have a dark a complexion, you should choose a shaver that gives you a close shave without doing any damage to the skin.

Why should Black Men use Specific Electric Shavers?

Razors have an effect on men differently and black men have been affected most by the razor bumps more than the Asians or any other races. The real cause for this is the natural ability of the black men’s hair to curl. This curling causes hair to be in-grown and in the process of cutting them close to the surface razor bumps are the resulting effect.

Black men have always been the most affected by the razor bumps which make the skin develop pimple like growths. The continuous use of the razor shaves after the development of such bumps results in skin mechanisms producing in a counter reaction collagen usually as a repair to the skin and in many times the collagen produced spreads into healthy tissues and results in scars on the skin surface.

Study shows that darker skin is the more likely than the brown or white skin to develop the kelloid scaring as a result of the production of collagen that spreads into the healthy tissues. Therefore black men are more likely to face this problem of razor bump scarring.

There is a higher possibility for the black men to be affected by this problem than there is for the white or Asian men. There are studies showing that the chances of a black man getting razor bumps is about 15 times greater than the other men from other races.

Therefore black men have an opportunity to learn how to avoid such cases of razor bumps by having the vast knowledge on the best shavers that are effective for them as well as avoiding such facial scars that derails their confidence. It is important to have a shaver that will give you the best service in terms of quality and at the same time making sure you keep the scars and razor bumps far away from your face.

Factors to Look out for when Buying the Best Electric Shavers for Men

Blacks shavers whether electric or otherwise should possess the following qualities, which would enable them to avoid the problems said above.

i)The shaver has to cut the hairs that are curled and lie flat. The shavers should also be able be skin sensitive and allow the hair to be removed without injuring the skin. Therefore it should be gentle to your skin.

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ii) The shaver should also be able to either allow you to shave when the surface is wet or dry. However the best shavers have the ability to shave both wet and dry surfaces.

The Best Electric Shavers for Black Men in 2019

The following shavers have been recommended by us as the best in producing the best results after doing an extensive research. We have come with this list of the best electric shavers for black men to help you make an informed buying decision. They are:

4.Braun series 9 9090cc

One of the latest from the Brauns, it ranks as the best from the producers. You can get an almost perfect fulfillment of your expectations if you used the series 7 of the Brauns product. The shaver is obviously electric and has the following stand out features that would allow it to grant better services to the blacks.

Best Electric Shavers for Black Men

3.Braun Series 7 790cc Cordless Electric Foil Shaver for Men with Clean and Charge Station

This is one of the best from the Braun’s and marks a great step towards achieving quality in the making of shavers. The company has been in existence and has thrived the competitive market for a considerable time to warrant an opinion that it produces the best in the market otherwise you wouldn’t even know there exists such a product. This shaver has a variety of features that are ranked as almost the best in the market and as much as you get the best quality you are assured of a reasonable price.

Best Electric Shavers for Black Men

2.Philips Norelco SensoTouch Electric razor 1160X Anti-slip grip with GyroFlex 2D

Finding the best shaver in the market today is such a job for the customer and the same has to be done considering the qualities and features that each product bears. Among the best shavers in the market today is this Phili Philips Norelco SensoTouch Electric razor 1160X Anti-slip grip with GyroFlex 2D. This is such a sumptuous product that stands out from the crowd of the others due to its features and though it comes with a handsome price one definitely gets value for their money.

Best Electric Shavers for Black Men

1.Panasonic ES-LA93-K, Arc4 Electric Razor, Men’s 4-Blade with Multi-Flex Pivoting Head

This is a shaver that has many at times been seen a suit to the black men or people of Afro-Caribbean/ American community. It’s beautiful in form and design, with smoothness marked as an essential feature and hey it possesses among the best if not the best motor that has been installed in a shaver. This makes it shave clean and closer to the surface. Due to its classy and beautiful design obviously it carries with it a hefty monetary attachment, the price tag aspect. However you are guaranteed an almost perfect shave.

Best Electric Shavers for Black Men

What are the important features of these shavers for black men?

4.Braun series 9 9090cc

Braun series 9 9090cc has advanced shaving system; this particular shaver can effectively deal with the long and short hairs. If you can’t stand daily shaving then you might consider having this shaver as it can cut long hairs with the same results of a clean shave being achieved.

It has a powerful motor; this allows it to achieve a clean shave that does cut the curly hair and as a result avoiding razor bumps.


Expensive ; you might be encouraged by the fact that this is the best electric shaver around however honestly it is quite expensive which doesn’t take anything away from the qualities one gets from this magnificent product especially for blacks.

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This shaver also works best when used on dry surfaces however you could still choose a wet and dry shaver from the series 9 as well to achieve this feat for example the Braun series 9 9050cc.

