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You spend quite a lot of your time with your loving pet cat. Taking care of your cat should, therefore, be vital tasks for you. One of the ways that you are supposed to take care of the cat is by making sure that they are eating and drinking from not just a good bowl but also a healthy and fashionable one. It is for this reason that we are going to give you a review of the top 10 best cat bowls in 2019 from that you should buy for your cat. They include the following:

10. Dr. Catsby’s Food Bowl For Whiskers

Dr. Catsby’s Food Bowl For Whiskers

The Dr. Catsby’s food bowl for whiskers was manufactured with the focus being at ensuring that cat’s access food easily for improved comfort. It is, therefore, a bit shallow making it accessible and usable with most cats. It is made using stainless steel that resists bacteria accumulation. It has an ergonomic design with a capacity sufficient for one-day food. It’s an easy to clean bowl with a nice finishing touch.

9. PetFusion Premium Brushed Stainless Steel Bowl

PetFusion Premium Brushed Stainless Steel Bowl

PetFusion premium brushed stainless bowl is a product of a well-researched material that’s intended to ensure that it serves you and your pet in the best way possible. The manufacturers of this bowl took into account all critical factors such as corrosion, weight, and impact strength to come up with it. This is why it is, therefore, one of the best and durable bowls in the market. Its brushed finish has significantly helped in giving it a premium look worth every penny you will spend. It has an extended rim on the outside that will make it easier to lift and clean it. The stainless steel is dishwasher safe for better hygiene.

8. Ethical 5” Cat Stoneware Dish

Ethical 5” Cat Stoneware Dish

The 5-inch stoneware dish was mainly manufactured for outdoor watering and feeding of pets such as cats. It is, therefore, a bit heavyweight to ensure that it can perform well on the outside under all sorts of weather. The heavyweight and sturdy designing of this bowl has hence managed to make it one of the most durable cat dishes. Its high gloss finish gives it a good appearance from which your cats should be taking their meals from.

7. Fresco Cat Dish Bowl

Fresco Cat Dish Bowl

Fresco Cat Dish Bowl has been designed in a classic flow pot style making it unique. The contrasting matte finish on the outside and a glossy inside have further boosted its unique design and construction. This bowl is made of a dishwasher safe material. You will hence always be able to cleanse it thoroughly so that your cat can enjoy clean meals to prevent any sorts of infections. It has a diameter of approximately 5 inches that gives it a capacity sufficient enough for a pet cat.

6. APet Project anti-skid Cat Bowl

APet Project anti-skid Cat Bowl

APpet project anti-skid cat bowl is a stylish container constructed using a high-quality material which is then finished with a red coating. This material is also highly resistant to scratch helping to ensure that the bowl remains in its attractive look for as long as possible. The base of the bowl is fitted with rubber which is useful in several ways. The rubber for example assists in keeping the bowl in one place for easy feeding and also to maintain its shape. The dish is very easy to clean making it possible to get rid of all food remnants effectively.

5. Petragenous Stoneware Pet Bowls


The Petragenous Stoneware Pet Bowls is a great cat bowl that has been designed not just to serve as an eating bowl but also to add beauty to your general home décor! This has been achieved through the handcrafting of its premium material with an excellent finishing. The bowl is dishwasher safe for easy maintenance and also microwave safe. This means that you can be able to use the bowl directly in your microwave to prepare your cat’s meal. Petragenous stoneware bowl guarantees excellent performance for a long time thanks to its sturdy designing. It comes in blue and pink.

4. PetStages Easy Meal Cat Dish

PetStages Easy Meal Cat Dish

Petstages easy meal cat dish was specially designed for whiskers and other similar cats. It is designed in a shallow manner making it very easy to access food. With this dish, your cats are hence able to take their meals more comfortably and calmly. The shallow designing has also assisted a lot in making it easy to consume all the food as wet food can no longer stick in the corners. The sides of the dish are a little extended making it easy to lift and handle the dish during cleaning. Its base is also carefully manufactured to ensure that it stays non-skid.

3. Raised Cat Water Bowl

Raised Cat Water Bowl

This particular raised cat water bowl was designed for the elderly cats. It helps them access to water more comfortably without leaning too much to mess with the intake of water. It’s manufactured using a dishwasher safe material allowing you to clean the dish properly. In case you want to make a special meal for your cat, the bowl is microwave safe and therefore you won’t have to use your other utensils in preparing the cat’s meal. The lip around this bowl is styled with a small curve which is to ensure that spillage is reduced as much as possible.

2. Catit Double Diner

Catit Double Diner

The Catit Doubler Diner is a set of two stainless bowls mounted in one plastic exterior station. The stainless steel of these bowls is of high quality, resistant, and dishwasher safe to ensure that your cats are eating from a clean dish. The plastic exterior is also well designed and finished giving the set a very pleasant appearance. The plastic is also dishwasher safe for complete and efficient hygiene. With the two bowls you will be able to serve your cat food and water at the same time, or serve your several cats food in the different bowls.

1. Ourpets Durapet Bowl Cat Dish

Ourpets Durapet Bowl Cat Dish

The Ourpets Durapet Bowl for cats has been manufactured using premium stainless steel material. This stainless steel has given the dish a highly scratch resistant surface that has proven to be very useful in maintaining the bowl’s elegant look. This steel is also dishwasher safe enabling you to maintain high hygienic standards. At the bottom of this bowl, you will find a rubber ring. The rubber ring assists in ensuring that the bowl remains stationary in one station without sliding when the cat is eating. This rubber also serves to make sure that there is no noise generation when the cats are eating. This dish is capable of holding 12 ounces of water or 16 ounces of food. Ourpet Durapet Bowl cat dish is an incredible cat bowl that your pet deserves.

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