Best Color Label Printers With Great Functionality & Features (2022): Top 10 List

Best Color label printers are a convenient and affordable substitute for the standard desktop printer. You can purchase the best color label printer without breaking the bank. If you are looking for the best product, you need to be aware of the different factors you need to consider. In your search, we have gathered a list of the best color label printers available on the market.

Owning a color label printer can be great fun as well as highly convenient. You can use it to print your own labels in-house, according to your own preference and customization. Thus, the color label printers are a trustworthy device to get your printing works done. It will print labels, name badges, shipping addresses, barcodes etc clearly and the speed in unimaginable. Some of these printers do not even use toner or ink and makes the labels in an eco-friendly manner.

A label printer is a very useful device. Not only does it help at a personal level, allowing you to create fun labels at home, but it’s great for businesses or more professional settings as well.

There are many great color label printers on the market, and each comes with its own traits and specifications. If you’re looking for a specific model, you want something that matches your specific needs and the options found here are all great choices.

The features of each label printer are different in its own way. And we studied each of them to provide a detailed guide. The below-listed products are reviewed so that you can buy a label maker that is excellent in all the given terms. To help you pick out the right one, we’ve rounded up the best label makers to buy right now.

Top 10 Best Label Printers Reviews

10.  MUNBYN USB Label Printer

wireless label printer


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Looking for a versatile and highly compatible machine? This is a fine selection that functions with both Windows and Macs. Due to this, you can easily connect the system for seamless printing. In addition to this, it prints labels of 4 x 6, which are recommended by all shipping platforms. Also, it has a smaller compact portable design allowing for portability to different places. Finished in three variable colors, the unit is a pick that suits all users.

  • Easy and quick to install
  • Widely compatible
  • Delivers 150mm/s speed
  • The battery last longer
  • Comes in multiple colors
  • It is multi-purposes
  • Perfect for most shipping platforms
  • Offers 2-year warranty
  • None

Other than this, the Color Label Printer has a sleek ergonomic design. It comes with a high-capacity battery, which makes it great for hours of use.

9. ROLLO Dymo Labelwriter 4XL Thermal Label Printer

label media rolls

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The Rollo label printer is as fine as they come and is hands down one of their best printer for product labels. Equipped with the latest thermal technology, it is an epitome of speed and efficiency. The Rollo Label Printer is a direct thermal printer that can print labels reliably and quickly at a speed of about 150 millimeters per second.

Though this is a direct thermal printer, its labels are still reliably made enough to be readable and scannable. It can take in either rolls or stacks of 4-inch x 6-inch label paper, giving some added convenience. However, if you plan to feed the printer rolls of labels, those labels must have perforations between them.

Because of its advanced working technology, this product works perfectly with any thermal label. It means you can cut down on costs that would otherwise be spent on buying such labels.

Moreover, this product is perfect for label sizes ranging from 1.57’’ to 4.1’’ in width. Note that this is only the width requirement; there is no specific height requirement of the label.

This grants you the flexibility of experimenting with different designs and create labels for various purposes, such as warehouses, barcodes, and more.

Its speed is also on another level. At a speed of 150mm/s, it is faster than most commercial and conventional printers out there. What’s even better, there is no hassle of wasting ink or toners on this product, as it does not require either.

Being compatible with both Windows or Mac means that it automatically the first choice for any office that utilizes both OSes. Furthermore, using their very helpful customer service, you can have problems solved via email or phone.

Functions excellently with Thermal Direct Label that also includes free UPS labels, let’s take time out to appreciate the high printing speed of 150 mm/s. In fact, it is two times speedier compared to other products. And the advanced Thermal Direct technology will provide impressive results even without using ink or toner. The quality of the labels meets the required USPS, FedEx, DHL and other major standards.

Besides offering high-speed, the wide format of maximum 4.1” is unique and makes warehouse labels, ID labels, shipping labels etc. Plus, by pressing a button, the printer will start detecting the characteristics as well as size automatically.

Key features

  • Certainly a portable device but also rugged and modern.
  • Work well with all thermal shipping labels.
  • High quality, internet-based customer service
  • Can be used equally well with both Mac and Windows
  • High printing rate at 150mm/s
  • Has no height limitations on labels

8. DYMO Label Printer | LabelWriter 450 Turbo Direct Thermal Label Printer

label printing

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The 450 DYMO label maker is known to print high-quality barcode labels, file folder names, badges etc in clear and crisp format.