Best Electric Shavers for Black Men

3.Braun Series 7 790cc Cordless Electric Foil Shaver for Men with Clean and Charge Station

It comes with a box that has the following tools that make it even better; a smart plug that has an automatic voltage adjuster of a range of volts (110V-240V), a cleaning cartridge that has an alcohol based cleaning fluid as well as being lemon scented, for protection the shaver has been covered with a leather pouch, a brush for purposes of cleaning is also found in the box.

A pulsonic technology– this is a feature that has been described as one that makes the 7 series shavers of Braun standout. The shaver has an ability to use micro vibrations of up to 10000 in a minute resulting in the shaver cutting to almost perfection all stray hair therefore achieving effectiveness.

Perforated optiFoil- the product has a foil that contains holes that are unusually hexagon shaped unlike circular. The shape allows the shaver to minimize the space between the perforations and therefore achieve effectiveness by utilizing the spaces .This foil allows an active lift system feature where the shaver to cut the hairs that grow parallel to the surface and tend to be missed by other shavers.

Shaving flexibility– this shaver has a three mode shaving element that allows you to switch the modes whenever necessary. The modes are intensive, normal and extra sensitive. You could switch from one to the other to achieve the required precision and effectiveness associated with this shaver. This shaver allows you to shave both dry and wet conditions; this marks a great flexibility unlike other shavers in the 7 series. You also don’t require shave oil or gel when doing a wet shave as water does this part.

Ergonomic and quality build – Braun shavers are associated with not only their quality but also their build quality. Braun series 7 799cc has these features among others and it is made of high quality materials that also employ beauty and striking aesthetics for example its silvery plastic finish. It is easy to hold and not bulky, allows secure grip due to its rubber sides. The ease of hold allows you to be in control of the shaver thus ruthless efficiency. The shaver has been made better by the ability to show the battery life through the LCD display available at the bottom.

Li-Ion battery and charging- The shaver has a Li-Ion battery that takes approximately 60 minutes to be fully charged and this would last up to almost the same time or less by ten minutes when being used. One can also quick-charge the shaver and it takes as short as 5 minutes. This shaver is also affordable as much as it gives you the value for your money.


Not much as they Brauns’ are standout as much as other shavers do and may even stand taller for you.

Best Electric Shavers for Black Men

2.Philips Norelco SensoTouch Electric razor 1160X Anti-slip grip with GyroFlex 2D

This shaver is also friendly to the black men and has the following features.

It has an outstanding cleaning and charging station; this ranks as one of the best features that most shavers may strive hard but fail to achieve such a feat. This shaver has a mechanism that cleans the shaver called the jet clean system that involves you turning the shaver upside down and the blades shall be cleaned and lubricated. This procedure is such an easy one and also very efficiently done by this system.

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It is made up of a high quality design; the shaver is steel and not just steel but a stainless one that is not plastic or rubber coated. This makes your shaver durable and solid enough to be seen as classy too.

The shavers lift and cut mechanism; this feature allows you to apply minimum pressure while shaving as the shaver has a shaving head that possess three cutting heads that move in a 360 degrees manner and brings forth the desired 3D shaving. This results in a close shave that is clearly excellent to the black men as the curly hairs are cut from the bottom thus this is such a great incentive when looking for a shaver.


Since it is an electric shaver it may not be appealing to those people who are not fans of the new trend to have electric shavers.

Best Electric Shavers for Black Men

1.Panasonic ES-LA93-K, Arc4 Electric Razor, Men’s 4-Blade with Multi-Flex Pivoting Head

Close shave; this shaver gets the closest to the surface. It makes the ESLA93-K such a unique shaver due to its blades being positioned at such an angle of about 30 degrees and as well a foil that combine to give you the closest to the surface shave that you can get.

It has egornomic shape and sleek design; the design associated with this product stands tall, in addition to its beauty it comes with a decent shape that allows you to handle it with a solid grip.

Skin sensitivity; the closest a shaver gets to the surface of the skin especially due to the blades being closer to the follicles would otherwise cause skin irritation, but there is no such case with ESLA93-K due to its feature of being skin sensitive in the sense that you do not need to press too hard on the shaver. There is in fact a feeling of comfort ability when shaving especially when doing it wet.

The quick five minute charge feature is also worth mentioning as it makes the shaver standout though available for other shavers; however you should notice that it takes only 45 minutes to charge and that allows you to shave for about one hour.


The cleaning system is honestly somehow noisy and kind of irritates however it doesn’t take away from this superb shaver its standout features and reputation as one of the best that I would recommend for black men.

Best Electric Shavers for Black Men


Shavers have always been made and people struggle to tell which is the best of all them there above all  exists a problem for the black men with curly hair usually they tend to avoid electric shavers, this is a solution for such razor bumps and irritations these shavers are the standout shavers for blacks. Choose from any of these that I consider the best and you are safe.

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