Best Dining Chair Seat Covers (2021 Shopping Guide)

Dining chair seat covers play many essential roles in the home. First, they are good-looking items. Instead of replacing your old dining chairs with a new set, but seat covers. They are cheaper and come in many stylish designs that you can choose. Second, seat covers are protective. If you have children who spill food and or drinks on your clothed chairs often, these are excellent remedies. Models made from water-resistant materials are readily available for chairs of different sizes or designs. The best of 2021 include:

List of the Best Dining Chair Seat Covers in 2021

10. TIANSHU Spandex Jacquard Dining Room Chair Seat

TIANSHU Spandex Jacquard Dining Room Chair Seat

Refurbishing old or worn-out chairs is not as hard or expensive as it was in the past. Slip-on chair seat covers such as TIANSHU can restore the lost glory of chairs without costing a lot of cash. If you have five chairs that you want to restore, here are a few reasons why it is the best. First, each pack contains six slip-on covers made from spandex (15%) and polyester (85%). The fabric has a smooth and luxurious design, which stretches to fit most types of chairs. It is also anti-pill, durable, and therefore able to protect seats from scratches, tears, and or stains for long.

Due to its unique look, TIANSHU is an excellent product for decorating kitchens, hotels, and restaurants. Moreover, if you have 14-18-inch chair in your living room, you can also use them without creating an eyesore. These elegant covers have elastic bottoms that stretch to fit up to 2-inch thick pillows. Finally, when dirty, you can remove and clean them by hand or using a washing machine without issues. They rarely shrink and retain colours for long if you do not bleach them or iron after cleaning.

What We Like
  • Six slip-on seat covers
  • Fits 14-18-inch seats
  • Hand/machine washable
  • Exciting designs/colours
  • Soft and luxurious feel
Our Verdict

Off the shelf, you can install TIANSHU covers on most seats without breaking a sweat. All covers stretch to fit 14-18-inch seats with cushions up to 2-inches thick. They also have a durable and luxurious design made from a hand/machine washable polyester.

9. RELIABEST Waterproof Dining Chair Cover Protector

RELIABEST Waterproof Dining Chair Cover Protector

The dining chairs in homes with the elderly, children, and pets are more susceptible to damage. Rips and tears are common. Moreover, during meal times, spills are common and ruin the delicate fabrics of most seats. Fortunately, with this set of waterproof dining chair from RELIABEST, you can avoid such issues and more. Their removable, elastic designs stretch to fit most 14-20-inch seats without ripping. Moreover, the elastic band on the bottom secures them in place to prevent slipping and sliding while in use. With a new set, your dining room will look nice.

The high aesthetic value of RELIABEST chair covers has earned them many loyal clients globally. Moreover, if you are shopping for a premium set of covers that can protect your seats, it is good too. The spandex and polyester fabric used to make it is 100% water-resistant. Thus, kids can spill juice, coffee, and even soup on it without running the seats underneath. It also has a textured and stain-proof design that you can clean effortlessly after use. Unfortunately, RELIABEST is compatible with armless chairs.

What We Like
  • Fits most armless chairs
  • Secured elastic bottom
  • Easy to install (stretchable)
  • Water and stain-resistant
Our Verdict

RELIABEST is a stain and water-resistant seat cover made from polyester and spandex. Its aesthetic design not only fits most chairs but also protects them from stains from drinks such as coffee. You can also remove and clean the covers by hand when dirty.

8. Subrtex Chair Covers (Dyed)

Subrtex Chair Covers (Dyed)

Subrtex has a warm and formal look that works well in homes, hotels, and wedding receptions. While this sand-themed one is among the most popular, it comes in orange, grey, steel blue and wine, which are equally good. Unlike the RELIABEST cover that only protects the seat of chairs, Subrtex covers the entire seat. Therefore, if you have a set of fully upholstered chairs that you want to protect, it is the best product to use. The four slip-on covers on offer are easy to install on 18-23-inch tall chairs. They also fit up to 15-17-inch wide seats, which are 14-18 inches long.

The high level of protection Subrtex covers offer seats have made them sought-after. Their waterproof design protects delicate materials such as suede and cotton for spills and stains. Its tear-resistant design also makes it a suitable option for people with pets and kids at home. These dyed covers are easy to install and are washable by hand without pilling or fading over time.

What We Like
  • Stylish dyed covers
  • Stain and rip-resistant
  • Easy to install (slip-on)
  • Cover the seat and backrest
Our Verdict

Subrtex is a set of four dyed seat covers, each with a long-lasting slip-on design that fits all chairs. These are waterproof covers, which you can remove and wash many times without stretching or fading.