This label printer is an excellent choice for small businesses for whom every dollar counts. The printer is inexpensive, small, and quite the little dynamo when it comes to printing labels. It can print up to 71 labels per minute if the labels are small and average about 51 labels per minute.

The DYMO LabelWriter 450 can label in 18 different shapes and sizes, depending on the template you select. Most of the labels capable of making are quite small, with 2-1/4 inches being their maximum allowable width. This is sufficient for most postage and shipping labels, though, and since this is a direct thermal printer, those are the kind of labels that it is best suited to making anyway.

DYMO has brought forward this ingenious product that wants to eradicate the struggles involved in cutting the sheet labels. Starting with aim of not creating any waste, the label making-process of this machine print exact quantities. However, the best thing is the Thermal printing technology. If you are a Windows user, just with a scanner and a document feeder one can scan almost 200 pages.

Furthermore, personalize your address, barcode labels, name badges and so much more with the preinstalled DYMO software. The label maker graphics has a resolution of 600*300 and the barcodes appear to be pretty clear. Plus, the easy to use product also promises speedy labelling. Nevertheless, the label rolls can be loaded easily. And so, no more of frustration as the hectic manual effort is not needed.

Not only this device has a stylish and sleek design, but its performance is quite impressive. There is no need to worry about the printing quality – and there are so many things to love about this device. It has professional printing grade that would be perfect for either personal use or professional function.

Want to make customized labels? You can do it with a breeze! Feel free to make custom barcodes, graphics, addresses, and so much more from popular programs like Mac Address or Microsoft Word. The printer is compact and sleek although it isn’t portable because it is wired and you need to use a cable to operate it. The device can print graphics with 600 x 300 dpi resolution

And thanks to the thermal (printing) technology has enabled it to print high-quality results without using toners or inks. You can save operational cost without compromising quality and easiness!

Its speciality lies in DYMO stamp software that expertise in printing USPS certified postage. But what’s so unique about it? Well, you can print it directly from the desktop and does not involve any charges or contracts whatsoever.

Furthermore, just establish a connection with PC or Mac and now achieve label printing from Excel sheets, Word documents, Quickbooks etc without facing any trouble. The sheet labels will not be a major issue as this product believes in an environmental-friendly process. Thus, no waste!

Key features

  • Prints up to 71 addresses.
  • Speed labelling at its best.
  • Thermal printing doesn’t need ink for printing.
  • Package includes adapter, power cable as well as a guide
  • For troubleshooting issues, take the aid of a manual guide.

7.   Arkscan 2054A Shipping Label Printer

Arkscan 2054A

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Arkscan 2054A is a multifunctional printer designed to print shipping labels, barcode labels, product labels, and other labels intended for other purposes. The labeler can print documents that are between 0.75-inches and 4.25-inches in maximum widthThe length of the documents has to be between 0.4-inches and 90-inches. It accepts roll paper, which you can load inside the printer’s chambers, or a fanfold paper that you can load from the back of the printer.

To make the 2054A labeler diverse, it comes with 2054A- USB, allowing users to connect it to a desktop or laptop. It also supports Ethernet and Wi-Fi with 2054A-LAN to make it networkable and to allow you to print right from your tablet or smartphone.

The label printer measures 6.5H x 8.3W x 9.4D inches and weighs 4.8 pounds, thus making it one of the lightest label printers in the market. Like its peers, the 2054A operates mainly from smartphones, PCs, Laptops, tablets, and other computing devices.

Although the 2054A-LAN model doesn’t have a control panel, it comes with a power button and a release button for opening the hatch that houses the label media rolls. Besides supporting the rolls, the 2054A-LAN also supports folded stacks of die-cut labels, which you can either hold in a feeder bin or pile just behind the printer.

The Arkscan 2054A prints at a speed of 5 inches per second, making it ideal for fast printing of several piles of labels. With its thermal-direct technology, you will not have to keep refilling a toner or ink to complete your tasks. As long as you have any thermal label papers with you, you are good to go. The thermal label papers may include FedEx or UPS free shipping labels that come in sizes 4 x 6 niches, 4 x 8.25 inches, and 4 x 6.75 inches.

With this label printer, you can print a shipping label from eBay, Amazon, Shopify, ShipGator, Etsy, EasyPost, UPS WorldShip,, ShipWorks, Shippo, ShippingEasy, and ShipStation, among others. Moreover, it comes with a free software of BarTender and UltraLite label-making Windows-based software. It contains the most commonly used label-designs and print features such as graphics, barcodes, full-design for text, and most serializing capabilities.

