Best Christmas & Birthday Gifts Ideas For 6 Year Old Boys

Best Christmas & Birthday Gifts Ideas For 6 Year Old Boys

Top 9 Best Gifts For Boys Age 6
Best Christmas & Birthday Gifts Ideas For 6 Year Old Boys
Impossibly Fun and Educational Gifts for Your 6 Year Old Boy

What kind of gifts can you purchase for a six year old boy? While your tot is still a little tiny boy at home, they are already in school and learning to be independent and to take some small responsibilities. They are first graders and will need toys that not only stretch their imagination but also put their bodies to a little work. We have selected an array of cool gifts for six year old boys that will get them moving, solving problems and putting their imagination to work. Here is our selection of the best 9 gifts for 6 year old boy that will defy his and your expectations.

Best Gifts For 6 Year Old Boys

Picture Toy Manufacturer Type Price Our Rating
Max Tow Truck Games $$$ 4.98
Micro Maxi Kick Scooter with T-bar (Blue) Sports/Activity $$ 4.96
NBA C3 Construction Elite Edition Full Court Building Set #21541 Building Set $$ 4.96
Razor 360 Flash Rider Sports/Activity $$ 4.94
Q-BA-MAZE 2.0: Big Box Building Set $$ 4.93
Kid Galaxy RC Bump ‘n Chuck Bumper Cars Games $$ 4.93
Zoomer Dino, Jester Interactive Dinosaur Games $$ 4.92
Discovery Kids Spaceship Laser Tag Technology $$ 4.90
LEGO Super Heroes Daily Bugle Showdown 76005 Building Set $$ 4.88

Buying Guide for Best Gifts for Boys Age 6

At the age of 6, kids cant take a breath from absorbing as much as they can from the surroundings. They are learning a lot of things simultaneously especially if they are already in kindergarten and also interacting with other kids. At this age, kids are also trying to push the boundaries beyond the confines defined by their parents. They are beginning to visit neighbours, go out on the own and try lots of new things in their surroundings.

You need to introduce best gifts for boys age 6 that will enhance the learning experience so go for the educational games, science and physics kits, sporting gifts, building and construction kits. As they are also making friends fast, try and introduce a lot of multiplayer games that they can enjoy with other kids.Here is a guide on the best gifts for boys age 6 that you can pick this Christmas or for their birthdays:-

Choose Co-Play Toys: At the age of 6, boys enjoy forming new friendships and playing with lots of their friends so buy for them multiplayer or co-play toys that they can enjoy with other kids. Kids are likely to have the best group play experiences if the toys you buy them have sets of characters.

Games that have symbols: At this age, kids are beginning to read and write. They are also beginning to learn some mathematical concepts. Go for best gifts for boys age 6 that involve symbol use to speed up the learning process. These include toys such as board games, instruction kits, books and video games that are educational. All these will help with their learning and they will become better readers and better writers.

Puzzle Games: At this age, kids are open to all kinds of learning so this is the time to improve their logic and problem solving skills. Choose best gifts for boys age 6 that kids and dismantle and reassemble together within a short time. Some of the toys that lie in this category include the maze games, activity books as well as puzzles. This not only builds their logic skills but they also help in boosting their memory. They can also be helpful with both numeracy and literacy skills early on in life.

Team games: Even at the age of six, boys are beginning to master rule based and relational games. You can begin introducing best gifts for boys age 6 that will help in boosting team sports spirit such as water toys that they can play with in the backyard.

Educational and fun games: Six year olds are not just about activity and moving out and about. They will get tired and need games that they can enjoy quietly while sitting in their own space. There are plenty of fun and educational games that you can purchase for this purpose include maze games and LEGO.

At the age of six, you will see your boy becoming more independent but dont be fooled by this false maturity; they are still pretty much kids. As a result, enjoying hours of play with toys still forms a large part of their lives and you must give them toys for that. You can also mix in the best gifts for boys age 6 that will allow them to push the boundaries of play a bit while still keeping them safe such as low scooters and trikes. Sometimes, you can simply ask them what they want and go along with that as long as it is age appropriate.

Is the gift age appropriate and safe?

The reason gifts need to be age appropriate is because quickly get bored or disinterested if it is for an age range that is either too old or too young. If the kid is too young, then it is advisable to avoid gifts with small parts due to the risk of choking. However, when purchasing gifts for 6 year old boys, dont just focus on the age appropriateness; look at the kids abilities, strengths as well as their interests in order to choose for them gifts that they will actually enjoy.

Does the toy offer multiple playing possibilities?

Toys that provide multiple possibilities of play can help in developing the kids creativity. For example, if it is a blocks or maze game, it would be great if it can allow for blocks to be arranged in multiple ways such as being stacked, knocked over or even lined up according to the kids preference.

You also need to choose gifts for six year old boys that will be able to appeal to all their senses. For example, does it over multiple bright colours, sounds, lighting as well as nice texture that kids will love? It is also better to go for toys that with moving parts, various shapes, push buttons and parts that can be put apart and assembled once more. These kinds of toys will pose a challenge, improve concentration and also lengthen the kids play time.

Portability is also an important quality. Buy gifts that can be carried around and played with in multiple positions including when sitting, lying and standing. Although parents typically designate a play area for kids, sometimes kids need toys that they can play with in new positions. Examples of these include crayons, trucks and markers among others.

Also choose toys with lots of moving parts, buttons or removable parts will encourage kids to have to be more active and improve their coordination. Many toys offer an opportunity for movement and coordination including balls, building and construction toys as well as craft kits etc.

Will the toy hold the kids attention?

The kind of toys that you purchase for your kid can either be productive or detrimental to their attention spans depending on the choices that you make as well as the number of toys that you purchase. For example, too many toys will be bad for the babys attention span. The reason you should choose your boys gifts with extra care is that some gifts are mot just mere playthings. They can form a great foundation for the future of your kid. Some gifts will mould your kids personality as well as talents and should be emphasized. The best gifts will teach kids about their worlds and also help them learn more about themselves. Good gifts will teach kids important lessons about values. Choose fewer gifts that can hold the kids attention span in order to prevent them from moving from one to another every few minutes, something that can also limit their creativity.

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