7. CHUN YI Dining Chair Covers

CHUN YI Dining Chair Covers

Do you have a set of 18-23-inch tall and 5-17-inch wide dining chairs at home? Have food and or beverage stains ruined them to the extent that they are now an eyesore in your dining room? Instead of replacing the chair, order this set of CHUN YI dining chair covers instead. They have an eye-catching bold theme that lights up dining areas. They also offer full coverage of seats that are 18-23 inches tall, 15-17 inches wide, 14-18 inches long, and 1.4-4 inches thick. If the chairs in your dining room meet this threshold, expect a memorable experience with this set of covers.

What are the advantaged of owning a pack of CHUN YI chairs covers? First, the polyester and spandex (15%) fabric used to make this set of covers is one of a kind. The material is durable, comfortable, and creates a protective layer between seats and users. Thus, if you have kids who spill food or drinks on chairs often, you can let them loose on these covers without issues. All covers are also machine washable and less prone to culturing bacteria over time. As such, apart from looking niche, your chairs and the dining area or your home will be hygienic as well.

What We Like
  • Does not culture bacteria
  • Machine washable fabric
  • Full coverage of chairs
  • Tear and stain resistant
Our Verdict

To protect your seats from stains and rips, CHUN YI is the best set of covers to use. Their flexible design stretches to fit most dining chair. All seat covers are durable and machine washable (without ripping or shrinking) when dirty. You will love this item.

6. Homemaxs Chair Protector Covers

Homemaxs Chair Protector Covers

Homemaxs covers do not add to the design of dining chairs as Subrtex and CHUN YI models do. However, if you have a set of expensive chairs that you want to protect from liquids and food, it is the best product to use of the three. It comes as a pack of two PVC (clear) covers, each with a unique slip-on design. While preparing for meals, you can slip them on and off with ease without damage to your chairs. The PVC polymer creates a clear and water-resistant barrier that protects your seat(s) from stains.

Premium seat covers made from fabric such as polyester require a bit of hard work to clean when dirty. However, this is not the case for these Homemaxs chair seat covers. Set-up on a 16-18-inch wide seat, you can clean yours after meals or when dirty in two steps. First, brush off its surface with a dry cloth to clear the loose particles of food or dust. Then, wipe off its surface with a damp and absorbent cloth or sponge for a clean and luxurious finish.

What We Like
  • Low maintenance design
  • Water-resistant barrier
  • Fits16-18-inch long seats
  • Long-lasting PVC polymer
Our Verdict

Food and beverages such as coffee or juice stain and damage dining chairs. Fortunately, you can prevent such issue at home with this set of PVC polymer seat covers. They fit and protect chairs measuring 16-18 feet long without lowering their value.

5. Smiry Stretch Spandex Jacquard Chair Seat Covers

Smiry Stretch Spandex Jacquard Chair Seat Covers

Smiry not only boosts the charm of dining room chairs but also protects it from damage over the years. Furthermore, if you have old upholstered dining chairs that you want to spruce up or it is an excellent remedy as well. Each package has four beige-themed covers that slip onto 14-18-inch wide seats easily. They also stretch to fit up to 2-inch cushions and do not move while in use. Thus, if you have experimented with brands that have faded over time or failed to work as desired, check out this brand. The 92% polyester fabric used to make it is not only stylish but also durable.

Like most covered we have reviewed, these lattice jacquard covers from Smiry are reusable many times. When dirty, you can remove them and wash by hand or machine without damaging their structure. Moreover, because there are wrinkle-resistant, you do not have to iron them to improve their outlook. When dry, fit one over your seat to protect it from dust and or stains.

What We Like
  • Fit 14-18-inch chairs
  • Lattice jacquard design
  • Durable polyester (92%)
  • Non-slip elastic band
  • Machine washable covers
Our Verdict

Are you looking for a set of protective lattice jacquard covers for your old dining chairs? You will love the polyester blend fabric (92%) used to make Smiry. It is stain proof, durable, and has elastic edges that stretch to fit 14-18-inch dining chairs. When dirty, you can remove, clean, and then reuse them many times issue-free.

4. MIGHTY MONKEY Reversible Dining Chair Slipcover

MIGHTY MONKEY Reversible Dining Chair Slipcover

The MIGHTY MONKEY is expensive than most of the best dining chair seat covers that we have reviewed herein. However, if you are looking for a classic cover that will protect and boost the outlook of your chair, order one. Its flexible chocolate taupe design fits up to 23-inch chairs. It is rip-proof and has a soft, quilted top that cradles the bum comfortably while in use. During meals time, you will love having one around your dining room.

Are pet and food stains threatening to ruin the set of dining chairs that you spent a fortune? Apart from boosting the outlook of your chair, a new one will protect them as well. Even though it is not 100% waterproof as the Homemaxs cover is, it can absorb a fair amount of liquids before leaking. For the best results, however, remove and wash it as soon as possible to protect it as well. You can do so by hand or using a washing machine without ruining its structure and or lustre over time.

