Best Christmas & Birthday Gifts Ideas For 9 Year Old Boys

Best Christmas & Birthday Gifts Ideas For 9 Year Old Boys

Top 9 Best Gifts For Boys Age 9
Best Christmas & Birthday Gifts Ideas For 9 Year Old Boys

Kids grow pretty fast. At 9, you may even have the feeling that your little man may have skipped a few years; maybe they skipped the years 6 to 8? Just the other day you were holding them in your arms and petting them to sleep and now you are competing with them in sports such as football, baseball or fishing together! How fast time flies.

At the age of 9, boys are beginning to perceive the world through the right side of the brains and they are outgrowing the superheroes, Batman, T-ball, and they are also beginning to make true friends, those lifelong friendships that will last a lifetime. Their worldview is a bit more concept-oriented while relational at the same time. Your son turning 9 makes you take a pause and reflect on life and how little time you have left to spend with this erstwhile little baby of yours, before he grows and becomes a teen, and soon an independent man charting his own path in life. What kind of gifts would suit your little superman? We review some of the best and most productive gift ideas for your 9 year old boy.

Gifts for 9 Year Old Boys Buying Guide

In selecting the best birthday and Christmas gifts for 9 year old boys, we have put in consideration a perfect combination of gifts that bring out the creativity, those that are good for your boys brain power as well as those fun gifts that always mean hours of adventure.

Nine year old boys are at that juncture in their lives where they are navigating somewhere between being those little lovely kids and teenage years. You will need a combination of gifts that will give them the sense that they are making some progress towards more grown up stuff while still keeping the toys in the package. They will be oscillating between extreme playfulness and discovery and creativity.

The best gifts for boys age 9should promote social development, be something that they can enjoy with friends and even family but they must also boost learning. However, a toy must be fun at the same time otherwise the kid in them will get bored pretty fast. If the toy is all work and no fun, they will not be even pick it beyond day one even if it has great social and educational benefits.

Keep in mind that at the age of 9, the kids will move from plays that are rule based such as the board games to more imaginative play. At this age, they are also developing lots of peer relationships so it is important to get them gifts that they can enjoy with their friends and playmates. Here is a simple guide to some of the important factors to keep in mind when buying the best gifts for boys age 9:-

The Gift Categories For 9 Year Old Boys

9 year old boys are in the discovery phase and as a result, will play with a large category of gifts. The best gifts for boys age 9 can be anything from music to arts and crafts, sports, technology, games and building blocks or building materials. Here is a look at what you can expect from any of these categories:-

Games: These are by far the most common gifts for 9 year old boys and there is a vast selection that you can pick from including educational games, automobile games, board games, outdoor games and card games among others.

Technology: You can have your 9 year old boy experiment with a variety of technology gifts including drones, RC based automobile gifts, gadgets and computer games among others.

Sports: At 9 years old, kids are starting to get interested in sports and other outdoor activities so sports based gifts are going to be popular with this age category. Anything from athletic shoes to athletic bags, scooters and baseball bats would do.

Music: Not a common 9 year old gift item but there are a variety of music-based gifts that you can buy for your little boy including music collections, headphones and even larger music gifts such as pianos. If you feel your kid has a special talent formusic, then you can get them some musical gifts that will help them develop that talent.

Arts and Crafts: If you want to inculcate some creativity in your kid at an early age, you can buy them some arts and crafts-based gifts such as sketchbooks, drawing pencils, crayons, craft sets and construction sets. The choice when it comes to arts and crafts gifts for 9 year olds is simply endless.

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What kinds of gifts should I buy for a 9 year old?

At the age of 9, you will need to focus on the kinds of gifts that will foster the social and cognitive development of the child. As a result, sports gifts will be popular with kids at this age as well as gifts that help foster their brain power. If you have already noticed some skills or abilities in your kid at this age, then you need to buy gifts that will help reinforce these skills.

How can I recognize the needs of my kid?

Kids will love and appreciate a broad array of gifts so it is important to think broadly when you are buying gifts for a 9 year old. What does your kid spend most of their time on? Do they love the outdoors? Do they like building things? There are thousands of toys out there that you could choose and dont try to be a perfectionist. Read online, talk to other parents or simply choose our selection of gifts for 9 year old boys above and you should be ok. When buying gifts for your 9 year old boy, avoid tunnel thinking by limiting them to particular kinds of gifts. Think broadly and generally and go for a vast variety. This is still an experimentation phase for many kids and they are still trying to figure out what they like best so it is important to give them as many options as possible.

How much should I spend on a gift for a 9 year old?

Dont splurge. 9 year old boys are still clumsy and with short attention spans so you dont have to buy something particularly precious and costing thousands of dollars. One of things to factor is how often you typically buy gifts for your kid. If you do it frequently, then you dont have to splurge. How much do you generally spend on gifts for your boy? If it is typically $20 to $50, then stick to this number for all your gifts. Remember you also have to pay for shopping, utility bills, mortgage and other essentials so it is important to stick to budget even if you want to spoil your little man.

Try to avoid falling into a gift creep. This is where you feel you are not pampering your kid enough with gifts and you are tempted to continuously buy them and spoil them with new gifts. It might be a childs dream to have many gifts but it can also be counterproductive and certainly not good for their attention spans. To avoid falling into gift creep, budget accordingly and buy gifts only on special occasions such as Christmas and birthdays. Dont buy a gift for your child every time they make a demand or see something they want or every time your child has a meltdown. In short, when it comes to gift giving for a child, do not overindulge.

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