Best Cell Phone Battery Charger Cases In 2017 Reviews

Android phones come in handy when you are out having fun. This is the best way to keep in touch with your social media account. The biggest problem usually posed is running out of power. Cell phone charger case come in handy at times as these. They help extend your battery life even when you are away from a power outlet.

Below are reviews of the best cell phone battery charger cases available in the market:

#1.IPhone 6S Battery Case

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This is a very powerful battery case that provides more than 100% extra battery life to your iPhone 6s. This is equivalent to over 10 hours of browsing time or 14+ hours talk time. It has a hard shell back plate and a 360° bumper design which protects your precious phone from scratches and other deformations. Its small size makes it convenient to carry in the hand or pocket. It has a synching technology that allows you to sync your iPhone to a computer without removing the battery case. It is possible to charge your battery case and iPhone together using a micro USB cable, which is included. It has an LED battery level indicator that keeps you in the know of the amount of power remaining. It is well designed to offer an easy access to all ports and buttons.

#2. Anker Ultra Slim Extended Battery Case

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Enjoy longer battery life of up to 120% with this charger case that has a capacity of 2850mAh. It has a sleek and slim design which helps maintain the classy design of your iPhone 6s. It has a deluxe matte exterior which offers protection and a secure grip. It is completely charge and sync compatible with the iPhone 6. Data transfer and charging is made possible with the included micro USB cable, you will not have to remove the battery case. It has raised edges that protects your iPhone from drops and bumps. Backed up with a warranty of 18 months.

#3.Life Proof FRE POWER Battery Case

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This battery case is only compatible with the iPhone 6. It has an integrated power of 2600mAh that doubles up your battery life and it automatically stop charging once the phone hits 100%. This case increases protection for your iPhone as it makes it drop proof, snow proof, dirt proof and water proof. It has an invisible built-in scratch protector and it provides full access to controls and other buttons. It is synched and charged using the micro USB port.

#4. Galaxy S7 Edge Charger Case

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You no longer have to remove your phone from the case when using it. This battery has a slim design that keeps your Galaxy S7 Edge protected without adding any unnecessary bulk. It has a rechargeable capacity of 5200mAh and it offers a 2-in-1 functionality for your phone: charging and protection. The case has enough capacity to double the life of your Galaxy S7 and thanks to its low profile, you will not even realize that you are carrying extra power. Get to simultaneously sync and charge your phone while on the go. These batteries are really something to die for: very high density, high conversion rate, no memory effect, long life, slow decay and other pros that have to do with security. It has an integrated circuit design that helps prevent a short circuit, over charging or even over discharging in case of faults. This keeps you phone highly protected at all time. It is only compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

#5. Anker 7500mAh Extended Battery Combo

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This battery charger case has a high capacity that will triple the battery life of your Galaxy S5. However, it is not IR, NFC and waterproof supported. It has a built-in design that delivers 100% of stored energy efficiency compared to typical batteries and chargers that cause 20-35% waste. It has a durable TPU cover that absorbs shock and keeps your phone protected against bumps and other fall impacts. It has a combination of gloss and matte finish that allows for a secure gripping. It adds very minimal weight and bulkiness to your sleek phone. The premium cells have IC chips that help eliminate short circuiting.


If you want maximum service from your battery case, always ensure proper installation. It is therefore important to check the user manual and review the installation video before doing your installation.

Installation of the charger cases is very easy: lightly slide your phone into the power case, ensuring that it is connected to the micro USB connector of the battery case. To start or stop charging press the ON/OFF switch which is on the phone screen. To check the battery level, press the ON/OFF switch once. Always turn off power when not using the charger case.

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