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Best Car Vacuum

Many people know the frustration of having stray water bottles and piles of sand all over the car. More so, with a full schedule and busy lives, it’s hard to find the time to keep vehicles clean.

Likewise, day after day and week after week, more trash and debris pile up, making the car a total mess. Also, the solution to this problem, for most people, is to fumble with quarters at a convenience store vacuum or spend way too much at a car wash. Thus, both of these methods will just end up wasting time and money.

The best way to tackle this problem is by getting a car vacuum. These compact devices can be easily stored anywhere in a car to clean up any mess quickly. Also, we’ve compiled a list of the best car vacuums to help consumers find the perfect one to fit their lifestyle.

Image Brand Weight Rating Price  
Best Car Vacuum of 2019 | Buying Guide41kVO1HjrgL Black & Decker 3.4 pounds 4.5 $$ Best Car Vacuum of 2019 | Buying Guidetall-check
Best Car Vacuum of 2019 | Buying Guide41SFMRtnpvL Dirt Devil 3.8 pounds 4.6 $ Best Car Vacuum of 2019 | Buying Guidetall-check
Best Car Vacuum of 2019 | Buying Guide417poHASddL Armor All 9.1 pounds 4.6 $$ Best Car Vacuum of 2019 | Buying Guidetall-check
Best Car Vacuum of 2019 | Buying Guide51I5CX3APTL Eureka 8 pounds 4.0 $$ Best Car Vacuum of 2019 | Buying Guidetall-check
Best Car Vacuum of 2019 | Buying Guide41IhRg2nmzL Black & Decker 9.3 pounds 4.0 $$ Best Car Vacuum of 2019 | Buying Guidetall-check

Black & Decker Cordless Lithium-Ion Powered Dust Buster – Best Cordless Car Vacuum

Best Car Vacuum of 2019 | Buying Guide41kVO1HjrgL

First of all with a sleek design and uses a lithium ion battery, this vacuum can pick up anything. Upon opening the box customers will find their hand vacuum, a washable filter and pre-filter, attach crevice tool and brush, and charging station. Also, it’s ready to use out of the box, and the battery can hold a charge for up to 18 months so customers don’t have to keep recharging the device.

Likewise, the first thing that the clients will notice is the design of this unit. This device has a comfortable handle and a bagless bowl with a transparent panel so it’s easy to see when the compartment is full. This part of the unit and the filters can be remove and clean with water periodically. The long, narrow nozzle is what makes this vacuum so unique.


The nozzle has been goal is to help consumers get into those hard to reach places. It is slim and narrow so it can get into the small cracks and crevices of the vehicle. At the tip is a retraced crevice tool to help extend the customers reach. On the bottom of the nozzle is a built in brush that can be flipped up to release stubborn dirt and debris. The tools are attached to the device to ensure that they never get misplace or broken.

This is a powerful little unit. Powered by a lithium-ion battery that can maintain a charge for up to 18 months, making it perfect for the car. This vacuum works through cyclonic action that keeps the unit from losing suction as it operates. Customers will also find that this device is light weight and can easily clean any surface.

  • Doesn’t lose power as it cleans
  • Built-in tools mean never losing an attachment
  • It’s cordless to avoid having extension cords and tangles
  • Slim, a narrow nozzle can reach anywhere in the car
  • Plastic container and washable filters mean that the device stays clean

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Dirt Devil Scorpion Quick Flip Corded Bag Less Handheld Vacuum – Best Budget Car Vacuum

Best Car Vacuum of 2019 | Buying Guide41iPOng9dOL

Most notably, Dirt Devil has made yet another unique space to make the lives of consumers easier. This compact, corded vacuum is light weight and sturdy. It comes with a 16-foot cord that makes it so compelling. Likewise, this vacuum has seven amps of power so it can lift away dirt better than other similar devices. Thus, this power makes it easy to pick up not only dirt but larger items that handheld vacuums often are too weak to get.

Also, when they open the box customers will see the small space with the crevice tool, a dusting brush, hose, along with an adjustable carrying strap. The adjustable strap allows customers to connect the hose and be able to vacuum with easy. Also, it is light, weighing just 3.75 pounds. Finally, this unit is easy to use and comes with everything needed to keep the car clean.


