Best Desks In 2022 | Top 10 Desks Reviewed

With millions of individuals nowadays spending at least five hours behind a desk, the demand for quality models has never been higher. Students, for instance, want space efficient models for doing homework at home or dorm rooms. Office workers want spacious models, while gamers are on the lookout for multi-functional desks for their gaming accessory. No matter the group that you fall into or your budget, we have reviews 10 bestselling brands for 2022. Readily available in Amazon, all the desks we have reviewed are durable. They are also affordable, easy to setup, and have versatile designs that suit various needs.

10. Altra Furniture Altra Owen

Do you have a retro-themed room or office that you spend a lot of time in working or playing video games? To get a spacious matching desk that will better your performance over the years, Altra Furniture Altra Owen is ideal. Retro themed, is has an aesthetic rustic outlook that blends well in rooms and offices. The solid oak used to make it is durable, while its slim profile design does not clutter space as some bulky models. If you have a small room or office, therefore, you will work efficiently, without choking it with furniture. Recommended for used console table or vanity table, Altra Furniture Altra Owen has stable hairpin legs that boost its charm further. Assembly is simple, while its updated surface is very easy to clean.

9. Convenience Concepts Modern

Convenience Concepts Modern No Tools Student Desk, Black

When shopping for desks, most students prefer simplicity to style. However, with premium student-centric models such as Convenience Concepts Modern now available in stores, you do not have to sacrifice either. Available in black, its stylish low maintenance design appeals to most students. Assembly (tool-less) is fast, while its economical yet spacious design works well in tight spaces. It fits computers, a keyboard, and all other computing accessories. It also has dedicated storage for books and books, unlike other student desks. Convenience Concepts Modern is affordable and has a sturdy feel on both hardwood and soft floors such as carpets.

8. Sauder Carson Forge

Sauder Carson Forge Desk, Washington Cherry Finish

Made of quality cherry wood, Sauder Carson Forge is a recommended work desk for home and commercial use. Sturdy, for instance, it does not squeak nor irritate users, as comparable low-grade models often do. The iron-style accents and hardware used are eye-catching. It also has a spacious/functional top and several functional drawers that users appreciate. If you store files on the floor, for instance, this desk has a dedicated lower draw for hanging letter-sized files. It also has a T-slot drawer system with a safety stop and a durable metal runner that offers additional space. Do not let this desk’s elaborate design to scare you. It is very easy to put together.

7. Sauder 415109

Sauder 415109 Salt Oak Finish Harbor View Computer Desk with Hutch

With Sauder 415109, you get a salt oak-theme computer desk with a classic harbor view design and a hutch. Even though cheap, it has a sturdy spacious top and an adjustable shelf that accommodates files, gaming stations, and a plethora of other accessories. It also has dedicated storage for hanging European sized files, cubbyhole storage, and a stable creak-free frame. When working or playing, it will orient your body naturally and comfortably. You also get sufficient storage for your equipment and materials without cluttering space.

6. Sauder Computer Desk

Sauder Computer Desk, Brushed Maple Finish

Apart from its stylish maple theme, this computer desk’s functional design has earned it a spot among the best for 2022. With an original, for instance, you get a spacious desk for work or playing. Its dedicated computer storage (11.5 x 19.5 x 22-3/4-inches) fits most tower CPU. The slide out mouse/keyboard shelf offered is functional, while its dedicated file drawer fits both European and letter-sized files. This is impressive, particularly to office workers that handle many documents every day. Sauder Computer Desk is affordable, easy to assemble, and has a grommet hole on the top for easier wiring of computer cables.

5. Bush Furniture Cabot

Cabot L Shaped Desk

Featuring a space-saving L-shaped design, Bush Furniture Cabot works best in office settings. If you are setting up a new office and want to maximize work-space, do not hesitate to purchase one. It is affordable. The quality materials used to manufacture are durable and have a charming espresso theme that blends well in offices. They are also stable and have well-finished UV-resistant surfaces that do not fade over time. In addition to its spacious top, you get a soft storage tray for stashing electronics. You also get a concealed storage cabinet (with a fluted glass door) for documents and a four-pot USB hub for keeping all your electrical devices connected.

4. Furinno 11192EX/BK

Furinno 11192EX-BK Efficient Computer Desk, Espresso-Black

A bestseller in the office computer desks niche, Furinno 11192EX/BK is an efficient espresso-themed desk that measures 39.6 x 15.5 x 33.6-inches. Made of engineered particle body, its sturdy design withstands abuse well. The CPU storage shelf offered is spacious, while is well-finished compact design does not clutter personal space. If you have a small office, you will move around effortlessly with this desk setup. As other desks reviewed, Furinno 11192EX/BK is affordable. Installation is a breeze, while its multiple shelves accommodate documents, files, and books.

3. Altra Dakota

Altra Dakota L-Shaped Desk with Bookshelves, Dark Russet Cherry

Ranked among the top 10 best desks reviewed in 2022, Altra Dakota is a spacious L-shaped office desk with bookshelves for storage. Cherry themed (dark russet) it has a stylish modern-themed design that complements the look of offices. It is also fade-proof and has an ergonomic design that maximizes without cluttering personal space. Simply set it up in a corner of your office to have a functional work site on a budget. If you use computers and heavy equipment such as printers, this desk has a load capacity of 100 pounds. You can place operate the on its laminated particleboard and MDF top without breaking.

2. Altra Parsons Desk with Drawer

Altra Parsons Desk with Drawer, White

Conveniently sized to fit and work well in homes and offices, Altra Parsons transforms small spaces into functional ones on a budget. While its bland white theme lacks the charm some individuals want, its perfect height is comfortable. Its flat and sturdy surface is fun to work on, while the small center drawer offered is functional. You can use it to store and organize office supplies such as pens safely.

1. Walker Edison Soreno

Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk, Black with Black Glass

Attainable as a three-piece corner set, the versatility of Walker Edison Soreno has earned it the top spot on our review. Perfect for use in offices and homes, it has a space-efficient design that sets up conveniently in corners. Its black body and clean glass top (black) are charming, while its stability is ideal for heavy-duty use. In a commercial setup, for instance, you can use it in a high-traffic reception area with positive results. You can also use it at home or as a gaming station in your basement. Beveled and polished, its tempered glass top is not only durable but also safe.

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