Best Car Shampoos of 2019 | Buying Guide

Best Car Shampoos

Is your car all dirty and dusty? That’s a dilemma for many car owners, and they seem to get dirty as quick as they get clean. And for that, you’ll be needing the best car shampoos to restore your vehicle to its naturally beautiful state.

Cleaning and washing cars on a regular basis is a proven way to prevent paint from fading and wearing out over time. It will also leave your car looking better than ever. Because there are so many car shampoos on the market, we decided to do a little research to find ones with the best price and quality.

Top 4 Best Car Shampoos

Our Favorite: Adam’s Car Polish – The Best Car Shampoo

After a ton of research, we came up the with results for the best car shampoo on the market. And we can tell you that every product on this list, will do a great job and serve its purpose.

But this one is, by far, our favorite. It’s a tube of shampoo developed by the USA brand Adam’s, a product recognized for mostly selling products to car cleaning and detailing professionals. As for the price, it is a moderate cost, considering the quality and reliability that you’re getting.

You can buy this shampoo in various sizes as well. We would recommend that you order a gallon to start with so that you can save yourself some money as this is the best buy on this cleanser. You will also still no longer have to worry about having to restock soon.

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First of all, the factor that makes this shampoo a quality one is that it’s pH neutral. This assures the car owner that the cleaner will not harm the paint or remove the protective coating on the vehicle. The shampoo is very slick and comes in liquid form, making swirl marks pretty rare. Even when used at temperatures as high as 100 degrees, no marks will be left on the vehicle.

Finally, this great shampoo is exclusively made in the USA and has a hard foam.


Hard Foam
pH Neutral
Rare Swirl Marks
Comes In Various Sizes

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Meguiars G7614 – The Best Car Shampoo Conditioner

This cleanser made our list for a few reasons. First of all, in addition to the fact that it’s an excellent shampoo, it also serves as a conditioner. This makes the cleaning process much easier and gets the car looking better than ever. The result is that you’re getting everything you need in one product, saving time and money.

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The way this cleanser is formulated ensures that it will wash away debris and dirt without damaging the car’s coating. The heavy foam is strong enough to rid the car of dirt or any other contaminants, even if it has been there for long time. And you’re still getting a beautiful shine. This shampoo leaves the paint looking just like it did the first day you got your car.

Each bottle has 64 ounces of shampoo. According to instructions you need to mix 1 ounces of the shampoo with one gallon of water. Therefore, one bottle will give you 64 gallons of shampoo. At this rate, it should be more than enough for at least 6 months worth of washings.

The cleanser is a non-detergent product that is pH balanced, so car owners can rest assured it will not harm the protective wax coating or leave marks on the vehicle. Also, the foam is really heavy so it lasts through the whole wash. You can also mix it in a bucket to be used as a part of the hand washing process. Finally, you can use it in a power washer, setting the device on low pressure, to save time and effort.

In conclusion, this shampoo is an amazing product, especially for individuals who want to have a break from regular waxing. This product gives consumers everything that the exterior of a car needs, leaving it looking like it just left the car factory.

  • Acts As Both A Shampoo And Conditioner
  • Hard Foam
  • pH Balanced

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Griots Garage 10866 – Best Eco-Friendly Car Shampoo

The first thing you may notice is that this one is much more expensive than Meguiar’s Gold. But, considering the quality, it’s well worth the money. What separates this one from the previous two is that the actual formula includes biodegradable ingredients. This makes it safe and clean for the environment. Since the water and shampoo get washed down into the soil this is really important.

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The cleanser is pH balanced, making consumers confident that there will be no residue or acidic marks left behind. This happens quite often when using harsher detergents. Furthermore, the foam created is thick and can last through the entire washing without a problem. This type of soap formula breaks up and sweeps away contaminants more quickly, saving you time and money. And it has a great smell.

It comes in a 64 ounce bottle with instructions to mix 1 oz. of shampoo with one gallon of water, enough to clean one car. At this rate, you will have more than enough shampoo for at least half a year of washings. It also gives you a great glossy finish and prevents your paint from being removed.

In conclusion, if you value quality over price, you might want to try this one out. It does everything it needs to with the added bonus that it’s biodegradable and provides a fantastic finish.

  • pH Balanced
  • Heavy Foam
  • Glossy Finish
  • Biodegradable

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Chemical Guys CWS301 Citrus Concentrated – Best Highly Concentrated Car Shampoo

This one is a top pick because it cleans your car and is also environmentally friendly. Also, the formula itself is a highly concentrated citrus base, which helps it lift up the dirt debris, while providing much needed lubrication that outshines the competition.

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First of all, the foam produced by this cleanser is very thick and lasts through whole washing. As mentioned before, this is a concentrated formula. Simply dissolve a cap full of shampoo with 5 gallons of water to get the right balance. With this ratio a 1-gallon bottle can last for more than a year. In addition, it does not contain any artificial ingredients, so there is no risk of it leaving stain marks.

Furthermore, it provides a really glossy finish. Considering the multiple ways of washing a car, this one can be both used in hand washing and pressure washing, making it conventional. Also, a pleasant citrus scent is a boost as well, as shampoos tend to smell awful. The formula is also created to preserve the paint and even replace wax products.

Finally, this is a great shampoo that will leave your car clean and shiny!

  • pH Blanced
  • Heavy Foam
  • Pleasant Citrus Smell
  • Biodegradable
  • Shiny Look

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We hope that we helped you out by providing you with shampoos that, in our opinion, are best on the market. We took into consideration the balance of quality and price to bring you the cleaners that are the best value. Cleaning your car at home on a regular basis will save your time and money.

Best Car Shampoo Buying Guide:

Many car owners wash their cars with dish soap or whatever they have around the house. This can do great harm to the cars paint and wax coat finish, stripping it away. Selecting a cleaning product that it specially designed for vehicles will yield better results. If you choose the right one, you will no longer have to wax the car as often. Instead, you’ll do less work and get much better results.

What to focus on, when getting the best car shampoo?

  • pH Balance: First of all, look for a formula that is not harsh. Formulas should be pH balanced offering a neutral base. This reduces the risk of leaving damaging residue behind. This is also the case with biodegradable shampoos, doing no harm to either your car or the environment.
  • Foam Consistency: The actual foam is also an important factor. You should be looking for a dense foam that will loosen the dirt more easily.
  • Made For Vehicles: Regular detergents can be very harsh, stripping away the paint as well as the wax coating. Make sure the cleaner you get is made just for cars.

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