Best Christmas & Birthday Gifts Ideas For 5 Year Old Girls

Best Christmas & Birthday Gifts Ideas For 5 Year Old Girls

Top 9 Best Gifts For Girls Age 5
Best Christmas and Birthday Gifts Ideas For 5 Year Old Girls
Choose Cool and Creative Birthday and Christmas Gifts for 5 Year Old Girl

We were all 5 years old once upon a time (although we were not all girls), however there are not many people that would remember what toys we liked to play with when we were 5. So it can sometimes be a challenge to buy gifts for pre-schoolers, especially if they are not your own child. There are so many different things on the market, from fun toys to educational gifts, so we have put together a list of 9 of the best gifts for 5 year old girls to assist you at birthday and Christmas times, or anytime when you just feel like buying something for the special 5 year old in your life.

Guide to Buying Best Gifts for Girls Age 5

Little girls grow up so fast, and one minute they are just born, and the next they are 5 years old and you want to purchase that perfect gift for them. Regardless of whether you need to buy a birthday present, Christmas gift, or just want to buy them something special to make them smile, the shops and internet offer a chock full of best gifts for girls age 5 and presents aimed at young girls. It can be hard to know what to get 5 year olds you want best gifts for girls age 5 that they like, but something that is appropriate and safe. So before you go into a toy shop or start online shopping, there are some things you need to consider.

Who are you buying for. While there are generalized best gifts for girls age 5, no one girl is going to like and enjoy every gift on this list. When buying a gift for any young child, it is important to consider who they are, what their interests are, and even their cognitive abilities. If you know a 5 year old with poor hand-eye coordination, you might be better off buying them kinetic sand rather than Lego. And if they are arty, then you cannot go wrong with some sort of arts and craft related gift.

Stay age appropriate. Thankfully you do not need to be a mind reader or a rocket scientist to find best gifts for girls age 5 there will always be information available with an age suggestion. Keep in mind that these age suggestions are not a law, and they are only general one 5 year old girl may be at a completely different mental and physical stage than someone else the same age. However, the guide is a good start. If you think they will like the toy and their age falls within the recommended age for the toy, then you will be onto a winner.

Is it suitable. This is an important one, as not everyones circumstances will be the same. Again, you need to consider the individual child to determine whether a particular toy or gift will be suitable. For example, if the girl has parents that are deathly afraid of birds, then the Cleverkeet toy budgie might not be the best toy. And if the girl lives in an apartment with no backyard, then an outside or adventure toy might not be the best idea. Make sure that whatever you buy can actually be utilized and that the parents will appreciate it (if you are not buying for your own daughter).

What are 5 year old girls interested in?

Although it is true that every child is individual, with different likes and interests, there is still a definite pattern and trend regarding what they are interested in. Please keep in mind that this is a generalization – there may be some girls that are not at all interested in Barbies and will rather play with trucks in the mud. However it is simply a fact that most girls will favour girlie toys and gifts, and their favorite colors tend to be pinks and purples. So following on this generalization, thinking about what most 5 year old girls like, the following is a good guide:

  • Arts and crafts.
  • Lego and building things (themed towards girls).
  • Dolls (Barbies).
  • Make believe – princesses, dragons etc.
  • Books (reading, and activity)
  • Costumes and dress ups including makeup.
  • Chocolate, lollies, sweets, candy
  • Pastel colors including pinks and purples.

How will I know that they will like the gift?

Like buying a gift for anyone, unless they have specifically asked for a particular item there is no guarantee 100% that they will like it and use it. If you choose any of the gifts on this best of list, then there is a very high chance that it will be appreciated and loved. Arts and crafts are generally always a sure-fire success as it allows the child to use their imagination, so they can adapt their preferences and interests to make it fun for them.

Just remember that at the end of the day, you are purchasing for a preschooler and if the gift is not perfect, they will not hold it against you. Children 5 and under are notorious for having short attention spans, so do not put too much undue effort and thought into the gift and it is likely that they will not do the same.

How do I know that a gift is for 5 year old girls?

The best way to know whether a toy or gift is suitable and aimed at 5 year olds is to check the age recommendation (and all toys marketed to children should have an age recommendation made clear). This is a guide, however, and children develop at different rates, but either way it is still advised to only give gifts or items that are recommended for 5 year olds. Luckily most 5 year olds have grown out of the phase where they place everything in their mouths, and choking hazards and the such are rarely an issue.

As for whether a particular toy or gift is targeted to girls, you may notice that unisex toys are becoming more and more popular. Scooters, coloring books and other craft supplies (such as kinetic sand) are often not targeted at a particular gender. Getting a boys’ toy for a little girl is not necessarily a bad thing, it just means that there is a higher chance that they will not like it as much (especially if they are particularly girly). Girls toys will generally be pretty evident – they will consist of girly clichs like pinks, princesses, dolls, dresses etc.

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