What We Like
  • Comfortable quilted top
  • Fits up to23-inch seats
  • Chocolate taupe outlook
  • Easy to clean and install
Our Verdict

MIGHTY MONKEY is worth the money that its manufacturer chargers for an original. Its clean and contemporary design, for instance, improves the outlook of chairs. It also has a plush and quilted surface that protects the seats of chairs albeit temporarily.

3. SureFit Stretch Pique – Shorty Dining Room Chair Slipcover

SureFit Stretch Pique - Shorty Dining Room Chair Slipcover

Made from 96% polyester, the SureFit Stretch Pique is one of the most dependable seat covers. Even though it is not as stretchy as most spandex-rich models, it is a durable product. Fraying and ripping, for instance, are non-issues no matter the area of the home you use them. Its form fit, whole seat design, on the other hand, fits all 28-inch tall dining chairs up to 17×17-inches wide.

Are you tired of the slipper seat covers in your dining room that bunch while in use? As its name suggests, these polyester covers from SureFit do not slip while in use. Their smart seamed designs have elastic bottoms that have a fitted reupholstered look on chairs. Using Velcro and elastics, they also grip chairs firmly to prevent slipping while in use. Thus, they are safe for kids and the elderly.

What We Like
  • Fit 17×17 inch seat
  • Full coverage of chairs
  • Smart seamed (elasticized)
  • Long-lasting polyester (95%)
Our Verdict

You will love the longevity, style, and performance of these polyester covers in your dining room. Their smart seams, for instance, have elastics that prevent them from slipping. They are also durable and designed to fit up to 17x17x23-inch dining chairs.

2. Fuloon Super Fit Stretch Chair Protector Cover

Fuloon Super Fit Stretch Chair Protector Cover

Fuloon is a pair of six matching super-fit protectors for seats measuring14-20 inches. They also cover the backrest of seats (20-24 inches) for a smooth and seamless look. Apart from the exciting shades and colours of this seat protector, you will love its quality of construction. The polyester and spandex fabric used to make it is soft, durable, and wrinkle-free. It also has a stretchable, machine washable design that you can reuse many times.

Fuloon Super Fit is a beautiful set of seat covers. However, besides their high aesthetic value, you will love their protective nature in homes, hotels, and or wedding receptions. If you are tired of kids drawing on chairs and ruining them, this is an excellent remedy. Unlike stock seat covers that are permanent, you can remove and clean them when dirty. The protective layer they add on seats also protects them from dust and spills, to name a few.

What We Like
  • Machine washable covers
  • Stylish prints and colours
  • Elastic hem (sewn-in)
  • Pack of six seat covers
  • Robust polyester/spandex
Our Verdict

Do you have a six-person dining set fully upholstered 14-20×20-24-inch design? To prevent dust, coffee, and food from ruining them over time, use this set of Fuloon protectors. Their super-fit designs have elastic hems that stretch to fit most chairs. They also offer full coverage/protection of chairs without ruining their look.

1. Subrtex Dining Room Chair Seat Covers

Subrtex Dining Room Chair Seat Covers

Slipcovers such as Subrtex are perfect for securing and or renovating dining room chairs. These washable elastic cushions stretch to fit up to 20-inch wide seat with 3.9-4-inch thick cushions. Even though they do not cover the backrest of chairs, the level of protection they offer is admirable. During meal times, for instance, forget about soups and juice staining and ruining your seats. The polyester fabric used to make them is also rip-resistant, which is beneficial to people with pets or kids.

Subrtex is a non-slip product. Set up well on dining chairs, they do not slip nor bunch as some cheap ones do. It also comes in many beautiful colours, which do not fade after several washes. Thus, it is one of the best brands for use in high-traffic dining rooms.

What We Like
  • Fade and wrinkle-resistant
  • Fits 3.9-4inch thick cushions
  • Stain and stress-resistant
  • Stylish color options
Our Verdict

Even though cheap, Subrtex is an excellent upgrade for homes. Its fits and boosts the outlook of most dining chairs found in homes. It also protects chairs from dust or spills, which is a plus.

Buying Guide for The Best Dining Seat Covers


A dining seat cover, like most of the best car seat covers, is only as good as its material. Therefore, for the best results, look for a brand made from quality materials such as polyester. They not only stretch to fit most chairs but also stylish and protective too.


Check the design of seat cover on offer. Does it offer full coverage of chairs or just the seat? If you have a set of fully upholstered chairs, a cover that provides full coverage of the seat will protect it better. However, if your chair only has an upholstered seat, buying a full chair cover will be a waste of cash.


Make sure that your chair cover of choice will fit your chair accurately before spending cash. Check its size. An overly small one might rip during installation, while large ones slip while in use.

Conclusion: The chair seat covers on this list will improve the look of your dining room. They are also durable and able to fit and protect chairs of all shapes and sizes. You will love having one at home.