Best Dishwashing Gloves In 2017 Reviews

Household chores are inevitable. Every day you will be faced with dishes to clean and other cleaning to do. These activities require hot water and use of cleaning chemicals. Your hands are therefore prone to drying out or getting burnt during the cleaning process. Good care is therefore very necessary. Use of dishwashing gloves to keep your hands protected is highly recommended.
Below are reviews of the best dishwashing gloves available in the market in 2018:

#1. True Blues Medium Blue Ultimate Household Gloves

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These ultimate gloves are made with a tough vinyl shell that has a seamless 100% cotton liner. It is free of latex and can therefore be machine washed. These gloves have a perfect grip to the hand and they have an excellent dexterity. Since these gloves are vinyl and unlike latex, they have great flexibility and do not crack. They are also very durable. It has a snug fit that enables it to resist household chemicals and hot water, keeping your hands safe from cracking and drying out. Enjoy ultra-comfort as you proceed with your household activities. These gloves are long enough to allow you to reach the dishes that are at the very bottom of the sink. Come in all sizes so you pick the one that best suits you.

#2. Mr. Clean 243033 Bliss Premium Latex-Free Gloves

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If you are allergic to natural rubber latex, then these gloves are the safest alternative for you. They are free of latex and come in the medium size. The palm of these gloves is embossed with a textured pattern that give you a perfect grip as you proceed with your household chores. It features a cloud-soft lining that will keep your hands dry and comfortable. It has a length of 12” that enables you to comfortably reach for the dishes at the bottom of the sink. The material of these gloves is phthalate free. These gloves are cushiony and thick but they do not add much bulk. They also have great flexibility. Stay well protected from the heat of water and the harsh cleaning chemicals. Enjoy maximum service and durability as these gloves have no chances of tearing, pilling or breaking down.

#3. Casabella Premium Water Stop Gloves

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Casabella gloves come in a small, universal size and they are made using waterproof rubber. Made using latex and the inside is lined with soft cotton. It comes with a patented design that has extra-long cuffs that can be turned upside to catch dripping water and maintain the inside dry. It has a textured non-slip surface that provides you a safe grip when cleaning your dishes. These gloves are lipstick pink, you will therefore do your household chores in style. They have a tight fit that helps prevent bulkiness. They are also not too tight as they allow for proper flow of blood.

#4. Vigar Red Latex Gloves with Extended Ladybug Motif Cuff

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These dishwashing gloves have a whimsical ladybug motif. They are insulated and waterproof. They come in a beautiful, vibrant red and green painting. You will have lots of fun using them and the playful pattern makes your kitchen look happy. These gloves feature a cuffed top that keeps water and detergent out, keeping your hands dry and protected during the entire cleaning process. It has been made with flexible latex material and the patterns are colorfast, staying put even after repeated use. They come in one universal size. This makes them even more preferable. These gloves are washable and you can turn them inside out for drying. However, do not expose them to direct heat or sunlight as this might affect the material. Be warned that latex might cause an allergic reaction to some people.

#5. Fred & Friends DISHPLAY Hand-Puppet Dish Gloves

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These gloves have a flocked lining and have been made with 100% latex. They come in a fun and durable printing that will make you enjoy the entire cleaning process at all time. The material of these gloves is nontoxic, your precious hands will therefore stay protected. Each pair comes in a full color and peggable gift box. They are easy to put on and remove during use. You will no longer have to worry about cracked hands due to hot water and harsh cleaning chemicals. Stay safe and protected at all time.


You no longer have to suffer from charred and cracked hands due to hot water or cleaning chemicals. Any of the above reviewed gloves will do it for you. They are all very safe and they are easy to easy. When using the cuffed gloves, pull them on and fold along the creases to form the protective cuff. For maximum service from your gloves, always rinse them with clean water and pat them dry before taking them off. Store them in a cool and dry place and avoid contact with paraffin, turpentine and petrol.

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