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Sex is an enjoyable sensual activity shared between lovers. Even though heart-wrenching, unmarried couples (and even married ones) should take special care to avoid the challenges associated with sex. Unprotected sex, for instance, is one of the leading cause of unwanted pregnancies among teens and adults. The risk of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases also increases, among unfaithful partners and sex tourists. To minimize the foregoing risks without compromising your sex life, always wear a condom when having sex. Today’s contemporary models maximize pleasure while protecting users at the same time. The quality materials used in their production are human safe, while their well-lubricated designs better the experience of users. Here are the 10 best condoms with these attributes:


Many men hate using condoms because of the boring numbing effect that they induce when having sex. If have a similar experience, you most probably are using the wrong type of condom. Replace the thick latex ones that you get free at your doctor’s office with this ultra-sensitive brand from Lifestyles to better your experience. Attainable as a package of 100 condoms, it is affordable. The specially lubricated latex used to manufacture them maximizes pleasure without the annoying smell some brands have. The material is also burst-proof, thinner that most comparable condoms, and has a reservoir tip that enhances both comfort and safety.

9. Trojan Pleasure Pack

Trojan Pleasure Pack NEW MIX Premium Lubricated Latex Condoms - 40 Count Variety Pack - Double Ecstasy, Charged, Ultra Thin, Ultra Ribbed, ENZ - Brand NEW

A dominant brand in the condoms niche, Trojan has helped most individuals to enjoy healthy and safe sex at home. With this pleasure pack, for instance, you get a 40-count value pack containing some of the most popular brands in 2022. From sensitive ones such as double ecstasy to ultra-thin ENZ condoms, you get the best of the best. All condoms are sensitive, comfortable, and lubricated to make sex fun. Their electronically tested designs are super reliable, while the premium latex used to manufacture them is burst proof. You do not have to worry about them bursting and impairing your experience when having sex.

8. SKYN Original Condoms

SKYN Original Condoms, 24ct

Forget about the cheap free condoms that burst occasionally and have a strong pungent odor that impairs sex. To better the experience for both you and your partner, quality SKYN Original Condoms are among the best to use. Manufactured by Lifestyles, the 24 condoms offered and soft and made of an incredibly sensitive polyisoprene. This non-latex material benefits individuals sensitive to latex. It is also comfortable, odorless, and has a noticeably strong construction that prevents pregnancies and STDs. These condoms have ultra-smooth lubricants, a comfortable straight shape, and a reservoir that betters safety and comfort further.

7. LifeStyles SNUGGER FIT

LifeStyles SNUGGER FIT Condoms - 25 condoms

Are you tired of using thick and flabby condoms that slip and bunch whenever you are having sex? With a package of snug-fitting condoms such as LifeStyle, you no longer have to sacrifice comfort, stimulation, and or your personal safety in the bedroom. Manufactured by Ansell Limited, the 25 condoms offered are not only affordable but also have premium designs that users appreciate. Built to maximize stimulation, for instance, these condoms are thin and snug fitting. Their natural shape and feel are unique, while their lubricated interior and exterior glide naturally to enhance sensation. Even though these condoms have a low latex scent, they have satisfied the sexual needs of millions of men and women.

6. Trojan Ultra Ribbed

Trojan Ultra Ribbed, 36ct

Trojan Ultra Ribbed is a USA-made 36-pack of premium latex condoms that take lovemaking to the next level. Unlike some smooth brands, their ultra-ribbed designs (full length) stimulate genitalia better to increase stimulation. The latex used to make them is smooth and has a silky-smooth lubricant that betters sensitivity and comfort further. When having sex, personal safety is key whether you are in a committed relationship or not. With this pack, you get durable burst-proof condoms. They are also leak-proof, electronically tested for reliability, and have tapered bases and special reservoir tips for extra safety.

5. Trojan Condom Sensitivity Bareskin

Trojan Condom Sensitivity Bareskin Lubricated, 24 Count

For an enjoyable bare skin feel whenever you are having sex, this package of sensitivity bare skin condoms from Trojan work best. Lubricated, the 24 condoms offered do not require significant amounts of lube to work well. The latex used to make them is 40% thinner than standard ones, while their affordability makes them ideal everyday condoms. To ensure reliability and safety all condoms have are electronically tested for strength. Latex is premium, while their special reservoir tips maximize the safety of users.

4. Durex Performax (Intense Ribbed & Dotted)

Durex Performax Intense Ribbed & Dotted with Delay Lubricant Premium Condom, 24 Count

Ribbed condoms are popular globally because of their higher stimulation individuals enjoy. Brands such as Dura Performax are also snug fitting and have comfortable and well-lubricated designs that make sex fun and enjoyable. Dotted and intensely ribbed the 24 premium condoms offered are durable. Their electronically tested designs are reliable and super-flexible, while the delay lubricant used prolongs pleasure naturally. If you are inexperienced, therefore, or get a little too excited when having sex, an original pack will benefit you immensely. You will last longer in bed without using performance-enhancing drugs such as Viagra. As most Durex condoms, this model has a light latex smell. It does not bother most users anyway.

3. Trojan Magnum

Trojan Magnum, 36ct

Featured in most top 10 best condoms reviewed in 2022, Trojan Magnum contains 36 larger condoms made of quality latex. If you have a big penis, therefore, forget about your standard package of condoms that rip tight and compromise your performance in bed. They are comfortable to wear and use. They are also durable, super-sensitive, and have silky-smooth lubricants that ease penetration. You also get a special reservoir tip for safety, a snug tapered base, and a reliable design that prevents pregnancies and STDs.

2. OKAMOTO Crown Condoms

Crown Condoms 100 Pack

Ranked among the thinnest condoms, OKAMOTO Crown delivers an enjoyable bare feel whilst having sex. This, however, does not mean you sacrifice protection. The pink-tinted 100 condoms offered hand independently tested designs for dependability. They are also durable and comfortable non-contoured designs that suit various needs. Whether you are looking to prevent pregnancy or keep STDs such as HIV at bay, an original pack will come in handy. They are cheap and expire after two years.

1. Trojan Condom ENZ

Trojan Condom ENZ Lubricated, 36 Count

Popular globally, Trojan Condom ENZ tops our list of the best condoms for 2022. Made of latex, the 36 condoms offered have durable well-lubricated designs that make sex memorable. As most Trojan condoms, their classic designs are smooth and have special reservoir tips for safety. They are also sensitive, easy to wear and remove, and work with most lubes without weakening or sacrificing protection.

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