Best Christmas & Birthday Gifts Ideas for 12 Year Old Girls

Best Christmas & Birthday Gifts Ideas for 12 Year Old Girls

Top 9 Best Gifts for Girls Age 12
Best Christmas and Birthday Gifts Ideas for 12 Year Old Girls
The Best Gift Ideas For Your 12 Year Old Girl

12 year olds are basically kids that think they know it all. You will often hear parents say my child is 12 going on 25. They will be teenagers at their next birthday, and because they have been at school for a number of years (middle school), their personalities are well and truly coming out. Buying Christmas and birthday gifts for 12 year old girls can be a real challenge, as they often want things that are not appropriate or realistic (such as expensive phones and expensive clothes). Unless you have a 12 year old at home, it can be hard to know exactly what they like, so to help we have reviewed 9 of the most popular gifts for 12 year old girls. Each one would be suitable for the average pre-teen and would make a good Christmas or birthday gift.

Buying Guide Best Gifts for Girls Age 12

A 12 year old may think that they are easy to buy for, but in reality it is not always easy buying a Christmas or Birthday gift for anyone besides yourself! 12 year olds are at the almost awkward age where they are not really children anymore, but they are also not really teenagers. They are in Middle School, and because they will be starting to go through puberty (if not already), then their moods and interests can change dramatically from one day to the next. Thats why we have put together some tips and considerations to make when choosing the best gifts for girls age 12, whether it is a birthday or Christmas gift.

Appearance is important

No matter how much you may tell them, to a 12 year old, appearances come first. And we dont necessarily mean physical appearance (although it is also true), rather how a present looks and is perceived. When a child is very young, they might not care if they receive a gift that is not the latest trend, or that is not the most fashionable of colors. However, a 12 year old, especially a 12 year old girl, is not going to be quite so forgiving. While it is impossible for you to get into the mind of a 12 year old to determine what they consider on trend and what is not, it can help to do a bit of research before purchasing. Ask shopkeepers, talk to other parents of 12 year olds, and even look at internet forums. For example, buying a green corded set of headphones when what is actually in fashion is purple pair of wireless headphones, will mean that your gift will end up likely untouched at the back of their closet.

Brand is important

Just like the appearance of a gift is important, so too is brand. You will be guaranteed to have much more success purchasing them a major brand name product such as perfume (for example the Katy Perry one, or a high end brand like Vera Wang), rather than some nameless drug shop brand perfume. Even if it does smell or look exactly the same as the branded ones, it will not matter to the 12 year old. Perception is everything when you approach teenager-hood, and if they are perceived as having non branded items then chances are they will not be impressed.

They want to feel grown up

This is the last and possibly most important tip for buying anything for a 12 year old. One thing that most 12 year olds have in common is that they seem to want to hurry up and become adults. They especially do not want to be babied, so you would be better of thinking of them as teenagers rather than children. Giving them childrens toys like a fairy princess costume set, or a cubby house, is going to make them feel babied and they most likely will not like the gift.

All of the best gifts for girls age 12 featured in this list are the latest and greatest technologies, are all well-known brands where possible, and certainly will not make any 12 year old feel like they are being treated like babies. So choose any of the above best gifts for girls age 12 and you will stand a much higher chance of having a happy and grateful tween in your home.

Who really is your 12 year old?

As children get older, there is an almost unfortunate trend that shows that the gap between the slower and faster developers is widening. Which means you can get a group of 12 year old girls into a room, and you will have a very large variety of different personalities as well as mental and physical developments. Generally, at age 12, the average girl is starting to become extra critical of their own appearance (which is why beauty products are always going to be a big hit), will start going through puberty -which can really mess with their self-esteem and emotions – and their cognitive, social and emotional development will be growing exponentially. They will also be starting to build long lasting friendships, and quite often will start to recognize skills that they have, and hobbies they are interested in (such as playing an instrument or a sport). Each 12 year old girl will be different so it is hard to categorize them in one interest group.

What is the average 12 year old girl into?

This is a hard question to answer, simply because there are many different types of 12 year old girls with very different personalities. What theyre into can depend on many external factors including their upbringing, where they live, what sort of school they go to, and who their friends are. But as a generalization, the average 12 year old girl would be into anything to improve her appearance (such as makeup, hair products and skincare). They are often still into arts and crafts; however it will need to be in more of a grown up way than simply using a coloring book. And finally most 12 year old girls are into socializing and hanging out with friends. So gifts that support these (such as the makeup kit, fashion design sketchbook and polaroid camera) will always be appreciated.

How much should I spend on a 12 year old’s gifts?

When it comes to spending money on anyone, it really depends on what your budget is and who you are buying for. If it is your daughter, then it is expected that a fair bit of effort and money will go into purchasing a Christmas or birthday present. Yet a more distant relative, such as an Aunty, cousin or even a family friend, no one will not be expected to spend nearly as much. And as with anything, it is the thought that counts, and any 12 year old girl would rather a $30 present that they love and will use all the time, over a $300 present that they neither want nor need. So have a think about what type of present you would like to get (an expensive piece of electronics, or a smaller crafty present), and then make a budget. Chances are you will find something suitable. Most of the gifts on this list are valued at under $100, and they were considered the most popular overall.

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