The label printer is compatible with Zebra LP2844, thus allowing you to print from various software that could otherwise be exclusively used by Zebra label printers. Most of the setup and printing arrangements require less than a minute to set, making this label printer one of the most user-friendly models you can find on the market. Coupled with how reasonably priced it is, we highly recommend this label printer!

6)  Primera LX2000 Color Label Printer, Print Your Own Short Run Product Labels

Best Color Label Printers Reviews

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LX2000 label printer is a terrific label maker which prints full-color photo quality labels. It is primera`s newest and fastest inkjet label printer. With a built-in cutter, high-resolution graphics printing and scratch and water resistant print, this printer is way far than the other ones.

And if you think prince wise, this printer also comes in your budget. Of course, depending on your need requirements you might want to choose another printer, but if you think overall, this is the printer that you can term to be as the best amongst the top printers available in the market and is by far advanced. So, what are you waiting for? Research a bit, make up your mind, and go for the label printer that you think will be sufficient to serve your purpose.

The LX2000 is a unique brand with large ink cartridge for more than four colors. The system was designed towards a most enjoyable printing experience, by allowing you to print labels, photographs, texts and barcodes, and more.

It features a wireless and internet connectivity that let you print anything from any gadget, even from your phone, in a short period of time.

It belong to high price category but if you are talking about reliability and quality, LX2000 label printer takes care of all your label printing problems. It is highly water and UV resistant because of the combination of pigment inks and synthetic material which makes it very durable.

Separate cartridges for different inks keeps your label making cost low. Paper, synthetic and polyester clear labels are made with an impressive speed of nearly any shape or size. It offers a print resolution of 4800 dpi with impressive 16.7 million colors.

It can be operated via USB or Microsoft Windows. It uses ink made of quality pigments that give your labels water resistance so the ink doesn’t blur when your label get in contact with water.

It takes just five minutes to operate it before you can sit back and watch it print your label.

LX2000 is the ultimate label maker and it promises to make your product look only better. It is ideal for handling high work load and is perfect for industrial use. Primera edition design software, drivers for different operating systems, white polyester label stock, USB 2.0 and instruction booklet are included.

Major Features:
  • Capable of printing up to 5000 full-color labels per day
  • Individual cartridges with ink pigments
  • Offers a variety of label sizes and materials
  • Primera`s fastest inkjet label printer
  •  Inbuilt cutter for automatic cutting of labels perfectly
  •  Wireless and Ethernet connection
  •  Makes around 5000 labels daily
  •  A speed of 6 inches per seconds
  •  A large cartridge of 5 colors
  •  Water resistant body
  •  Replaceable head
  •  Fast and helpful after sales service

Best Color Label Printers

5)  Brother QL-820NWB Professional, Ultra Flexible Label Printer

wireless label printer

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Brother is known for high-quality, professional-grade appliances and the Brother QL-820NWB label printer is no exception. This label printer is not only used by professionals, but it is also suitable for the home office. This best color label printer for small business operators is very dependable as well as fast. No matter how many labels you want to print, the Brother QL will quickly get the job done. Its main specialty is the printing of high-quality black and red labels that can be seen easily. On a single battery charge, you can print up to 2,000 black and 850 colored texts. So, you can use this handy label printer for printing labels and bar codes on packages, envelopes, file folders, and many other items.

Your Brother QL-820NWB can be connected in different ways via Bluetooth, Wireless, USB, or Ethernet. This flexibility offers you convenience as you will always be connected to your printing software whether through a PC, Mac or a smart device.  Furthermore, the Brother label printer is the only one on the market that allows you to print colors on the entire label. With the free iPrint & Label App from Brother, you can write your tags from any device. There are many label templates to choose from, or you can design your own.

Highlighted Features

  • A flexible label printer that can be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth;
  • Printer features USB ports and an Ethernet connection interface so you can connect other accessories (like a scanner);
  • Prints very quickly at 110 address labels per minute (300dpi of black text);
  • The monochrome LCD is easy to read;
  • The inexpensive Brother label printer is easy to set up and use.

4.  DYMO Label Maker LabelManager 160 Portable Label Maker

label media rolls

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This handheld label maker and printer come with the benefit of QWERTY keypad having a computer style. Thus, you can type the required text and edit whenever needed just with the use of single-touch quick formatting keys. Now, obtaining professional-like labels on the go have become easy as it portable enough.

Not all label maker supports Qwerty keyboard, but this one has it so it is super convenient and easy for the overall operation. You can always make labels easily and quickly, thanks to the keyboard. It also supports handy keys with fast formatting feature and one-touch system.

