Best Copier for Small Business for the Best Quality

Best Copier for Small Business for the Best Quality

Best Copier for Small Business forBest Quality

A best copier for small business is one of the main start-up requirements for any business or commercial organization. With the recent advancements in technology, there are various newer, more compact, and affordable copiers available widely in the markets for your business.

Many of these copiers serve multiple functions; they are not just copiers, but they also print, scan, and fax.

Here, we have shortlisted the top nine copiers in the small business industry, to help you select the best commercial copier for your requirements and according to your budget.

Buying Guide Best Copier for Small Business

The copier industry has seen a tremendous growth over the last few decades. Most of the modern copiers serve multiple purposes of copying, printing, faxing, scanning and even e-mailing of the documents.

It may seem to be a tough choice when it comes to deciding upon the best copier for small businesses, as the markets are flooded with various models and types of copiers for all your business needs.

If your business involves a lot of paperwork, such as a real estate, insurance, legal or consultation business does, you may find the need to have an in-house copier facility to cut down on the time and efforts.

There is a huge variety of different brands and functionalities available in the markets today, with a wide range of prices to suit your budgets and business requirements. The modern copiers require the least effort on your part in terms of loading paper, cartridge replacement, setting instructions, maintenance, and producing quality results in the shortest possible time.

There are various copiers or Xerox machines available in the market today; the key feature dividing them into various categories is the type of toner they employ. This is the key determinant for them being classified as the monochrome, colored or even hybrid types of printers/copiers.

The selection of the right copier for your business should come from a certain inner evaluation of your business needs. Before you set out to the markets, you need to have a good idea about:

  • The estimated monthly volume of paperwork.
  • The need for colored copies.
  • The copy speed.
  • Wi-Fi network connectivity required (for multiple users).

Here we have provided certain guidelines for your ease as per the various features that are included in the latest modern day copiers. Going through these will help you in understanding the different functions of the copier as well as in deciding upon the best one for your business according to your usage and requirements.

  • Speed

The lower priced, the more compact models are able to produce 3-4 copies in a minute. They may be great for the home, but for a commercial organization, they will take up a lot of time when copying large documents.

For commercial needs, you will need the more solid and heavier machines, which on average produce about 24 pages in a minute.

For your ease, these copier machines are divided into six segments as per their speed.

Typically, the segment 1 yields 15 to 20 pages per minute, whereas the top most segment 6, produces up to 91 pages in a minute. Usually, the small business requirements are met by the mid-ranged segments i.e. segment 2 to 4. These yield an optimal 20 to 50 copies in a minute and can sufficiently meet the small business requirements efficiently.

  • Paper loading

These copiers have automatic sheet feeders; these too save up a considerable amount of time as you can place multiple papers without the effort of lifting and placing the cover on each sheet. You can place a complete stack of over 200 pages and just press start’. Each page is then automatically pulled out and worked on.

This enables you to save time and carry forth with the other more important work while the machine takes care of all the printing and copying. The loading and handling are thus very much easier and less frequently required as were in the earlier days of the traditional copier.

There is also another great feature incorporated in the latest copiers, which has the capability to turn over and copy on both sides of the page by itself. This is a very helpful feature when copying ID cards etc.

  • Black and white vs. colored

The latest technology now also provides you with great quality colored prints/copies.

In case your business requires printing or copying of say, promotional material, you may feel the need to buy a colored copier. Bear in mind that these could cost much more than the monochrome ones, but if colored copies/prints are a frequent requirement of your work, then the price is worth it. Need to cool the office down? Take a look at the best tower cooling fans for your workspaceright here.

  • After-sales service and warranty

Since it is a huge investment, it is wise to look into the warranty period as well as the quality of after sales support provided by the manufacturer. As the market norm, up to three years is considered a normal for their warranty period.

  • Digital vs. analog copiers

The digital copiers seem to have a greater advantage over the traditional analog types. Buyers all over the globe prefer the noiseless, more reliable – in terms of having any future mechanical troubles – and better quality yielding digital copiers these days. These are not just quite easy to set up and install, but also really easy to use.

  • Copier volume

Various copiers work at different capacities. The more advanced small business copiers are able to produce even about 30 pages in a minute.

If your business already has a running copier, it will be easier to know the exact volume you need for it to work on. However, on the safe side, it is always better to buy the one with the maximum output capacity.

However, one thing to keep in mind here is that as the efficiency of the machine increases, so does its costs. But again, the benefits outweigh the initial investment. Plus, if you buy a lower capacity copier, it may increase the risks of causing damage and decrease its lifespan due to overwork.

  • Other associated costs

The main cost associated with the actual purchase is the cost of the toner, which has to be replaced as and when required. Other costs include the cost of the paper, fuser oil, developer, etc.

The costs of the color copiers are often higher than the monochrome copiers. This is mainly due to the fact that the toner used includes various color cartridges and each has to be replaced for all colors as it runs out. The paper quality also is significantly different than the one used in the normal monochrome copier.

The need of a developer arises when the copies produced are lighter or not of the desired color. However, if you see an uneven color across the page, it shows that the toner has to be replaced.

  • Sorter

There is also a unique feature in these copiers which allows the user to sort and keep various sets separately. If you are trying to make multiple copies of a single set of documents, this machine can actually help you in picking out the copies separately as a set. The smart technology places the completed sets at different angles and positions to differentiate them from the next.

