Best Car Paint Sealants of 2019 | Buying Guide

Best Car Paint Sealants

Car aficionados from ages have used car paint sealants to provide protection and a beautiful shining touch to the body of the vehicle. Paint sealants are mostly made of polymer, and they sit on the car paint for a longer duration than Carnauba wax.  Car paint sealant vs. wax has always been an age-old debate among the experts. While some car lovers might say that sealants lack the depth and gloss of wax, it’s an undeniable fact that the former creates a more rigid shell on your car’s paint. Not sure what are the best car paint sealants for 2019? Read on.

5Wizards 11500 Supreme Seal Paint Sealant

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I was very curious to check out the much-hyped “high gloss acrylic finish” of Wizards and I’m glad I had the opportunity to do so. Two coatings of it were enough to make my car shine like a mirror. Wizards 11500 is not meant for newly painted cars. Those who want to give a brand new look to their old vehicles without burning a hole in their pockets are not likely to regret purchasing it. This sealant comprises of a special formula that apparently forms a shield against acid rain and harmful UV rays.

While I’m not sure whether it is actually capable of combating against such serious environmental fall-outs, it most certainly provides a decent protection against dirt and grime. Another highlight of the product is its convenience of use and removal. Both require the least physical effort imaginable for this task.

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4BLACKFIRE Wet Diamond All Finish Paint Protection

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Those who think car sealants cannot match the shimmering effect delivered by a wax might have a different opinion after using this sealant. In my opinion, the product ought to work the best on dark colored cars. The finish is incredibly smooth, and it can be applied with ease by using your hands. However, I’d definitely recommend wearing gloves while doing the job. The sealant formula contains wet diamond polymers, each of which reflects light in a different direction.

Probably this is the reason why BLACKFIRE perfectly captures the vibrancy and glossy look of Carnauba wax. On the downside, it may not last as long as the other reviewed products in my list. Plus, the price is a bit on the expensive side too. Nonetheless, I can’t deny the fact that BLACKFIRE provides a solid layer of protection on the car paint as long as it stays on.

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3Meguiar’s M21 Mirror Glaze Synthetic Sealant 2.0

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This wonderful creation by Meguiar is capable of changing the mind of even the most hardcore Carnauba wax supporter, including me. Formulated with a fairly unique and advanced Hydrophobic Polymer Technology, the sealant works as an amazing water repellent.

Once I applied it on my car and left it in the open for almost 5 days straight days (note that I live in the heart of New York City), the sealant stood the test of a truckload of pollutants and still kept beading water. One thing that was clear to me on that day was that if properly used, Meguiar’s M21 can create a really tough layer of protection on the car paint. Not that just, it will keep your bad boy look glazy like a newly waxed finish car for hours end. Removing the wax is zero fuss. I’d suggest you to wait for at least 10-15 minutes before removing the sealant.

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2TriNova – Paint Sealant 

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If you’re a black car owner, this paint sealant might help you highlight the lasciviousness of your proud possession perfectly. It’s not easy to find best sealants for black cars, mainly because most sealants lack the transparency required to bring out the actual color of the car.

This paint sealant from TriNova contains a cross-linking acrylic formulation which practically blends with the paint like water, resulting in a transparent yet sturdy coating around the car body. The polymer technology of the sealant functions as a long-lasting barrier against rain, dust, grime as well as UV rays. I also dared to test the product on the rear view mirrors, windshield, and headlights and was pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

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1Wolfgang WG-5500 Deep Gloss Paint Sealant

Best Car Paint Sealants of 2019 | Buying Guide41A8rRboEdL

I’m a lazy person, so while looking for a better alternative to Carnauba wax, I needed a sealant that is easy to apply and wipe off. Wolfgang WG-5500 is not only the easiest to apply formula I’ve ever come across (thanks to its zero dusting formula), but it also manages to replicate the shine, depth and glamor of a typical car wax. Made from German super polymers, this product successfully brings out the much sought after hard-glass effect.

Moreover, it also considerably reduced the amount of dirt and grime collection on my car after 2 days of constant driving. Probably the credit for this goes to the anti-static property of the polymer coating which allows the water, dust, oil and grime particles to slide off the paint. One tip, though, keep the car away from moisture for 12 hours after the application of the sealant to avoid interfering with the chemical reaction between the paint and the sealant.

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 Auto Paint Sealer Vs Primer

So, are you planning to paint your car sometime soon but not sure which method to pick for that? Been there. Done that. Well, I think you should do both, especially if you’re up to some repair work. A primer is basically a prep coat on the metal surface. You have to apply 3 coats of primer to ensure better adhesion of the paint to the surface. It can also be used for concealing minor scratches on the car’s body.

A sealer creates a layer between the primer and the subsequent coat of color. Sealers are non-porous and more compatible with car paints than primers, creating a uniform base for the paint. It also adds a barrier of safety against environmental fall-outs like rain, snow, dust, excess heat and UV rays.

Things to Pay Attention to While Choosing a Car Pain Sealant

Car Type

While many sealants are made for both old and new cars, some may not be suitable for newly painted cars, so make sure to read the product description carefully before finalizing your decision.

Weather Condition

Does your stay car exposed to extreme weather conditions for long durations? If yes then look for a sealant specially formulated to repel water, dust particles and UV rays from damaging the paint of your car.

Color Compatibility

If you own a deep-colored car like black or red, make sure the sealant you’re about to purchase has an excellent mirror-like finish. Anything less than that will end up leaving a hazy effect on the car body.

Wrap Up

Car paint sealants are rapidly gaining popularity among car owners and for all the right reasons. The latest technology used in manufacturing sealants ensures that apart from acting as a layer of protection, it also adds depth and shine to the car’s appearance. Hope my attempt will come handy while browsing through the bunch of options available in the market.

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