Best Electric Muscle Simulators Product Review In 2019 – Get Yourself A Muscle Relaxation Session At Home

Many times people feel weak enough from the inside, and they have to visit the doctor or physiotherapist. Wouldn’t it be better if you can just simply relax all your muscles at home only? All that you have to do is to buy the top muscle simulator for yourself.

The electric muscle simulators help in strengthening the muscles. Also, the electric muscle simulators help in better nerve conduction rates. It is very important to note that the electric muscle simulators work quite efficiently only when the muscles are extremely weak, and you have much difficulty in performing gravity exercises.

Also, it is highly advisable for all the people who buy the top rated electronic muscle stimulators first to consult their doctor and then use it as per the directions were given by the doctor.

To help you in buying the best electric muscle simulators there is a mention of top rated five products that are available in the market. Read below to find out more:

1. Tru Medic Unit Electronic Pulse Massager

Best Electric Muscle Simulators Product

The product, Tru medic unit electronic pulse massager is one of best products because of the quality and the high durability that it has. The machine is extremely beneficial when it comes to in stopping the muscle soreness or the chronic pain in the body.

Also, the machine works wonders in reducing the pain and also stimulating the nerves and muscles of the body. The machine is extremely small in size and is also very much light in weight, which makes it highly portable. You can have the benefit of traveling along with the machine without any hustle.

Lastly, the machine is very much easy to use, and it has buttons on it that represent shoulder, waist, and hands. The LCD helps in letting you know about what exactly is happening. In short, the machine is fully automatic that is very easy for people to operate.

What did we like about the product?

  • LCD screen: You can tell what exactly is happening that involves time remaining, the type of program used and much more.
  • Ten power levels: When you adjust the thumb wheels on the product, you can also watch out for the intensity levels that are there are on the machine, and you can choose any of them.
  • Targets the pain: When you place the pads on the pain affected area, there is a guarantee of fast relief without having to digest any pills.
  • Easy to apply pads: The machine comes along with four electrode pads that are latex free. Also, you can make use of the pads again and again.

What didn’t we like about the product?

Among the three modes that the machine offers, one of the models is quite a waste so it can be said that it offers only two modes.

Our Verdict

The product is a boon for the elders as well as the young generation because of the amazing features it renders. Also, the LCD screen and different power levels are a totally new thing. The product is worth the expense.

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2. Health Mate Forever YK15AB Unit Electronic Pulse Massager

Best Electric Muscle Simulators Product

The health mate forever YK15AB is one of the highly recommendable pulse massagers because of the high quality that the makers offer. The machine has different buttons on it with labels like shoulder, back, elbow, hip and various other parts of the body.

With the buttons and labels, it becomes easy for the people to use it. Also, there is an LCD that has a backlight feature and shows exactly what you need for the affected area. The machine is a boon for elders as well as boomers because of the backlight that the elders can easily see and choose the perfect button for themselves.

There are total 15 modes in the machine that help you in better development of pain and reduce stress to a great extent. There are four outputs in the machine that have equal strength in them. Lastly, the machine is very easy to operate for everyone, and that is a blessing to everyone who uses it.

What did we like about the product?

  • Multi-functional: The machine has both TENS and PMS qualities.
  • Effective: The machine works wonders in healing the affected area
  • TCM: This machine comes with the TCM massage therapy
  • Ultimate combination: Combo of Chinese and modern technology

What didn’t we like about the product?

  • Nondurable and reliable
  • Long lead wires

Our Verdict

Despite the nondurable quality of the product, the product renders the ultimate combination of Chinese as well as Modern technology. The machine is highly effective on the pain affected area.

3. Tens Unit – Tens Machine

Best Electric Muscle Simulators Product

The tens unit – tens machine are best known for not only pain management but also rehabilitation. The machine is not a simple machine but is quite extraordinary as it a professional unit with 7000 TENS. Also, the machine is very much light in weight, which makes the machine portable.

The machine comprises of various settings that are not only quite flexible but also very much adjustable. The makers of the machine offer five different modes: burst, normal, modulation, strength duration 1 and strength duration 2. All the modes work differently and perfectly in the affected area.

What did we like about the product?

  • Comprises of 4 different electrodes, TENS unit, lead wires, battery and carrying case
  • Records time automatically
  • Records sessions automatically
  • Can record for about 900 hours
  • Portable
  • Flexible settings
  • Satisfactory results

What didn’t we like about the product?

  • Bulky interface
  • Nondurable
  • It is not user-friendly

Our Verdict

The machine offers flexible and adjustable settings that make sure in delivering satisfactory results to the users. Despite all the excellent features of the product, the machine is neither user-friendly nor durable.

4. Omron Electro Therapy Pain Relief Device PM3030

Best Electric Muscle Simulators Product

The machine, Omron electro therapy pain relief 3030 is one of the best electronic massage simulators as it uses amazing technology, Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation TENS. This amazing technology is taken in use by many high profile physical therapists and professionals.

The machine features in the three set programs for an arm, lower back, and leg. There are five different levels for each program that works in the direction of relieving the pain in the affected area.

The machine has very small dimensions and is also light in weight that makes it portable enough and you can easily carry it in your hand and fit it in your pocket. Lastly, the machine is very much easy to use because of the friendly design.


What did we like about the product?

