Best Christmas & Birthday Gifts Ideas for 5 Year Old Boys

Best Christmas & Birthday Gifts Ideas for 5 Year Old Boys

Best Christmas & Birthday Gifts Ideas for 5 Year Old Boys
Best Christmas and Birthday Gifts Ideas for 5 Year Old Boys
Imaginative and Practical Gift Ideas for Your Preschooler Boy

If anything can be said about 5 year old boys, is that they are loud, dirty and love to have fun. 5 year olds will be at the preschool age, and will start interacting with other children their age, and so the way that they like to have fun will change. They are also generally very picky and fussy, and just like all male boys, have particularly short attention spans. But you cannot help but to love them! And so if you want to buy the perfect gift for a 5th birthday or Christmas, then it can be hard to sort through the thousands of different gift ideas on offer and find something that they will really like. So we have done the hard work for you and reviewed 9 of the best gifts for 5 year old boys. Any of these toys will result in a big smile and hours of fun and laughter. Every gift reviewed is recommended for 5 year olds by experts, so will be safe and appropriate.

Buyers Guide Gifts for 5 Year Old Boys

It seems like one minute they are tiny adorable babies that depend and rely on their parents for every little thing, and the next minute they are turning 5 years old and think that they know everything and that they rule the world. It must be great to be 5 years old their biggest worry in the world is what fun to have on any given day and the stresses of school have not yet transpired. Because these young boys enjoy having fun so much it can be a real pleasure to buy them gifts and watch them grow, learn and develop as they play with them or use them. Unfortunately, there are a lot of different toys and gifts marketed to 5 years old, and not all of them are suitable, appropriate or even really fun. So it can be difficult to sort through the clutter and find a gift that they will love, use and appreciate. Here is a buyers guide and some pointers when it comes to choosing the perfect gift for the mischievous little 5 year old in your life.

They just want to have fun

The popular song goes girls just want to have fun, but in reality it should be children just want to have fun. Being 5 years old is a magical time there are none of the stresses and challenges that come with being a teenager and an adult. They will spend enough of their life being serious, so while they are young and carefree, let them have fun. Learning is important of course, but leave that to the preschool teachers, and get them something that makes them giggle, gets them moving outside or lets them use their imagination.

Assist in their development

5 year olds are at the age where they are changing and developing both mentally and physically every day and you may be surprised to discover that many of the most popular childrens toys will actually encourage this development. They can definitely still be fun think about the marble toys as an example. They build hand eye coordination and kids will learn the correlation between cause and effect – if there is an obstacle in the path, then the marble will have to go around it. It is both fun and educational. These are the perfect gifts as they will keep their interest and help them to grow.

Encourage individuality

Individuality is something that can be lost once the child goes to school and they start to get influenced by their peers. So encouraging them to be themselves is only ever going to be a good thing. If you are buying a gift for a 5 year old, it is assumed that you at least have some idea of what they are interested in, so if they are particularly interested in a particular superhero, then purchasing a gift themed around that particular hero will encourage them to be themselves (rather than forcing them to play with the most popular superhero toy because you think they should).

Purchasing a gift for a 5 year old is easy in theory, but harder in execution. A lot of assumptions will need to be made, however as long as you get them something within their interests and hobbies, then chances are they will love it.

What developmental stage are 5 year old boys at, and how will I know that a gift is suitable?

5 year olds will be starting preschool, and so their rate of learning will be huge. They will be starting to make friends and will be able to spend less time at home and more time at friends houses or playing in areas like the park. Also, their hand eye coordination will be improving exponentially and they will be starting to learn to read properly and count. The most important thing to realize with 5 year olds is that one 5 year old can be at a completely different phase (mentally and physically) than another one of their peers of the same age. So you cannot look at a toy or a gift that one child has and automatically assume that another 5 year old will like the same toy. Market researchers that design childrens gifts will always have a very good idea about what is good for a 5 year old, so using the age recommendation found on most toys is a good starting point.

What if the child asks for something specific that I do not feel comfortable getting them?

While it is true that one of the best ways of finding out what a young boy wants as a gift is to ask, you need to realize that if they do give you an answer, it is not a legally binding contract that you give them exactly what they want. For example, they might ask for a hunting rifle. They might genuinely want a hunting rifle, but it is never recommended to buy a 5 year old an actual gun. Rather than give them something completely unrelated (which can lead to disappointment), think about similar things that are maybe more age appropriate. Such as a toy gun, or a hunting dress up costume. 5 year olds also have notoriously small attentions spans anyway, so there is a chance that they will not even remember if they asked for a specific toy or gift. Get them something that you think they will like (or anything on this review list), and chances are they will love it.

Can I buy a gift that has a recommended age for older boys?

While there is no law that states that if a toy says recommended for 7-12-year olds that the child has to be within that age range, it is best to keep in mind that these age recommendations are there for a reason. Often the reason is due to there being small parts that can become choking hazards, or that there is some hidden danger, and someone too young could end up hurting themselves. If you know that the 5 year old you are buying for is particularly advanced in an area (such as sports), then getting them a piece of sporting equipment made for an older child should not be a problem. But as a general rule, stick to the age recommendation to stay safe.

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