First of all, it arrives in the signature red Dirt Devil color and has a unique design. The bagless bowl of the vacuum is easy to open and empty. It has a round handle on the top for comfortable control and a compact design. Thus, reaching all the nooks as well as the crannies in the car is comfortable with the flip out crevice tool. This device connects to the top of the instrument and flips out with the push of a button.

Also, this versatile vacuum is perfect for the car. It comes with a hose attachment along with a built-in crevice tool so consumers can reach any space in the vehicle. Likewise, the compact designs allow it to be out of sight. Finally, the powerful motor makes it one of the best car vacuum cleaners on the market.

  • Corded to give the consumer more power.
  • Bagless design makes it easy to empty.
  • Tools come attached to the device so they’ll never get lost.
  • Round handle for comfortable, easy control.
  • Hose attachment makes it easy to clean all the space in the car.

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Armor All 2.5 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum – Best Car Vacuum For All Types Of Messes

Best Car Vacuum of 2019 | Buying Guide417poHASddL

Most notably, customers looking for something different will find the Armor wet/dry vacuum is just what they need. It comes with all of the tools necessary to keep vehicles squeaky clean. Also, this machine was made just for use with cars and other automobiles. Likewise, it can pick up both wet and dry materials, to clean any mess. Thus, the powerful suction of the device ensures that it can quickly bring along both sand and larger particles.

Also, when they receive this product customers will find the wet/dry vacuum, a six-foot hose, 10-foot cord with a cord wrap, a utility nozzle with a brush attached, a crevice tool, car nozzle, blower nozzle with a brush, a washable cloth filter, and foam sleeve. The 6-foot hose can be connected to the vacuum to provide customers with the larger reach. Finally,  the car nozzle and blower make it easy to get both the inside and outside of the vehicle clean in a jiffy.


Most notably this vacuum comes with an assortment of nozzles so customers can tidy up any automobile. The crevice tool can bring to the hose to get into those hard to reach places in the vehicle. The deluxe car nozzle along with the 2-in-1 utility nozzle with the brush can be used to get up stubborn dirt and sweep debris out of the crevice of the seats and cushions. And the blower attachment makes it possible to dry motorcycles and vehicles to prevent them from getting water spots. Finally, all of these tools can be put on the built-in utility tray so they don’t get misplaced.

The vacuum comes with a 10-foot cord to go anywhere the customer needs. Also, it comes with a wrap for the cord to avoid getting tangle or misplace. This device has a two horsepower motor, which makes it one of the most powerful units on the market. Thus, it can quickly tackle little messes of any kind and then add to a blower with the flip of a switch.

Also, with a two horsepower motor and a 10-foot cord, this vacuum is very versatile. Customers can tackle hard to pick up debris such as large rocks and wet, clumpy dirt with no trouble at all. The only downfall to this device is its size. Likewise, the vacuum itself is taller and bigger than a handheld device.

Finally, an attached storage tray just adds to the bulk. But the powerful two horsepower motor and many attachments that come with this unit are what makes it one of the best car vacuum cleaning systems out there.

  • The 10-foot cord allows the unit to go anywhere.
  • This device can pick up both wet and dry messes.
  • Comes with a range of accessories to make cleaning easier.
  • Attached utility tray makes it easy to store all the attachments.
  • Also, auto shut-off feature ensures it will never overheat.
  • Two horsepower motor provides no suction loss.
  • Can be converted to a blower quickly to dry the exterior of vehicles.

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Eureka EasyClean Corded Handheld Vacuum –  Best Corded Car Vacuum

Best Car Vacuum of 2019 | Buying Guide51I5CX3APTL

Most notably, the Eureka Easy Clean vacuum was made to do it all. This device came with a 20-foot cord and has an stretchable hose to give a 23-foot reach. This is what that makes it perfect for use with vehicles. This unit can easily reach any part of the car. Use the crevice tool to get into really tight space. And it comes with two different motors to make it one of the best car vacuum cleaners.