It allows you to print or copy multiple sets and keep them separate, saving up more of your precious time.

  • Finishers

Many advanced models also come with various finishers to help you further in your work. They can help produce already punched pages for the ease of filing, stitch binding and even come with an automatic stapler.

This can be a great function and save up considerable time on your behalf. However, again the more the functionalities, the higher the cost goes. But, if you have a sufficient budget, it is the best to go for the utmost convenience.

  • Trays

Many of these machines come with multiple paper trays. Now, these trays serve to keep different paper sizes or types in a more organized manner. It also helps you in saving time to load and reload every time you need a different paper type or size.

They also come with an adjustable option for keeping the page size as required, due to the varying nature of work involved in each copy/print job.

  • Wi-Fi networks

If your copier has a printing function, the network connectivity enables multiple users to send various documents for printing to it without much hassle.

Employees can send documents for printing at once, without having to leave their seats or waiting for a single user to log off the system first and then for their turn.

  • Fax

Many of these copiers also discussed above, include the faxing option. Users can send or receive faxes as desired through the machine or even through their computers if it comes with network connectivity.

  • Paper size

About all digital copiers resize and adjust the paper according to the original page so that the copy produced is exactly like the original even if the copy paper size is smaller.

This ensures that the document stays as it is and there is absolutely no distortion to the document.

  • Safety features

Most copiers have built-in energy efficiency features and shut down by themselves when not in use for a certain time. It also helps in prolonging their life as well as reducing the wear and tear of the machine by powering off and going to a standby mode.

You can even set a code to make it usable by the authorized staff only. This adds to the security of the machine which is very helpful in case you also use the copier for retrieving important faxes and for printing or copying sensitive and confidential information.

  • Document edits

Many copiers can also help you make certain changes to the documents like adding watermarks, numbers, date stamps, etc. they can even position the image in the correct manner and even copy, compress or expand the text as desired.

Other such features include color adjustment, border removal, balance setting, etc.

  • Memory requirement

You also need to have a certain idea about the memory your copier should come with. The RAM can range between 4 MB to 256 MB; with a higher RAM, the higher will be your productivity and more features can be utilized.

Low memory results in a slower functioning or a greater lag time in printing and copying of the documents.

The following steps can actually help you in making the final decision:

  • Get a copier on a trial basis. Many vendors allow this test run at various organizations. This will help give you an idea about the capacity of the machine you require and how well it can actually perform for you.
  • Review the performance reports of the copier. The machines are tested for their performance as part of their manufacturing process. This is the sole proof behind their claims like its ability to produce 20 copies per minute. Go through these lab reports to get a firm idea about it.
  • Get the vendor to offer a demo or a training session for your employees. It will help you get the best out of your copier and you will be able to use all its functions once you know how to. Also ask the dealers or providers about their after sales support, replacement parts, and other software or drivers required at your workstation; this will help you in combating any compatibility issues which could arrive later on.

However, no matter which model suits you it is the best to keep a smart approach and buy the one which not just costs a reasonable amount for the business and also yields the maximum output.

For more guidelines on buying the best copier with multifunction capabilities, please visit this website.

Should You Buy a Monochrome or Colored Copier?

Both the monochrome as well as the colored copier come with a set of advantages for users. The monochrome or the black and white copiers are designed to work at higher capacities, speed and at a lower cost.

The colored copiers are more suited for presentations, printing or copying promotional material like flyers, print advertisements, projects, etc. That is, they are more significant for businesses where graphics and pictures make up a primary part of all printing and copying work.

In order to select the right one, you need to review the amount of work required for your business from a particular copier, the need and number of colored copies required on a monthly basis, your budget including the maintenance costs for toner/cartridge replacement etc.

So, if your business is more paper intensive, you need to invest in a higher capacity monochrome copier while, if you frequently copy images or graphs etc. you need to buy a colored copier.

Do You Need to Check for the Compatibility With Your Computer?

It is one of the primary requisites in making the right choice for your business. You need to ensure that the product is fully compatible with all the workstations at your workplace that will ultimately have access to it. Failure to do so could make it entirely unusable and a total waste of the company’s resources.

You may have the worlds best wireless printer scanner copier, but if it doesn’t connect to the network, the efficiency and working capacity will never be fully utilized and ultimately you will be reaping much fewer benefits than what you paid for.

You can easily ask the dealer for compatibility or for any drivers to make it work. Or, if buying online, you can check the complete product description and specifications for ensuring maximum compatibility.

How Long Will it Last?

The right copier should last at least 5 good years for your business. But for that, you need the right evaluation of your business usage. If you are constantly going above the maximum output levels of the copier, it may not last long.

So, it is always recommended to get a fair idea about your work volume in order to buy the most compatible option, else you will need more frequent replacements as the capacity and work gap increases.

Also, the machine is most likely to get damaged and worn out due to the burden.


So, make your life easier and work more efficiently by buying the most feature equipped and latest, most reliable copier.

In order to make the best buying decision go through the complete functions and options of each model and take all the time you need. These copiers do take up a considerable budget and so, should yield the best results for your business and provide the ultimate value for money.

We hope that the guidelines discussed above help you in narrowing down your decision and in making the best choice for your company.

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