What about the final result? It is professional with a polished look, suitable for formal setting and use. As the best label printer, it is portable, lightweight, and compact. Feel free to make any type of label anywhere. You can enjoy various font styles and sizes, including 8 (text) styles, 6 different font sizes, 228 clip art and symbols, and so much more.

There are also different background colours, offering you a wide palette of colours that would be handy for organizational uses. The device also has a handy memory for the last label you use, so you won’t have to re-type it again and again.

Moreover, it offers a spectrum of 6 different font sizes, 4 underline choices, 228 symbols as well as clipart and above all, 8 interesting styles of texts. Also, the variations available in the background colour are impressive. However, the most commendable feature is still the Last-Label memory that enables the user to print the last printed content without the need for retyping or reformatting.

Key features

  • An LCD screen for showing the figures and inputs.
  • Has an auto shut-off feature.
  • Text can be edited with any complication.

3. Brady BMP21-PLUS Handheld Label Printer

label printing

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What do we mean by a good label maker? Do not worry as Brady’s label printer proves it to you. This printer is handheld and the keyboard allows making multi-line labels.

This printer is a handheld and the console allows you to create multi-line labels. In this way, you can see wires, circuits, and other mechanical things without sitting idle. With an intensive external development, it has formed protective devices made of elastic material, so that it also counteracts fluctuations. Besides, the fonts are displayed on the LCD screen.

The heavy-duty rugged construction of the Brady BMP21-PLUS Label Printer Kit makes it perfect for industrial purposes. The molded rubber bumpers protect the device from bumps and other hard impacts on the sides. It comes in a kit that includes a label cartridge, rechargeable Li-ION battery, AC adapter/charger, and a hard carry case.

With over 100 built-in symbols for electric, smart home, safety, and datacom, the label maker is ideal for patch panel labeling, cable flagging, fiber optic labels, and similar uses. Text prints in just one color and font sizes from 6 to 40 point, so you can make your label text as large or small as the job calls for.

From 6 types in text dimensions to the printing of content in single shading, even 100 images are integrated. As it is a printer that has wide application in mechanical processes, it qualifies the stunning test as well as the vibration test. Apart from the innovation of the input locking and the pressure, this is also proof of the invention.

Thus, one can clearly spot wires, circuits plus other industrial items without wasting time. Having a tough exterior construction, it has moulded bumpers that are made of rubber and so, it resists impact as well. Plus, the LCD display helps to view the texts in the screen.

From 6 variations in font sizes to printing text in a single colour, it even has inbuilt 100 symbols. As it is a printer that has a wide application in industrial process, the device successfully qualified shock as well as vibrating test. Apart from door-lock-and-print technology, it is also chemical-proof.

Key features

  • Will last for 8 to 10 years even after extensive outdoor usage.
  • Approved by MIL-STD-810G standards.
  • Includes all letters from A to Z and numbers from 0 to 9 too.

2.  Brother P-touch Wireless Label Maker Mobile Device Printing – PTP750W

wireless label printer

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This printer comes with a keyboard that makes it easier to create labels, tags and barcode for your business. It prints directly when connected to your PC with a USB cable. Being a wireless label printer, it not only prints the required material in the best way. Having the option of NFC connectivity, share your files with other wireless network and even local by simply making use of USB connection. The best part of this device is that it supports the printing of high-resolution labels. Be it high-end graphics, barcodes or logos, one will be at the receiving end of only finest results.

  This appliance is a wireless label printer that does not need to be connected physically to your computer or smart device to work. Efficiently complete all your office label printing jobs with this flexible label printer that can be used at the same time by more than one user. Experience the Brother P-touch’s high-speed production of professional quality labels.

Using the Brother P-touch label maker is easy, select any font on your Mac or PC and insert symbols, images, and bar codes with the P-touch Editor 5 software that is also included. With its quick print speeds and its automatic tape cutter, producing labels that are ready to use is effortless. Design and print your eye-catching labels direct from your smartphone or other portable devices using the iPrint label app. Ensure, though, that you are accessing a compatible version of the iPrint software for best results.

The brother color label printer comes with P-touch application software that helps you create labels design easily. this also comes at an affordable price and has a noted advantage over other printers.

Further, one has the liberty to choose amongst the various power sources namely AC power adapter, wireless network etc. It even allows repetitive printing and the labelling software is already pre-loaded with a labelling software. And it is compatible with Mac or PC.