  • Small in size
  • Comfortable
  • Long life pads
  • Comprises plastic holder
  • Friendly design
  • Five different levels
  • Drugs free
  • Safe to use
  • Three modes
  • Best technology: TENS

What didn’t we like about the product?

  • Nondurable
  • Weak construction
  • Not worth the expense

Our Verdict

The product is extremely amazing because of the features it has. The machine comes along with reusable long pads and works upon the TENS technology. Despite all the features, the construction of the machine is quite weak that makes it nondurable.

5. Irelieve TENS and UNIT Combination, Unit Muscle Stimulator

Best Electric Muscle Simulators Product

The Irelieve TENS and unit combination, unit muscle stimulator, is one of the best EMS machines because of the combination of two therapies that it offers. One therapy reduces the amount of pain in the affected area where as the other therapy helps in better recovery of the muscle.

The machine is best known for athletes and old people as it not only renders relief from pain but also strengthens the muscles. The machine offers 14 different modes: 7 TENS modes, 1-arthritis TENS mode and 6 EMS muscle strength mode, which makes the machine even more versatile and easy to use.

Also, there are 25 different levels, each of 80 mA intensity along with an adjustable timer. Lastly, the machine comprises of features like lock facility, dual channel versatility. The machine has very small dimensions along with light weight, which makes the machine anywhere ready to carry.

What did we like about the product?

  • Modes: 7 TENS mode+ 1 arthritis mode+ 6 EMS mode
  • Recovers the pain instantly
  • Strengthens the muscles
  • Versatile design
  • Small in size
  • Light in weight
  • Portable
  • Combination of TENS and EMS

What didn’t we like about the product?

  • Nondurable

Our Verdict

The makers of the machine offer 14 different modes that have a combination of both TENS as well as EMS technology. The machine is very much small in size and so is highly portable. Also, it works wonders in strengthening the muscles and relieving the pain.

The Ultimate Buying Guide!

It is quite a difficult job to buy the electric muscle simulators without having any knowledge about it. So in the blog below, there is a complete buying guide for the best electric muscle stimulator. Also, there is a mention of best electric muscle simulator product reviews. Read below to find out more.

What are Electric Muscle Simulators? How do they work?

You can make use of the best muscle simulators for simply strengthening your muscles. Many people who are fitness freaks or athletes make use of the muscle simulators to enhance their workout session and several training programs. The muscle simulators work in such an efficient manner that no traditional way will strengthen your muscle like that.

The electric muscle stimulators are an electronic device, which is also known as neuro muscular electric stimulation or muscle stem. The device is useful in sending electronic pulses to the nerve fibers of the user so that they can create involuntary muscle contractions.

As per the reports, when a person adds the electric muscle stimulation to their training, it maximizes the muscular efforts. The muscular efforts increase by a great percentage. Also, the muscular efforts of both the type of muscles: Types 1 slow twitch muscle, as well as type 2 fast, twitch muscle increase by a great level. This simply means that the small electronic device, electronic muscle stimulation helps in increasing not only efficiency but also the strength of the muscles.


If you are planning to include the electronic muscle stimulation in your training programs, then the first thing that you have to do is to super charge the workouts that you perform in the same interval of time as before. For best results, some of the workouts that you can perform are as below:

  • Dynamic warm up It is necessary to warm up the muscles with the help of some pre designed programs. The dynamic warm up will also help you to make your workout session in the gym even more efficient.
  • High-level workouts: It is very much obvious that your muscles do not know whether you are using the machine or lifting the weights. When you do both the things, the electronic muscle simulators recruit the muscle fibers and thus help you in taking your workouts to a whole new level.
  • Painless recovery: The electronic muscle simulators help in bringing fresh oxygen and many other nutrients to the muscles. This helps you in recovering even faster.

What are the benefits of using electronic muscle stimulators?

Before you buy the electric muscle simulators, it is advisable to know all the in numerous benefits of them. There are many advantages of including the electric muscle simulators in the workout session. Some of the many benefits of the same are as below:

  • Reverses the muscle atrophy: There are times when the muscle turns painful, and so the affected person has to limit the motion of the affected part. Sometimes, this might result into muscle shrinking also. The electrical impulses of the electronic muscle simulator stimulate the muscle and also help them in relaxing and contracting efficiently.
  • Fast muscle recovery: For people who suffer from muscle injuries, the electric muscle stimulator is a boon as it helps in regaining the tissue and better recovery of the muscle. The muscles tend to regain their mass when the device is used upon them.
  • Stress relief: For people who do not have any muscle problem or tissue injury can still make use of the electric muscle stimulators and can feel extremely comfortable. The device not only helps in strengthening the muscle but also in reducing the stress level in the body. The device improvises the blood circulation in the body.
  • Improves the range of motion: The electrical impulse that the device implies on the muscle helps in loosening the muscle and makes the joint even more flexible.

Final Verdict

It is very important for the people who suffer from constant bone pain to make use of electronic massage simulators to relieve the pain and reduce the stress level in the body. It is always advisable to make use of such machine only after the prescription from a doctor.

Among the top 5 EMS reviews, our pick is the Irelieve TENS and unit combination muscle stimulator because of the various excellent features that it has. The machine has the most perfect and versatile design along with salient features like lock facility, different modes, and works as two in one.

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