At the same time, when customers open the box, they will find the lightweight device with a stretchable hose and 20-foot long cord that conveniently wraps around the rear of the instrument. This vacuum comes with a riser visor on the front. This nozzle has a rotating brush that sweeps up dirt and debris so consumers never miss a spot.

Moreover, another unique feature of this nozzle is that it can be twisted to point either down at the floor or straight ahead. This is perfect for cleaning seats and another surface horizontally, instead of having to struggle with the device.


Also, this bagless vacuum comes with a washable filter and a transparent lid. The trash compartment which you can flip open when it gets full for quick and easy emptying. On the top is an integrated handle that puts the controls at the tip of the customer’s fingers. More so, just slide the bar up and down to turn it on or get more suction. This device also comes with a crevice tool that can be pushed into the back of the vacuum, so it never gets lost or broken.

At the same time, this vacuum was made to clean up dirt and debris in the car quickly. Also, the versatile riser visor can be moved into place to help customers clean upholstery as well as carpeting in the vehicle. Finally, the long cord and attached hose give it a massive 23-foot reach. Finally, attach the crevice tool and this machine can reach every single nook and cranny in the car.

  • 5 amps of power from dual motors allow to pick up dirt and debris quickly.
  • The stretchable hose can extend the customers reach and even clean upholstery.
  • This compact unit has a 23-foot range.
  • Riser Visor allows the vacuum to clean vertically and horizontally.
  • Crevice tool slides into the base for easy storage.

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Black & Decker 12-Volt Cyclonic-Action Pivoting Handheld Vacuum –  Best Car Vacuum For Versatility

Best Car Vacuum of 2019 | Buying Guide41IhRg2nmzL

First of all, the Black and Decker pivoting handheld vacuum can reach any spot in the car. The top nozzle design can be moved in many different positions on the track so it can get into the hard to reach places. At the same time, it even comes with a built-in crevice tool to get even further into those tight spaces. This feature of the best car vacuum cleaners out there.

More so, when customers get the device, they will find the lightweight vacuum along with a crevice tool, hose, upholstery brush, along with a storage bag to hold everything. This device has a 12-volt cord that plugs into the power slot of the vehicle. Likewise, this makes it easy to use but can have some drawbacks. Most of the newer vehicles must be running for these accessories to work, so the car has to be running to use this device.


Finally, the cord to this unit is 16 feet long so it can easily reach all spaces in the vehicle. Extend the scope of this method further by pulling out the built-in crevice tool and customers can get into all the nooks and crannies. Also, at the end of the crevice tool is a brush to help loosen stubborn dirt and debris.

Likewise, the feature that makes this a truly unique vacuum is the pivoting nozzle. The nose on the front is long and narrow and can rotate up and down to give the customer the best position for the vehicle. This makes it versatile enough to use in any automobile and even boats.

Also, this device comes with a range of useful accessories, such as a hose and upholstery brush to make it easy to clean any surface. The cyclonic action of the vacuum pulls in all dirt and debris, leaving the vehicle clean as a whistle. More so, with a versatile design and unique features, this vacuum is the right tool for anyone.

  • The 12-volt vacuum can be plug into the car power accessory
  • Just one step to empty the trash bin.
  • The pivoting head allows it to get into any space.
  • Comes with an attachable hose to extend the reach.
  • Has an upholstery brush to quickly clean car seats.

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Best Car Vacuum Buying Guide

How to vacuum your car?

Finally, it’s inevitable that our cars will need a cleaning. Make the process easy by purchasing a car space that best meets your needs. There are several things to consider when making this purchase. Use these factors to choose the product that’s right.

  • Corded/Cordless – Most notably, this is a major factor to consider. The cordless devices are much easier to move around, and there is no getting tangled in the cord. However, these can also have less power. So if you’re looking for a powerful device go with the corded unit.
  • Bag Less – Also, is an important feature to consider. Having to buy bags is costly. Get a machine that has a bagless bin to eliminate the hassle.
  • Attachments – These devices come with an assortment of accessories so customers can clean every part of the car. Consumers were looking for a multi-functional vacuum need to find the one that has the tools they need.
  • Size – Finally, this is another important factor. Customers who lack space in their car should go with a smaller unit.

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