Key features

  • Equipped with half as well as full automatic tape cutter.
  • Helps in the creation of long-lasting labels.
  • A speed of 30mm per second is guaranteed.
  • Wi-Fi enabled device.
  • Wirelessly connect to the Brother P-touch PT-P750W label printer form any NFC-capable mobile device;
  • Others can work with you when you share your project over the wireless network, or onsite with USB connections;
  • Use the PTP750W with a wireless network, an AC power adapter, or a rechargeable battery (that you buy separately).
  • P-touch software allows you to design and print labels of high resolution that include barcodes, graphics, and logos;
  • This printer works best with original Brother P-touch TZe tapes that measures up to 24mm (about 1 inch).


1. DYMO Labelwriter 450 Twin Turbo Label Printer – 71 Labels/Minute

label media rolls

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Being a twin label printer, it can accommodate two separate label rolls and print the labels simultaneously. With the use of Thermal printing technology, you save both paper wastes as well as money. Also, standard 4 lines addresses can be printed and it assures a speed of 71 label printing per minute. Be it barcodes, shipping address, labels or more, the 600*300 resolution is amazing. Furthermore, customisation is also possible.

Even print the texts directly out from Excel sheets, Outlook etc. Finally, connect with Windows 7 or Mac OS X and the results will be consistent.

Key features

  • Two separate chambers for putting your rolls and printing at the same time.
  • Qualifies the standards of USPS.

Get your printing work done efficiently by installing the best black and colour label maker machine. And obtain speedy results in just a few seconds.

Things to Consider before Buying Best Color Label Printer

  • Workload

Different people have different printing requirements and therefore printing workloads. Therefore, be very clear about the amount of prints you are going to need and how frequently you are going to be using the machine. Depending on the workload, printers come in distinctive sizes, functions and features. You are also not going to be printing the same amount every time. So check if the printer is going to comply with your requirements during different periods.

Consumers with low printing volume can do well with a printer that supports 100 prints per day. Such type of printers is more suited to domestic needs that mainly come to use during special occasions, holidays or festive season. Small commerce houses can opt for those with a medium intensity that is around 500 prints per day. Investing in printers that are not suited o your requirements would mean that you are either going to be over utilizing or underutilizing various functions and features.

  • Printing speed

Most people would consider printing speed as the total amount of time taken by the printer to print out the labels. However, there are also a number of other things that determine how fast you can get your task completed. This would include loading the printer, processing time, manual/automatic operation as well as maintenance procedures. Summing up, all of these additional factors can play a great role in determining the total time taken for printing a certain volume. The best color label printer reduces the printing speed by optimizing all of these factors that come into play during the production.

  • Cost of printing

Cost is another important thing to consider. The smallest of the things can actually make significant differences, if you are printing small volumes, consider the cost per label and if you are printing in bulk, you should take into consideration a wide number of things from the blank labels to printing inks so that the total cost stays as low as possible. If not the exact, you should at least have a rough idea about how much the prints are going to cost you. The best color label printer is one that produces high-quality output at an optimized cost.

  • Try them out before buying

Since there are a number of things that can affect the performance of printers, simply checking out the features will not give you a full idea of how well it is going to turn out when you actually start using there. Therefore, it is best to watch in the first person, how well the labels are going to come out. This will give you a better idea about the functioning and if there are any technical shortcomings, you will immediately be able to notice it. The best color label printer offers a smooth performance along with high-quality print and color matching.

  • Print utilization

You are going to need a different type of labels at different times. Many printers also have features that allow you to save the names, addresses, and contacts and track the items once they have been sent for delivery. Then comes the different types of prints, all used for different purposes. Check out the layouts offered by the printer and the different sizes and format that it can print. The best color label printer offers a versatile performance, taking care of a majority of your printing requirements.

  • Print determination

A print determination is another one of the factors that determine printer optimization. To get the best quality tags, you should be looking at a high print determination. The minimum number of dabs should not be less than 203. Since the thickness of the labels also has a role to play, look for the printers with the highest specks per inch.

  • Support and compatibility

When you are looking for the best color label printer, always place a high priority on the support provided by the manufacturer. Learn in detail about the terms and conditions of warranty and the responsiveness of the customer care service. Buying printers are not less than making an investment. You would definitely not like it if the machine slows down after just a couple of use. Therefore, to save all the major disappointments, it is better to gain as much information you need before you take it into your possession.

Also, find out about the compatibility of the printer with various external devices and whether its functions and software are upgradeable or not. The best color label printer can increase your productivity multifold. Even if the printers are not as equipped as they ought to be, make sure that at least they do not pose a hindrance to your productivity.

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